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Since last one died.

Looking to order the Alice onehole (one or the other or both), but they don't ship outside of moonrunes.

I know there are some middleman services, but which of them is the best, can anyone recommend them? If a package costs ~60e with postage, how much do they charge extra for their service? A percent of the price? Based on weight, size? I just don't want to end up with a 100e order after one.

Also, anyone tried these? Any good?

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That's not Alice. Alice looks like this.

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Has anyone had problems with their penis not fitting? If so, what size is it?

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The Alice you mean? Haven't tried it, but I have other lolionaholes, and they take it pretty well even if you are bigger than the hole, since they do stretch of course.
If you're pornstar big, then it could be problem.

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What's the difference between an onahole and a fleshlight?

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Fleshlight is a brand of onahole.

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Is it dangerous for it to be that tight? I heard it can damage your penis.

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Technically the same thing, and Fleshlight is a brand name as stated.
Just think if onahole as the version that comes from japan. It's still a male masturbator.

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Damage? Are you kidding?
They're very soft and flexible (if you don't specifically get a super tight one) so any damage is done to the onahole rather than your dick.

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Does an onahole really feel better than your hand?

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It feels like real sex.

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How do you know?

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Lots of dumb in this thread.
Anyway. Lube makes everything work, tightness will just make it stick to your dick more, lube still makes it slick.
If a hole is too small it'll be more because of length rather than 'not fitting', you don't want a 8cm canal if you need twice as much. It might even break other than being hard to manage.

About alice, they are working on a new "alice good material" AGM. Site says they should stock "end of May" but we're about at the end of May so might be delayed. Differences for alice in the heaven (pictured by OP)

regular: weight 400g; total length 15.5cm; tunnel length 10.5cm

AGM: weight 470g; total length 17cm; tunnel length 13cm

AGM is supposed to be softer, at least as durable: it's just better, along with the optimized dimensions.
I myself am waiting for the AGM to purchase alice, don't know which forwarding service is best.

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I'm thinking about buying an onahole for the first time.

Anyone has expierience with one of these, or can recommend something similar?

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Where can I buy this alice onahole?
I haven't seen it on en-nls, kanajo toys or queencat.

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Misquoted there.
Also, canal length should be 60-70% of your own length, i.e. 16cm -> 10-11cm or bigger internal canal would be preferred. Just my opinion of course.

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Wouldn't sticking your whole dick feel better?
Please share your experience with us.

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hotpowers.jp and alice-stage.com are often brought up too. japanese sites, hotpowers ships internationally though but with alice you need mail forwarding, hence OP's questions

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Soft holes stretch more so long, soft holes are ideal for going in balls deep. It's pretty nice, but it isn't needed, I have several onaholes and just switch between big and small ones, all have their qualities.

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first one is said to be stupidly tight, the japs even said so. so that might not be ideal.
second I've had myself. very good, one of the best at its price in my opinion.
third is good (go for the bigger one: Kana) but breaks really fast, so if you buy 2/3 they'll last some time if it seems interesting to you, otherwise look for more durable ones

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Thanks a lot dude.

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All the onaholes I have seen recommended look prepubescent and gross. Are there any with a more inviting hole?

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By the way, you listed the first and third in the series but skipped the second.

#2 has a standard rib design (but soft). in all it's still a great toy. hard to disappoint.
#3 goes for a more realistic approach, it's pretty intense but more interesting than just ribs.

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Maybe something like this?

Or look up Meiki toys. Expensive though, and not really better than cheaper stuff.

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I saw it but I forget to paste the link.
Thanks for the info though!

btw, why is everyone in this thread saging?

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I think I've got just the thing for you.

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Oh my god, that's just not right.

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Try looking around at en-nls.com or hotpowers.jp maybe you'll find something yourself. What you find gross is pretty hard to gauge.

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queencatadulttoys.com toydemon.com if you want US-based

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Whoa, that looks pretty. Where can I get it in the EU?

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~60e with shipping, commission/servicing for the forwarding and tax you will hit 100e. Unless you can cheat tax.
I'm not sure which forwarding is best. Tenso, japanshoppingservice, japanshoppingmall are some that I found. Maybe take a look.

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omocha dreams, but you probably don't want to buy from them. They near triple prices just because they can. Awful. They deliver next-day though.

