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Old thread:

You know the drill, talk about STGs & Touhou. Chat with fellow players, blog about your progress, plead for help on problematic spots, and so on.


Looking for a stream? Instead of filling the thread with requests, you can check out this page for currently live Touhou players:


New challenges for this thread!

Scoring challenge: Graze in PCB Normal/Lunatic Stage 5!
1. Every shot-type is welcome
2. The run must be done within the thread, no old scores.
3. Replays or screenshots will be required for posts with scores.

Special challenge: IN Extra without focused movements on Youmu solo!
1. Go for maximal progress in IN Extra without focusing.
2. The run must be done within the thread, no old scores.
3. Replays will be required for posts with scores.
4. The runs will be ranked by progress > resources > score.
5. You may only use Youmu

STG challenge: Armed Police Batrider!
1. Tiebreaker on clears will be score > lives.
2. The run must be done within the thread, no old scores.
3. Either screenshots or .inps will be required for posts with scores.


Previous challenge winners
Scoring: TD Normal/Lunatic Stage 4 without Bombs or Trance.
Normal - 45,137,490 >>10890308 (Marisa)
Lunatic - No entries

Special: SA Extra without vertical movement.
Subterranean Rose >>10900475

No Entries


You have time for until this thread ends (i.e. it hits the bump limit).

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for participation, everyone.

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Due to the high numer of replies, let's have this survey carry over to this thread so that people will have more time to reply.


It's time for a little questionnaire, /jp/. Please sit down and take your time while answering these questions.

Part 1 (Answer on a scale from 1 to 10. You may explain your answers):
A) How good do you consider yourself as a Touhou/STG player?
B) How good are your reflexes and reactions?
C) How good is your bullet reading ability?
D) How good are you at controlling your movements?
E) How dedicated and patient are you as a player?

Part 2 (Answer freely):
A) How long have you played Touhou, or STG's?
B) Do you have a favorite game? Which is it? Why?
C) Do you prefer survival or scoring oriented play?
D) What are your greatest achievements? Why?
E) Give a rough assumption, how much do you play per day.
F) What are your goals for the rest of this year?
E) How much have you improved during the last year?

Part 3 (Answer freely):
A) Do you keep track of what other people do with the games?
B) Do you visit any Touhou or STG related sites other than /jp/? Which site(s)?
C) Do you enjoy watching replays or videos of Touhou and STG's?
D) What do you think of livestreaming as entertainment?
E) Do you have an idol? Why?
F) Do you wish the Western Touhou/STG players discussed more with each other?

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I'd like to ask if you still want to keep the thread challenges going.

The amount of people submitting runs has dropped quite a bit and I was wondering if you still wanted to keep up with them.

And as usual, if you have ideas for improvements, I'll listen.

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A) 5
B) 9 - I am king at chaining deathbombs
C) 5
D) 4
E) 2

A) approaching a year of Touhou now.
Started late June.
B) TH13 because of the pretty patterns, nice music, and cool characters. Trance is nice for a less than great player like me too.
C) Survival
D) My 4/4 Hard TD clears, it's really the only thing I've done past Normal.
E) an hour or so
F) I really want to 4/4 Lunatic
G) a lot

A) To an extent, I watch streams, but that's about as far as it goes
B) yes, stggrillz
C) not really, I'd rather learn through playing than studying replays
D) It's fun, and good for getting knowledge of STGs out there
E) I don't want to namedrop, but I really respect a player's absolute dedication and mastery of SA yet still being uncomfortably humble, I want to be that
F) i think the western community is relatively tight

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To be fair, that last thread went by really fast, so that might be part of the reason for the fewer submissions.

If it's been a longer trend, it might just be that people are getting burned out, or there are too many challenges; i.e. even if someone feels like doing two or even all three challenges, they probably only have time to put serious effort into one.

I suppose one fix for this might be to cycle through the challenges: like, rather than having three challenges in the next thread, you spread them out over the three subsequent threads. On the one hand, you make them less accessible for people in general, as there are fewer chances that the challenges are related to things they are currently working on. On the other hand, it would focus the competition on one individual challenge a bit more, and also let people take breaks from challenges to pursue their own personal goals, etc. An imperfect solution, but food for thought.

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Scoring challenge: Normal
Graze: 3556

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cute glasses dude

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Thanks Anon-san.

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part 1
a) 3-4 maybe, i only play the 2hus
b) 4 probably below average reaction times
c) 3 better at slow patterns though
d) 3 i can sometimes move the intended way after freezing to think about how much to press the buttons to execute the movement correctly
e) 6 playing for the whole day if i feel motivated

part 2
a) 37 months/ around 600 hours
b) DS right now
c) scoring or other goals are more interesting
d) dunno, maybe 70 scenes cleared in 120fps StB or 1.5 billion SA lunatic ReimuC
e) if I'm in a cycle where i focus on 2hu probably for 2-3 hours on average, if not then 0
f) 85 millions total score in DS with Aya would be nice - but probably impossible for me
e) plateaued 2 years ago

part 3
a) yes, checking out the royalflare feed and MotK highscore/achievement threads and watch streams quite often
b) yes, those mentioned above
c) yes, mainly WR scoring replays
d) i like it
e) i don't want to gush about that here
f) more discussion outside of IRC would be nice

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A) How good do you consider yourself as a Touhou/STG player?
B) How good are your reflexes and reactions?
C) How good is your bullet reading ability?
D) How good are you at controlling your movements?
E) How dedicated and patient are you as a player?
9 - I don't know when to stop. Maybe I should set myself harder goals.

A) How long have you played Touhou, or STG's?
~10 months
B) Do you have a favorite game? Which is it? Why?
PCB because of the system, SA because it's hard and straightforward
C) Do you prefer survival or scoring oriented play?
D) What are your greatest achievements? Why?
Normal and Extra clears and maybe few NMNB of 6th stages
E) Give a rough assumption, how much do you play per day.
2h on average
F) What are your goals for the rest of this year?
Clearing all main Windows games on Normal with all of the shot types, remaining Extra, PCB or SA Hard 1cc
E) How much have you improved during the last year?

A) Do you keep track of what other people do with the games?
Not really
B) Do you visit any Touhou or STG related sites other than /jp/? Which site(s)?
C) Do you enjoy watching replays or videos of Touhou and STG's?
D) What do you think of livestreaming as entertainment?
E) Do you have an idol? Why?
F) Do you wish the Western Touhou/STG players discussed more with each other?
Not really

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I am terrible at controlling youmu's movement. didn't even face IS. will definitely try and improve improve. http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=28397

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Which spell card was this?
I don't remember seeing it.

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Are there patches out there that make it so in MoF-UFO you continue from where you started when you game over? If I couldn't beat the stage going in with 5 extra lives how do they expect me to do it with only 2?

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Use a memory editor to cheat.

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It's the glitched out version of 6-5, Yuugi's curvy laser scene.

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>Part 1
A) How good do you consider yourself as a Touhou/STG player?


B) How good are your reflexes and reactions?


>C) How good is your bullet reading ability?


>D) How good are you at controlling your movements?


E) How dedicated and patient are you as a player?

1. Was very dedicated when I started, but not now.

Part 2

A) How long have you played Touhou, or STG's?

2 years.

B) Do you have a favorite game? Which is it? Why?

Only ever played EoSD. Had a a quick go of PCB, but that's it.

C) Do you prefer survival or scoring oriented play?

Not good enough for score orientated.

D) What are your greatest achievements? Why?

1cc'ing normal EoSD.

E) Give a rough assumption, how much do you play per day.

30 mins.

F) What are your goals for the rest of this year?


E) How much have you improved during the last year?

Gotten gradually worse ever since I 1cc'ed.

Part 3

A) Do you keep track of what other people do with the games?


B) Do you visit any Touhou or STG related sites other than /jp/? Which site(s)?


C) Do you enjoy watching replays or videos of Touhou and STG's?


E) Do you have an idol? Why?


F) Do you wish the Western Touhou/STG players discussed more with each other?

Don't really care.

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>If I couldn't beat the stage going in with 5 extra lives how do they expect me to do it with only 2?
Use it to practice

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I gave it a shot, did not turn out too well.

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Special challenge

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That spell has got to be one of my favorite moments in Touhou.

