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hey dorks lets talk power levels

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Yama should be on a level to herself. That's basically canon.

But otherwise I approve of S tier and Eirin being at the top of the A tier.

By the way, we all know Suika is hot shit but what about the other Devas of the Mountain?

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Touhou PL are stupid because ZUN never talks about limits, even most Comic book characters have "upper" limits now those can be raised of course depending on writer but the fact of the matter is they have one

Supes can lift a lot but I have yet seen a writer/artist make him lift the weight of a galaxy

Even Batman gets outsmarted even with prep time

but for ZUN he NEVER has even once implied the limit of Remilia's Fate control Flans destruction or Reimu's invulnerablily

all we know from the side stories is that

Yama ≠ Watasuki's
Watasuki's ≠ Yukari
Watasuki's > Reimu
any character > Reimu ( aren't allowed to kill her and she can attempt to try to defeat them as much as she wants )

Although going by Marvels current run on some hero/ines I'd actually put Tewi up higher probability is an extremely retarded OP power no matter what universe and if Scarlet witch is any indication that Tewi can basically do whatever the fuck she wants which would put her on grounds with Yama and Watasuki's

At the same time this is why I believe Touhou powerlevels to be stupid ass hell because anyone could bring up Hina ( who I guess would be an anti thesis to Tewi ) and since neither have that upper limit I explained earlier it shows how shallow these debates can really get.

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The moonrabbits are canonically Goku.

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Reisen is strongest cuz she's my fav 2hu

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Yoshika can eat anything, including Gensokyo. She's the strongest. Thread over.

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>Touhou PL are stupid

yeah but they can be fun to argue about too, when /jp/ isn't being too uptight

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Begging to be squashed tier. This one is the absolute lowest you can go. No exceptions.

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Eirin usually doesn't get enough credit power level wise and that frustrates me.

She's clearly the strongest magic user in Gensokyo. Her charm that sealed the entire world away from the moon wasn't even her strongest spell, after all. Also she's like a million years old and is the only one capable of producing the Hourai Elixir

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Powerlevel threads are more prone to shitposting and crossboard-trolling more than anything else. Watch as someone brings up Demonbane and the Flash, then we'll have a real PL party going.

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Don't forget Shiki!

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Superman could kill any Touhou or other superhero unless they had kryptonite. And also, later on, he wasn't even weak to it any more thanks to having built up a resistance.

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Superman is weak to magic moron. Do you even /co/?

Anyway everyone uses magic in Gensokyo and any Superman short of Silver Age Superman is going to have his hands full.

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The problem is the incredible lack of evidence for anyone but a handful of characters, and even that is fueled almost entirely by assumptions. The rest is all up to personal bias, favoritism, random fanon crap somebody saw once and swear it actually happened in canon, and just plain old-fashioned shitposting.

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Magic doesn't exist in the Superman universe. There's no way to know if he's 'weak' to it or not.

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Wriggle + Spiderman vs. Remi + Sakuya

who wins /jp/

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You might actually be retarded.

Please see a professional.

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>Magic doesn't exist in the Superman universe.

Magic definitely exists in the DC multiverse.

How else do you suppose Zatanna's abilities work?

just ask /co/

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sakuya and the fruitbat

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>Magic doesn't exist in the Superman universe
So much for being fanwanking faggot.

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moonbitch and betwetter

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could any touhou beat hulk

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Hulk would never fight a cute 2hu.

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suika or yuugi

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Why is flan up there when she was obviously held in a basement at least semi against her will?

EOSD dialogue and spellcard names reveal she is considering suicide because of her situation, if she could easily change it then she obviously wouldn't be.

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>Why is flan up there when she was obviously held in a basement at least semi against her will?

It says in one of ZUN's books that she's not being forced to stay in the basement. She chooses to stay there because she's a hikki, and if she wanted to leave, no one at the Scarlet Devil Mansion would be able to stop her.

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Would Koishi's ability work on him? If so, maybe her.

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Yukari teleports him to random place where he dies.

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>EOSD dialogue and spellcard names reveal she is considering suicide because of her situation

I would genuinely like to see some examples of this because I honest to blubbering god have no idea what the shit you're talking about.

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Damn that retconning. After beating flan with Marisa, she pretty much admits to having attempted suicide.


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Depending on how angry he is, it's basically impossible to find anyplace where the Hulk could die.

The center of a black hole maybe.

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This made me laugh much harder than it should.

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that motherfucking Yukari,

she really piss me off

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Submerse him in magma.

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Or just one lightyear away from anything else, with hulk moving at a relative speed of 0.

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She can't control the things' inertia.

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I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you're getting this from Flandre's "I can't die, even if I hang myself. " line.

I don't really know why though. She's just stating it matter of fact-ly.

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It just means that she's so strong that she, herself, could not kill herself - and so obviously no one else can either.

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I seriously doubt that would kill him.

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She can manipulate the border of life and death though, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the border of having kinetic energy and not wouldn't be that much of a stretch.

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Well that might leave him floating around for an awful long time but it wouldn't kill him.

Hulk doesn't need to breath. Not when he's mad.

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Yuka could, she has the ultimate magic.

Which is so ultimate, ZUN doesn't even know what it is.

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Wh-what does that have to do with that line of discussion?

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>Eirin only A

But she could probably one-shot everyone with the right kind of charm. She's motherfucking Eirin.

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Kokoro could take away his anger so he couldn't become the hulk.
Then she puts on her dragon mask and breathes fire

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Touhou power discussions are pretty worthless. Pretty much any Touhou worth their weight in salt could insta-kill even the highest level Touhou if it weren't for spellcard rules.

And even then, spellcard rules level everything out. Even someone like Udonge could oneshot Yukari just by changing her brainwaves and making her perma-crazy.

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>Pretty much any Touhou worth their weight in salt could insta-kill even the highest level Touhou if it weren't for spellcard rules.

What about the Oni. Oni are fucking tough.

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is there a touhou than loses against hulk?

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the 9 squad

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Mokou, dearest, pancakes are a breakfast food, not a dessert.

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Oni are tough, but not tough when they are so fucking nuts that they can't even put one foot infront of the other without completely breaking down mentally.

That's just for Udonge's case.

Taking other Touhou's abilities into consideration would probably show that they too could really make easy work out of someone.

Remember, this is based on huge exaggerations anyways, as all touhou power discussion tends to be.

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Once again proving that Kaguya is better.

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>Would Koishi's ability work on him?

Her abilities would prey on his daddy issues and insecurities and whatnot, so yeah, definitely.

