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Please use this thread to look for and discuss matches for TH 13.5.

Current version is 1.01, patch available here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/uovs0j4sv1j437x/th135_update_101.exe

Previous thread >>10947848 (US PDT) Nitori
My computer tends to lag on the day and night forest stages, so I'd prefer if you pick any one but those.

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>Current version is 1.01, patch available here

After what, a day?


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it came out before the game was released if you want to make fun of it for being super fast

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HM is shit.
Why don't you play good games with good netplay, such as iamp and pofv?

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I'll look forward to getting shat on when I get a better computer. Whenever that is.

Also is Byakuren really as bad as I've been hearing? If so that's dissappointing; I love rushdown types.

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>good netplay
I feel bad for you because you're serious...

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He said also IaMP, he can't be serious.
That thing is an alpha of the SWR engine.

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I was the byakuren you just murdered

Someone's been practicing..

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Anyone able to give a brief explanation of the spell card setup.

In my early tests with Reimu (and not changing the setup) I noticed balls mapped up and down resulted in different directions when used. Are a lot of the spells affected by which slot they go into, or is this more of an exception?

Does it matter if it goes into the right blue slots or left red slots? (Apart from which buttons they will be linked to.)

Any other obvious things that might not be obvious? Like gracing by tapping forward, or blocking backwards?

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just way out of my league

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Byakuren's good. Everyone but Koishi is pretty good, and Koishi might be good but I don't fucking know because what the fuck is wrong with this character jesus christ
Byakuren's bullets are butt terrible but everything else is rock solid.

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>I'll look forward to getting shat on when I get a better computer.
I'm afraid no one will be left playing this by that time.

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Most spells are different depending on what direction you put them on. Blue and red don't matter though. Messing around with spells and finding the optimal loadout for you is pretty fun. My Nitori is max angry red and has grappling hooks in 8 2 and 6.

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GGs, and same to the person after.


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There's something about me dying to all these Nitori's

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I feel bad for asking because
But how do Futo's plates work?

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shoot fire at them and they bounce off

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I never play with people so I don't know how to netplay,
can anyone help? ;_;

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Thanks dude

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Vs Network, hit first option to host
2nd option to manually input
3rd option for history of others that you've played with
4th is to connect to whatever you have in your clipboard (ctrl+c)

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Sorry, our connection doesn't seem to be very good...but nice Nitori, GGs.


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I have problems hosting due to IP/ports ;_;
Thanks anyways

>> No.10951933 EC
I like Ichirin

>> No.10951950 Western Europe

drop me on the ground already tier

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GGs, I really can't handle these Nitoris

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MFW people's TH13.5 keeps erroring, crashing, glitching, etc

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sorry bout that, from US West, didn't feel like our connection was that good

>> No.10951961

sorry, hit wrong button, rehosting!

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GGs. When you got out of my super combo and started glowing green and red, what was that? Did I just mess up the timing or is there some mechanic that lets you do that?


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How do I remove the timer for a netplay battle?
That thing is bullshit.

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When I try to install the patch, it keeps giving this error.
What's wrong?

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Make sure the game isn't running while you're trying to patch.

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Good fight. Not sure what happened afterwards, I just went to a black screen then disconnected after a while.

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Don't install the patch, it causes even more crashes

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It's the crystal item spell card, not sure what it does yet though, haven't done enough games with it yet.

>> No.10952007

what version is everyone running?

>> No.10952013

Fresh install, patchless

>> No.10952021

anyone want to play right now? i want to try the netplay..

>> No.10952025

Thanks, I'll wait for another patch

>> No.10952028

She's not bad, but weaker than the rest of the characters.

>> No.10952030

Ive been running 1.01 since I started playing the netplay didn't want to work until I got 1.01 and I haven't crashed yet, Im not quite sure what is the problem everybody else is having.

>> No.10952031

What area?

>> No.10952043


Same here, no crashes.

>> No.10952036

is that to far?

>> No.10952038

>>10952021 :10800 Central US

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One of Koishi's moves crashes the game

>> No.10952053

That also happens in 1.00

>> No.10952056

Not for me

>> No.10952057

it's weird i cant join both of you
i already type the ip but nothing changes...

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didn't happen to me with 1.00

>> No.10952067

which version?

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God, Nitori's loop is so rage inducing to watch. It's like fighting Iku all over again.

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So who are the playabble Touhou?

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>Thread #03

Wow OP. Your thread has grown so much. You must be so proud right now.

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fucking miko is so fucking slow

>> No.10952096

I have fun playing Miko ;_;

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she is fun, but in story mode her speed is a pain in the ass

>> No.10952105

good games!

>> No.10952111 Easy Coast.

Soft tier

>> No.10952135

anyone have a .gif of miko's maniacal victory laugh?

>> No.10952148

uch gg
thx for the game.. sorry for the lag..

>> No.10952142

Are you in a game, or did you update to 1.01?
Is everyone updating to 1.01??

>> No.10952145

Someone should make a gif of that with all of costumes

>> No.10952149
US east

>> No.10952151
Super Bad Tier. Like really bad. If you want an easy win, play against me.

>> No.10952152

i think everyone update this..

>> No.10952157

u miss the last 4 digit after :

>> No.10952158
Canada (US East) v1.01

>> No.10952163

alright fine, finished updating then...

>US east

>> No.10952166

Rehosting, whoever just joined my game was too laggy

>> No.10952174

I just joined, and got a black screen, huh. oh well.

>>US east

>> No.10952177

GGs, crash on that last one sucks, though you had me anyways.

>> No.10952178

>>10952040 here
you were better than me
fun games

>> No.10952183

yeah I'm not sure why it crashed
it was fun though

>> No.10952185

Black Screen/10

>> No.10952189

>Canada (US East) v1.01
Rehosting due to black screen

>> No.10952199

gg man, man I suck

>> No.10952203

love how we traded supers there, ha

finally someone that doesn't beat to a pulp within 10 seconds

>> No.10952226

who wants to play an untalented piece of shit with a computer that might not be able to run the game very well?

>> No.10952231

I will

>> No.10952233

I do.

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Yeah. First game was my first win!

>> No.10952252

Good game. Had fun.

>> No.10952263

Yep. I'm pretty dang bad.

>> No.10952273


well.. that was an interesting end

>> No.10952274

koishi is my main.

>> No.10952277

GG "Pc" going to eat

>> No.10952279

hey GGs, lost connection for some reason but would love to play more.
I love those byakuren combos, what move directions are those?

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Am I the only one who is too slow to join the rooms so I always end up spectating other people?

Ive been watching this Ichirin and Byakuren go for awhile now, its so cool.

>> No.10952292

>US east

feel free to try to join!

>> No.10952286

I'm too stupid to understand this card system.

>> No.10952288

GGs, I feel to shit there at the end but it was fun!

>> No.10952309

GG I didn't want to seem rude leaving after that but pizza arrived and I need to eat

>> No.10952308

It's pretty straightforward actually
there's 8 custom moves you can choose, including spell cards,
D (keyboard) up, down, left, right are 4 different special moves
C (keyboard) up, down, left, right are 4 more different special moves

That's about it.

>> No.10952321

oh boy, did you join? i'ts super slow

>> No.10952323

Should I hold back on playing Story Mode until a translation patch is released?

It would also be great if anyone could give me some pointers on how to get better at the game. I'm afraid that I'll be shunned for being a total beginner if I netplay at my current skill level.

>> No.10952324

Oh. Thank you.

>> No.10952335

using the red deck, it's AAA2B8C

>> No.10952346

nah, I've seen some people who are just as bad as I am, and some that just beat me to a pulp within 2 seconds

>> No.10952340

I'm crashing literally every game in netplay. My locale is japanese, I'm playing v1.01 (I still crash in v1.00), I'm not using koishi, I have no idea what's causing it.
Please help.

>> No.10952359

addendum: you need to have the flying kick card loaded for the 8C

>> No.10952364

Alright, I'll practice for a bit and head on to netplay.

>> No.10952372

cool stuff, thanks

slowbro, that was really slow, but hope you had fun, gg.

>US east

>> No.10952373

sigh it sucks im always laggy
i think is to far away from my country..
though gg

>> No.10952382

How the fuck do I block? Walking backwards doesn't work

>> No.10952395

Just hold back.