Google translate this:
and it says you can buy from the original JP Tomax supplier if you shoot them a mail. Maybe try that.

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This one looks cute but is it any good?


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It's *really* stimulating. The newer Seventeens are more balanced, but it isn't terrible.

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Is stimulating a bad thing? Could you link to the newer ones please?

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that's a difficult question, some people prefer lots of stimulation, especially on their first holes, but a great deal of people prefer normal amounts or even very gentle holes

there's two newer ones but en-nls doesn't have them, one is a more stimulating one than the Bordeaux but without the womb thing, the other is a new Seventeen Soft which tries to replicate realism together with stretchy material.

You'll have to try out stuff to find what you yourself like.

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I like to have long masturbation sessions, is that a good hole for it? It looks just as cute as the other one and it seems well priced.

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If you know up front you like longer sessions, and like the cute Seventeen look:
en-nls doesn't have it yet. if you are in EU you can get it from hotpowers.jp if you know how to use that site, or you can send toydemon a mail.
or you can wait some weeks(?) until NLS sells it.

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That looks incredible but trying to get it in the EU seems like a lot of trouble.

I think I will buy the Seventeen Bordeaux instead. Thank you for your help!

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Yeah well it'll probably hit 100e with taxes true, should have mentioned it before. I'm okay paying the 100e if need be for a quality product. Just meant I don't want any surprises that the fee for forwarding is waaay more than one would expect.

Hmm, maybe I'll test some out.

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>uses onahole thread as a name
>uses moonrunes to denote a location
>doesn't know how proxy works
>can't use the catalog to see >>10937002
> >>10944659 's epic surprise bar
>ever considering kanojo toys
> full of crossboarding scum

Worst onahole thread of 2013 award. At least it uses box art as the picture.

There are no fleshlight otaku, and it has no appeal to weaboo. Hence, doesn't belong on /jp/. Come back when they print kawaii anime girl on them.
if it didn't, why would the market be that vast?

>AGM is supposed to be softer, at least as durable
It is MUCH MORE softer, and more durable.
"Alice in the heaven" is too hard and too short im my opinion. Wouldn't recommend, unless ordered in AGM.
It's "dreaming alice" aka the dakimakura cover that was to be restocked, which they did.

How about you use the archive/google for things that have already been answered?
Let me give you some help: http://pele.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/adultgoods/1367020258/

Soft holes are also more prone to being pierced through by your dick.

Using a proxy is still cheaper than homochajews. You could even use an american proxy and get it shipped from queencat or some shit if you can't deal with 日本語 at all.

Infamous for its dislodging dual layers. It's decent/good though.

EU doesn't tax anything with a value lower than 40USD.
If the value of the goods is higher than 40USD then they also tax on shipping price.
Customs, being the uneducated lazy jew they are, use the following convertion rates: 1EUR=1USD=100JPY.
And in here they slap a 21EUR fee for having done the paperwork.
Which is why tax evading is important. Luckily enough it's easy.

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You might also want to check that totally unrelated one : http://www.en-nls.com/pict1-34289
Also : www.en-nls.com/pict1-18902

The evo soft has been really popular, though, and ordering from hotpowers isn't really hard.
Bordeaux would also be a good choice.
I wouldn't recommend the regular seventeen, though.

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The Paradise one is very cute, thank you for recommending it.

Could you please help me to order from hotpowers in that case? I would really like to get the evo soft if it isn't a lot of trouble.

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Just put your adress in the comment field normally. They ship via EMS and I haven't asked them if they can use other methods; I could ask for you.
They label onaholes as "pillows" for a value of 100JPY, meaning you won't have tax troubles.

They probably understand simple english words like "country, city, zip code" etc. Though I personally use kanji, I'll drop them here so you can copy paste them should you feel the need.
名前:[your name]
国名:[your country]
郵便番号:[zip code]
番地:[street number and name]

Don't know the kanji for state; and you can probably use
住所:[STATE - CITY]; [street number and name]

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Thank you very much but I'm afraid I'm hopeless when it comes to this sort of thing, I can't even find the hole on their website.

The search term I used is セブンティーン, is that right? I only see the bordeaux and the regular one.

