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heh heh heh

yukari butt

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/a/ here.
Huh. I would have thought OP would make a link to his thread on /a/, but it seems he didn't.

Now I have to wonder if these two threads have any point at all.

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what is this...
the portal must be closed immediately,
i can feel the bleach threads coming.

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sup /jp/

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oh no it's spreading.

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osu /jp/

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Why are girls stuck in walls so their butts are sticking out so erotic?

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Yukari you filthy crossboarder.

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>bleach threads

Only in Wednesdays

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I know that we don't really think that well of each other, but I wanted to say that I think you guys are cool.

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Just to clarify it, we /jp/ until this thread 404's,right?
After this everyone goes home, I take it?

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no one cares

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we care~

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Excellent. The /a/ half of the portal is down.

Now for this one.

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portal closed

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bye /jp/ D:

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Looks like the other side has been forced shut. What a gruesome way to die.

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