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Please do NOT respond to shitposters. We had to restart many due to derailment. Responding to it only fuels it further - just ignore all shitposters. If you do not like this thread or any particualr post in this thread, please just ignore/hide it. We do not wish to argue with you.
*And Janitor: These threads are approved by moot, go ask him. Stop deleting them instead doing your job.

>Official GTS Rules:
•Offer anthing you dont want/need anymore ask if someone else wants it
•Want something? Name it and the thing you'll be trading for it then wait for a deal
•Like surprises? Say you have a mystery item you're willing to send if they send you a mystery item in return
•Use email to trade addresses and shipping info
•Do NOT use 10min email.
•Afraid of using names and what not? Just use an alias or P.O. box if worried about your address.
•When you get a package, post pics so we can see what you got and any hidden bonus goodies there may be!
•Be polite/friendly
•Items/Gifts do not necessarily need to be /jp/ related, but this is for the /jp/ community so it's ok.
•EVERYBODY is allowed!
•And most importantly, have fun, make someone happy!

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>These threads are approved by moot, go ask him

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thank you for replying i was on the verge of death (killing myself)

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Anyone want some PS3 games? I've got a stack of CoD and Tom Clancy games for trade.

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well... im not really sure how to react to this. I was the one that started the g/t/s thing. I was really happy that it was liked enough and kept going for a while, but really sad when it turned into shit because of a few select people couldnt let other people have fun. Please though dont give the janitor a hard time - these threads made him do a lot of work, and until the end when the threads go so derailed they turned to shit, he was very helpful and just doing his job. Thanks for starting this up again though, i hope it goes like the first couple threads and stays that way.

That being said I still have Phantasy star portable for psp, negima vol23, and the jaxa patch/info cards up for give away if anyone wants them. and to the people still waiting for stuff from me, its should be on its way shortly. i know i've said that a couple times, but this time i really mean it.

also i know there were people who got some stuff after the threads were gone, feel free to post those pics now if u want.

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offering my shitposts for some attention, positive or negative.

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le epic /v/ maymay xDDDDD le sides are in orbit xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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I have a mint condition Kotobukiya Erica Hartmann I would be happy to trade. Out of box, but otherwise perfect.

Looking for Reimu/GUST girls/Dog Days/Accel World stuff. Or anything interesting. I also would really like the Railgun BD/DVDs.

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Ugh. Sorry. Forgot email.

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Hi there.

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$599.99 USD

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Hi, thanks for trying to keep the threads going if i hadnt already told you that.

oh, and you reminded me. im still looking for that deck of neptunia playing cards if anyone wants to gift/trade it...

and the anon that wanted to get that usb drive touhou thing going... any news on that?

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Sweet /v/ style OP image I had a grat laff.

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>Hi, thanks for trying to keep the threads going if i hadnt already told you that.


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That wont do this time

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Still waiting for penpal, its been 2 weeks already

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How am I going to receive a box of dragon dildos for free now?

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Why would anyone give away stuff for free instead of selling it on eBay?

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You mean someone's willing to buy my diarrhea semen cookies?

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I've sold all the stuff I've received on eBay, lel.

got $30 for a weeaboo PS3 game and $80 for one of those girly action figure things.

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holy FUCK you owned those fucking crossboarders