Finally reached the end of the game, the final boss has drained the last few lives and bombs you had, and then comes the ultimate attack. The way it even shares the title of the game helps to present that feeling of finality. It's like, "this is it!" Sweating, hands shaking, feels like time is slowing down.

You lose yourself into the frantic dodging and forget everything else around you. After many close calls, you eventually start hearing the low thudding sound, knowing that you still have to stretch it for just a bit, even if it feels impossible.

And then...

The game slows down...

This is really happening...!


I actually yelled at the screen on my first MoF 1cc.

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>A) How good do you consider yourself as a Touhou/STG player?
Average (1CC hard with decent scores)
>B) How good are your reflexes and reactions?
Probably my worst, fast bullets murder me.
>C) How good is your bullet reading ability?
Pretty good, slow barrages are easy.
>D) How good are you at controlling your movements?
Average i guess
>E) How dedicated and patient are you as a player?
Not very, i ragequit a lot and i rarely do stage practice.

>A) How long have you played Touhou, or STG's?
About 2 years
>B) Do you have a favorite game? Which is it? Why?
C) Do you prefer survival or scoring oriented play?
D) What are your greatest achievements? Why?
1 billion points in PCB hard because I can't do it again.
>E) Give a rough assumption, how much do you play per day.
2hrs a week tops
>F) What are your goals for the rest of this year?
1.1b in PCB hard, 2.4B in IN hard.
>E) How much have you improved during the last year?
Not much

>A) Do you keep track of what other people do with the games?
>B) Do you visit any Touhou or STG related sites other than /jp/? Which site(s)?
Wiki high scores page
>C) Do you enjoy watching replays or videos of Touhou and STG's?

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When is ZUN going to make a good 2hu game?

20 years and he barely progressed in design and art skills, what an incompetent developer

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This is how classic STGs worked. You can make your contemporary jokes about DLC for games just being new levels for $10, but old arcade sequels were exactly the same. Take Giga Wing, add some new patterns, increase the sprite size a little, that'll be 150,000 yen for Giga Wing 2, please!

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A) 3
I may have achieved some thing but I am slow and not that skilled.

B) 3
Not a great deathbomber here

C) 4
Sometimes I read instantly the pattern but really often I don't see what is killing me, Bad sight also (asymetrical)

Don't always go as curvy as I would like and such...

I may be slow but I always hope and never give up my objectives however there are times when I just can't allow any mistakes and rage like a shounen boy...

A) 3 years - since the time I discovered it in April 2010

B) Yes, EoSD, the first I played, fell in love with the game : Characters, cute and endearing story, magic music in my opinion (the first time I listened to "Apparition stalk the night" I went rock hard), colour patterns (I wasn't into STG then ), I litteraly cried during the end so much I liked it.

C) Survival, I'm not fond of scoring because I don't want to bother with learning tech though I don't dislike seeing my score going high (relatively of course)

D) 1cc Lunatic Reimu A EoSD, first time I ever cleared a Lunatic without continue, and I concidered doing pretty well in Scarlet Gensokyo (I used a bomb in the beginning out of stress then did 60-70% remaining life with 0-0), this was the "legendary goal" for me as I play survival. I was sooooo happy I cried (sentimental fuck I know). Other achievement I am proud of is 6/6 character/shot Phantasm in PCB.

E) There are period, I'd say maximum 3 hours a day, each day during my most intense play (during one month a year), but usually 1h twice a week, except winter when I usually don't play much (spent 8 month : November-June without touching touhou last year).

F) 1CC : remaining team/characters IN (now 3/12) normal/hard
Reimu A : SA, UFO, TD, MS,
Extra : each one I unlock with 1CC, + Reimu A MoF , Reimu LLS
Other : Capture QED, and see all last word in IN
however I am not bound to this year, given that I don't play that much.

>> No.10919713

the end of >>10919707

G) since the 3 last year, from nothing to now, this only year ? Most of what I achieved is from 2 years ago, I've seen the last Suwako's spell, cleared 3 Extra in IN (Reimu, Marissa, Rei&Yuk), captured every spell of Ran (I had the 2 last to do), finished Reimu Solo Hard IN, 1CC Lunatic Reimu A EoSD

Part 3
A) Not at aaaaall, I don't really know the best score except they are very high, I only talk much with my brother who also play,

B)Nope, except for patch Touhou wiki if I remember well

C) I enjoy sometimes a perfect run because I find those sooooo gorgeous, not only Touhou, but also Mushihime or Sylpheed (dat music)

D) never ever tested and don't know what it really is, sorry

E) I read long long ago about Gil when I discovered No-vertical play, they may have been much better player but I kind of admire him/her, that's all.

F) Don't know, it would be cool, but I don't want to invest myself into it. I mean, Touhou is a good game imo but it has one of the worst fanbase I've ever seen. I mean I can't talk about it nicely without feeling either very baaad at it and literally a Noob concerning the "metagame" or cerned by beta/secondaries/whichever the fuck you call them who just want to know who you want to fuck or if you have seen the last musical atrocity... I admit not knowing at all the community surrounding other STG but I think they might be as "fussy" concerning skill as touhou players if not more.
Nevertheless, STG may also have to be visible and thus discuss more together for the developper to create more games, and add neat idea (this is even more usefull when they're amateur).

Sorry for the bad English.

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A) How good do you consider yourself as a Touhou/STG player?
5. Not very. I only started playing recently.
B) How good are your reflexes and reactions?
7. I feel like my age is starting to affect my reactions, but I've always been pretty snappy because of Quake background.
C) How good is your bullet reading ability?
4. Still need to learn to look elsewhere than just at my character.
D) How good are you at controlling your movements?
6. Decent. Still needs improvement.
E) How dedicated and patient are you as a player?
8. I can keep going for hours, even if I'm failing all the time.

A) How long have you played Touhou, or STG's?
I've dabbled in STGs for many years, but only started trying to 1cc them about a month ago.
B) Do you have a favorite game? Which is it? Why?
SA, for the characters and difficulty.
C) Do you prefer survival or scoring oriented play?
Survival so far. I need to get better before I can do scoring.
D) What are your greatest achievements? Why?
PCB Phantasm clear with a few lives to spare. Other than that I just have 1cc normal all the touhou games.
E) Give a rough assumption, how much do you play per day.
When I'm into it, anywhere from 2 to 10 hours.
F) What are your goals for the rest of this year?
Clear touhou extras. Maybe a few games on lunatic.
E) How much have you improved during the last year?
A lot. I couldn't 1cc any game two months ago.

Pretty much no to all part3 questions.

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>This is how classic STGs worked

Classic STGs were well made and designed by professionals

ZUN is an incompetent hack

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Play less dangerously.

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I'm not good at this. Sorry.

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Gotta screw up 3 of the easiest final spells.

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I'm not very good at STG but been playing really religiously the last few days and almost 1cc my first touhou.

Died on the final spellcard, couldn't seem to get under her and didn't want to die with no lives/bombs so I ended up trying to time out the spellcard. Time felt so slow

That said; Sakuya gave me 100x more trouble than Remilia and I think victory is possible if I could get through Sakuya.

>> No.10922601

I can 1cc SA,TD,MoF and UFO, why I can't even go through Keine on IN without losing a life what the fuck is wrong with me any tips?

>> No.10922646

Are we talking Lunatic? If yes, I can give you a few tips; I cleared IN a few times.

>> No.10922935

yeah, replays don't help

>> No.10923005

I know. I agree that watching a replays doesn't help much. I'll try to explain some things to the best of my ability:

Her midboss nonspell is tricky since bullets come in weird crossing directions. Since Keine follows your horizontal position, you can lure her to one direction and quickly kill her off shortly after she spawns the second set of familiars, if you shoot focused. You can also shoot unfocused to kill her familiars, but that may prolong it so you'll need to dodge for longer. Her midboss spell is static with aimed bubbles, so you can grind it in practice and get a path memorized. Or you can use the safespot in the middle of the pyramid, but that is hard and requires some time to learn.