Koishi could beat anyone provided they had enough latent mental problems for her to exploit. And lots of /co/ characters have mental problems.

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I'd eat it, she is cute.

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Koishi vs batman would be really fun to watch.

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shut your whore mouth

Kaguya's plate has pills on it or something, those aren't dessert either.

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Koishi is basically a yellow lantern, isn't she?

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Reisen confirmed for worst waifu.

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She is still the one I'd take.

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What if she couldn't afford that cake, anon?

Are you throwing her name in the dirt because she doesn't have the money for a cake? You're cruel.

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Not, like, at all.

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What is Mokou had super immortality regeneration powers times two? Who could beat her then?

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She uses her opponents fears against them. Sounds like a yellow lantern to me.

Granted she doesn't materialize those fears as yellow energy constructs, but whatever.

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Literally anyone who manages to rip out her heart and shove it down her throat.

Forcing them to eat their own heart is how you kill a Hourai.

>> No.10966957

Can you point to an instance of her using someone's fears against them?

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Or what if she had penance gaze?

She could make Kaguya experience all of the awful things she'd done to other people.

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Where is this?

Now I'm interested.

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So, the moon rabbits she's killed.

I'm sure Mokou would love the 300 years of her killing anything in her way being brought upon her.

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What are you niggers even talking about?

Seriously this is what I was talking about before here >>10966724

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I can point to the fact that her power is to prey on her opponent's subconscious. Fears are a part of that.

Dealpool Mokou would grow a new heart pretty damn quickly.

>> No.10966973

I don't think Ghost Rider Mokou could use penance gaze on herself.

And besides, she only killed Youkai during her centuries long killing spree, as I recall. And that's a good thing to do. Just as Sanae or Reimu.

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Keine could thoroughly defeat Batman by rewriting his perception of the past so that, in his mind, his parents never died.

I defy anyone to beat Batman more thoroughly than Keine could.

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I'm having trouble finding it, it might be in a line of dialogue or an ending, but I do recall

eating a hourai's liver makes you immortal as well

making a hourai eat their own heart removes their immortality

>> No.10966994


She manipulates their subconscious, its not solely a matter of fear.


Its stated she destroys whatever happens to cross her path. Its another delightfully vague thing.

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That's kind of scary. It's probably in CiLR or something. Seems like somethng hard to find.

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>making a hourai eat their own heart removes their immortality

If that's canon and Mokou knows about it then something gives me the feeling that she's going to eventually kill herself that way.

Perhaps after losing Keine.

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Honestly if it was as simple as that, and Mokou was aware of it, she would've hopped on that chance a while ago.

Or at least she wouldn't be such a downer over being unable to die.


>Perhaps after losing Keine.

Stop that.

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And in that case let's hope that Yama isn't one of those Buddhists who think that suicide violates the first of the five precepts. I wouldn't want my waifu's karma to be judged too harshly ;_;

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It's going to happen d00d

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Marisa isn't B.

you're all full of shit.

die thread die. S4GE

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Get rekt, dipshit.

Even Reisen is more powerful than Marisa.

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what does it say about reimu and ex keine

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Reisen is pretty tough. She was trained by the Watatsukis, deemed to be very talented, and she has cute outfits.

How can you beat that?

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This chart puts Mokou to the right of Kaguya, meaning that Mokou is less powerful.

Well that's bullshit, because I like Mokou better, and also she has all sorts of crazy fire powers. What sorts of powers does Kaguya have? She can "manipulate the eternal and the instantaneous." That's bullcrap. Mokou burns shit up, now that's power.

>> No.10967029


The words used were "forced to", so I don't think doing it herself would work, or else the whole curse part of the elixir would be trivial. It's probably nearly impossible to get the heart out and eat it before the hourai dies (and regenerates, the heart turning to ash) anyways.

>> No.10967032

Probably something around the lines that fall into a special category, way above rank S and cannot be fully determined towards the extent of their power.

God damn Shrine Miko is fucking hax. I hate her so much.

>> No.10967034

It's hard to interpret Kaguya's powers.

But from what one can gather, she can make things eternal, i.e: Invulnerable.

She can also react to things instantaneously.

>> No.10967035

That they're unclassifiable or something.

EX-Keine shouldn't be unclassifiable though because she can't actually change reality, just people's knowledge of it.

>> No.10967036


I have been a famous individual on /jp/ for quite a while now.

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>The words used were "forced to",

In that case she'd probably get someone to force her to eat her own heart.

I wonder if she wouldn't ask Kaguya for help with that.

And I wonder if Kaguya actually would assist Mokou with her suicide.

>> No.10967050

>And I wonder if Kaguya actually would assist Mokou with her suicide.

I mean their relationship is a bit more complicated than just that of mortal enemies. And helping Mokou end her curse of immortality would really be more of a friendly act than a cruel one.

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I hate this bitch.

If she's so powerful, why the fuck does she remain a NEET?

If I had her power I could do shit for myself and I would put my NEET life behind me.

Fucking ungrateful cunt.

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I don't think you know what defy means.

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I even took the time to fix shit picture. everyone should thank me.

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She doesn't know how to do anything else other than do Princess-y stuff.

You know what a 'pH level' is, right? Well. Kaguya doesn't know what that is even after hanging out with Eirin for a thousand years or so. She's smart in the ways of story-telling and folk-lore, but could you imagine Kaguya working as anything other than a Princess?

>> No.10967062


Get rekt, gaylord.

Marisa is shit, she should even be bellow Youmu in terms of power.


>> No.10967063

> : to challenge to do something considered impossible

According to Merriam-Webster I'm right on the money.

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Now I want to see a dramatic and tear jerking doujin about Mokou asking Kaguya to help her die.

It's dramatic see because I really don't think Kaguya would want to actually kill Mokou.

>> No.10967078

Kaguya's power is so broken it's on a different level of its own. It has to do with time frames, i.e. eternity and instances. Everything has a time frame. If you will die in the future, Kaguya can just shorten your time frame into an instant to the moment you die, so you die immediately. Afterwards, she can make the moment of your death eternal, so you die eternally, most probably going insane along the way. Coupled with her immortality, she's bullshit like that, truly befitting a Lunarian nobility.

She's probably well-versed in arts, literature, philosophy, those kinds of useless blue-blooded things.

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yeah well Mokou burns you to ashes and then burns the ashes so fuck you

>> No.10967090

I never understood why Kaguya drank the hourai elixir when she herself has fucking power over eternity.

That's like Okuu building a nuclear reactor instead of just using herself.