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>if it didn't, why would the market be that vast?
You answered it in the previous sentence. Because they print a kawaii anime girl on them.

>> No.10948563

>Don't know the kanji for state

>and you can probably use
>住所:[STATE - CITY]; [street number and name]
Yeah, but I would suggest putting the details in the same order as they should appear on the address label, for simplicity's sake.
It's unlikely to actually be a problem though.

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Pretty odd. Looking for セブン or "evo" didn't yield results. I found it in the newest products field though.
just follow the picture's instructions carefully and it's a piece of cake to order from them.

I personally have put my full EU address in the comment field. Like so:
"Full address:"
<City + code>

I don't know if I inconvenienced them by doing that, though... I did input the same things in the JP input way above, too.

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To any Japanese international shipping websites sell the venus clone?How does the price compare to queen cat?

>> No.10948701

>It's "dreaming alice" aka the dakimakura cover that was to be restocked, which they did.
Oh, I see, of course. So no real announcement for the AGM, damn. Might be a long wait...

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You can send a polite mail to daimaoh. They should get back at you. Google translate this:

You could also try contacting queencatadulttoys but I kind of doubt they send anywhere else than to the US. It's worth a try, though.

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Thanks, the price seems basically the same for both shops, often it seems Japanese websites are alot cheaper.

And blah made a queencat account even though they let you select your country during signup they do not ship overseas, fucking assclowns.

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If you sent an overbearingly polite and cute e-mail they might do it.

>> No.10948888

>in the same order as they should appear
Different standard for different countries I guess; makes sense.

>I don't know if I inconvenienced them by doing that, though
I'm sure they know at least that much english, and can google translate without much trouble if not. It's probably just me being a weeaboo.
Their EMS sticker have english on it as well.

Queencat's prices are pretty honest when it comes to tomax products.
5000JPY + shipping vs 50USD+shipping from US.
If you live in the US, that's a fair deal.

I got bad news for you, though; I checked the 17evo soft page out of curiosity:
I'm afraid that means "sold out"

>> No.10949131

>I'm afraid that means "sold out"
Aha, that might be why it doesn't show up in search results? limited ed. + sold out?

He can still send ToyDemon a mail, they'll be willing to ship it. He can get two Bordeaux for just 10-20$ more, though (excluding possible import tax rip-off).
Although I'm not entirely sure the Bordeaux is all that great for "lengthy sessions". It should be OK though.

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How overbearingly polite and cute can you make an email about wanting something to stick your penis in?

>> No.10950087

Say you want it for your onii-chan.

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Nothing beats a nice long session with an onahole. The few days spent collecting lewd images into another tab group is more than a reasonable price to pay to spend just hour or an hour and a half almost completely lost in pleasure.

You sit there moving it up and down, quickening yourself on the path to climax, but there's no need to hurry, so you slow down. You slow down and enjoy the warmth you've imparted to the device, all fine grooves and ridges massaging your shaft while the head plunges in and out, making just a quiet bit of noise not unlike the sound that escapes one's mouth while chewing gum.

Meanwhile, other parts of your body are reacting to the pleasure in their own ways. Toes curl and spread. Breathing becomes deeper and is punctuated by sighs of pleasure. Your ears seem less keen to do their job, you become less aware of your surroundings, and suddenly in your mind the only thing that seems to matter, the only thing you want to think of, is this one thing you're doing. This stimulation of your body, using a device designed entirely for perverts to pleasure themselves with.

As sure as the night must come to an end, so does the act of masturbation, no matter how delightlful it's been. The familiar tingling onset of a climax slowly makes itself known to you, and you push yourself deep into the hole as if to welcome it. While the time from onset to actual climax may only take a few seconds, in your mind it feels much longer as your penis violently twitches inside of the elastic sleeve, ejaculating what feels like a liter or more of semen, the twitches continuining even after you're sure nothing is coming out anymore.

It's pretty nice. I used to use it randomly, but I think I'm going to mark one day off per week to really enjoy my time alone.

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That was a very nice and well written story, thank you for sharing it with us.

>I think I'm going to mark one day off per week to really enjoy my time alone
Why not make it a group activity? You could find some /jp/sies to do it with and share lewd images.