>> No.10952403

It's not working, I tried playing with someone, he just walks back and blocks everything, I walk back and take every single hit.

>> No.10952431

Incredibly bad player here. I am unable to host due to having a shitty ISP. If you want to wail on me, go ahead!


>> No.10952445

Does Hijiri have guard break attacks?

>> No.10952448

Sooo... how do you change the AI difficulty level?

>> No.10952450

Let's see how slow and badly this goes with my laptop.

>> No.10952455

Green = Easy
Yellow = Normal
Orange = Hard
Red = Lunatic

>> No.10952481

Does anybody know how to exit spectating without closing the game? I think that's one of the reasons I take so long.

>> No.10952494


>> No.10952495

How does Mami leaves work?

>> No.10952511 US East

>> No.10952535

You probably remapped it by accident.

>> No.10952540

1.01 US East btw

>> No.10952560

tried connecting and got nothing.


>> No.10952580


>> No.10952591

What causes Mamizou's leaf stock to drop? I can't figure it out. Also, anybody figured out combos yet? I can't break 1.95k with Mamizou without spending super.

>> No.10952601

Experimenting with Futo right now, I think she might be a character designed to win by popularity.


>> No.10952604

GGs Dorf. You have taught me to importance of neutral. You have my thanks.


>> No.10952616

GGs, the nitori player
you're the first person i've met who actually knows how to play fighting games
sweet 26 edge combo, did you come up with that on your own?
I'm going to practice some of your combos now.

>> No.10952617

They deplete when you get hit out of one of her skills that summon a youkai, like the lamp. Apparently they're all tanuki masquerading as other youkai.

>> No.10952621

Don't know how but you're welcome.

>> No.10952623

GGs, too good with Byakuren for me.

>> No.10952630

A Byakuren player?
I wanna spectate that.

>> No.10952633

GG, I got steamrolled there.

>> No.10952634

GG and my fault profile1p, My RL wants to play with me. Will be hosting again later.

>> No.10952640


>> No.10952661
US East v1.01

>> No.10952668

I hate you.

>> No.10952672


>> No.10952684

If you were tha Byakuren...damn that was too laggy for me

>> No.10952691

Yeah, it was me.
And I wonder why it was so laggy.
The "I hate you" part was for picking Marisa.

>> No.10952700

black screen...
US East v1.01

>> No.10952706

Anyways, sorry for the lag, wish we could have had a better match.

>> No.10952724

testing US East 1.01

>> No.10952730
US West
I'm bad at this game.
Please don't bully me.

>> No.10952735

Oh God How Did This Get Here I Am Not Good With Computer tier

US East v1.01

>> No.10952754

>install patch in op
>now can't get out of the introduction
where did i fuck up

>> No.10952753

How do you make the cpu stop blocking in practice mode?

>> No.10952760

>>10952735 here. Marisa come back ;_;

>> No.10952768


actually not a single keypress is working now

>> No.10952769

so before I jump into netplay what does everyone's meterless combo damage look like so I'm not plinking away doing shitall because that gets really annoying
I can get 2.1k and a limit with Mamizou near the corner and that's about it with AA8A bucket 8B

>> No.10952774

Why are you making a new thread when the old one is still in the board?

>> No.10952784

Did you press "Z"?

>> No.10952794

afaik most characters seem to cap out at around 2-2.5k without spending a super

>> No.10952800

Well damn, I just keep crashing oddly enough. Wish I knew why, was a fun fight.

>> No.10952802
File: 407 KB, 686x1596, futo6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My experience so far online.

>> No.10952812

GGs, sorry about the slowdown towards the end.


>> No.10952817

gg, your kappa is strong. I need more training with my subconscious.

>> No.10952835
US West.

>> No.10952866

Is there a netplay IRC going like Soku used to have? Also, any word on porting over the sokulobby client?

>> No.10952895
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>slapping futo
how about i slap your shit

>> No.10952906

Has a koishi patch been released?

>> No.10952913

Something about that pic is arousing as fuck.

>> No.10952926

Good games. By the way, Koishi's vine is glitchy and can crash the game.

>> No.10952942

So is Byakuren's sword special that has 3 uses really only limited to two, and then you have to either use the single one or switch to something else to get two slashes again? Or am I just missing something? Repeating the input only leaves me at two and it really seems like there should be a third hit.

>> No.10952949


>> No.10952945

GGs, 2. Thanks for the matches. If you didn't notice, I had no idea how to play any character other than Marisa. I tried to copy that x guy and do Nitori's loop, but I'm not entirely sure how to end it. It feels really dirty.

I also have no idea how to combo with Futo, but she's really fun.

>> No.10952968

Nice post dude.

>> No.10952976

GGs, the games were fun.
I really have no idea how to use any character but the only ones I'd never used before were futo and ichirin.
You were pretty good.

>> No.10952981

You can get 4 uses if you declare it correclty, but yeah you can only use 2 of them at once.

>> No.10952999

GGs. Marisa can do basically the same corner combo into super if she already has it activated too for 6.5k-7k damage. And it's probably possible to add a bit of damage to Nitori's version by doing 5AA5B 8Y one or two times after the 5B 8X, but I haven't been able to pull it off yet.

>> No.10953004

>>10952735 here. Thanks for playing with me, was fun. Very new to fighting games.

>> No.10953011 East Coast

Please help me become the best in the world!!!

>> No.10953021

how the fuck do i choose what profile i wanna use

>> No.10953034

This is so annoying.

So much to memorize compared to SWR. X Y and Z...

>> No.10953035

Is there that much point to using Mami's demon parade super over the boiling pot one? The second one seems easier to combo into and does way more damage, as well as being fully invincible for the duration.

>> No.10953043

You probably sucked at SWR if you are having troubles with memorizing X Y and Z.

>> No.10953046


#shinkirou @ irc.rizon.net

It will be a great way to improve once everybody else gets good at the game. As of right now, there are only two or so players in there who actually know what they're doing. One of them is the self-proclaimed top based Marisa god of #shinkirou, the other is a pretty quiet Nitori player. You'll probably know them when you see them if you've played soku.

>> No.10953062

I see. It's really awkward feeling to have something like a rekka that doesn't end with anything resembling a knockdown. does it combo into anything besides the sword throw super? I've tried linking it into jabs in the corner and bullets and all kinds of stuff but I've gotten nothing so far.
I can't seem to hit limit at all besides supers and it really seems like it should do something besides damage but that's probably just other fighting games talking.
also what do you mean declare it correctly? Does she get extra uses of cards with those orbs up or something? I'm not even sure how to get those, either. They seem to happen randomly if I declare different skills without using them, along with my aura changing color, but I can't tell what's going on with most of these mechanics in training mode. It's making me pine for Meiling's simple coolness and pretty colors.

>> No.10953066


>> No.10953068

awesome thanks

>> No.10953080

gg, your Reimu is great.

>> No.10953082

Anyone know the difference between the white bar and the blue bar in the HP ?

>> No.10953100

The entire bar is your total HP, but once the blue completely overtakes the white, you can declare a spell card.

>> No.10953102

Rehosting US West.

>> No.10953104

Well, nevermind on the orbs. They only show up when declaring the lightning beads of questionable use, and are of questionable use themselves. Still no idea about what the aura colors do, if they do anything at all.

>> No.10953107
File: 228 KB, 517x794, futo2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have any good combos or just insight into Futo?

I'm getting the hang of her attacks but I still feel like I don't have anything solid against good players or just people who rush me down and just block what little I can put out.Specifically haven't found any practical use for that Earth attack and to a lesser extent the bow and the boat.

Would you guys mind a scrubby Prince lurking in the IRC?

>> No.10953118

I used the beads while three orbs were out and they went with the beads.
probably powers up the lightning

>> No.10953143
File: 773 KB, 1200x960, 1316412434019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any thoughts about Koishi?
Is she too god, mediocre or bad? I have just got a hang how her skills work like with those bars and shit, too bad her rose branch is bugged

>> No.10953151

So you use a spell card with direction+D
and use the attack with direction+D?

>> No.10953147

It doesn't seem to make the lightning do more damage or have more hitstun. They do make a hitbox around Byakuren though. Kinda like Okuu's floaty ball things but less useful.
I do take back saying the lightning beads themselves are of questionable use, though. 10% popularity is pretty cool and it's a full vertical hitbox with nice horizontal range. Especially on 4 which places them pretty perfectly.