Her boss spells, are tricky (especially if she moves down too low) since you often don't expect to get hit and have no time to react and deathbomb when a bullet gets you. That's what I experience mostly, at least. Her first spell is hard. Look around for big gaps, don't focus on your character. Try to kill off some familiars, too. You'll have less random bullets to dodge. GHQ is safest at the bottom, directly below her. The bullets cross over, but don't hit you there. Three Treasures can be safespotted above if your start in the top right or left corners, but it's fairly simple to dodge without it. Her last spell has static red lasers, so you should memorize the safe areas while avoiding the red arrow heads. The red arrow heads seem to be aimed in some mundane fashion, but treat them as random. I usually use the safe area in the center on level of the red ring in the background, then move to the left safe area for the next wave of red lasers, and back into the middle (I can try to get a image if you don't understand). Her last (optional) spell is fairly easy. Start directly below her and tap left (or right) every 4 times you hear her shoot the rings of bullets.

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File: 1.75 MB, 1280x960, keine1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I outlined the thing about her last spell. As you can see, the 4th wave is identical to the first wave, which means it loops from there. The green diamonds show the safe spots that I use. The yellow line shows the spots relative to the middle of the screen. Red bullets will need to be dodged, I'm afraid.

>> No.10923072

Yeah, Mystia is a bitch. Her last non-spell is a pain in the ass.
Also, don't stay at the bottom of the screen during the stages.

>> No.10923110

>Her boss spells
I mean, her boss non spells.

>> No.10923114

I'm hype for Saturday. I just hope the game will have good GOOD music.

>> No.10923311

I hope the game will have spell card value dancing.

>> No.10923322

How good do you consider yourself as a Touhou/STG player?
Okay, but not great at anything.

How good are your reflexes and reactions?
I can get them pretty tight, but then they can become hellishly jumpy.

How good is your bullet reading ability?
That really depends on the bullets. A singular wave is child's play, cross weaving bullets give me a bit of trouble, curvy lasers and separate bullet waves going in multiple directions confuse me.

How good are you at controlling your movements?
I'm good at making small, tiny, and precise movements as well as large, broad, and fast movements. This is from experience with StB

How dedicated and patient are you as a player?
When I was still into it, really dedicated and patient. However I don't play much touhou or shmups nowadays.

Since I have no idea how the number scale actually scales I didn't bother with numbers.

How long have you played Touhou, or STG's?
4-5 years I'm guessing? I started around when SA was still pretty recent.

B) Do you have a favorite game? Which is it? Why?
Shoot the Bullet or EoSD. I appreciated Shoot the Bullet's pacing and level style. I liked EoSD's simplicity.

Do you prefer survival or scoring oriented play?
In my mind, you have to learn how to survive perfectly before even bothering going for scoring and I was never able to get beyond pure survival in any of the games besides StB.

What are your greatest achievements? Why?
A 1cc of Lunatic EoSD, I can also no bomb EoSD extra, but I still haven't managed a perfect clear of EoSD's extra. That and the highest Western score in StB which I'm surprised nobody ever bothered trying to surpass.

Give a rough assumption, how much do you play per day.
Nearly none anymore.

What are your goals for the rest of this year?
Maybe get back into touhou when I have time and effort to work on it.

How much have you improved during the last year?
Not at all since I barely play anymore.

Don't really have answers for part 3.

>> No.10923496


I was at your stage 2 days ago. Just keep running through, and you'll make it. Just work on trimming down deaths. And Remillia isn't that difficult for the most part, its just that she has a few wildcards, but you know how to do it, she's not that difficult.

>> No.10923520

I can consistently 1-ALL DoDonPachi, but can't even clear a single Touhou game on Hard. I wouldn't feel too bad about it, you aren't as retarded as I am. ;_;

>> No.10923633

I seem to TIME OUT my matches on Hopeless Masquerade way too often. Like, 7 out of 10 rounds?

It seems so difficult to deplete the HP bar. I wonder what's wrong.

>> No.10923650

Learn some combos for your character.

>> No.10923653

As far as I can tell HM is more about gaining popularity through doing impressive and flashy things than just beating your enemy.
I really like that since it works well with the whole spellcard system.

>> No.10923656

How do we use the spellcard, again? Is it automatic or you need to input something when the conditions are met?

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File: 320 KB, 959x695, 1358692840589.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any general tips for improving in EosD? The lack of visible hitbox kinda messes me up, I've still managed to get to Patchy on hard with no continues though

>> No.10923672

You can always get that hitbox patch if the lack of visible hitbox is the main problem

>> No.10923674


EoSD is quite easy, its just knowing what to do and when. Just keep playing, you'll gain a general knowledge of where your hitbox is after a while anyway. For me, knowing where my hitbox is on the later games messes me up, I almost never look at it.

>> No.10923678

The only thing I don't like about EoSD is no boss signal on the bottom of the screen, I didn't realize how much I took it for granted in later games.

>> No.10923689

The only thing I still haven't figured out after like, 50 attempts or so, is how to dodge Cirno's first attack. Are you supposed to strafe at the speed of light between the ice or just fly from one edge of the screen to the other?

>> No.10923691

go around it m8

>> No.10923694


On Lunatic, wave through the bullets. On every other mode, I start in the centre, then move left, but start moving right before she actually fires the third shot. On Hard its the same, just keep an eye for where the blue bullets are relative to the icicle shot and memorise where the gaps are. Just remember to start strafing before she fires the shot.

>> No.10923696


And obviously move up to avoid the shot that's just passed if its still there.

>> No.10923722

Direction + X+Y.

The direction that you need to press depends on how you have your skills set up. It's important to know what combos you can do after a stun. On an unrelated note, I wish I could trade my fighting game skill for shooting game skill.

>> No.10923734

position yourself on top of cirno during the dialogue and safespot the first 3 shots

>> No.10923738

ZUN is a professional video game developer, anonymous.

>> No.10923849

People are trying to insist that DoDonPachi isn't a bullet hell game compared to Touhou. I can't argue against it because they have significantly more time played than I do.

I don't even know what to think anymore.

>> No.10923930


Touhou is a funny one because the difficulty varies so much from game to game. You can only compare individual games to other games, you can't compare the entire series.

>> No.10924112

Anyone got a good list of STG's to play? I'm looking for some challenge and variety.

>> No.10924212
File: 182 KB, 1043x677, games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How about one of these? I just found out yesterday that i had all those games still sitting around in an old, unrelated folder for some reason. I don't even remember downloading Fever SOS.

>> No.10924214

every game release on the xbox 360

>> No.10924282

Is PCB really easier than EoSD? I've heard it is, but it seemed much harder when I played it. There was much going on and more wacky spellcards.

>> No.10924312

It's easier in the sense that you can see your hitbox and you have supernatural border, but in terms of the actual bullets I'd say PCB is harder.

>> No.10924419

I don't want to play Easy mode just for it, but in Ten Desires can you 1cc Easy and be able to unlock extra mode? I know for some of the games, you can.

>> No.10924439

EoSD has more random cards, which makes PCB seem harder initially.

>> No.10924476

I wonder the same when people say that Touhou is easier than CAVE games. I can peek into 2-2 in DOJBL on good days, but can't even make it to Stage 4 on any Touhou game on Hard.

>> No.10924688
File: 337 KB, 640x480, Finally got my first clear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

finally found time and 1cc my first touhou game(normal).


>> No.10924690


Well done!

>> No.10924694



>> No.10924706


Ready for Flandre?

>> No.10924804

How many of you only use one character every game?

I never really break out of my just Reimu box, and prefer her every game, curious if others play every character/shot type.

>> No.10924823


I tend to gravitate towards the non-Reimu/Marisa playables. Sakuya in PCB, SDM team in IN, Sanae in UFO, Youmu in TD. I'll usually stick to one shot type but I'll try the others just in case. There are certain shot types I can't stand though, especially spinny shot types like IN Youmu or Reimu C in SA.

>> No.10924818


I will once I've perfected normal with Reimu A. Had a go of Marisa, I couldn't get used to how quick she is.

>> No.10924837

What is the single greatest score in all of STGs? What is the hardest game to beat? Who is the best player? What are the most popular games?

>> No.10924852

I almost never use Marisa in any game. I hate that laser shot. It makes this annoying sound.