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Just got out of jail last month for ordering a Puni Hole from. I specifically asked them to remove any artwork from the package before shipping and they just disregarded my request completely, shipping it in box. My lawyer said that the address they ship from on the nls website is red-flagged for underage content and customs keeps an eye out for them.

Aside from being really emberassing, the trial was pretty rough. They have zero tolerance for that stuff and since I was being charged with purchasing CP I was pretty much a monster to them. I got 30 days in jail (with 15 suspended) and a 5,000 dollar fine and also had to register as a sex offender.


>> No.10950250

Haha... "registered sex offender"

>> No.10950256

Yeah. I have to call in and make sure I give them information if I move or get a job, basically like being on probation. I have to be registered for 3 years. I was pretty surprised because I thought you actually had to offend someone to be a sex offender but apparently its just a general label for any perverted thats illegal.

>> No.10950260

Good job then Herbert.

>> No.10950262

It only lasts 3 years? That's not bad, I thought it was for life.

After 3 years do you still have it on record? Like would a potential employer be able to find out about it?

>> No.10950267

I'm not sure about that. It doesn't really matter anyway, I'm planning to kill myself pretty soon.

>> No.10950271

You need to man up or die trying.

>> No.10950277

I feel sorry for you...

>> No.10950278

Oh, don't worry. I'll be dying alright.

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>Just got out of jail last month for ordering a Puni Hole

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I love that copypasta.

Good one. You should post this in every onahole thread to scare off the crossboarders who keep spamming these threads with questions that have already been answered a million times. They're probably dumb enough to swallow your story.

>> No.10950297

I don't wish for you to die or you to live. What matters is what is in you or still left.

Look, I've divined your future, you will live in state between life and death but your life will be shorter than the most.

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Nice copypasta samefag

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nice copypasta OP

>> No.10950312

So much samefag in this thread

>> No.10950313

What the fuck. Nobody writes like me.

>> No.10950314

I need some advice. Looking to buy a good first, looking at seventeen bord., and girl in a box. Are those good?

>> No.10950317

It's pretty obvious it was a copypasta. I've been around this board long enough to spot one.

>> No.10950321

Nice try but you're lying. I've never heard of anything like that happening and since I'm an expert of laws and the judicial system I highly doubt this is even true. 0/10

>> No.10950327

Fuck off crossboarding newfag.

>> No.10950329

Fine. You win. I am guilty.

>> No.10950336

Yikes, the hostility... /shrugs guess I can just go buy a fleshlight and stay 'Murican.

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>> No.10950341

4chan - a place where 5-10 blending and distracting posts appear immediately when something truthful is written

>> No.10950342

I wrote that one a while back. Glad to see someone enjoys it.

>> No.10950345 [DELETED] 

This is pretty much why I don't want to order one.
Australia: The Land of the Moralfag.
I suppose I could get one without little girls on the box but it just wouldn't be the same.

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>> No.10950357

I wouldn't worry. That post was just a troll looking for attention. Nothing like that could ever happen and only an idiot would buy that story.

>> No.10950385 [DELETED] 


>> No.10950391

Nice copypasta

>> No.10950401 [DELETED] 

...yes, I did copy and paste the link instead of typing it. Astute observation.

>> No.10950544

What am I supposed to say in the email to ToyDemon? I'm really bad with words.

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Could you guys recommend me what I should buy as my first onahole?
My budget is around $40 or so.

>> No.10951592

R-20 is pretty en vogue right now on /jp/.

Personally, I'd recommend the wet meiki monster awakening, as I always do.

The best would be for you to look around and ask us if a particular model catches your eye, or if you're looking for something specific in term of softness etc.

>> No.10954400

About to pull the trigger at en-nls. Seems like shipping cost between DHL and EMS is same.

For custom declaration what should I put? Heard 'figures' can be questionable... Maybe 'rubber toys'?

ps. Canadafag here.

>> No.10954503


I think by default they right something like rubber toys anyway. That do not write male masturbation device on there. Also I recommenced EMS over DHL.

>> No.10954643


Is that this one?


>> No.10954695

They don't let you change the label if you use DHL

>> No.10955269

"Toy for baby"

>> No.10957363

My package was labeled with "figures" and it wasn't opened, thankfully, although I wasn't buying an onahole.

>> No.10957474

>although I wasn't buying an onahole

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