>> No.10953150

Not entirely sure how the IRC community for this game is, but they shouldn't mind too much.

Unless it's like the IaMP community, in which case, don't even bother.

>> No.10953158

GGs, sorry, I picked the forest stage by mistake and I slowdown pretty badly there...

>> No.10953159

You can check them in your player config thingy, the spell cards have golden borders

>> No.10953160

GGs, thanks for staying with me even though I kept losing.

>> No.10953162

Newfag here, Why there is only a few characters?

>> No.10953194
US Midwest
Shit tier

Hosting now.

>> No.10953206

GGz, them corner combos are a killer

>> No.10953228

>> No.10953238

GGs, Really fun fights man.

>> No.10953246

Thank you for helping me become the best!!
I had a lot of fun, and sorry my Internet was a little laggy.
Also, your Ichirin and Marisa are really scary.

>> No.10953253


>> No.10953255
File: 165 KB, 1000x602, 4e2r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't enter with anyone.
Help please?

>> No.10953259

Make sure you are playing the patched (or unpatched) version as appropriate.

>> No.10953264

Maybe because they're in a fight?

>> No.10953287

Pick the second choice.

>> No.10953288
Learning tier, 1.01.

>> No.10953297

Do we know what each character's special mechanic does? Miko's reaction bar makes her specials more powerful as it turns red, right?
No idea what Mamizou's leaves do and there seems to be mixed answers from people.

>> No.10953307


not connecting

>> No.10953309

what a lag where on earth are you? sick nitori combos though

>> No.10953310

Aha. Finally working things out with Miko. Her damage still seems kind of bad but it's not as bad as I thought. Still a terrible substitute for my Okuu.
AAA 6B 6swords 9 2B (or 8B but 2B is cooler looking) 3 2swords is does 2.1k and limits, and 2swords is replaceable with the look-how-cool-I-am super. Corner only but whatever, it's better than anything I had before. I kind of want to fit some bullet in there but I don't think I could still get the second set of swords in before limit if I do.
No idea what to do without a corner though besides AAA 2B whichever-bullets-I-have-mapped-to-Circle which does butt damage and doesn't limit, and is lame as hell.

>> No.10953334
Port 10800
US West Running Version 1.01 Hosting

>> No.10953328

Hosting Central US

>> No.10953331

east coast too!
(CT here)

>> No.10953342
US West 1.01

>> No.10953350

What part of CT?

>> No.10953351

The East Coast of the US.


>> No.10953353 US West

>> No.10953356

Ichirin fun

>> No.10953363

Is there anything significantly different in this game? I played SWR and TH and got bored of both games in an hour. MBAACC kept my attention longer.

>> No.10953365

You're a good Nitori I'll fight you some time when I get better or we get a better conection

>> No.10953371

skd and magister are playing, that's all you need to know.

in other words, it's pretty good.

>> No.10953380

GG reimu

>> No.10953381

So if you join a room to watch you know you can't leave? Is this just me?

>> No.10953383

Good games Tewifying.

>> No.10953384

GGs, thanks for the rounds.

>> No.10953385

GG reimu

>> No.10953389

I don't like watching competitive gaming aside from top level Korean Starcraft. I'm asking if this game is significantly different from the previous Touhou fighting game.

>> No.10953387



>> No.10953392

It is. You get motion sickness but each play very differently, with simplistic buttons that anyone can get into.

>> No.10953394

GGs, that yellow circle is so good

>> No.10953396

I only know the 2700 dmg combo, do you have more miko to share?

>> No.10953397

I'm very new. Could someone also new and just learning host a game that I could join?

>> No.10953401

It's a lot different. There isn't any command inputs, they were replaced in favor of 2/4/6/8. It seems a lot more easier than soku, but I was shit at both, so whatever.

But yeah, you should be playing anyway because it's fucking SKD. TOP RANKED BASED MARISA GOD OF NA.

>> No.10953402

me me me I can't combo for shit

>> No.10953404

GGs! yeah Miko ring covers so much


>> No.10953406

No matter how good anyone claims to be, everyone here is still learning. The game has barely been released.

>> No.10953412

There's only two good players on /jp/ right now, and those two are also on irc.

>> No.10953413
File: 334 KB, 1280x758, double ko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The first match was pretty funny. Both KOing at 0 seconds left.

>> No.10953415

Afraid not. What is this 2700 damage combo?

>> No.10953416


I can't read Japanese so im not sure how to host a game. I know how to join one though I think

>> No.10953421

GG whoever went Koishi against me. I tried so hard to keep things fresh when there were 2 Koishis.

>> No.10953419


>> No.10953420

go into network, type down what your number is, then press the first one.

>> No.10953433


Okay. I'm in Southeastern canada

>> No.10953428

Also Rehosting

>> No.10953439

Sorry, I clicked X twice accidentally.

>> No.10953446

Fun fights, I need to really work on blocking more.

>> No.10953449

I can't connect
lag sucked but you got a good miko combo

>> No.10953460


Okay if I have to do any of that port forwarding shit from soku I dunno if I have the patience for that

>> No.10953456

too much lag, but GGs nice to run a Koishi mirror

>> No.10953457

Yeah Normally its fine but I think I can only play people on west coast. Pinging to everything else fine, sorry for the lag!

>> No.10953461

did you open your ports?

>> No.10953462

Yeah, that seems to be the case with everybody these days. Sorry for running in the middle of a match, something came up. GGs.

>> No.10953468

someone teach me step by step on how to forward so I can just host and wait instead of hunting for new ports

>> No.10953469
US East v1.01
Just learned combos-tier Miko

>> No.10953476

From Soku? 90% of peer to peer games require that you have at least one port open, not just Touhou games.

>> No.10953474

Good games. Winning by popularity is fun.

>> No.10953475

>everyone playing miko or marisa

>> No.10953478

How to port forward Video


>> No.10953482

Yea. I fucking cried how ridiculous that was...but interesting concept

>> No.10953484


>> No.10953487


Yeah i'm sucking it up and doing it now. I'll post again when i'm ready.

>> No.10953489

Can anyone tell me where my super meter is supposed to be? This entire time I've just been guessing at to whether or not I'm allowed to use my spellcards yet, and it's getting old.

>> No.10953492


>> No.10953493

wwwwww when your health bar is blue only, press your spellcard button to call it, again to do it.

>> No.10953495


Miko managed to become super amazing cool so it's understandable.

>> No.10953502

Take it easy tier

>> No.10953503

GG, although it was in slow motion it was fun.

>> No.10953504

Thanks, I'm not sure how I never figured that out.

>> No.10953506


Hosting again. Let me know if something goes wrong

>> No.10953510
File: 338 KB, 598x800, 1368482074224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But so did Mamizou

>> No.10953511

Marisa is easy to use, and Miko has a cool cape.

>> No.10953514

When Byajuren glows a different color what do they mean?

>> No.10953518

Is there a limit to how many spellcards can be cast throughtout a match?
Also rehosting

>> No.10953522

All she managed was to become an even bigger slut.

>> No.10953527

Mamizou is a pure maiden who tricks people into having sex with her tanuki underlings

>> No.10953534

Okay I dont know if I want to play this anymore.

I had a nitori vs nitori and I swear I was playing someone who had like 8 years of prior experience

i need to stick to single player games

>> No.10953535

GG, sorry about the delay.


>> No.10953529

she gets an aura when she declares some of her specials (holds up her magic scroll thing)
there's no specifics, but it says what they each do here:

special moves section

>> No.10953532

Tolland county
email in email field buddy
also if that was you in-game, ggs! I'd like to get better with nitori, she is so cute in this game.

>> No.10953536

Why has touhou turned into a mortal kombat kind of game for the past few releases? I much preferred it when it was an overhead shooter as seen in imperishable night

>> No.10953537

Male or female underlings?

>> No.10953541

>no one playing Mamizou

>> No.10953553
File: 401 KB, 2080x1620, 1369547487562.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10953551

>implying it matters

I'm playing Mamizou

>> No.10953555

There are a few good Nitori players on /jp/ and IRC both. One of which only subs her and still manages to be really good.

It's mostly fundamentals from 7.5 and 12.3, but some talent is involved too.

>> No.10953556


No, don't tell him about 13.

We don't want someone to give up on the fandom.

