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Did ZUN ever make any clarifications about Byakuren's hair and whether or not it's really gradient?

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it's really gradient

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Looks gradient to me.

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moot told me that ZUN told him it wasn't a gradient.

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This image makes a pretty strong case.

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He did, even the wiki can link you to him saying that.

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Hopeless Masquerade isn't good enough proof for you?

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Everyone has gradient hair in that game.

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It isn't gradient
Here is the proof

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But no one has such remarkable gradient/tits as Byakuren.

They really should fix her sprite though. Her tits jump all over the place.

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Man, you autists will argue about anything. Why don't you go outside and get some pussy for once?

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shut up nerd

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How bout' I take you outside and whoop your monkey-ass all across God's green Earth? If ya smellllllaallaaa what /jp/ is cooking

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I heard someone say that it is just a reflection of the scroll. HOWEVER, after many wrong representations of the fans and many people seeing it as gradient, he accepted and said that it could be a gradient okay.

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holy FUCK owned

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Gradient pubes.

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We aren't arguing, we're discussing. If you can't tell the difference, well, I hate to tell you, but... you have autism.

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OP here. My question is answered.

So, uh...


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good for me

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You will never eat Byakuren's delicious stew ;_;

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Why is Marisa such an ungrateful bitch? Is it because her dad raped her?

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you mean because she killed her mother?

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What does any of this shit have to do with my pure, innocent, beautiful white lotus flower?

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Look at those tits, that pose, that swimsuit! Pure my ass.

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Why don't you go eat a bowl of dicks?

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Please leave.

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That is circumstantial evidence, Taoist scum.

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is that some good tasty dr pepper?

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You first queer, stay owned.

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Taoist? What?

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My favorite Byakuren thing ever was that exchange we had about tricking her into giving sermons in various skimpy outfits.

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I can't believe there's only 1 or 2 pictures of this.

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Since when did ZUN include stage lighting in any of the character images?


Ergo, it is really gradient.

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Does the carpet match the drapes?

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Scroll up just a little, Byakupubes are now common knowledge