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Yeah well Mokou is fat so take that.

>> No.10967095

You know, Suika works pretty well as a Titan, given that she can GET HUEG and said transformation even involves steam effects.

You know, given that she grows by decreasing her density, isn't her transformation useless since she doesn't hit any harder and she's just a bigger target?

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yeah well Kaguya is short

>> No.10967099


As awesome as that would be, I'm pretty sure the speed required to do it would be on the level of yukari gapping the heart into her stomach, or something.

I'm sure Eirin has a drug that can slow the hourai-respawn time, but it's only a couple seconds from the time that it becomes apparent that the body is fucked normally.

>> No.10967100

Can hourai immortals even get fat?

I mean, their hair grows (not that that ever made much sense).

>> No.10967101

>You know, given that she grows by decreasing her density, isn't her transformation useless since she doesn't hit any harder and she's just a bigger target?

That wouldn't really matter, at that volume she'd basically be incorporeal.

>> No.10967104

I'm sure they can still get fat.

Just like how their hair and nails grow.

>> No.10967117

Times of the day should not dictate what you eat.

>> No.10967124

Is Mokou even that strong power-level wise? I was always under the impression she was just really fucking stubborn with the immortality to back it up.

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Of course she is, she has phoenix fire powers. In addition to being unkillable she can shoot fireballs and whatever.

>> No.10967134


She can decrease her density to increase her volume, then increase the density of the matter in that volume by adding more matter.

>> No.10967151

Yeah well Mokou has granny hair. It's probably full of lice as well.

In a fair battle, Kaguya can extend the time it take for the fires to reach her into an eternity. In other words, the flames will never reach her.

Mokou's power is child's play in comparison to blessed glorious master race her Highness Kaguya. You literally can't have a fair battle against Kaguya since she's so unfair. If you think about it, she's as much if not even more broken than Yukari.

Maybe she did it for the thrill? The ultimate sin and all that. I imagine it's like those spoiled little girls who shoplift all the time, even though they're filthy rich.

>> No.10967154

>phoenix fire powers
Nothing suggests that she has any powers beyond immortality and normal fire magic.

I mean, why obtain phoenix powers if you're already immortal?

>> No.10967165

>If you think about it, she's as much if not even more broken than Yukari.
Yukari's power is more applicable on a general scale. It's not like she can't just emulate Kaguya's powers by manipulating the border of eternity or whatnot.

>> No.10967168

>I mean, why obtain phoenix powers if you're already immortal?

Double immortality, obviously.

>> No.10967170

cause she dumb

>> No.10967173

Well she can't.

Gaps aren't omnipotent you know.

>> No.10967174

>I mean, why obtain phoenix powers if you're already immortal?
Why drink the hourai elixir when it's derived from your power over eternity in the first place?

>> No.10967181


Yukari was lying in that line.

Last time someone claimed to be omnipotent (christian god) he gets asked for/blamed for everything, and yukari simply does not give enough fucks to be god.

>> No.10967182

You don't know that.

On the other hand, you can't exactly prove that she can either since she's never done it.

>> No.10967184

Then how come she can only gap to the moon on a full moon?

>> No.10967185

your dumb

>> No.10967188

Either way, the fact that she can manipulate life and death is confirmed canon, while Kaguya's never done anything super broken like stretch X to actual eternity.

>> No.10967191

A monotheistic deity is differentiated from pantheistic deities with a capital "G." Please keep this in mind when posting in the future.

>> No.10967194

those manga aren't actually canon d00d

>> No.10967195

This >>10967173 and we don't know the extent of her manipulation. Maybe she can't manipulate intangible concepts? Maybe it has severe limitations (that only Yukari knows about)? Else why would she bow down like a coward to Moonbitch B?

You can say that we don't know the extent of Kaguya's power either, but being a pure-blooded superior ubermensch Lunarian walking God, it's very likely that she's extremely powerful.

>> No.10967196


er, polytheistic

>> No.10967200

>Else why would she bow down like a coward to Moonbitch B
Have to let the titular character of the manga do her thing after all.

>> No.10967201

>Maybe she can't manipulate intangible concepts?

Life and death are somewhat intangible concepts themselves.

>> No.10967206

You can touch the direct effects and causes of life and death.

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>hey dorks lets talk power levels
>129 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click here to view.
that was easy...

>> No.10967215

Momiji is a wolf not a dog.

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The same reason she would use gaps to steal sake when she could go gap to wherever it was bottled/being stored.

The same reason she would live in a very modest home when she has the power to overtake any domain she wants, or gap in the pandaemonium fortress from Makai (assuming it's not completely wrecked)

The same reason she would allow a ghost princess that she resurrected to steal the spring to resurrect her own dead body when it was Yukari who made her a ghost princess in the first place.

We're talking about Yukari here.

If you had to play the same game for thousands of years with what equivalates to console commands enabled, it wouldn't take you long to abandon all reason, impose artificial limits for yourself, and try to create conflict that you can watch play out for entertainment.

>> No.10967220

I knew up as a kid with a dog that was part wolf.

>> No.10967221

That image is a joke, lordo.

>> No.10967225

I never got why the manipulation of Flowers was such an OP skill to have.

>> No.10967230

>but being a pure-blooded superior ubermensch Lunarian walking God, it's very likely that she's extremely powerful.
And likewise, most of the old characters are also extremely powerful. Like Yukari.

On a side note, Yuka has got to be one of the most powerful characters with one of the most lamest powers ever.

>> No.10967231


Were you eaten?

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File: 345 KB, 546x664, a6a63e0d52ec87781d264432db4a1ae7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If you had to play the same game for thousands of years with what equivalates to console commands enabled, it wouldn't take you long to abandon all reason, impose artificial limits for yourself, and try to create conflict that you can watch play out for entertainment.

That's a nice way of putting it.

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>> No.10967240

Wolf-dog hybrids can be extremely dangerous and I'm pretty sure that they're illegal in most first world countries with exotic animal laws.

>> No.10967241

Holy shit, you made me realize that Yukari's powers are EXACTLY like the powers of nobles of Amber/Chaos in the Chronicles of amber series. Need to make a new world based on an existing one? No problem, just distort it and you've got a border around it! Need someone to go between the bordered off world and the other world? No problem, just have them travel between them with you and they'll be able to do it too! Need something special that might not even exist in your world? No problem, just search for it across different world with your cosmic-mindfuck abilities, opening gaps along the way! Reality breaking apart, literally? No problem, just make a new foundation for it!