>> No.10953566

have you figured out any decent combos at all?
i only found a good way to hitconfirm on her hotspring super(dat 2B wallbed)

>> No.10953575

Anyone has a mediafire link for the actual game?

>> No.10953579

>Not using MEGA.

>> No.10953584

Sorry, but Mediafire is the only file upload site I trust...all the others have given me viruses in the past.

>> No.10953588

my pc cant run this touhou game without extreme lag
what the fuck

>> No.10953590

Fuck off Kim.

>> No.10953601

In the corner, 5AA8A > wallbouncing tanuki swinging thing > 8B or hotspring super.
You can do the same combo except instead of the wallbouncing move you use the special where she rides some youkai in a downwards arc and cancel the first hit into her last word.

Midscreen, you can 5AA2A, cancel the second to last hit into light bullets and then combo a few more hits off that, or just do the 5AA8A wallbounce as mentioned above, but you can't follow it up without the demon parade super.

>> No.10953597

Stop being such a square, dude. Take a risk for once.

>> No.10953610


>> No.10953622

Why'd you back out right away?

>> No.10953642

It blacked screened on me during the start.

>> No.10953659

gg miko, I feel like I'm understanding koishi a lot better now.

>> No.10953667

Does anyone know what the Koishi hat item does?

>> No.10953670

Christ, I didn't know I could combo after teleporting. This changes everything. Need to change what I'm charging and which melee to add to my skill set.

>> No.10953684
File: 187 KB, 900x675, 1343133372281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks, was trying to find something reliable to continue off 5AA2A i think with the light bullets theres a chance to get a second 5AA2A light bullet loop in there
that bell dash item might help

>> No.10953687

GG! I kept trying to counter your heart ring and it worked, but anytime I mistimed it I would lose all pop and faith :(
US West 1.01

>> No.10953704
US East
5 games - then rehosting for another player to join

>> No.10953710

GGs reimu. Her attacks are way too fucking easy to land and combo off, especially the upwards spin kick and fan of charms that knocks you to the wall
US East v1.01
Fucking hate reimu-tier Miko

>> No.10953716

I figured out how to activate it. Using my ultimate as bait that one match, I didn't realize I was that crafty.

>> No.10953720

GG, Railgun. That Reimu/Marisa is great!

>> No.10953726

I..I practiced alot in the demo ;_;

>> No.10953729

Good games, going to take a short break

>> No.10953739


>> No.10953733
File: 50 KB, 595x360, 1368028536241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So Hata no Kokoro cant be played (except in story)

>> No.10953738

5AA2A loops seem really finicky and don't seem to do all that much damage unless I'm missing something though

>> No.10953761


>> No.10953767

Don't sweat it; there are some very experienced people in this community. If you're getting bodied and having a miserable time just find another match.

>> No.10953774

What do the passive items do? Like Shou's treasure makes my character glow green then red.

>> No.10953780

Can someone give me a savefile with all the character unlocked? I'm to lazy to play through the story mode.

>> No.10953791

Oh well forever shit inter I will have.

>> No.10953796


its the score.dat

>> No.10953805

Thank you.

>> No.10953806

Sorry for the short set, I have to eat and it was getting pretty laggy near the end. Good games though!

>> No.10953809

by itself, 5AA2A is 1148 damage
add light bullet cancel(mine is the ones that spin around), 1282-1387
if looped even once, then between 2430 - 2535. and the last hit can be cancelled into hotspring(which is 4747 by itself if you get every hit).

its finicky indeed, but the damage seems worth it.

>> No.10953810

you improved a lot since yesterday, and add another character to my shitlist

>> No.10953845

red Miko combos go
all I've got is 2k and a limit corner and 1.7k no limit midscreen

>> No.10953842

>glow green then red.
Sounds like Marisa's item. It regenerates your power constantly. It pretty much gives you infinite power until it times out, at which point it sets you to 0 energy until you stop glowing red.

>> No.10953850

lets go.

>> No.10953851

is that passive?

>> No.10953896

GGs marisa player, rehosting

>> No.10953938

I'm not really seeing how you can hit 2.5k off one loop given that proration is down to 50% after the bullets from the initial 5AA2A > bullets

>> No.10953953

GGs Ichi
US East v1.01
Reimu's a bitch-tier Miko

>> No.10953983

Haha, well that's hilarious, I guess the game doesn't know what to do when it's both a timeout and a KO at the same time. Let's call it there, GGs.

>> No.10953989

And Miko can stunlock. Everyone has something annoying to deal with.

>> No.10953999

GGs, I'm glad I at least managed to take a game even if it was at the beginning.

>> No.10954007

I don't get it either, 5AA2A frog 5AA2A bullets is 2.3k for me. My Mamizou's green.

>> No.10954008

After entering the IP, what does choosing the second option do?

>> No.10954013

GGs break time.

>> No.10954015

Why don't you find out?

>> No.10954026
Central US

>> No.10954028

oh lol i forgot to calculate proration. even with you're likely to pull off 2k+
was theory, when i get home i can do more testing but im sure more than one loop will give some good damage output anyway...

>> No.10954032

Well chose it, but nothing happened after a few seconds of whatever it was doing.

>> No.10954035

GGs, rehosting again,

>> No.10954038


>> No.10954046

its for spectating

>> No.10954054

It's one of her specials. The icon for it is a blue frog, and on 6 and 4 it comes out as such. 2 and 8 it's a rabbit that kinda blows.
2/8[B] gold ringx2 hue.

>> No.10954058

gg nitori you spamming silly

>> No.10954060

I got stuck in the sky!

>> No.10954076

Anybody have some high damage Marisa combos for midscreen/corner?

For corner, all I have is 5aaa 5y jc9 5aaaa 5x broom special thing which is like 2.9K.

For midscreen, I don't really have a whole lot in the way of combos aside from 5aaa2a(1hit) 5x jc3 5b shoryuwhatever. 2.3k

Some tourneyGOD assbandit I've been talking with is saying that he gets 3.5K-4.5K cardless, but he won't tell me how. ;_;

>> No.10954092

how can we save replays of matches?

>> No.10954097

Scratch the 2/8[B]. It works off of them but whatever. Regular naked 2/8B also works.
So does 5AAA 8B rings. But not 5AAA8A.
This is actually retarded.

>> No.10954102

tourney nerds pls get out
this is a game in which to take it easy.

>> No.10954108


>> No.10954117
File: 121 KB, 373x283, laughing inabas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but you're wrong

>> No.10954125

Ah, I'm doing that right now with an unaligned Mamizou and getting 2.1k

>> No.10954126

Hey look, another one of those, "playing for fun" scrubs. Please leave.

Oh, and before you go calling us nerds, maybe you should stop playing fighting games for the story. Ironically, the fighting game players who play for the story are the fattest nerds you can find. See: Melty Blood, Blazblue.

>> No.10954135

8[B] ring 8 ring 8 ring
3.7k and stuns near corner.
5k with Taoist of the Rising Sun at the end.
I'm somewhere between laughing hysterically and horrified by how ridiculous this is.

>> No.10954139

I SUBMIT TO YOUKAI JESUS gg that one combo keeps hitting me hard I'll need to steal it

>> No.10954140

Now now. I play for fun and always have. Winning and getting gud are fun.
Are you getting all the hits of 2A in? Or maybe only doing 5A 2B or something for the second rep? Idunno if unaligned would kill 200 of the damage.

>> No.10954147

/v/ pls go

>> No.10954149

I won't bother with the faith bonuses I have a hard enough time figuring out what skills to put in what direction

>> No.10954152

How are you getting it up to 3.7k? Mine limits at 3.3k for whatever reason.

>> No.10954155


>> No.10954159

I'm cancelling 2A as late as possible for the frog to still connect after the groundbounce. I'm not sure if alignment even changes damage on it, I've just gone and tried it with blue, green and red and they all seem the same.

>> No.10954162

I can't connect anything after the second 2A though, the opponent seems to tech too quickly to follow up with anything other than super. If that's what I'm missing.

>> No.10954163


>> No.10954164

whoops, I just remembered why I tried only using three skills with koishi. Sorry about that Miko.

>> No.10954166

Hm. Maybe different characters have different defense mods or something. It'd explain why my ring combo does 3.3k.
I train on Marisa because she's default training dummy like VSion and Ky.