>> No.10924863


>> No.10924870

In my opinion:
>single greatest score in all of STGs?
Ichizoku's 698M EoSD Lunatic with Reimu B.
>What is the hardest game to beat?
UFO. Or PoDD if you count in PC98 games.
>Who is the best player?
There is no best player, but there are a lot of really amazing players that are great in the games they specialize in (sometimes multiple titles). For example HS for PCB.
>What are the most popular games?
Probably the trilogy of EoSD, PCB and IN, but all of the main windows games are popular.

>> No.10924888

I'm pretty sure the highest score is something from the Giga Wing games.

>> No.10924941

748,414,350 in Dodonpachi by SOF-WTN
Expert in Dodonpachi Saidaioujou with Inbachi
The Dodonpachi series

Only one person has cleared this game because none of the top players have played it. The same can be said for MON's clear of Daioujou Death Label.

>> No.10924962

PoDD is way easier than PoFV if you spam Marisa's level 1 attack. It does way too much damage.

>> No.10924965

I'd say POFV is way easier if you use Medicine or Eiki because the AI can't handle the slow poison and Eiki's laser at all.

>> No.10925030

PoFV is easiest lunatic when you use Medi or Aya.

>> No.10925058

Yeah, forgot that Yama can't normal Story and has that timed invincible stuff for the AI. She won't lose in vs mode though.

>> No.10925076

dude, what the fuck are you even saying? do you even lunatic? I think it's fair to take the easiest and the hardest character to clear with for each game to compare. easiest with PoDD is Yumemi, hardest is Chiyuri. For PoFV that's Medicine for easiest and mystia (probably) for hardest. dude, the yumemi clear is harder than the mystia clear if you play the game properly. you don't need to spam level 2s, but I assure you more people would clear PoFV with mystia before they clear PoDD with Yumemi.

>> No.10925174

Does anyone have any advice on how to capture colorful rain and extreme color typhoon? I just did a no live no bomb run, and I lost two to those fuckers. I have no idea why its so hard.

>> No.10925194

>Greatest score
The one you love the most. A WR has a lot of compassion in it, so it even carries the feeling to the person watching. Mine is my own, but it's highly biased so let's leave this empty for now.
>Hardest game
I have no idea. IN Youmu for scoring, but I have hardly played non-Touhou shmups.
>Best player
Hard to choose. Most people have a forte and they might be worse at some other game. I'd rather name my favorite player, he likes birds.
>Most popular game
MoF, for the Touhou games, if we go by Royalflare.

>> No.10925195

There's no real trick to them, just avoid the bullets.
Just practice, you'll get it soon enough.

>> No.10925201


I was afraid you going to say that. I find it even more difficult than anybodies attacks, because with most you can at least see how to do them. Even Scarlett Netherworld is easier. I suppose I shouldn't do that though and try to train my reactions.

>> No.10925229

sakuya looks like an old granny going to read someone a book to bed and youmu is a hipster gardnerer weeaboo

>> No.10925237


Sakuya was 100% sexier in PCB than in EoSD though.

>> No.10925270

Some WRs are objectively better than others. The original Dodonpachi was incredibly popular; the amount of people attempting to become the best in the country made it fiercely competitive. Being the best at that game is the *single* most impressive accomplishment in all of STGs.

That doesn't make SOF-WTN the greatest player, though.

>> No.10925284
File: 117 KB, 252x480, icancounttopotato.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What wrong anon? you don't like potatos?

>> No.10925304


I have no idea why Zun chose to use that. He could easily have made another.

>> No.10925311 [DELETED] 

Any hints for Imperishable Night extra, Spell card 196 (Immortal "Fire Bird -Flying Phoenix-").
I don't see the point where I can avoid it without the usage of bombs, it seems kind of impossible or atleast RNG. Are there certain points where I can avoid getting hit by the phoenix?

>> No.10925322

Lazy maybe? He also chose to use his short armed Satori instead of making the arms better.

>> No.10925326


Yeah but... This is a guy who made a game and produced the music all by himself. He could've re-drawn the eye at least.

>> No.10925383

Look at these plebs, questioning ZUN's artistic genius.
Clearly it's on a level way beyond your understanding.

>> No.10925435
File: 151 KB, 640x480, hilfe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have no idea how to approach Sanae's first spell in SA EX. What do I need to look at to be able to reliably dodge it?

>> No.10925444


I'm sorry. I should have known better. My skills aren't that advanced yet.

>> No.10925466
File: 808 KB, 808x478, tmp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I use dialogue box/background to position myself and then simply dodge left and right

>> No.10925473

Position yourself at the bottom of the screen, over the second "e" in "Enemy"

>> No.10925559 [DELETED] 

I'm having a problem with Samidare, the game crashes whenever I'm about to unlock extra mode (or near the end of the final boss). Any suggestions?

>> No.10925605 [DELETED] 

Problem fixed itself somehow, time to go die hundreds of times.

>> No.10925859

A) 8 as a Touhou player. 5 as an STG player.
B) 7
C) 7
D) 8
E) 8

A) 5 years playing Touhou, 2-3 into other STGs.
B) UFO. It certainly isn't the best at everything, but it's the most fun to play, has the best mechanics system, is very difficult, and does a whole bunch of other things well.
C) Survival, but I definitely understand scoring and greatly respect high-level play in that regard. Currently isn't for me.
D) Recently I did a perfect timeout VoWG on Lunatic. For the most part, I move on to other goals immediately so I don't really call any of my achievements greater than previous ones.
E) Equivalent of an hour. I don't play every day, and sometimes I play an hour, sometimes I play several.
F) Futari 1ccs, progress in Galuda 2 Overheat. Maybe some LNBs.
G) Some. I can't measure improvement in accomplishments anymore, just how I sort of feel playing certain things.

A) yes
B) shrinemaiden and shmups farm
C) Depends, but basically yes.
D) Great.
E) no
F) sure

hi guys

>> No.10925893 [DELETED] 

which touhou runs best in wine? I always have endless problems with trying to run things

>> No.10925945

Can anyone recommend me any decent danmaku (or not) shmups? I've been playing Touhou for years and I'd really like to play another series!

>> No.10925958

Check out 東方.

>> No.10925989

You rank yourself awfully high for having so few achievements. Egoism?

>> No.10925997

IRC egoism. :3ccccccccccc

>> No.10926042

No one should ever rank themselves; it ends up being really inconsistent. It would have been better if these surveys were for people to review other players.

>> No.10926060

Can you post an example or a template on how that should be done?

>> No.10926082

Well the system is flawed simply for asking a number scale where the numbers haven't actually been defined in any way regarding performance. Making the numbers rather meaningless.

>> No.10926093 [DELETED] 
File: 50 KB, 331x331, 1368550479077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10926097

>it seems kind of impossible or atleast RNG
It's aimed.

>> No.10926101

Moving around a lot against bullets that aim at you is a useful thing to do sometimes.

>> No.10926103 [DELETED] 

Yes, I get the point, my main problem is I cannot see how it is possible to avoid getting hit by phoenix. Sometimes there is just no space to dodge it.

>> No.10926105

I didn't say few achievements, just that I don't think of any specific achievements as particularly great, in general. If I 2-alled DDP it would still be just as momentous as others.

Asking us to rank ourselves without any given standard or context is bound to have weird skewing. I'm also not ranking based on scoring ability. If 1 is a player struggling on Easy mode, 3 is a player just 1ccing Normal, 7 is a player comfortable clearing Lunatics, then I find 8 pretty accurate. I use that based on how I see the population of players. If you're ranking based on how good you think you are when all skill is on a linear scale, you'd probably have Lunatic players shoved down to 5, which seems even more ridiculous.

my post totally gives away my anonymity if you know me, pls no bully

>> No.10926106

Is that Mokou's second spellcard where she throws bullets in the shape of birds? I remember being able to capture that by luring the birds all the way to one side and slowly grazing them, then go all the way to the other side.

>> No.10926107

>Sometimes there is just no space to dodge it.
Then you're not taking advantage of the fact that it's aimed.

Experiment in spell practice. Pay attention to sound cues. Make every movement have purpose.

>> No.10926111

That spell is all about how good you are at controlling where Mokou shoots in order to give yourself the most possible room to maneuver.

>> No.10926113 [DELETED] 

Thanks, I didn't even know that it is possible to practice the spells. Always thought I have to maneuver through the phoenix. This definitely helps.

