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who non-crossboard /jp/ here?

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It really bothers me that the circle doesn't fit in the picture.

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I'm going to sleep now. Goodnight jaypee, see you tomorrow!

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if it's a png why would you make the background be that color?
why not just make it transparent?

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Maybe it's the picture that doesn't fit the circle.

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i'm so non cross boarder the picture is giving me autism

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I'm 100% non-crossboarder.

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I'm non-crossboard /jp/er.

Fuck off with your transparent backgrounds and your appchans back to /a/.

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I'm crossing multiple boards at this very moment.

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I post on /a/, /g/, /gif/, /p/, /s/, /fa/, /fit/ and /pol/

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I go to /a/, /g/ and /pol/.

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I lurk /ck/, /tg/ and /po/, but I don't post on them.

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/pol/ and /soc/ are the worst boards

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I only post in NEET threads. I don't have any interest in touhou or vns. Am I cancer?

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I'm crossboarding /a/ and /tg/ right now and theres nothing you can do to stop me.

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I go to /vg/ for a thread that isn't LoL/TF2/SC am I still cool guys

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Piss off, /pol/turd.

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le no

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I visit /b/, /v/, /vg/, /r9k/, /sp/, /pol/ and /tv/ other than here

i don't understand touhou, but I like VNs. But not VNs /jp/ likes. I have unreciprocated love for /jp/.

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What do you come here for?

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For the threads about how waifus are superior to disgusting 3DPD whores.

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NEET lifestyle

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And at the same time you lurk /tv/? I don't get it.
Also we don't even many of those threads, I think the board you're looking for is >>>/a/.

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Getting free gifts from you lol

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The only other board I visit is /d/ and even then only once every couple days when I feel like trying to find something new to fap to.

Is that close enough?

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/a/, and /g/

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Who crossborder here?

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NEET life, I feel comfy with you guys. I envy you to an extent.

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I don't feel comfy with you around though. Can you please never come here again?

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Please stop bullying.

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I was being honest and asked him politely to leave. How is this bullying?

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I post on /a/, /pol/, /r9k/, /fit/ /c/, and /d/.

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real crossie detected

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Sometimes honesty is not the best policy. Why do you wish to not garnish my presence, friend?

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Because you are here for the wrong reasons. It bothers me that crossboarders come here exclusively to blog about their lives, when they could just use /r9k/.

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/r9k/ is full with norps though. I want to talk with truNEETs not normal people complaining about being single for a few months.

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I don't usually post though, I mainly lurk. /r9k/ is full of normals talking about how they couldn't court a lady at the dance club whilst /jp/ is completely different.

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You don't even know if the people here are real NEETs or just pretending. Chances are that they're just pretending for whatever reason, while real NEETs don't give a crap about blogging because they don't do a damn thing all day.

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>actually browsing only /jp/

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/vr/ has pretty good threads sometimes
i.e. when I make them

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I crossboard, but really only because I can't spend more than a few days at a time on /jp/ without becoming totally despondent and depressed.

I used to spend a lot more time on /jp/, but a couple months ago I went on a trip with some friends and haven't been able to find my NEET equilibrium since.

I wish I could spend more time with you guys though.

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Why would someone lie on the internet?

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Because they can get away with it.
I wish people were more genuine, but I think most of them prefers to abuse their anonymity and just be a dick.

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I always tell the truth. What point is there in pretending to be someone you are not?

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Mamimi mimimimimi

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I like idolthreads.

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Me too. I have nothing to protect and no one to impress so I can just blast away. Maybe some people will learn something.