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top lel

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This never ends well.

But I love it.

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Looks like everyone is a loli in Gensyoko.

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Is this like...power? Or what?

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Is this like...every other powerlevel chart done about 2hu ever, including the rankings and everything that only new people haven't seen before?

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Was that just a long-winded way of saying yes?

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Does your mother suck my cock every night?

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Man yukari is freaking old

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not as old as you're mom rofl

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well you're right about that but she's still freaking old. I bet she's not a virign and has had a boyfriend before she's so old.

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you're mom isn't a virgin either roflmao

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well you're right again. I bet Yukari has had sex with multiple men for sexual pleasure alone though. She seems like the promiscuous type of woman that gets off to having absolutely zero moral compass

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>well you're right again
sheeeat, I'm on fire today

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ur mum has zero moral compass #rekt

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What's EX Keine doing there, she's a weakling. I hope the artist didn't think she can actually ''change history'' like people wrongly believe.

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lily, 17?
what the FUCK is this shit?

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top llaff

this thread is top laff

i just fell off my chair cause in couldnt i cant stop laff

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Yukari can't be beaten, she can manipulate the border of winning and losing.

She was just exploring her secret submissive side with the moonbitches.

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Although her powers are probably omnipotent, that doesn't mean she's strong enough to control it.
For example, Rumia can cover things in darkness, but she's can't cover all the world in it, just a small space.
That's why Yukari had to wait the full moon to use the border between truth and lie to get into the moon, otherwise she could have just open a space gap that connected earth to moon that's probably harder.

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why do japanese women carry a fan? It doesn't get hot in Japan

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In the olden days, it was considered improper for women to show their teeth in Japan. A fan could substitute as a hand for wealthier women. Even nowadays, women in Japan can be seen cover their mouths when laughing, especially older women.

>It doesn't get hot in Japan
confirmed for never having been to glorious nippon

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It does, but that's besides the point.

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lol, it gets fucking hot even in canada

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only canadians think 32c is hot

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EU here, I can't stand 30+

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I live in south america and 28c+ is already hot

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32C is fucking hot

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Why isn't Eirin in SSS tier?

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Mexico, usual 38C. Sometimes we reach 50C. Birds faint and roast on the pavement.

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reimu confirmed for 16 year old

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brilliant observation

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Something is wrong with this chart.

What is wrong is that Marisa has, in canon, beaten up Yuuka and stolen her powers.

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What does it say next to reimu and keine at the top right

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iunno man, probs sum jap shit
wish ppl would learn American

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Not sure if fans started off as a chink thing, but i know that fans were used by the upper classes of European society. seeing as though nippon has a hard on for 1800's Europe, they probably wear fans for style

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They wore it before

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Europe brought it back into style, though.

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so it was a long winded way of saying no?