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ITT: Things that you hate from Japan that no one else seems to hate.

Vocaloids, Lucky Star, K-on (and other such animes), IdolM@sters, Touhou as well just to name a few.

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But do you hate green hair rain-staring man?

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I don't hate anything.

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Pretty much all Japanese media is very mediocre. People only pretend to like it because they think it makes them unique.

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I hate crossboarders from /a/.

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No. I love him.

(But Magic: The Gathering is better)

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what are you doing here then?

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Nigga they're an island all they can do is seafood.

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He's here "ironically".

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I hate crossboarders from /v/ as well.

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/tg/ bitch.

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And to think people used to say that /tg/ is better than /jp/.

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We wouldn't have this epic thread without /tg/ now, would we?

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>Implying anyone ever said that.

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Ironic Shitposting is still shitposting.

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I'm here ironically.

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People used to pretend /tg/ was a good board. Maybe they no longer try to perpetuate that delusion.

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Everyone likes Toradora but I really thought it was crap. Same with fate/anything

This is pretty hard for me. Call me weeaboo but I think Japan generally has pretty good taste. Good taste in sexual kinks, good taste in food, good taste in video games, good taste in cartoons, good taste in comics, good taste in tea, only some of the time good taste in music, good taste in slightly crooked teeth, good taste in fashion, good taste in girls, I mean fuck every other country.

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I disliked Toradora as well. I hate love triangle drama so much.

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Their J-metal is good, but J-pop is just awful. It's like K-pop.

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I hate everything because I am edgy.

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please don't hate yourself

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I feel that hate for Vocaloids!

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http://youtu.be/owkJd87Exys Sorry I saw this and thought of you for some reason.

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I'm from /c/.


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Who is that supposed to appeal to?


Hi /c/utie

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Your board is the embodiment of every anime I hate.

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Not the person who I accidently quoted.

>>10922738 should have quoted >>10922709

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Himawari is cutest.

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Fuck off the focus of the picture is Exar Kun you Trekkie faggot.

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>not knowing Exar Kun.

>Not knowing one of the most OP sith lords ever.

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Fermented soy beans. NO.

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>Also not knowing the inverter of the Double saber.

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Well, I'm not a faggot. I hope that explains it.

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visual novel, waifu and touhou.

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That feel when your scrotum itches but if you scratch it, it will only get itchier.

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All those are excellent choices.

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Media featuring rape and guro.

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Touhou, VNs, figs, and every other topic of discussion on /jp/


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Since when was /tg/ such a shitty board?

On-topic, H-doujinshi.

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Fucking pussy. If you don't fap to lolis getting dismembered then you can't even call yourself a true man.

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I'm about as much of a true man as I am a cute girl.

Which is not very much of either.

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oi you can get the fuck out of here m8 if you don't masturbate 2 LO comics yu grubbed off the x-hentai all the time

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Well, I don't care much for LO, either. But that's not what I was saying.

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Is dis nigga serious?

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it is wot ive been saying u fooking cunt

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I laughed, I lost.

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Moe is what's wrong with anime today.

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naw nigga, i like dem cute cartoons

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Shut the fuck up tripfag

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No. What happened to good animes like GITS:SAC?


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Fuck that nerd shit with mechs and stuff.

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Why is this still here?

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>nerd shit.

You're on /jp/ you fucking moron.

>Implying I liked GITS for the mechs.

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Japan / General

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what did you like it for, then? the tittys? there wasn't tittys.

the major? because i like the major

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I don't hate anything. I just dislike violent anime. Japan is best at cute stuff.

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That food needs to be confiscated before she gets any bigger.

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I hate perverted pedophile things like: >>10923124

It's gross and creepy.

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I want to have sex with the girl on the right!

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>16 and 17 year old
>pedophile things
murrica pls

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He's roleplaying

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they have children's facial features and personalities. It's pedophilie pandering without actually having children in them. this is done to bypass any laws that prevent gross pedophiles from masturbating to real children.

one thing about pedophiles is that they really know how to bypass the law.


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Why are you even here?