>> No.10967244
File: 183 KB, 662x707, 399b84a3e271e1f61a35ede190cbf4e3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Her real power comes from "the ultimate magic," which she possesses.

>> No.10967247

Probably the same reason why Kaguya doesn't just instagib Mokou every time she challenges her with some hax application of her power.

>> No.10967249

>the ultimate magic
Have we ever learned what this actually does?

Or is it just some generic powerlevel boost?

>> No.10967253

>Have we ever learned what this actually does?

ZUN has as much of an idea as any of us, apparently.

>> No.10967256

Given how ridiculously exploitable Keine's power is, I'm surprised she's not higher on the tier list.

>> No.10967259


DBZ level power boost.

"I can manipulate flowers... and I can blow up everything!"

>> No.10967260

It has limits.

>> No.10967266

>If you had to play the same game for thousands of years with what equivalates to console commands enabled, it wouldn't take you long to abandon all reason, impose artificial limits for yourself, and try to create conflict that you can watch play out for entertainment.
Or we could apply Occam's Razor and assume that those limits are, well, limits and she's just not omnipotent. Her gimmick consists of cleverly using her ability to give off this illusion of omnipotence while masking her own weaknesses and limitations. But when confronted with true omnipotence, she shits herself.

Yes, but they are still primal youkai. Meanwhile the Moon is chock full of gods. Heavenly gods at that too, not one of those smelly impure dirty mud-covered primal gods. And Lunarian nobility such as Kaguya are some of the purest ones, and this purity translate directly into their powers.

>> No.10967267


It would be extremely useful in manipulation, for instance if she wants X destroyed, she could get one of the hax-tier 2hus to get near X, then change their perception of history and make them believe that X is evil and their life's goal is to destroy X.

>> No.10967271

She can't change reality, just people's perception of it.

History is made up of many lies and half-truths. Keine can change what those lies and half-truths are.

>> No.10967272

Technically "manipulating cold" could allow someone to bring everything in the universe to absolute zero.

Doesn't mean the Cirno can actually do it.

Abilities have limitations on them.

>> No.10967275

The whole point was making it (because of curiosity, and because it was a cool display of her powers). She probably drunk it afterwards simply because it was already there.

>> No.10967279

It would be enough to allow her to beat the Flash however.

>> No.10967282

>Cirno can beat the Flash
Why is this not a thing?

>> No.10967285

This makes more sense, but I like the shoplifting analogy better. It makes Kaguya more of a hedonist, which she really is.

>> No.10967288

>And Lunarian nobility such as Kaguya are some of the purest ones, and this purity translate directly into their powers.
but then, she lived on the earth for so long she got dirtied by its impurities long ago.

one of the reasons lunarians feared earth was that it was impure, and their being there would corrupt them and their purity too, wasn't it?

>> No.10967293


Occam's razor also suggests that the moonbitches are incredibly weak because we didn't actually get to see them use their claimed power against anything substantial, and that all of their claimed abilities are lies. Characters have lied in dialogue before.

Yukari has actually shown her powers tangibly, and even applying the razor to an extreme degree and saying her resurrection of Yuyuko is a lie, you cannot deny that she fires an asston of bullets, can gap in trains, and can warp between locations, as these are all confirmed tangibly.

Kaguya is one of the easiest S6 bossfights as well, so her "shown power" is quite small.

>> No.10967295

Well, not really.

Kaguya used her abilities to allow her little patch of land to be completely pure by simply freezing its point of history.

>> No.10967297

>but then, she lived on the earth for so long she got dirtied by its impurities long ago.
>one of the reasons lunarians feared earth was that it was impure, and their being there would corrupt them and their purity too, wasn't it?
Pretty sure Kaguya's an exception due to hourai immortality.

>> No.10967303

Woah, I just started watching Hataraku Maou-sama and it's really fucking good. REALLY fucking good.

Why did no one tell me? You're negligent, /jp/.

>> No.10967307

Yukari gets beaten up by Reisen in SWR.

Does that mean

Reisen > Yukari > Kaguya?

>> No.10967310

Moonites have set up a special magical defense. Possibly against her specifically.

>> No.10967311

Given that impurities were already there before she arrived, how did she get rid of them?

Can she get rid of them using her powers? Because impurities -> things rot and die, but does Kaguya's powers remove impurities to facilitate eternity, or is it more like an artificial eternity that doesn't remove impurities but simply doesn't let the object degrade any further?

>> No.10967313


ZUN has stated that the moon-rabbits are canonically on an entirely different level of power from everyone else.

>> No.10967315

So that means she isn't omnipotent.

>> No.10967317

I think it's stated in CiLR that she made things 'pure'.

It actually says that food doesn't rot, vegetation doesn't die, and when a vase is dropped it will not break.

>> No.10967318

>Yes, but they are still primal youkai. Meanwhile the Moon is chock full of gods. Heavenly gods at that too, not one of those smelly impure dirty mud-covered primal gods
Being a heavenly god means fuck-all in terms of powerlevels, whether you're talking about ZUN-verse or actual Japanese mythology. Some of the most powerful gods might hang out in heaven but that doesn't mean everyone there is OP as fuck.

>> No.10967320

Either CiLR or something else. Something where Kaguya blabbed on about her life on Earth.

>> No.10967324


Yukari also beats Reisen in SWR.

Depending on how hard the fight is (I assume Normal is canon difficulty for main story, extra for extra bosses), the battle can be implied to be uphill or downhill.

For instance, Marisa beats Cirno in EoSD as a stage 2 boss.

Cirno beats Marisa in GFW, but as an Extra stage boss.

Does this mean they are both more powerful than each other? No, it just means that Cirno can beat Marisa, but it is a very uphill battle for her, while Marisa can quite easily beat Cirno.

Fighting games need storylines, so everyone ends up beating everyone. Besides, didn't Yukari say she was only in the tournament for fun?

>> No.10967325

So is Yama.

dammit now I need to find those comics of mecha Yama fighting the moonbitches but I don't know where they are

was it bkub who made those comics?

>> No.10967326

The limits are implicit.

When a character is defeated in the games, either as a player character or as a boss, do you think just it's because they ran out of cards? It's not that hard to come up with decent cards; it's because they can't fight any more, or forfeit the match for some other reason.

>> No.10967334

It wasn't a tournament.

It was an investigation.

She's obviously not omnipotent if she can be beaten.

>> No.10967336

I understand that she makes things eternal, but is it ever explicitly stated that she does this through removing impurities? Or does she just "freeze" things so that the process of degradation won't continue?

>> No.10967343

What you just said there, pretty much.

She freezes things so that they won't degrade.

