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Bow down to the goddess Flan-chan.

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flan a cute

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suddenly remilia

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Get out Emilie.

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Why is she so perfect, /jp/?

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*whips out dick*

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On wings of steel we are fighting for the end of the world

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secondaries pls go

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Now, if only Indu women were half as attractive...

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Will eat

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I recognize those filenames.

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We're the Flan-Illuminati.
We control Flanfly.
We control /jp/.

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Cute Flan OP. Have this video of Flan fighting ex-Rumia.

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I'm not a fan of Flandre, but I find her fascinating on this picture. Please explain why this is happening to me.

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That's a really cool outfit. Her wings work really well as that kind of decoration rather than as wings.

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I would worship her morning, noon, and night.

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my giantess autism is flaring up

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We Guilty Crown now.

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Does she routinely shed crystals?

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Flan a shit
Seriously /jp/, we are having enough shitty threads

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I hate Flan so fucking much.

So fucking much.

And all of you as well!

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Yeah, if crystals are people who don't care about the games.

She sheds them mostly to youtube and deviantart, but they get lost here sometimes.

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Remilia, a vampire which has a diet consisting mostly of blood and cake, blood contains many elements that can't go through the urinary tract and no fiber, cake also lacks fiber. Remilia most likely has very thin waterish poops similar to diarrhea. Waterish diarrhea however is also one of the easiest poops to clean after. There's also a chance that Sakuya helps wipe Remilia however even Remilia would have too much pride for that, but considering the fact that Sakuya can freeze time, Sakuya might just wipe and shave Remilia's anus for the hell of it.

Flandre, has the same diet as Remilia so the same applies, however she spends her time entirely in the basement. Does it have a bathroom down there and does she know how to wipe? If they lock her up there and the only time Sakuya comes down is to bring food then there's a good chance Flandre is self reliant for hygienical matters. However Flandre has the advantage of being able to duplicate herself. This could possibly result in a situation where she splits into four and stands around in a circle where each Flandre wipes another Flandre's butt, even shave possibly. Anus cleanliness depends on Flandre's concerns on the matter personally.

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>waterish dairrhea is easy to clean
lol no.
Dry clumpy large turds are easiest.

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What those wings even are, anyway? I think the "bars" are supports are supposed to be the arms of large bat wings.

Flandre for some reason ripped her original wings' leather and fingers and then nailed 16 large crystals on the stumps.[/darkandedgy]

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Change that to "Lets play, impotent Onii-chan!" for accuracy.

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dat strawman. virgin detected

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Too early for this shit.

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Not the time.

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worst 2hu suck my dick and choke on it

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Seeing as she notes that only humans need an organ for cognition, I'd be willing to bet she doesn't have a urinary or digestive system in the human sense.

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OP is a faggot

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2nd best vampire out of 3.


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Fuck you

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It's actually spelled like that, right?

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I want to be caber tossed by Remilia.

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Wud fug

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Would flan make a good chandelier?

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Nobecause she would suck your blood when you're asleep

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Flan thread

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More like she will suck my dick while she thinks that I'm asleep.

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Why would flanflan want to suck dicks? Does she want to drink your sperm?

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The only people who had Sun Gods were generally tanned people.

Why is she not tanned? C'mon, Egyptian, Aztec, somethin'

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There are many literal goddesses of Touhou, and she is not one of them.

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Time to kill myself.

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people who are permanently brown are not tanned. Also Flandre was said to be a goddess in the OP. The only people I know of with a sun goddess is Japan.

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Ask, and ye shall receive, devout one.

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>flan-chan caramel loli goddess

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That's an odd looking brown

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Hello, Kali-Ma.

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kali-ma is blue not caramel dumbass

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If we're going to make racist jokes, I'd rather compare Flandre to Shiva (because they're both the Destroyer, get it?)

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Flan a shit.

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Where do you think Flandre and Remilia originally came from? What country in Europe? What is their native tongue?

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I want to believe French

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They were born and raised in Transylvania (Now Romania) and they have a French bloodline. They can speak Romanian, French, German, English, and Latin all fluently.

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C'est impossible voyons.

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Since everything is going to cloud storage, why doesn't white ren or whoever does 4flan code not just enable url, ftp sourced image upload or something?

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>Latin-speaking Remi and Flan

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So what is the point of Scarlet Devil Mansion?

Who are they, why are they doing there, what do they do, what is their power, etc.

I heard Flan destroy anything

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The SDM is just a big house full of nameless idiots that Meiling watches over.

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>Fuerim intra in FUNDAMENTUM.
>Nam circa CDXCV annis.

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does flan destroy anything?

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Silly anon, China isn't up for that sort of task.

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sometimes the truth hurts

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She's a hikki, so the only time she was shown to bother doing so was when she blew up an asteroid because it would have wrecked her house at least.

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how she hikki?!?!

she is always cute smiling girl

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Is this preferable, good sir?

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Sweet. Now add extra pair of arms with that or third eye.

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Nubian princess/10

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Sorry, I work under specialization. You want something like that, ask Face Eating Youkai or something, I'm sure he knows someone.

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I am not able to contain my autism, but why aren't they able to get the colors of her crystals right in the right order?
This is REALLY bugging me.

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Oh yea, I remember him.

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Artists are usually pretty secondary as well.

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I would just like you to know your post and that image sent me into a laughing fit for several seconds. The image, text, and context all came together perfectly in my mind and I literally could not stop laugh. Thank you.

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I wouldn't even make the difference to say primary and secondary and, if I would, I'd end up as secondary aswell.
My primary point is why they can't get their shit right and let her atleast appear like she should.
There are NO red crystals, it angers me, why not completely remove the wings, if they aren't even able to get a simple thing like this right.
I haven't even seen more than a handful of correctly colored ones.
Enough autistic outbreaks for now, I appreciate every single well-drawn one.

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Flan's barefeet.

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Hikkis can't smile?

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Just for your information, your pic's artist also got it wrong there.

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Now that you mentioned it, it's easy to believe.

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I want to be Flan's personal butler and servant.

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most stylish touhou

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Why does Flan wear clothes that look similar to Reimu's clothes.

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Doesn't Remilia have power over fate?

To some extent?

Didn't they do something foggy too?
They're just kind of strong I suppose.

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frandle a model

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No, really? Not like I didn't know before.

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Those eyelashes