>> No.10954169

Ah, well, the bullets are timed similarly to the frog, right before you hit the ground.

>> No.10954172

How many times are you hitting with 8[B]?
I let it go all the way to 7 hits.

>> No.10954173

GGs, but very annoying dealing with that countering heart ring spell.
US East v1.01
Annoyed-tier Miko

>> No.10954174

GG, sorry for lagg

>> No.10954175

I'm using Marisa as the dummy already

Green alignment bullets right? I'll try that.

>> No.10954179

GG I was the reimu

>> No.10954181

wait. which character is this exactly?

>> No.10954187

Miko with Buddhist alignment.
I hit 3.7k against Marisa. For some reason it hits 3.6k against Nitori.

>> No.10954189

Yup, green alignment smoke bullets. The leaves won't work.
Ohhh. 8[B] is the flaming axe kick, 6[B] is the multihit flame cape. That does bring it to 3.7k.

>> No.10954202

Oh yeah shit it is. Sorry about that.

>> No.10954207

ggs! I need to figure out lvl0 limits, so lost if I get hit down to there. Those amulets so good at wallslamming me into combos

>> No.10954209
File: 148 KB, 792x555, 1367777438111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>smoke bullets. The leaves won't work.
oh so that's why it wasn't working

>> No.10954213


>> No.10954225

GGs, thanks for the games.

>> No.10954228
mixed up my new decks and want to try them out tier
us east

>> No.10954229

I was actually thinking I'd be more punished in close combat since you have better range than me. If you connect with your dash B you can follow up with v B then v C and get another v B then v C. I've been hit with that so many times...

>> No.10954271

Dark blue cape, Purple cape, Red cape
lv1-3 respectively. It changes the range/damage/way her moves are. You level up by getting hits/pop but lose it if you get counterhit/limit. Still trying to figure out how to get out of level one since its really hard to hit limit with her weaker moves..

>> No.10954281

nobody? ;_;

>> No.10954285

those nitori corner combos

my god this guy is good

>> No.10954303


>> No.10954325

Is there any way to unleash Koishi's reflex moves early? I wouldn't mind having to set up, but the animation is just so damn long when you try to store a move. Finding combos without charge seems pretty desolate.

>> No.10954338

nice edge combos you learned, a lot better than yesterday
I'm not up for 2-3 straight hours of battling though like last night, i'm tired.

>> No.10954354

Do I have to find a new version of the game or does the first demo work with the patch?

>> No.10954358

need full version

>> No.10954361

For Koishi, you just have to defeat your opponents with love!

>> No.10954368


Has the lag decreased from the old version, at least?

>> No.10954373

Probably disconnected, ggs. Lag was probably my fault as well.

>> No.10954379
File: 472 KB, 618x700, 1326963399144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well yeah, that's why I'm using Koishi. It's just weird compared to other fighters I've been playing, mainly because I'm having trouble making combos. Sometimes she uses her charges when she'll obviously whiff, dammit Koishi why is your subconscious so shitty.

>> No.10954381

If you got a black screen, I had the same thing on my end. I'm hosting again.

>> No.10954393

what is "jc"?

>> No.10954404

jump cancel

>> No.10954408

Koishi is probably the only character I'll use.
Can't wait until the vine attack is fixed.
But I agree, sometimes the attacks start at the wrong/worst moments, but then again, you can set it up for stuff, I'm still messing around on practice.

>> No.10954420

>Can't wait until the vine attack is fixed.
What's wrong with it?

>> No.10954431

instantly destroys both you and your opponent's game.

>> No.10954436

Apparently Koishi still breaks the game. 1.01 or 1.00?

>> No.10954437

That's how powerful it is, it'll probably be nerfed. D:

>> No.10954440

thank you

>> No.10954448
US West

>> No.10954457

Play 1.0.
It doesn't crash. It's why there still are plenty of people playing 1.0.

I really see no reason as to why you should update. >>10954431
1.01 really is worse of than 1.0.
Rather than pointing towards the update the OP of the thread really should discourage people from updating, and at the very least encourage people to state when they are playing with 1.01.

Though, given how that hasn't been the case, an awful lot of people appears to have updated.

>> No.10954463

Koishi is my favorite Touhou, so I'm going to make do with what I have.
It really blows that the vine attack crashes, since it's her best normal move. At least the light bulb is still incredible, as is the grazing finger point.
My favorite move with her so far has got to be the radar laser, only because it's one of her few moves that activates right away. I've had some success with flower circle as well, but sometimes the animation she does when she activates the roses fucks me over, and I'm not sure what the radius is on the explosion yet. Too bad the attack grab isn't comboable in the corner, I don't see a reason to ever use it.

>> No.10954470

I didn't have any problems with 1.0, but then everybody updated to 1.01, but still don't have any problems.
I don't use koishi much though, still have no freakin idea how she works.

>> No.10954476


>> No.10954481

So how does Byakuren work?
You have to change her stance and her uses before using the spellcards?

>> No.10954485

Do you have your ports blocked or something? It just keeps on searching.

>> No.10954488

spell card is independent of the technique she has loaded

>> No.10954493

GGs Foolish. Really, those matches were a lot of fun, we're pretty well matched
US East v1.01

>> No.10954496

you choose which skill you have ready, supers work independently.

>> No.10954497

Didn't work for me either, just keeps on searching.

>> No.10954500

All of her charge moves come out when the icon in the corner stops flashing and the game thinks she is in range to hit with them. S and any direction is always the same laser attack, which dictated by what kind of Koishi you're using.
2X is flip, 4X is flower spin, 6X is vine that crashes game, 8X is light bulb. 66Z does sneeze without the two low range combo kicks, but can't really be comboed after reliably. Grazing X is a running finger jump that does a good amount of damage and launches them across the screen.

>> No.10954511

Koishi is my favourite as well. ^_^

>> No.10954517


Good games to who I was just playing. Not sure if my game suddenly freezing was a crash or you leaving.

>> No.10954523

First time using this mega.co.nz site.

Where did it put my file?

>> No.10954544

Game crashed on my end, seems to happen to me sometimes.

>> No.10954546

Ichirin is like the worst opponent for people who like to charge in.

>> No.10954553

ohh, huh, it kind of makes sense now.

>> No.10954555

I have gotten the feeling it tends to be the other way around. She has great tools to punish people who stays too far away, but up close it appears you can run her over with faster attacks.

>> No.10954563

i got it a lot better now,
aaaaaaaaaand i got my first game freeze.

at least i get it now.

>> No.10954571

Really? o_O

>> No.10954577

Attempting to be the bestest Koishi evuh.

>> No.10954641
US East v1.01

>> No.10954642
US East.

>> No.10954687

Since no one has connected yet I'm going to assume that their is something wrong with my ports.

>> No.10954701

looks like it

>> No.10954703

GGs. Nothing personal, but the connection was a bit too slow. Good luck with Koishi. She is a rather fun yet peculiar character.

>> No.10954705

It would appear so.

>> No.10954710

Hosting, US West

>> No.10954714

GGs ghost

>> No.10954718

GGs Renee

>> No.10954720

Yeah GGs, first time facing non-story mode Nitori so didn't really know what to expect.

>> No.10954732

Is Kokoro even available for versus matches?

>> No.10954740


>> No.10954741

Nope, she's unfinished. No skills nor spells.

>> No.10954748

second to last option in vs network

>> No.10954752

>> No.10954753

GGs miko, that was a lot of fun, playing with someone else who actually flies around the whole map fighting with me like little girls

>> No.10954754

Fucking NTR. Your combos are bullshit and your wall harass is bullshit. 3 whole seconds to continue off a combo? Fucking bullshit.

Then again, I only have two attacks as koishi unless she decides to attack.

>> No.10954755

GGs, I thoroughly enjoyed your strategy of "tap Z until it works"
US East v1.01

>> No.10954763

I really wanted to try out some mid screen combos, since i'm really bad at them, so yeah my strategy is fly around tapping z until it works

>> No.10954769

2X is pretty good as Koishi, just wish the wait time wasn't so long. And that sometimes she wouldn't glitch out and not release it.

>> No.10954784

You might want to stay away from fighting games if you think 3-second combos are bullshit.

>> No.10954805


>> No.10954807


>> No.10954815

no retard, where he can wait half way across the screen for 3 seconds then decide to continue off his combo. That's bullshit.