>> No.10967344
File: 124 KB, 344x992, 06c52451b843e063003c242910b428c8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10967345


Isn't Reimu supposed to be able to fly outside of reality and attack others while not being able to be attacked? That's as much if not more canonical than the very existance of the moonbitches.

Reimu's a stage 4 IN boss.

>> No.10967347

True. But what we were shown was how ridiculously advanced the Moon's technology was. I mean, really, an infinitely twisting material with no seams, even at subatomic level? That's some high-tech shit right there. And given how youkai fear the advance of science, I can't imagine how brick-shitting the Moon's science is to them. Yukari _is_ afraid of that technology.

>Kaguya is one of the easiest S6 bossfights as well, so her "shown power" is quite small.
You have to admit the last words are hard, though. And Eirin's last word, which I think is way harder, is powered by Kaguya as well, so there's that. She's also shown that she can instantaneously erase time frames (again, from her last words), although it's difficult to portray her eternity manipulation, since it's a game and all.

And Kaguya (and Mokou) was too powerful to balance. So yeah.

>> No.10967349
File: 179 KB, 400x1152, dc7d1b5d4561a0d650a314932ef1c1de.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10967359

>Reimu's a stage 4 IN boss.

A Touhou's stage in no way correlates to her power level.

>> No.10967354

Yes. Reimu can fly out of reality and do whatever she wants.

I think we all know that Reimu is just pure hax anyways, it's pretty much a given.

>> No.10967356

Invoking mechaxanadu is cheating.

>> No.10967360

>And Kaguya (and Mokou) was too powerful to balance. So yeah.
This doesn't even make sense.

If they had to, they could've easily just changed their HP bar into a "motivation meter" they were worried about the whole "invincible" thing.

>> No.10967361


The games are the most, if not the only truly canon indication of power.

>> No.10967364

So Yuyuko is weaker than Kogasa?

>> No.10967365

Technically, this is only canon in Seihou. If you accept it as canon, you must also accept VIVIT defeating Reimu and Marisa sans spell card rules as canon.

>> No.10967367

>introduce a pair of characters everybody hates
>make it canon that they're the most powerful characters in the cast

Oh ZUN, you card.

>> No.10967369

>When a character is defeated in the games, either as a player character or as a boss, do you think just it's because they ran out of cards?

Yes, it's explicitly stated in the spellcard rules.

>> No.10967370

they're not invincible. they just resurrect after they die. so, if they're just beaten up, but not killed then they play by the same rules as everyone else.

>> No.10967371
File: 390 KB, 750x1095, 10f5d04d91f9bf0311e7196c2c2b4b0f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

moonbitches fear the Yama

>> No.10967374



Well, "canon" also says Reimu does not need to follow reality's rules.

Moonbitches live in reality. Checkmate.

>> No.10967377

You got your greentext backwards. People hate them because they're powerful, not the other way around.

>> No.10967380

Post the one where Mechaxanadu dies

>> No.10967381

>The games are the most, if not the only truly canon indication of power.
They might give a very rough outline of powerlevels, but they're hardly useful, given how everything runs on spellcard rules from TH6 and on, which are explicitly designed to even the odds between Eldritch-tier characters and ⑨s.

>> No.10967383

Way back in the day, she murdered Iwakasa to obtain the Hourai Elixir.

She even has a card named after that murder.

>> No.10967390

Well, it's more like

>moonbitches beat a bunch of top-tier characters
>b-b-b-ut X character could beat them right? Or Y just wasn't fighting seriously!
>nope they're god-tier deal with it

>> No.10967395

People complain all the time about the Watatsukis yet they turn a blind eye to Tenshi beating them up after pulling a 'Wow I wasn't even trying I guess I should try now oh look I beat everyone'.

>> No.10967396

Only the liver part is true, because the Hourai Elixir is in the liver. But tearing that out won't stop he Hourai victim from living on.

Hourai victims are true immortals. They can't be kept dead by any means. They are infused with concentrated eternity, and death is no longer a part of their existence.

>> No.10967397

Canon also dictates that Reimu defeated a god who created and ruled her own dimension. Before spellcard rules.
inb4 everything TH1-5 weren't canon.

>> No.10967398

>You whippersnappers and your fancy Shinto gods and love-colored magic. Why, back in my day, you had to kill someone you know to gain this kind of power.

>> No.10967399

it's here >>10967349

and as you can see, mechaxanadu cannot die

>> No.10967400
File: 741 KB, 1173x885, yuuka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Things that are "canon":

*Watatsukis exist, can summon the power of any god

*Reimu ignores the very laws of reality

*Yuuka is even more powerful than that, because of her "ultimate" magic.

Ultimate: "the best or most extreme of its kind"
-Merriam webster

So yuuka's magic is "The best."

There is no recourse against this, because no matter what power is brought up, Yuuka's is better. Someone has literal omnipotence? Yuuka has that +1, because "ultimate" is used as an adjective in a canon work.

This is why I prefer to stick to game canon.

>> No.10967402
File: 355 KB, 820x560, Fiamma_profile[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What if Yuuka fought Fiamma of the Right?

>> No.10967404

She already blew up everything, though.

>> No.10967405

>Watatsukis exist, can summon the power of any god
Reimu can also do this, she's just too lazy to.

>> No.10967406

If you take something at face value, of course it'll sound great.

Like if you took Keine's power at face value, she could just eat history and oops there goes Yuuka's ultimate power since the history of where she got it never existed.

>> No.10967407

Yeah well, Alice's grimoire canonically contains the ultimate magic. Grimoire of Alice > Yuuka.

>> No.10967417


Oh, so now we have two ultimates. Non-game canon just keeps getting better and BETTER.

>> No.10967421

Or Komachi. Or Eiki. Or Suika. And I assume Kokoro pulled this off as well.

But when she tried to do so against Yorihime she still lost anyway.

>> No.10967422

>Yeah well, Alice's grimoire canonically contains the ultimate magic.

Does it? I just thought that it was sealed because Alice is afraid of being defeated when she's at full power, so she never fights at full power.

If she had the ultimate magic she wouldn't really need to worry about losing, would she?

>> No.10967424

But she has been shown to be significantly weaker since.

In TH04, she's a stage 6 boss. She gained the ultimate magic in TH05, and reappeared in TH09 as a normal boss, with much lighter patterns than she had in TH04 even accounting for the difference in gameplay. Also, she hasn't used Master Spark in Touhou since TH04.

>> No.10967426

Stages don't correlate to power level.