>> No.10926115

I watched the stream and he 1CCd perfect cherry blossom then subterranean animism, that was amazing

>> No.10926117

You can do that too if you're a bad enough dude.

>> No.10926130

How long has Anonymous been playing?
What has he accomplished in that timeframe?
Rate those achievements.
How dedicated is he?
How much potential do you think he has?

>> No.10926136

I dunno, I think that's a pretty shallow and empty way to rate somebody else.

>> No.10926152

But how does things like a VoWG timeout compare to lunatic 90fps 1ccs or a 90% of WR score? It would be very subjective.

>> No.10926166

It's okay. I've lurked a few times and I know that you guys aren't as bad as some people make you out to be.

>> No.10926182
File: 696 KB, 1053x1070, 1368767585899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get non-secondary Touhou threads on /jp/ about actual STG gameplay
>just a bunch of faggots rating themselves and attempting to convince each other why they're the superior gaymur

What the hell happened, guys?

>> No.10926211
File: 109 KB, 396x397, 1368220603533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Double Dealing Character.

This is either Red Riding Hood or a Muslim.

>> No.10926214

We're all secondaries here, by the way.

>> No.10926220

She looks cute. ZUN's artstyle in this game is weirdly charming, can't wait to see Sakuya.

>> No.10926233

I was thinking of getting an Xbox 360 to play Raiden and some CAVE games. Should I bother getting a Japanese Xbox or should I just get a new 4GB NTSC-U/C Xbox?

>> No.10926239

shrinemaiden posters are better than /jp/

>> No.10926271

Depends on the price point and how many games you want to get. You should be content with the region-free games available, but it does miss out on Ketsuipachi at the very least.

>> No.10926293

well yeah, everybody is better than /jp/. who do you think dominated in the soku, melty, and pofv threads way back?

certainly wasn't /jp/, that's for sure.

>> No.10926295

In what way?

>> No.10926302

Why do Western players lie about how much they play?

>> No.10926314

To make people think they're cool.

>> No.10926340

-Accomplishing "a lot" in a small timeframe isn't always indicative of how much effort went in, how often they played, how quickly goals were achieved
-Listing accomplishments is a horribly quantitative way to gauge aptitude, also it favours those who play by clearing as many random things as possible and who play constantly throughout the years
-Not all players are going to have an understanding of what sort of achievement is actually more difficult than another, rating is even more skewed than before
-It doesn't consider how difficult that player found an achievement or how hard they tried etc
-How are anonymous supposed to get a good grasp of how "dedicated" a player is
-Potential? Really?

>> No.10926349

in any case it just implies the player is their accomplishments

>> No.10926473

But saying you haven't spent much time playing a game when you submit a new score doesn't make you look cool, it makes you look like a casual. Especially when it's been months since you posted your last achievement.

>> No.10926781

The numbers, especially for the first and fifth questions, are not meaningless. It shows how much understanding a player has of how much effort it takes to get to the very top, their knowledge of who and how crazy good the top players are, and their confidence. When people willingly list their achievements (which usually identify them), I get more information on how they think.

With that, in my opinion, almost every player here has overrated their dedication to these games.

>> No.10927172

>[..] and who play constantly throughout the years
Uh, have you ever thought that the ability to play the games everyday, every year, without getting burned out, is, you know, a strength and an accomplishment?

>> No.10927234

>Uh, have you ever thought that the ability to play the games everyday, every year, without getting burned out, is, you know, a strength and an accomplishment?

No, that's autism.

>> No.10927261

Autism is simply the next stage of human evolution.

>> No.10927321

It isn't. Taking a break from a game doesn't mean you're any less dedicated and it isn't a sign of weakness at all. It certainly shouldn't be called an accomplishment. Noting how long you play the games, then comparing it to achievements, naturally favors whoever gets the most in the shortest amount of time. It's an awful robotic measure of competency.

If 10 is just considered the very top then you run into the question of "how are you scaling down from there". If someone uses a more sensible scale than a linear scale, as said, yet you're parsing their self-rating as meaning something else, then saying you get information on how they think is making massively flawed assumptions about them.
Saying everyone overrated their dedication pretty much confirms that you're just equating different contexts then going "haha these guys think they're actually that good/don't realize how good the best really are".

>> No.10927362

>Noting how long you play the games, then comparing it to achievements, naturally favors whoever gets the most in the shortest amount of time.

That's irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the end result.

>> No.10927415

>The only thing that matters is the end result.

So if I use slowdown programs/memory editors/etc to achieve a higher score than someone that plays 'fairly', then my achievement has more value than theirs?

>> No.10927421

no, if you like something you can do that every day normally, it's not endurance

anyway, your "logic" can be applied t oanything

>eating every day every year
>smoking weed every day every year
>masturbating every day every year
>going to parties every week every year
>socializing every week every day
>browsing /jp/ every week every year

only retards make achievments out of the things they do in their free time

like these "otakumasters" who take pride in how many anime they have seen or how many hours in a row they watched a single series

>> No.10927427

╮( ꒪౪꒪)╭

>> No.10927428

finally managing to beat Shiki on normal without continuies

still can't beat th8Reisen for shit
and touhou 11 is just unplayable

>> No.10927524

I only recently got really into Touhou, and I've been playing for the last 3 and a half weeks or so. It's also my first bullet hell game series. I managed to do EoSD on Normal without continues with Reimu A and Marisa B this week, however I still feel completely helpless at certain spellcards, and continuously make stupid mistakes that gets me killed on easier ones.

I didn't really look up any guides etc. for Touhou before getting started, but could you guys give me any sort of tips that might help me become better? Especially on Youmu and Yuyuko in PCB and Reimu and all of stage 5 in IN I'm having trouble.

Please don't hit me.

>> No.10927533

When bullets come at you, move out of the way.

>> No.10927532

Uh, no. That is obviously cheating and it has absolutely nothing to do with what was being discussed.

>> No.10927553


I try my best.

>> No.10927562

Make an effort to use all of your bombs on each life if you find you're dying often with bombs in stock.
Shoot unfocused to increase your cherry gain rate in PCB and get your next cherry border faster.
I suggest checking out some of the /jp/ streams, they are usually open to questions.

>> No.10927693


Thank you. I'll keep these things in mind!

>> No.10927952

So what kind of person would be a 10 on question 1 and 5 in your opinion?

>> No.10928034

Not him, but I think that somebody who can pick up any game and clear it on their first few tries, and then go on to scoring right afterwards. Their dedication to STGs is next to none, being able to focus on one game for 12 hours straight without getting burnt out is a pretty big accomplishment.

Those are the players who are a 10 in my opinion.

>> No.10928182

What is the best way to play a Touhou game for somebody who just started two weeks ago? So far, I've been doing Lunatic runs in EoSD and SA. I've only been able to see ST4 in EoSD, and ST3 in SA.

Is it really a good method of practice?

>> No.10928191

Trial by fire is always the most rewarding approach if you don't burn out.

>> No.10928280

Just make sure you always keep a realistic goal in mind. I initially went for a normal 1cc, but would often play lunatic for dodging practice. Jumping into things way above your skill level can make you improve quickly, but you won't see that improvement if your goal is too far away.

>> No.10928284

By next to none, I presume you mean "Unmatched by any other," because the amount of STG grinding it would take to achieve such a skill level is ridiculous.

>> No.10928293

This is true. Back when I used to play Quake, the best way to improve was to get pounded by good players and constantly insulted after every match. It hurt, but I kept going anyway.

Yeah, I've felt this when I started playing IIDX. I'd begin with 12's instead of starting out simple. I just wanted to begin by playing the hardest thing, but then I realized that I was lacking a lot to be able to play harder difficulties. It was impossible to take practice seriously because of it. Very depressing when you don't feel like you're improving in a game, but often times, you actually are improving. You just don't notice it yourself.

>> No.10928359

Reaching Stage 4 on Lunatic after only 2 weeks of playing? Hello, natural talent.

>> No.10928454

Any girls focused shooters on psp?

>> No.10928516

I've never played touhou before. I watched a guy 1cc Perfect Cherry Blossom now I want to do it. What should I read or watch or do to know how to play it and practice it well?

>> No.10928601

Please stop attributing things to natural talent, it is very demeaning.

>> No.10928606


Actually, most of the posts were rather downtrodden about themselves.

