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Last time was fun and long ago.

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I found this one recently.

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Best sign.

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Welcome to Japan.

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Japan is so racist. Fuckin' gooks.

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Last one. That's all I have. Good night /jp/.

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isn't that chinese?

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Yeah it is.

And this is Taiwan/Hong Kong

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Well I hate that. Need more Japanese signs

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Got a few...

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Fucking deer are always attacking all the lolis and old women.

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Are Native Americans problematic over there?

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What, suicide?

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that's not a sign

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I beleive that it is suppose to be a repersentation notice for the Natives of Taiwan (Like native Americans to Taiwan).

This always needed it's own spelling in the English language, like head butd or something.
I have the other one on my computer that I forgot about. I'll post it later if you don't have it.
It's because they can sense their weakness.

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>last time

you mean in 2008 when this board was just made and nobody knew what to post here?

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No. check archive.

Going old school. Japanese posters for gaijin circus.

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You mean like bunt?

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Ah yes that is exactly what I was looking for. Not sure if this counts as a Japanese sign or not.

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Fucking nips, they come to Hawaii all the time leaving ciggarette buds everywhere, disrespecting the culture, and always acting like they don't know any English when they do something stupid. I swear if it wasn't for anime I would put up a bunch of signs saying to go home in moon at the airport.

Fcking hate them.

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why are japs so two faced?

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Are you sure that's the Japanese and not the Chinese?

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Who can tell with all those zaionichi running around...

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I'm 100% sure, I recognize enough nip to know there jap. The Chinese population over here is very small, it consist of the older generation just trying to make some money at there restaurant.

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Pretty bad shoop if even I can tell it's fake.

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Yes, it is telling you to be polite and to take off your shoes before suiciding.

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What's with all that English in Japanese signs if only 1% of the population is foreign and the japs can't even understand it?

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More shit from monkey island

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Looks shooped.

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This is not /int/. Please delete your post.

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I'm so sure

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You can tell by how badly the circles are lined up.

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Oh you know I was thinking that the Japanese characters didn't show the indents of the circles that neither should the englush letters. I didn't think about the Japanese charactera being shopped too. Pretty disapointing.

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But the translation isn't wrong. It really does say poison gas.

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It is a real place from WW2. It's suppose to be funny because of how the Japanese place such odd things together like poisn gas and a beach on a sign.

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Can anyone tell me what this sign means?
Sorry I don't have better quality pic.

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You can see the English in there. It's priority seating for old people, the pregnant, etc etc.

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How can you not know this? Have you seriously not gone to Japan at all?

It's a sign that tells you that those who are preggers, crippled, elderly, or recently un-preggers have priority when getting to use the seats on public transportation.

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>Have you seriously not gone to Japan at all?
Can't afford it, at least now

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I was kidding, friend.

I got to be a foreign exchange student in Japan for a year in high school due to my parents easily having enough money to send me. I mean, I had to qualify for the program on my own merits, but still.

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>year in high school
Are you that anon that fucked those two Japanese girls while he was there? Or are you the one that had a tsundere girl fall in love with him and made little to no friends while you denied her love to protect her from both of your separation?

Both such people have posted in /jp/ and talked to me about those stories.

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Neither of those people are me. Personally, I didn't do anything so exciting. There was a "no dating" rule for the program I went through, and they could enforce that kind of thing since we were high school students (I guess it's to minimize the risk of an international baby? High school kids are fucking stupid, after all). When I first got to school, I very quickly noticed how insanely quickly words traveled and rumors spread through the girls. The students and teachers at my school were very friendly, and one of the teachers was directly associated with the program used to send me there. Essentially, if I were to enter a relationship, it would have to be a secret, and it was plainly obvious that none of the girls there could keep a secret at all. Eventually, I got used to not being in a relationship, and I was too stupid to realize I could change that until about a week before I had to leave. I confessed to a girl I had a crush on, we went on a single date during which we didn't even hug, and then I left a few days later.

I heard from a friend of mine who happened to be in a different district that a guy she knew got laid almost every night for the last four months of his exchange, as his host sister got the hots for him. Lucky bastard.

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>and I was too stupid to realize I could change that until about a week before I had to leave.
How so?
>I heard from a friend of mine who happened to be in a different district that a guy she knew got laid almost every night for the last four months of his exchange, as his host sister got the hots for him. Lucky bastard.
Pretty crazy. Not even sure how this all happens anyway. Smooth with girls, but I think I'm not taking the last leap of hitting the sack with them.

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As promised the second sign to the Japanese Jesus sign.

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>Not sure how this all happens anyway

Gaijin is exoctic, maybe she wants to get in a relationship and leave the shit hold that is Nippon,

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What I meant is with girls in general. I always have them on my dick and flirty going out on, but it's like I can never take that last step to hop in bed with them. I think it is a mental block I have within myself, not that I don't know what to do, but rather iy is baried within me suppressed by my morality.

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meh. i wished a girl ever looked at me once.

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Thread ruined, thank you. Thank you.

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as expected of /jp/

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Then fix it.

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Japanese Dog sign.

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Required. Protected /jp/ heritage photo.

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