Otherwise Kogasa > Yuyuko and Reisen > Reimu

>> No.10967427

because she wasn't trained in it and lacked experience. given enough rigorous training reimu could beat moonbitches up with one hand.

>> No.10967429

Nitori can control water.

Therefore she can make everyone's heads asplode.

Therefore she is the strongest 2hu.

Your move.

>> No.10967431


Game canon actually makes sense, see?

People were trying to kill each other in 01-05 because there was a legitimate demon world threat, and so they went all-out. Reimu kills shinki, and Gensokyo later switches to the spellcard system in order to prevent needless deaths. After this, lethal magics like Yuuka's "ultimate magic" are banned and she has to use spellcards like everyone else.

>> No.10967433

yukari is omnipotent

>> No.10967434

Reimu blatantly doesn't kill Shinki.
Shinki showed up in the ending and became the first boss to have a tea party with Reimu.

>> No.10967438

Yuuka was also substantially weaker in Kioh Gyoku, where no such rule was in place.

Maybe Seihou machines are stronger than Touhou characters.

>> No.10967439

I don't recall Nitori having actual magical powers.

>> No.10967447
File: 364 KB, 850x850, 1324124005406.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course it's the words of a little girl, so believe what you want.

>Alice is afraid of being defeated when she's at full power, so she never fights at full power.
Alice is too cute! I wanna hug Alice and do things to her!

>> No.10967446

2hu powerlevel discussions in a nutshell:

I like Rumia.


Rumia has power over darkness, therefore she can instantly destroy all light in the universe.
Since matter is just another form of energy, she can destroy all matter as well.
This makes her the strongest Touhou because in the event of a fight she would just erase all of existence in an instant.

>> No.10967448

The ability to manipulate Water according to her MoF profile.

>> No.10967451

But Rumia's powers in particular are bounded by a seal.

Admittedly, addressing specifics instead of the form as a whole isn't perfect.

>> No.10967454

Rumia is canonically unable to see in her own sphere of darkness.

What a useless power.

I'm sure the only humans she ever manages to eat are unsupervised toddlers or the elderly.

>> No.10967459

Couldn't the yama just sentence anyone to "An eternity in hell without powers" and win?

>> No.10967460

Where is my Rumia toddlercon/eldercon?

>> No.10967462

Doesn't VIVIT destroy reality or something like that in Seihou 1?

>> No.10967466

After they died maybe. She might not actually be able to kill them herself.

Also the Buddhist hells aren't actually eternal abodes for the damned, just temporary ones. Like the Buddhist heavens.

>> No.10967468

>But Rumia's powers in particular are bounded by a seal.

Not this shit again

>> No.10967472

The gaps aren't actually directly part of her power. Yukari's true form is that many-eyed being on the other side of those gaps.

Her body doesn't extend to the moon. Even when she teleported there, it was not by gapping, but by manipulating the border between real and fake on a reflection of the moon..

The part about her true form being in the gaps isn't explicit canon, but the part about it being the boundary of real and fake instead of a normal gap is.

>> No.10967474

mortals maybe. gods like kanako and especially shinki are not only outside her jurisdiction, some may even be above her in terms of power.

>> No.10967484

Actually no. Shinto gods can be killed and go to the underworld. Remember what happened to Izanami?

Buddhist deities > Shinto deities

The Yama is always on top.

>> No.10967486

Also, having the grimoire with the ultimate magic is not the same as having the ultimate magic. For all we know, the magic inside could be Yuuka's magic, and Alice hasn't had the time to learn it yet.

If we're talking about Eiki, no, she's too much of a goody two-shoes for that. She won't sentence anyone to anything not befitting their sins. What >>10967466 said anyway. Heaven and Hell are just one of the realms that you'll be reborn into.

I don't know how it works for them since Kanako's a Shinto god, but Buddhist deities are susceptible to death and reincarnation as well, putting them under the Enma's rule. This depends on how Heaven, Hell, the Six Realms, etc work in Touhou.

>> No.10967492

why is yuka s?

>> No.10967494
File: 139 KB, 600x900, 2ed857a492d01febc29d1e77b62bb3a3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because she has the ultimate magic dorkmaster

do you even Touhou

>> No.10967499

In Shuusou Gyoku, VIVIT defeated a number of war machines, entered a strange dimension based on Saboten energy and filled with floating clocks and the occasional game code leak, and defeated...whatever was going on with the human Vivit, upon whom VIVIT was modeled.

Some unspecified time later, Erich sent her to find the Holy Grail. In looking for it, she opened a hole in dimensions somehow, crossed into Gensokyo, and defeated Reimu and Marisa. Not finding the Grail in Gensokyo, she moved on.

In Samidare's extra stage, she was shown to still be looking for the Grail. At that time, both she and Gates were defeated by the SMD-31-FX "Gesshoku" aircraft, piloted by the self-aware android C-23.

VIVIT was also involved in the vaguely-defined war surrounding the floating castle and the vampire Muse. Whether this was before, between, or after her cross-dimensional Grail crusades is unknown.

>> No.10967503
File: 31 KB, 500x437, 1282851862163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can mariso kill servents?

>> No.10967504

Cirno is the strongest

>> No.10967514
File: 513 KB, 887x850, bc8ca66513f8f589d8b2f013555fea4e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then why isn't Alice S, turboniggermeister?

>> No.10967512

ok, so kanako and suwako are under shiki.

shinki's still not though, since she's more like an outsider creator-level god. i wonder if this is why she got retconned.

>> No.10967521

Every 2hu can kill servants

>> No.10967520

>shinki's still not though
Depends if she follow the cosmic law of Buddhism or not, actually.

>> No.10967530

She was never explicitly retconned.

She's never been relevant since TH05, since she lives in Makai and stays there all the time, and Esoterica is far enough out in the sticks of Makai that she wouldn't be able to be alerted and get there (or send someone there) by the time the Palanquin Ship left with Byakuren on it

>> No.10967528

if she can create an universe, she can create her own version of a yama in her world if she needs one.

that's like wondering if the christian god follows the law of buddhism. completely unrelated.

>> No.10967534

Finish this sentence.

Gandalf is to Reimu as Tom Bombadil is to ____.

>> No.10967536

According to Buddhist cosmology there are no creator gods. According to Buddha himself everything always was and always will be.

More important than knowing that though is not thinking too hard about it. Buddha's "noble silence" and all that.

Also, even if Buddhist deities can die as well I'm pretty confident that Yama would trump just about any Shinto deity.

>> No.10967539

>She's never been relevant since TH05, since she lives in Makai and stays there all the time
Better than Genji and Mima, who still live on the shrine but are never actually seen there.