>> No.10954821

I hope you learned a few things with Koishi, that was my first time playing the mirror match. GGs.

>> No.10954836

GGs, still learning Futo but I really like her.

>> No.10954850

Please don't play shitty characters just so you can complain about how shitty your character is and that everyone else plays good characters.

>> No.10954854

GGs. I'm starting to hate the win by popularity thing, especially when it's a fairly even match. Our health is even, or I may even be winning by a bit, but you have 77% while I'm at 5%, it's just silly.


>> No.10954859

Koishi is considered shitty?

>> No.10954860

Sorry, that was unplayable.


>> No.10954861

I have to agree, I'm still not even sure how it works.

>> No.10954871
File: 133 KB, 1100x1100, 1344283547439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

East Coast.

>> No.10954878

No one can really be considered shitty already, but you implied she was when you complained about only having two attacks (when you don't only have two)

>> No.10954899

Don't act cowardly by backing away without attacking.
Don't go extended periods of time without attacking.
Do not get counter attacked.

Counter attack your opponent.
Get the first hit.
Land successful combos.

Do not mess up your super.

>> No.10954907

or just be Koishi spamming the counter ring, or Futo spamming anything and get 50%+ doing nothing

>> No.10954918

I'm not the same person, I have no idea who NTR is. I was just curious what the general consensus on Koishi was, since you seemed to be one of those irc/mizuumi people.

>> No.10954923
File: 252 KB, 596x609, 9cebed3c6fd4bcf24ab10509922d5f72.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>or just be Koishi spamming the counter ring
Not sure if you're referring to the rose circle or the radar, but both fizzle if Koishi gets hit

>> No.10954924

GGs there was a real extreme difference in skill level. Nice combos.

>> No.10954926

US East v1.01
GG, sorry the lag was too much.

>> No.10954933

>counter ring
The heart ring? It activates automatically and is actually punishable on block or miss.

And Futo doesn't get 50+ faith from doing nothing. Though she has a move that gives her faith, but only if she survives without getting hit for an extended period of time. And get hit and the faith goes to the opponent.

You get the number to rise by playing aggressively while also not messing up.
You can play well in terms of health and whatnot, but if you haven't been daring/aggressive enough you likely won't be too far into the positive.

>> No.10954935

so much butthurt

>> No.10954940

The shame here is that sitting back and spamming shit from the other side of the screen is considered "attacking". Not all characters are equal in their ability to do that so it skews things. Otherwise it's an interesting idea, I guess.

>> No.10954941

I'm not the same person either
I just started playing, Koishi's reflex system seems kind of slow and clunky and her combo options seem limited. Best I've done so far is 3248 no super off of light bulb, but no other starters come close to that damage. Trying to optimize how much damage it gets off of super atm, especially since it corner carries pretty well.

>> No.10954943


>> No.10954947

GGs, fun games
I really need to learn what to do at corners, learning my own corner combo of my own and getting out of yours.

>> No.10954950


>> No.10954956

wow. Koishi counter makes me rage. but weakness are projectiles, I guess? GG. Profile1

>> No.10954958

GGs. I keep forgetting to check everyone's names.

>> No.10954969

Punishable by what?

>> No.10954977


>> No.10954980

Walking up and hitting her? The activation time is slow, the trigger time is slow, the explosion of the roses is deceptively small, hit her and they just float and disintegrate.

>> No.10954986

No, that definitely doesn't work. Even if you dash in it usually activates before you have a chance.

>> No.10954988

No it's not. Koishi can move instantly and as it's casted. Unless whoever you were playing had not queued up skills to go off with her ring, and then he's just playing badly.

Only character I've seen that can counter koishi is nitori and miko if they like playing peekaboo with their golden aura.

>> No.10954991

Does Koishi gets invisible at random? She seems deceptively good.

>> No.10954992

>Koishi counter makes me rage.
What counter?

On an unrelated note, when Koishi grabs for her hat after a backdash it's actually an attack. Fun times.

>> No.10954998

She teleports and shoots that yellow explosion.

>> No.10954999

Granted that you may have a point, but I won't judge the game myself so early on.

The game does have limited energy, which is supposed to prevent never ending continuous spam.
And there is the grazing, which enables you to simply dash through pretty much any projectile in the game.

In all fairness, standing back at the farthest edge of the screen spamming projectiles, doesn't seem to be all too bad when it can't hold off your enemy and when you have to be able to deal with them when they get back at you. It doesn't really appear that it was ever meant for one to be able to hold off the enemy with projectiles without them being able to get back at you

>> No.10955002

Her ability that makes her teleport next to someone if they enter the ring, not the rose ring.
It only activates when someone attacks/koishi isn't moving.

>> No.10955008

Oh. thats how it works, thanks!

>> No.10955010

that's interesting, what's the 3248 combo? most I can get is 2.7k from light bulb starter, but that's after messing with it for a couple of minutes.

>> No.10955005

I think you're all talking about different attacks lmao

>> No.10955014

koishi vs koishi, whoever activates first is the winner. Lost matches like that.

>> No.10955017

no it activates when your opponent touches the border of the ring, regardless of attacks or moving.

>> No.10955026

v1.01, United States West Coast

>> No.10955029

oddly enough, its strong to even stop some spellcards.

>> No.10955036

Koishi can get hit before the teleport goes off, I don't see how it's a counter. The circle stays on the screen, but you'd have to walk into the border itself to trigger it. I usually get fucked if I start using it too often becuase of how easy it is to block/avoid and punish.

8X, ZZZ, 2Z(2), ZZZ, 6/4Z
Getting both hits to land with 2Z requires very specific positioning. Have to be right on next to them and slightly above them. After you bounce off with the 2Z just fly back down to continue the combo, and both enders lead to super. Most I've gotten so far is 4900, but more is probably possible.

>> No.10955054

You can send a homing projectile, jump into the circle and simply block then follow up with a combo after your projectile messes Koishi up.

Or you just jump into the circle, block, and throw out an attack fast enough to get her.

Or you just jump into the circle, block with the push-block thing (the blue circle that appears when you press and hold down any of the buttons), but her out of range, dash in and punish her with a combo.

Or you do just that. Dash. You can graze the attack and punish her just as she appears. Which is likely the most reliable manner of counter her barring the homing projectiles. Given you have the reaction time to graze in the correct direction.

Koishi can follow the attack up with another attack, but not even that makes it a safe move. In the end a move that the opponent can see from a mile away isn't always the best option.

>> No.10955063
File: 26 KB, 481x357, 1211246967017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So is it possible to play as the boss lady yet?

Thought I heard something about a patch making her unlock.

>> No.10955068


>> No.10955091

Any Ichirin players willing to share their ring girl tech?

>> No.10955095

She's incomplete. Completing her will take weeks most likely.

>> No.10955100

I don't understand the question.

>> No.10955109

Hopefully it works now. I'm a total beginner so go easy on me.

>> No.10955110
File: 1.74 MB, 1200x1727, yuuka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then it's not for you, have a nice day~

>> No.10955112

GG that Koishi ring thing is ridiculous.

>> No.10955118

No, fuck you. 90% of the Koishi and Futo fights I've done, I lost because of popularity when they were doing NOTHING and I was being aggressive and had more health.
It's a stupid mechanic

>> No.10955121

But I play Ichirin.

>> No.10955123

After further testing, doesn't seem possible against Futo or Ichirin. 2Z(2) won't land because the hit box on the move is fucking weird.

>> No.10955127


>> No.10955145

That's it or did we just disconnect from eachother?
GGs either case though. It was lots of fun.

>> No.10955147

GGs, rehosting again.

>> No.10955161

>and I was being aggressive and had more health.
You can't just be aggressive. Remember the "do not get counter attacked" clause. It's the safest way to get behind disregarding messing up your super.

>> No.10955162

Wait, what's this about Futo's popularity naturally growing?
I just started playing and I won a couple matches where I lost in terms of health but ended with more popularity. Is this due to specific Futo spell, because I really like playing as her, but I also don't want to get cheap wins.

>> No.10955167

It's not cheap. People are just bewildered by the popularity mechanics. Anyone will get flustered when they lost but don't know why.

>> No.10955177

Futo's slutty skirt gives her passive popularity.

>> No.10955180

I can't play this game. Please help.