>> No.10928611

TH7: do you really use left shift held down with pink? that seems terrible.. what are nice controls with keyboard?

>> No.10928622


I don't know why so many people such a massive fuck. Do you have fun and do you actually like the series instead of doing for fashion are the only questions you need to ask to determine whether someones a good player.

>> No.10928627

that's better thank you

>> No.10928624

I use ring finger on left shift, middle on z and index on x.

>> No.10928639


I changed my focus to the C key. so I have my forefinger on c, middle finger over X and ring finger on Z. It feels tons better. Don't know if its just because I'm left handed though.

>> No.10928693

scoring: pink shift ring > button middle z index x
survival: ring shift middle > button index z (just for more comfortableness of using focus)
I don't really suggest using this, but it's what I do.

>> No.10928707

Making quick progress starting from completely nothing in a short amount of time is attributed to (surprise, surprise) natural talent.

>> No.10928731

Seems we've found our answer:

>Noting how long you play the games, then comparing it to achievements, naturally favors whoever gets the most in the shortest amount of time.


>> No.10928734

It disregards potential past experience with shmups and amount of time put into the time period.
Also, the guy's reaching stage 3 or so, that's pretty alright for someone starting out in Touhou but I wouldn't go as far as to call the person naturally talented.
If the person pulled a lunatic 1cc with no prior shmup experience and only ten or so hours in-game time, then that's real talent.

>> No.10928753


No, that's virtually impossible, and scientists should examine the brain of anyone who can do that.

>> No.10928764

I wish I had never 1cc'd EoSD, since I did it 3 days ago I've gone shit. I can't even get back up to Remillia. Its annoying because before I was consistently improving, and now I'm consistently getting worse.

>> No.10928770

I've never played STGs before. Quake and IIDX are the only real demanding games I've ever played. I should also note that I played some Hisoutensoku for about a month before this, and some guy on the IRC ranked me as Lunatic.

I don't think I have much natural talent, and if anything, I'm the opposite. I just have a good mindset and take losing really lightly, along with adapting quickly to the rules of the game as I play it. No worries though, I'll play an STG in MAME to show how untalented and bad I really am~

>> No.10928781

Meh that's nothing. I've been practicing vs okuu and failing all her spells, and now I cant even capture a spell vs Miko anymore.

>> No.10928808


Today couldn't get past Meiling without losing two lives. That's bad, I could even do that when I started for fucks sake. Its shit because before that I was doing well, I had the highest score I ever had. It seems when I do better at the beginning I do worse later. My 1'cc started shit, I only had 3.9 million points at the end of the first level. I'm starting to get scared it was a fluke. If its a physiological problem, then there's no way to tackle it, which is annoying.

>> No.10928820

yeah there is, stop playing it a bit and relax.

>> No.10928857

Over-sharpening will destroy a blade.

>> No.10928861

Player A plays Shooting Game X and scores 100,000 points after 10 hours of play time

Player B plays Shooting Game X and scores 125,000 points after 50 hours of play time

Who is the better player?

>> No.10928896


Player B obviously. Those 50 hours he spent count towards how good he is. Its like a 200 pound muscle head fighting a smaller boxer who is trained, and losing but aying "I could have beat you if I had trained in boxing". Maybe so, but he still lost. The boxer is obviously the better fighter because he won. Although its not exactly analogous, scoring isn't everything, some people risk things to score points and end up finishing with more points but less lives, and some people prefer to play cautiously and end up finishing with more lives but less points. Personally, I think B is better up to a certain point, because they would able to go on. All these crazy japs who have mad scores can still conserve their lives and play cautiously if they really have to.

>> No.10928899

25% higher score sounds like a lot but 40 hours doesn't, B is better.

>> No.10928901

Player B obviously sucks, he should've been able to score 500,000 points after all that time.

>> No.10928926


They're both shit and possibly handicapped, what shooting game operates on 6 digit scores?

>> No.10928932

Shooting Game X.

>> No.10928947

A can get 500,000 points in 50 hours, if he has straight improvement rate.
Knowing A it will be near exponential improving rate.
A is very good.
I believe in you A.
Follow your heart.
You can achieve your dreams.
B I am saddened.
You have tried hard but not effectively.
It seems some blades will never cut through the tree. B will lead a sad life.

>> No.10928954

then you're a robot anon, sorry
A player can not "achieve" anything in particular and just fiddle around all the time, and still be incredibly good. Looking at achieved goals is a good place to start, don't get me wrong, but it isn't complete by any means.
It isn't. You're talking about a system where anons rate a person's competence by them listing their achievements and their playtime. The entire purpose of that is just for people to go "they did this really fast/slow therefore good/bad". Of course it favors those who drive through as much stuff as they can think that they can do.
I'm not sure if that's a huge cause of people lying about playtime, either. Not that I'd say anyone posting so far has lied.

I haphazardly agree, but calling constant play without rest an accomplishment is pretty much "well ok if you think so". That's more of an indicator of how the person thinks and works in general, not necessarily dedication. I would say dedication can be measured in other ways, and being able to focus for long periods is just a different thing that shows up in . There are tons of players who are dedicated to a couple games for several years that only play an hour a day or whatever.
I also think most players have a good sense of what 1 and 10 means; it's much more important that there's a good sense of scale between the 1 and 10, which is really why I find the out-of-10 a dumb method here.

not enough information, this is the problem

>> No.10928966

shows up in playing habits*

>> No.10929090

No. Do the examples force anyone to make any sacrifice or effort? A closer example would be jogging 50KM everyday every year. It's easy to stop halfway through the running program any day, just like it's easy to stop playing when you are bored or frustrated.

Sure, I'm in the camp of play what you enjoy, but to sacrifice yourself and play something that you not enjoy everyday, every year, just to achieve something, doesn't it warrant an extra point of dedication?

>> No.10929132

You'd need to explain the scoring system and current world records for Shooting Game X to get a better understanding of how difficult it is to get those extra 25K. But from the looks of it, I'd say Player A is the better player.

>> No.10929164

I refuse to make any comment on question one. But my judgement in dedication question is much more quantifiable. To spend all of your free time, minus sleep, warrants a 9. To spend all of them and keep 100% focused on those hours warrants a 10 (autopilot is a common problem in STGs). And with /jp/ players are probably not working in a slavery but still could hang out in IRC discussing other things or playing other games, or whatever, a lot of time was wasted. That reduce my opinion of their dedication on them. Long breaks of absolutely not playing would also reduce any dedication points.

>> No.10929190


But that's complete bullshit. Most people know that if you play for too long you'll start making stupid mistakes. Perhaps there's a very small minority who aren't affected, but they're probably autists. Its the same with any task, there's dedication and stupidity. Someone who is determined to get get better would take breaks because they know they'll start breaking concentration after a while. Dedication means doing something over a long period of time, not doing it for an impractically long time.

>> No.10929209

You don't get a perfect score by being flawed.

>> No.10929223


Flawed what? You're more likely to fuck up if you play 10 hours day, because you'll lose concentration and your mind will want to do something else because its been the same task over and over again for 600 minutes.

>> No.10929252

Is it possible to have less concentration breaks? Well it's a willpower, so anyone can train that. OK you can improve your willpower, then there is a gap between being a perfectly dedicated person and not.

>> No.10929418

Player B performed better, which is all that matters.
We have an objective measure of this, as his score is higher.

>> No.10929438

are you just joking or what

>> No.10929565

The mind of a full-shmupper is a warped and fantastical one.

>> No.10929732
File: 34 KB, 320x238, radiant_screen009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why does /jp/ hate radiant silvergun? I thought you guys like vertical shoo ting games?

>> No.10930011

Because it has an absolutely retarded scoring system (where you basically ignore all of the enemies that aren't colored red) and you HAVE to play for score.

Ikaruga was an enormous improvement.

>> No.10931251
File: 27 KB, 164x164, 1344829936995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Part 1)
A) 10
B) 10
C) 10
D) 9
E) 10

Part 2)
A)3 years
B) SA, best gameplay
C) I like both.
E) 6 hours
F) Lunatic 1cc no bomb every game
E) Quite a bit

Part 3
A) Yes
B) Yes, shrinemaiden
C) Yes
D) Can be fun
E) No
F) I think they discuss enough

>> No.10931408

Part 1
A) 8
B) 10
C) 9
D) 9
E) 7, reason I ranked this so low is because I sometimes go for a few days without playing at all at times.