>> No.10967543


Both are super powerful but they're too busy being useless or trolling people to do anything important.

>> No.10967546

kirby can suck yuka and beat her with her own power

>> No.10967548

The Abrahamic God isn't just the Christian God.

Also you've got to capitalize God when referring to a monotheistic deity.

Also it's important to note that the Abrahamic deity isn't actually a "he" as "he" is explicitly believed to be a bodiless, genderless spirit.

>> No.10967554
File: 44 KB, 472x472, 3b5cd9fb99db22be39f672a60b31444a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Why is Mokou making pancakes anyways?

Wouldn't chicken be more fitting because she threatened to turn Aya into yakitori?

>> No.10967558

It's fairly strange... Didn't anyone else have this genius idea of constructing monotheistic God? Who did it first? Jews or Muslims?

In China there would be Pangu but relating those two would be a very far fetched idea.

>> No.10967561

At least her attack is still relevant...

I imagine she's BFFs with Hijirin anyway, with her teaching Hijirin Devil's Recitation and stuff. I bet they still write to each other from time to time.

>> No.10967563

>Who did it first? Jews or Muslims?
Are you seriously asking this? I thought it was fairly common knowledge that it goes Judaism -> Christianity -> Islam chronologically.

>> No.10967564

sucking yuka off won't give him any special powers.

and yuka's main power is plant manipulation anyway, so that's what he'd get from her.

>> No.10967565

Are you sure? Or serious.

>> No.10967569

Islam didn't come around until the 6th century, Judaism was around a long ass time before that.

Also the earliest Jews weren't strict monotheists, they were actually henotheists. Meaning that they recognized multiple deities but theirs was the best.

All of the earliest religions were polytheistic, and in some cases monotheism grew out of that, as people's notions of spirituality and cosmology changed.

>> No.10967575

Mistake: Yuuka's magic is the ultimate "magic", not the ultimate "power".
Magic, as defined by Touhou, is specifically an art used by magicians, which Yuuka only began using at all at the end of Mystic Square.

Reimu's power is not magic. It's divine power, and her inherent power. She got upset at Yumemi for making this exact mistake.

Most of Yuuka's power is not magic. Anything she used prior to the end of Mystic Square's main game and quite a bit of what she used afterward is confirmed to be not magic, but "youkai power".

What, exactly, Yuuka's "ultimate magic" is is unknown. But it's not something that's been shown, and it's not inherently a "win" card even if it is the most powerful magic. After all, she already had what and might be the most directly powerful attack in the series, the Master Spark, as seen in LLS stage 5, and it could still be avoided and thus effectively nullified without trouble.

>> No.10967579

didn't the ancient egyptians tried that at one time too?

as far as i remember one pharaoh tried to abolish all the gods and replace them with one.

"The Egyptians did have an aberrant period of some form of monotheism during the New Kingdom, in which the pharaoh Akhenaten abolished the official worship of other gods in favor of the sun-disk Aten. This is often seen as the first instance of true monotheism in history, although the details of Atenist theology are still unclear. "

>> No.10967581

It's a known fact that Touhous are extremely weak to penis-based attacks. This is why the Human Village still stands against the youkai; only the humans have penises.

If you're ever beset by a Touhou, just whip out your /jp/enis. She'll surely relent.

>> No.10967582

it is actually her only ability

pc98 isn't cannon

>> No.10967583

Zoroastrianism had a single god independently of Judaism. In fact, Judaism may have copied it off of Zoroastrianism to some extent.

Incidentally, Hinduism (and by extension Buddhism) and Zoroastrianism both refer to supernatural beings called the Devas and Asuras. However, in Hinduism and Buddhism, the Devas are good and the Asuras are evil, whereas in Zoroastrianism it is the other way around.

>> No.10967585
File: 238 KB, 640x480, Great Science - Devil's Recitation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, by the way, her attack and wings also had a cameo in Samidare.

>> No.10967590

ZUN says her ultimate magic is the magic of "youkai moe~"

>> No.10967594

I just came across something while perusing the wiki.

>Most magical beings can use only the innate magical power that they were born with, but magicians can develop any power they wish after studying and analyzing it.

Pretty sure this can't be true, given that the fact that everybody in Gensokyo can firely brightly colored bullets regardless of what their inherent ability is, right?

>> No.10967597

>Upset that people mix up divine and magic power
So Reimu is a 3.5e sperglodyte? Worst 2hu ever

>> No.10967598

Literal moe~
"Moe" means "blooming". She's a flower youkai, so blooming is in her nature, even if what would normally be considered "moe~" is not.

>> No.10967599

>given that the fact that everybody in Gensokyo can firely brightly colored bullets regardless of what their inherent ability is, right?

Remember that there are tons of normal people in Gensokyo that have no powers.

>> No.10967600

>Zoroastrianism had a single god independently of Judaism.

Zoroastrians aren't monotheistic dammit. They have two gods, not one.

>In fact, Judaism may have copied it off of Zoroastrianism to some extent.

According to this really thick biblical dictionary I read by this one Catholic bible scholar, the Jewish notion of the devil may have been influenced by Zoroastrianism during the Babylonian exile.

See because the devil never really shows up in the Hebrew Bible. Just in three separate instances. Or five, depending on who you ask, it can be kind of vague at times.

Anyway all of those times are from post-exilic Biblical writings.

Also it's important to note that in some of those instances, like with the book of Job, the devil is not really an adversary of God. Rather it is implicit to the text that Satan is a member of the celestial court whose purpose is to test the faith of humans. Because virtue untested is meaningless.

Oh and the snake from the creation story was not identified with Satan until much later.

I'm a bit foggy about some of this stuff by the way so don't take anything I'm saying too seriously. Not until I've completed my degree in religious studies.

>> No.10967606 [DELETED] 

marisa was a plain human right? she learned how to fly and cast magic

why can't a youkai learn magic like a lowly human?

>> No.10967605

That would mean Muslims were Jews all along.

>> No.10967612

Yes. they are wrong, along with many others

>> No.10967620

yeah, just like christians. everyone's a jew.

>> No.10967627

But can Angra Mainyu kill 2hus?

>> No.10967623

They can. "Youkai moe~" isn't directly related to her ultimate magic, except insofar as that ZUN is sure that it's "something moe~."
Actually, that's exactly what happened in Yuuka's ending in Mystic Square. She started learning magic. She must have really taken a shine to it, since she obtained the alleged "ultimate magic" in her Mystic Square Extra Stage ending.