Once I open the game, while it's black, it opens up a warning window, displaying one line of Japanese text on it (has "dekimasen" at the end of it, can't read kanji yet.) with only an OK button. Then, the loading screen comes, it won't even move, the program becomes unresponsive then windows gives me an error report.

>> No.10955186

>Anyone will get flustered when they lost but don't know why.

I did for like 3 rounds then I noticed my opponent had more popularity.

>> No.10955192

I am just taking a wild guess. But update Direct X.

>> No.10955197

Not that guy, and I'm not bewildered by it, but it's just a fucking stupid worthless mechanic.
The person who gets the KO or who has the most health at 00 should get the round, not whoever manages to wear down the timer while a passive win-meter ticks up for them.

>> No.10955199

My DirectX is already updated.

>> No.10955201
File: 7 KB, 524x99, jp- My tech support.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know what I am doing wrong. Please help.

>> No.10955207

not cheap, this game would devolve into a real turtlefest if there wouldn't be a system that rewards aggressive play as there are no real mixups and defender usually has the advantage.

>> No.10955214

open a command prompt, type ipconfig and use your internal IPv4 address. The address you're using is your external IP

>> No.10955215

Still Hostan

>> No.10955223
File: 133 KB, 473x496, no exception.ogg.tga.dat.mkv.swf.bat.png.mp4.gif.cbr.ico.txt.iso.exe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> jp- My tech support
Picture related.

Anyhow. Let me spoonfeed you a little anyway.
You have forwarded your traffic to your external IP. But that won't do you any good.
The external IP is what points to your router. Your router's job is to then direct said traffic to the local IPs of any device connected to the router.

So you want to forward the port to your computer's local IP.
Open up CMD and write in "ipconfig" or something in order to get your local IP.
Or just look up your local IP from checking the IP listed next to your computer name in the router.

>> No.10955227

any english guides yet?

ccan someone explain all the game systems, like the french health bar?

>> No.10955246

The guy being in the lead just guarding until he wins isn't exactly too fabulous either.

The popularity system as it is, flawed or not, tends to prevent that as it actually promotes offence.

>> No.10955254

Please respond.

>> No.10955260
File: 324 KB, 864x852, 1368303497190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for spoonfeeding me, friends.

Don't expect much from me I'm terrible at this.

>> No.10955263


well then why is guarding so fucking powerful?

don't be retarded

if guarding wasn't full-proof you wouldn't need another meter

>> No.10955273

gg, you learn well.
I just wish I could select from more than four active skills and 6 eventually when I feel like it skills

>> No.10955274

GG Koishi rings player again. Rehosting.

>> No.10955279

Because they took a different approach than the standard low/high/throw mixup to balance the game.

>> No.10955277

If you do nothing but guard your popularity rating will just go lower and lower until time runs out.

>> No.10955291


I mean there are no grabs for tic throws and I don't think there are even guard crushes or guard breaks, you just lose power meter

>> No.10955294

You sir, have never watched boxing before.
Decision wins aren't by who did the most damage but by the most clean hits. This system is much closer to sport than games you've played before honestly.

>> No.10955296


i mean to say I wish there was more to it than "we added an additional number to increase"

>> No.10955298

The guard does break if your meter is run down to 0.

>> No.10955303

>Decision wins aren't by who did the most damage but by the most clean hits.
Did you quote the wrong post, because wrote nothing to imply anything opposite.

The system is a fine idea.

>> No.10955304



any english guides?

>> No.10955308

Yes, yes I did quote the wrong post.

>> No.10955312

GG. You do great considering all the lag.


>> No.10955314

Sorry about that.
My game crashed on me, not to mention I was lagging awfully hard.

>> No.10955328

Sorry my internet went out killer combos annoying too sorry for repeatedly leaving the room I was trying to figure out how to change profiles

>> No.10955339

Do guard breaks ever even happen in this game at this point? Does anyone have good blockstrings for it (I guess buddhists do?)

It seems like the only reason not to sit back and block is because you won't get popularity, and then you time yourself out and lose.

>> No.10955348


exactly... I think it's a strange way to implement a need for aggressive play, i played for a few hours the other day and never saw a break even when my number was bigger and I was sitting back holding down push-block for like 20 seconds

>> No.10955354

How does this deck system work?
Every time I change something I get my religion changes nullified.

>> No.10955356
File: 14 KB, 251x251, 1313499320646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the game came out like 3 days ago
stop asking

>> No.10955357


also the fact that this game has push-block means it's even harder to keep someone locked down for that long I think

>> No.10955364

woops, game crashed, sorry.

>> No.10955366

Most cards are worth a point to a religion. You can have as many of the same card as you want if you want a certain religion, but I don't think it increases the power of the move like it did last game. There are some moves that shoot differently depending on the direction they are in.

>> No.10955361

; -;
i'msobad. I only know Futo. D:

>> No.10955362


and people here have been playing it for three days, you would think folks have some valuable information about the game systems CONSIDERING THIS IS THE THREAD FOR THE GAME

maybe you need to get out

>> No.10955370

I'm rehosting if you want to play again.

>> No.10955371

everyone is too busy playing to spoon feed you
fucking lurk more and play the game

>> No.10955375

Also, there are three items that give 2 points to one religion and take one away from the other two. They are the fourth, third, and second last items. The last subtracts one point from all religions.

>> No.10955378

Great, now it won't stop doing it. -sigh-

>> No.10955379

This game really, really needs throws I think.

The lack of highs/lows isn't made up for by anything right now.

Popularity seems to be the only thing keeping people from staying on the other side of the screen holding back all game.

>> No.10955380

I'm so lost at this religion you guys are talking about

>> No.10955386

3rd times the charm. I'm hosting again if you want to join.

>> No.10955388

Oh, I didn't know that. I haven't really had to bother though, because I like Koishi's neutral standing the best and that's just grabbing one of everything.

>> No.10955389
File: 13 KB, 134x110, 1353701899689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


i have been playing it, I'm not going to play it 24/7 though

this is a discussion thread retard, when you're not playing you use the thread to discuss

are you mentally ill? do you even understand happiness anymore?

>> No.10955384

buff atheism plz

>> No.10955396

I quit. :D
Thanks for trying though.

>> No.10955400

>> No.10955402

The triangle when you're selecting cards.

>> No.10955409

When you go into deck construction, the triangle shows which religion you are leaning towards. They are, in a clockwise direction, Shinto, Taoist, Buddhist. You need three points in one for your character to use that religion. They change your bullets and Buddhists can charge their Bs.

>> No.10955415
File: 164 KB, 320x240, 1311805535168.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>are you mentally ill?
I could ask the same of you. I've only been playing this game for 5 hours now, and I play Koishi too, who is different from a usual fighting game character. I'm not having any trouble figuring this shit out and reading the thread/previous threads.

>> No.10955424

Oh wow. I need to go test this

>> No.10955434


thanks for the .gif loser

/jp/ is not your secret club anymore why don't you go cry about people asking questions with your IRC friends

>> No.10955501

anyone got more than 2600 midscreen with buddhist byakuren without a super?
5B, 5Y, jc9X, sword special x2

>> No.10955520

GG, I've been playing too many games against you. I'm starting to unconsciously read your mind.

>> No.10955541


>> No.10955547

Patch 1.02 fixed Koishi's vine. I'm happy.

>> No.10955549

GG. Every time I see that ring a mighty flame erupts deep inside me.

>> No.10955546

2600 is quite fine for a mid-screen combo.
Though I am guessing you want more combos for more variety/situations.

>> No.10955553

Perhaps now updating won't be a downgrade from 1.0.

>> No.10955561

Koishi's vine, as stated. Was always fine 1.0.
I really don't know why people ever even updated when it introduced game crashing bugs to the movesets of the cast.

But this update is great. Now everyone might get on the same page regardless.

>> No.10955562

I was just trying out max damage first, because they are the easiest ones to practice.

>> No.10955565

I have no idea what you guys are referring to when you go buddhist, taoist, or shinto etc.

Can't you refer to it all by colour and position in that triangle thingy?

>> No.10955568


confirmed virus

>> No.10955571
File: 83 KB, 600x600, Touhou.600.917380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10955572


red = united
white = states
blue = of america

>> No.10955575


>> No.10955577

but the vine attack is so slow
Looks cool I guess

>> No.10955578

Is that the official changelog, or just the things you found out?