Part 2
A) Four years.
B) DoDonPachi for STG, SA for Touhou.
C) Scoring.
D) Ura looping Ketsui
E) A lot.

A) Yeah. I enjoy talking to other high level players.
B) motk, shmups forum, various IRC groups, mainly #hisouten and #IaMP for netplay in the terribly made fighting games.
C) Yeah, I enjoy learning tricks from players better than me.
D) It's good if the player isn't shit, reloading save states, or other.
E) No. I enjoy chattering with people around my level though.
F) No.

>> No.10931917

Good thing the XBLA port has Ikaruga mode.

>> No.10932042

>A) 10
>F) Lunatic 1cc no bomb every game
How do I get this confident in myself?

>> No.10932057

Play STGs for a long time. If you keep at it you'll get really good eventually.

>> No.10932079

A) 5, i still have to train a lot
B) 4-5, i rarely manage to deathbomb
C) 8, probably the only thing im good at

A) about 8 months i guess, im not sure
B) not really, i play whichever one i feel like at the moment
C) survival
D) 1CC every windows game except EoSD on normal, and PCB and IN extras
E) a lot

A) no
B) no
C) yes , especially to learn new strategies
D) cool i guess
E) what? no.
F) i usually don't take part in the discussion so i don't care

>> No.10932132

I've just started playing the Taisei Project OSX version.

>> No.10932263

I meant, how you consider your skill level the highest possible only after measly NB runs.

>> No.10932404

Some people are just really confident in their skill.

There was this one 2hu guy a few weeks back who was bragging about how he was going to be #1 Marisa in NA as soon as HM comes out. It's probably the egotistical mindset of, "I'm much better than anybody in the West, nobody can beat me because I am the best at this game!" You'd be surprised how often it happens in competitive Western communities. Posting LNB runs on IRC and shrinemaiden will get people all on your dick too, which is a huge confidence boost.

>> No.10932433

Maybe they really are that good, only they haven't tried enough times to achieve anything objectively impressive yet. Even the top player need some good luck to get their NMNB runs and WR scores.

>> No.10932580

>Posting LNB runs on IRC will get people all on your dick too.
I've never seen this happen, maybe we frequent different channels.

>> No.10932980


Yeah, took a break today I'm even worse even though I finished Stage 1 with 7 million points, I died to Cirno's first attack of things and then Icicle Fall. I'm definitely getting worse. Perhaps Touhou just isn't a game I can play. I know its not over playing because this never happened with HRtP, I beat the game on normal and each re-run I did progressively better, then 1cc'd hard. .

>> No.10933017
File: 235 KB, 850x1081, 654684196468416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, so I've been progressing in my Touhou and here's where I'm at-
TD: 1cc Normal Completed
IN: 1cc Normal Completed 3 lives start
MoF: 1cc Normal Completed
Everything else: 1cc Easy and/or 2+cc Normal
MoF Extra: About Swanko's 3rd/4th spellcard
IN Extra: About Mokou's 3rd/4th spellcard

As you can see I'm trying get 1cc (3 life start where it applies) on every game in addition to popping my first extra.
Okay, so given that, what is typically considered the road of progression (easiest to most difficult) in the series? Any personal suggestions on what I should would on next? Thanks ahead of time.

>> No.10933038

PCB 1CC should be a fairly simple target since it gives plenty of resources and the danmaku isn't too challenging in my opinion.

>> No.10933039

We're about on the same level, although I haven't touched easy and I have 1cc'd EoSD, currently working on PCB 1cc and IN extra.

I'd try out EoSD if I were you, Remilia is pretty easy as a stage 6 (on normal).

>> No.10933065


I don't know what you want us to tell you. Sounds like you're beyond help, and maybe Touhou isn't the game for you.

>> No.10933075

Yeah, as has been said before. PCB Normal would be a good target. What I normally do is to vary up my playing by playing all the games, then attempting 1cc runs when I'm confident in one of them.

If you want to stick on one game in particular, just work on the one you find the most fun or work on UFO. It being the hardest one means you get to practice hard stuff quicker which may lead to the other games seeming easier to you.

Whatever you choose to do, good luck anon.

>> No.10933078
File: 767 KB, 1024x768, 1348139180365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Usually get to stage 4 in EosD with 2 lives
>Somehow manage to get there with 5 this time around
>I somehow lose them all before I beat the midboss

>> No.10933081

Complete PCB 1cc normal, extra and phantasm. After that you should be able to 1cc the rest of the games on normal on pretty much the first try. That's how I did it.

>> No.10933184

I'm so fucking sick of defeatist losers coming in here and whining about how "I'll never improoooove :((((" and "Maybe 2hu just isn't 4 me T_TTT"
If it's too hard for you, either quit, or keep playing. I don't fucking care. But bitching about it here doesn't help you at all. (Maybe that's why you suck? Because you don't even know what will help you?)

>> No.10933186

>If you want to stick on one game in particular, just work on the one you find the most fun or work on UFO. It being the hardest one means you get to practice hard stuff quicker which may lead to the other games seeming easier to you.
Nooooo play SA instead because UFO sucks. Also IMO SA is more difficult.

>> No.10933265


>> No.10933281


"Blog about progress" kind of invites it though. Personally, I'm sick of people moaning about having to get a job, but I don't don't complain about it. Ignore it.

>> No.10933277

>I'm so fucking sick of defeatist losers coming in here and whining about
Welcome to 4chan, video game enthusiast person.

>> No.10933328


>blog about progress

He was doing exactly as he was told.

>> No.10933364

Technically the guy blogging hasn't progressed.

>> No.10933370

Who gives a shit?

>> No.10933375

>How good do you consider yourself as a Touhou/STG player?

>What are your greatest achievements?
>1cc on Normal

I'm laughing too hard.

>> No.10933396


He has progressed, he progressed at getting worse.


Why the fuck are you in this thread if you don't give a shit what has to say? Go to a milk thread or something.

>> No.10933424


Would you say that you... "can't stop laff"?

>> No.10933458

XBLA make the game look disgusting. saturn graphics are best.

>> No.10933483

Because I'm sick and tired of all these idiots who come here with their amazing Normal 1cc "achievements", expecting a fucking medal and a pat on the back.
Congatu-fucking-lations, you are Super Player! XD
Do they expect someone to congratulate them after they successfully take a shit and wipe their own ass by themselves as well?

>> No.10933489

Yes, IRC.

Then they go back to jerking over PC-98 touhous and act like they grown.

>> No.10933527


Did they ask for congratulations? The thread specifically was made to talk this kind of thing. He wasn't bragging, he was participating in the thread. What, do only want people who can 1cc lunatic to reply? And then only get faggots saying "lol, you only 1cc'd lunatic? Come back when you perfect it and score over 400 million" or some such shit.

>> No.10933533


Most of whom are lying anyway.

>> No.10933554

post you are scores

>> No.10933576

I think I have Extreme Color Typhoon, along with Colorful Rain figured out now, whether its a fluke or not isn't really clear yet, but I was able to do them both 3 times consistently whereas I've never done that before. I noticed that I was getting killed most whilst wildly strafing to avoid the bullets incoming from the side. So what I did was I stayed in one spot and held my nerve and only dodged ones I was certain were going to hit, and then returned to my spot. Most of them will not hit you, they look like they will, but they won't. I'll try to perfect it and see if I can explain it better for anyone who's still stuck on it.

>> No.10933583

>What, do only want people who can 1cc lunatic to reply? And then only get faggots saying "lol, you only 1cc'd lunatic? Come back when you perfect it and score over 400 million" or some such shit.

Actually, yes.

>> No.10933580

They are probably pretty low, that attitude consired.

>> No.10933588


Well make an elite thread or go to IRC. Don't shit up other peoples because its not giving you what you want.

>> No.10933816

help, I'm an insufferably elitist irc faggot who uses big words like insufferably :V

>> No.10933832

>big word
u taking the piss m8?

>> No.10933835 [DELETED] 

btw im autistm :V

>> No.10933837

insufferably is considered a big word?