>> No.10967635

Mohammed claimed to be the last prophet whom Gold instructed to restore the true faith that had been distorted by centuries of Judaism and Christianity. The prophet Isa (Jesus) is also important in Islam but none are as important as the prophet Mohammed.
But yes, Islam is supposed to be a continuation of the Abrahamic religions that went before it. An update/correction patch if you will.
There’s been religions based on Islam too in the same way, check out Babism and Baha'I that come from Iranian Shi'a Islam.

>> No.10967633

it couldn't even kill servants. it was the most useless summon ever, its only purpose was to corrupt the grail.

now that i think about it, since its existence corrupts things, it'd be extra effective against moonbitches.

>> No.10967639

>Not until I've completed my degree in religious studies.
What's it like studying one of the lowest paying majors in the world?

>> No.10967643

>What's it like studying one of the lowest paying majors in the world?

Good thing I'm not in it for the capital.

Like most of you /jp/ I'm happy enough with a bed, food, and an internet connection.

>> No.10967644

I was more referring to everyone we see in the games, who all have some sort of supernatural ability.

Given that Rumia's bullets aren't made of darkness, is every youkai in the games an exception to the "magical beings can only use their innate magical power" rule?

>> No.10967649

Today is truly good to be a communist. Though it was founded by a man who was born... Into a Jewish family. fuck

>> No.10967647

How’s the coverage of religions east of Iran in your studies?

>> No.10967651

And it's important to note that, while misguided, Muslims do believe that "the other believers of the book" hold onto some semblance of the truth, but not the whole truth as revealed to Muhammad.

The Koran is really very explicit in saying that Muslims, Jews, and Christians should all get along.

>> No.10967656

Of course in practice the book of the people term is often more pejorative with Christians and Jews being tolerated but not as 1st class citizens.
It depended on the ruler, time and place on how Christians and Jews were effectively treated.

>> No.10967658

Not too great at the moment but given my interest in Eastern religions I tend to look into it on my own. I have spoken with a Hindu and Buddhist theologian at a nearby university but I haven't had the chance to study under them because they work at a private school I can't afford. Not until grad school at least.

>> No.10967662

But which religion has the highest powerlevels?

>> No.10967665

Figures, our attention usually stops at the cultural Iranian-Indian overlap.
Indian religious history and theology seems like something you would reserve a lot of time for though because goddamn it’s huge.
Chinese folk religion seems severely understudied.

>> No.10967666

Whichever one is closest to the truth. Whatever the truth is. And they all claim to have it so take your pick.

Luckily all major religions are inclusivistic, to varying degrees. Islam and Christianity a little less so but overall they're still inclusivistic.

Inclusivism meaning the belief that those outside of your belief circle aren't automatically doomed to hell/having bad karma. Exclusivism is generally a fringe thing.

Anyway if you want to talk numbers Roman Catholicism wins, what with having over a million adherents.

>> No.10967669

>Chinese folk religion seems severely understudied.


>> No.10967671

>Anyway if you want to talk numbers Roman Catholicism wins, what with having over a million adherents.

er, a billion I mean

>> No.10967674

Can you share some of your resources? I’d like to do a bit of reading and I imagine a religious studies student knows about some good repositories.

>> No.10967676


Suika, Yukari and Shikieiki should be on a tier higher than Yuuka and Flandre.

Also, Kaguya and Mokou should be on Flandre's tier.

>> No.10967681

Sorry man off the top of my head I really can't think of the names of any great books. To be honest I've not been pursuing this field of study for too long, for years my first worthless major was Anthropology.

Forgive me, I've failed you.

>> No.10967682

But Yuka has the ultimate magic.

>Also, Kaguya and Mokou should be on Flandre's tier.

Being unkillable doesn't really correlate with having high firepower.

>> No.10967687

Then God can smite you for all I care, b-baka

>> No.10967703

>Wouldn't [something she's memetically associated with] be better since she [mentioned it once in the passing in a random sentence]?


>> No.10967711

Alice is just talk.

>> No.10967712

Remilia's power is to manipulate fate, right? If she could consciously use it, she'd be the most OP simply by rewriting any event to work in her favor, wouldn't she?

>> No.10967719

Nuh uh. Sanae's ability is to create miracles. So even if Remilia makes it so she's destined to lose, Sanae will still miraculously win anyway.

>> No.10967720

Yukari can manipulate the borders of her power, Koishi can make her subconciously etc.

>> No.10967726

But for her to make any big miracles, she needs days of uninterrupted chanting/prep. Remilia could have Sakuya stop time a minute before Sanae is done, break her concentration, and make her do the whole thing over and over again in a loop.

>> No.10967728

Then how do you describe Sariel`s Power Level?

>> No.10967732

>she needs days of uninterrupted chanting/prep

Sanae is our Batman.

>> No.10967733

And how do you know Remilia's power doesn't take years to use? This is why Touhou powerlevel discussions are so pointless.

>> No.10967741

I like this.

>Which 2hu can defeat Sanae with prep time?

>> No.10967745

Can't she just create a miracle that allows her to create miracles without long ass chanting and prep time

>> No.10967795

this is appropriate since batman also fucks around with many different women

>> No.10968749


I remember reading a doujin exactly like that though it was Keine instead of Kaguya.

I didn't care for it much, little too heavy on the forced drama.

>> No.10968790 [DELETED] 

>314 replies and 45 posts omitted.

my god just fucking kill yourselves

>> No.10968958

Gaps aren't omnipotent.

We went over this.

Yukari can't just pull a 'Oh, I gapped your powers so they no longer work.'

>> No.10969134

Her patterns are named things like "Night Sign: Night Bird".

Her brightly colored bullets are made out of darkness. Bright darkness.

>> No.10970078


Gaps aren't omnipotent, borders might be.

She can clearly manipulate the border of life and death, and open portals to alternate realms.

>> No.10970193

And yet, to reach the moon she had to wait for the right day, right time, and then start moving through the moon oceans, in the right order.

Yukari is pretty far from omnipotence.

>> No.10970241

The power levels thing is complicated because a lot of touhous are magicians (even the ones not explicitly called like this). Eirin has a pretty half-assed special ability, but she probably can kill you with her 1st level spells.

It's also very hard to take TH1-5 seriously. I think it's better to think on them like "Mima trains a new Hakurei miko (and an apprentice) with the help of some old friends."

>> No.10972810

why is there a cock near his eye?

>> No.10974698

Can Shiki kill Yukari or would she just manipulate the border between Shiki being able to kill her and not being able to kill her?