I am curious because I am wondering if it changed anything else. Balance-wise and whatnot.

>> No.10955580

Sorry, game crashed.
I didn't realize you could have more popularity than life, that was silly.

>> No.10955581

GGs. Nice wall combos.

>> No.10955589


you fucking hippo

>> No.10955641

Someone was doing a nice grab combo with Ichirin. It didn't do too much damage, but I saw it end around 2100 damage and ending with stun. It appeared that it worked midscreen as well, which is certainly better than whatever midscreen options I know of.

I can't figure out what was done though.

>> No.10955643

oh shiiiiiiiiiiit cna I make a custom icon?!

>> No.10955651

why doesnt the patch work?

>> No.10955657

Indeed you can.

>> No.10955659
File: 342 KB, 516x627, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10955661

I've found that putting a 32x32 bmp file in the icon folder does lead to the game recognizing it if you want to put it on your profile. But I never used one online because I was worried it wouldn't let me connect, or that the opponent would just see a blank/default image instead.

>> No.10955665


test me?

>> No.10955672

Hopeless Masquerade for EVO!

>> No.10955673

It saves the other person's icon in a new folder.

>> No.10955674

>test me?
No need to. It works just fine. Online or otherwise.

>> No.10955680

Oh, that's cool. Thanks.

>> No.10955681

It's a counter. While they are hitting you the rose explodes and gives you a nice bonus.

>> No.10955684


please test me.

>> No.10955695


Iwould be very grateful if someone could provide brief explanations of all these items and moves you can set in the profile menu (Ichirin)

>> No.10955699

Did you update?

>> No.10955708


I dn't want to be virus'd


>> No.10955712

1.02 Lag tier

>> No.10955714

If you really want to test yours so bad, host a server. I'll look at it for you, and fight you if you want.

>> No.10955718

What. It's on their god damn site. http://www.tasofro.net/touhou135/index.html#130528

>> No.10955726


V1.02 now.

>> No.10955738


oh ok

>> No.10955784

when are you allowed to use z?????????

>> No.10955787

Hosting again

>> No.10955800

Reminder that I'm at 1.02 for whoever tried to join

>> No.10955801

This game has spectating, right?

>> No.10955805

holy shit why the fuck can I never use my super

>> No.10955806


>> No.10955812


>> No.10955821

In practice mode is there anyway to make the computer stop blocking after 1st hit without having to hit them again?

What I mean is if you finish a combo or drop it the next hit will always result in the AI guarding despite waiting several seconds

>> No.10955824

If you use the second option to join a game (not the clipboard option). Then it should be the second option afterwards.

>> No.10955832

only thing I can think of that combos into grab is raw 8B or he could have used 6X (boomerang ring) somewhere in his combo, haven't still found anything that combos afterwards

>> No.10955863

Canada west

>> No.10955869

Does anyone have a list of exactly what changes for each character depending on their religion and the slot the skill is set to

>> No.10955881

ok what exactly builds popularity?

>> No.10955903
US West

>> No.10955908

clean hits once in a while and specific moves

>> No.10955913

also counterhits

>> No.10955906
US East v1.02
Drunk-tier Miko

>> No.10955914

>.< Been playing against too much hitler and his blitzkreig.

>> No.10955921


Futo looks like fun

>> No.10955929

yeah GG. I need to start figuring out more combos with Byakuren.

>> No.10955930

I heard the buzzer but they dropped immediately. Are you using the newest version?

>> No.10955941

why won't anyone play with me T_T

>> No.10955938

Is everyone at 1.02?

>> No.10955943

Because we all live in the US.

>> No.10955945


>> No.10955946

This >>10954899 then pretty much?

>> No.10955947

>>10952111 Easy Coast.

Still soft tier.

>> No.10955952

GG that was fun, despite the lag.

>> No.10955953

Done hosting GGs whoever played.

>> No.10955954

I'm on version 1.02

>> No.10955959

Spamming Koishi ring against bad players is how I get a majority of my wins

I will never be good

>> No.10955962

GG, I'd really rather not play against bullshit Koishi or Futo. Wins by popularity/inaction. rehosted

>> No.10955978

Well, sorry my connection's not good enough for us to play from so far away. Hopefully some other /jp/sies live in Canada.

>> No.10955984

gg Ano#

>> No.10955987

Hosting again.

>> No.10955990

Yeah. It was fun. GGs.

>> No.10955992


>> No.10955994

but really what are Koishi's tubes for?

>> No.10955995

correction, her super combos after the grab, so perhaps that was it

>> No.10956005

Is it worth practicing Ichirin red/white pallete?

I really wish I could understand the profile

>> No.10956006

Why would you get behind in popularity against her? Doing nothing while she charges her attacks?
Her dashing across the screen with her charges is part of her attack movements, hence popularity and no penalty.

You can jump in and join the fight to meet her head on.
Well. Either that or you just fall victim for her charges counter attacking you instead of you blocking or simply getting hit without being counter hit.

There is no distinct connection between Koishi and popularity.

>> No.10956007
US West.
Will host for 30 minutes or so.

>> No.10956012

gg, mizumii guys.

>> No.10956024

what is the effect of religions again?

i'm trying to build a custom profile now

>> No.10956028

Her Rage meter?
She just does more damage.

>> No.10956033

Changes the bullets behavior along some other shit.

>> No.10956036

I'm sorry, but "some other shit" doesn't really help anyone.

>> No.10956047



>> No.10956050
File: 130 KB, 850x981, Futatsuiwa.Mamizou.full.970765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

maybe if you weren't such a dick I'd tell you what that means

>> No.10956066

It's fine, I'll live without it.

>> No.10956073


that post wasn't me

>> No.10956077

Check thwiki.

>> No.10956087


>> No.10956092

Should we make a new thread? This one is well past bump limit.

>> No.10956096

In HM page, "Gameplay" part . It say the effects of the religions.

>> No.10956105


thank you

is it english?

>> No.10956113


thank youj

>> No.10956127

I don't really understand why the touhou girls believe in these religions if they live in another magical world?

>> No.10956148


read this it is in english

read this it is in english

read this it is in english

read this it is in english

read this it is in english

>> No.10956195

>The effects differ greatly from character to character.

Wow that sure helps a lot

>> No.10956202

link to new thread?

>> No.10956232

New Thread

>> No.10956235

Good games Koishi. I'll host again in a few hours.

>> No.10956242

Nice lag ReimuBro. I loved losing that first match from that 4 second total freeze.

>> No.10956247

What a sore loser. I was lagging too.

>> No.10956542

i'm done for now

>> No.10956591


>> No.10956606

where did you learn your combos?

>> No.10956625

Most people are just experimenting in practice mode a bunch. They're taking notes of different combo paths and possibilities for characters/decks then putting it all together.

It's pretty normal to do that, and can be pretty fun too.

>> No.10956641

is there anything you could tell me that i could improve on in my play?

>> No.10956642

Training mode. For Byakuren there's also http://shinkirou.koumakan.jp/wiki/Byakuren_Hijiri, which seems to have a decent number already, although I don't know if they work with the version you were using.

>> No.10956662

I can't give very good advice, but it felt like you were push blocking way too much. I'm pretty sure that was why I kept winning in popularity.

>> No.10956676

Only 2-3 characters have pages? I guess that's to be expected on week one.

>> No.10956687

i had no idea that decreased popularity

>> No.10956747

anyone has a other download link to the v1.02 patch? the original server is overloaded or something, I can't manage to download it

>> No.10957056
File: 11 KB, 506x394, t-error.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm getting this error when I try to patch, what am I doing wrong?

>> No.10957056,1 [INTERNAL] 

this thread is now on "auto sage" (:

time to make new one (:

in /v/ threads on "auto-sage" 404 in 3 minutes (:

>> No.10957056,2 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10957056,3 [INTERNAL] 

more spam here

>> No.10957463
File: 100 KB, 474x548, win7-locale-non-unicode.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>what am I doing wrong?
Not running it in japanese locale, and using the 1.01 patch instead of 1.02. You should see Japanese text instead of letters and garbage, same for running the game.

If you're on Windows 7 there's a setting for non-unicode programs, on Windows XP you can install AppLocale.

>> No.10957463,1 [INTERNAL] 

>face when janishit deleting previous threads instead of deleting the most recent