>> No.10933842

I'll fuck you right in the colon vee.

>> No.10933845
File: 1.16 MB, 1000x662, 1368922133502.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I can see where this is going.

>> No.10933851

I can say that if you can't loop DDP ending with a score of at least 400MIL, you don't deserve to be playing these games. Getting to the second loop should take no more than 15 hours, give or take.

ZBL-NAI had a score of 638M back in '97, only a few months after the game came out. If he can get such a high score without the assistance of stage practice and MAME trickery, I believe that anybody can get at least 400M. AT LEAST.

>> No.10933855

You people and your lack of skills is insulting to me. Why don't you stop being so horrible?

>> No.10933856

w-well, I guess for someone with a mum as big yours, nothing seems big anymore, eh? :V

>> No.10933920

and for someone with vocabulary as limited as yours, every word is considered big, huh? :<

>> No.10933928

Don't make me use a thesaurus to make all of my words bigger! I'll do it! I swear! Don't make me do it!

>> No.10933942 [DELETED] 
File: 214 KB, 1000x654, 1368995450651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It happened anyway....

>> No.10934459

I finally 1cc'd SA on hard after days of struggling, with two lives remaining.

This happens more often than one would think. When I 1cc'd PCB on normal for the first time, I had 6 lives remaining, even though I couldn't even reach Resurrection Butterfly most of my other runs.

>> No.10934505


>> No.10934590

Don't patronize me, you little shit.

>> No.10934618

How am I supposed to congratulate you? I don't get it ;_;

>> No.10934629

You may have been tricked by people usurping other people's identity.

>> No.10934633

How cruel! The fraud should feel ashamed!

>> No.10934873

What a nice setup you have there. Everyone is lying until they prove otherwise, and when they do they're dickwavers begging for attention.

>> No.10935098

>ZBL-NAI had a score of 638M back in '97, only a few months after the game came out.
Can you link me the source for this? I remember reading history of DDP record, but vaguely doubt it was an instant 638M clear. In my hazy memory, it went 100, 200million few months after DDP's releases. Then jumped to 500, 600million in the next year or two.

>> No.10935592

Damn, I haven't read transistor Venus for a while.

>> No.10936032

Hey guys, just got a Normal 1cc in SoEW! I ended with only 1 bomb and 0 lives yet, it was very stressful.

>> No.10936075
File: 407 KB, 639x481, wr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

get wreck'd

>> No.10936108

Dude you used 9 continues on stage 1 you fucking suck.

>> No.10936187


>> No.10936399

Don't bully, some people need continues before even reaching Wriggle on normal difficulty. Not everyone is talented at shmups.

>> No.10936480

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfN6L-7K_n4 Part 1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq2EHAjBeO8 Part 2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Imy50Z-qit0 Part 3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4CJBESWEfk Part 4
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCrYvmCi-Cw Part 5
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss-XUJbAjBI Part 6
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj2slsCqviI Part 7
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iPoGfqDbb0 Part 8
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AarFb-VvieI Part 9
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvKl0VnT3Go ZBL-NAI's special VHS back from 1997, contains the date and score at the end.

For whatever reason, the person who uploaded part 8 decided to cut it at the 2-7 boss, and then part 9 shows the whole hibachi fight.

>> No.10936498

Well, if you consider 9 months as a "few months"...

>> No.10936521

Considering as how it takes a lot of people many years to achieve a score above the basic commoner level(100m-200m), I'd say it's really impressive. You should also consider that he played in an arcade, there aren't any baby toys like save states or stage practice there, and not to mention, you have to dump credits into the machine if you wanted to play another run.

Now look at all of the people who are playing today. Nearly four years playing DoDonPachi alone and they still can't reach the second loop with all the tools we have in MAME today. It's sickening.

>> No.10936560

Or, you know, he was simply the more talented of the bunch.

>> No.10936583

>You should also consider that he played in an arcade

What if he bought the PCB, or the Saturn port later on? Also ZBL implies a clan, so it is not a single person effort. People would watch and talk with each other and share strategies at arcades.

>Now look at all of the people who are playing today.

>> No.10936663

I don't think that ZBL-NAI has talent at all, he probably just played a lot of STGs beforehand. Even before the release of DoDonPachi, there were still plenty of fine STGs to be played.

>> No.10936805


When did I say they were dickwavers? I just make a thread and stop bitching.

>> No.10936808



>> No.10936818

>I just make a thread and stop bitching.
What does this mean?

>> No.10936824


I meant "I said just make a thread and stop bitching". He was going on about all the less talented players here, so I said he should make elite thread or some shit and stop shitting up this one.

>> No.10936848

It'd be hilarious when the actual elite players sticked to this thread and remained mostly silent other than the occasional score updates.

>> No.10936861


That's why its funny when you see all these people moaning about shit players.

>> No.10936896

You mean the one or two shit players shitposting about other, marginally shittier players.

>> No.10936901

I've always found that the loudest are the players just before elite level. The ones who play for score and can get a 2-ALL in a small amount of time, but come nowhere near the WR. The :V squad, as I like to call them.

>> No.10937129
File: 315 KB, 640x480, th136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Slowness on the last two fairies caused me to screw up the PoC before Keine's entry. Could have been 531M. Oh well. I'm still happy with this.

>> No.10937143
File: 476 KB, 640x480, blergh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Utterly disgusting.

>> No.10937246

You're not even replying to the same person, dumbfuck.

>> No.10937268


What the fuck are you on about, he was talking about my post, he just forgot to quote it, dumbfuck.

>> No.10937296


Sounds like you have a bad case of the "not very good at STGs". Some people just aren't cut out for them, and probably won't ever improve. Its just that they never play them in the first place, its the unfortunate few who do I feel sorry for. Sounds to me like it was just just a fluke. I don't really know what to tell you, perhaps you should just play easy and accept the fact that will never get to see the endings ZUN made for us and never get to share what you do, because everyone will laugh at you. Playing easy is its own punishment, so don't feel bad. Do you have a replay of your 1cc?

>> No.10937297

I'm not talking about your shitty post moron.
I'm saying he thinks he's been replying to the same person.

>> No.10937327

About how long does it take for the CPU's invincibility to wear off in PoFV? I just fought Cirno with Komachi on Lunatic, she ended up going for a whole three minutes without taking a single hit.

Is it different in versus mode? I never remember the CPU being this strong before.

>> No.10937344

PoFV lunatic vs AI is just crazy good. Try making two lunatic AIs fight each other.

>> No.10937352

AI in versus mode only get hit when they're walled, try Mystia mirror AI v AI at 300fps or something to see how bad it is.

>> No.10937353 [DELETED] 

Yeah, NPC in match mode on Lunatic is pretty much almost impossible to beat unless you get lucky or play with a broken character.
Set a NPC vs NPC lunatic match and see how long it takes, sometimes it can even go on for 15+ minutes.

>> No.10937357


OK, I'll do that. Even if I can't 1cc normal anymore, at least I won't be a true secondary.

Here is my 1cc. Its not very good though.


>> No.10937367

>sometimes it can even go on for 15+ minutes

>> No.10937411

I had no idea that they were that ridiculous. It's no wonder that I almost never win whenever I play against the AI in PoFV, and here I thought I was just really terrible at the game. I've even seen the AI outright go through bullets, so I don't really doubt that they cheat by being invincible at times.

It's so scary when the AI starts shaking like a meth addict before going on to weave through the toughest of patterns, it's almost like watching a TAS.

>> No.10937431

>I've even seen the AI outright go through bullets
They can't do that. What you're seeing is pixel perfect bullet navigation.

>> No.10937438
File: 471 KB, 640x480, th258.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Absolute run highlight would be failing Mokou's third spell.

>> No.10937479
File: 405 KB, 640x480, th094.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

5k with the NM condition this followed up to the final card where I died four times wouldn't probably be too bad if the player knew what they were doing. Maybe.

>> No.10937546
File: 1.03 MB, 1920x480, touch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Birdtouching all day every day

>> No.10937563


Yeah, that was shit. It was a 1cc, but you didn't actually achieve anything. You bombed through all the hard parts, you might as well have just 1cc'd easy. I think easy would be where you are best suited.

>> No.10937573
File: 334 KB, 800x1000, 1354912715458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't let the bullies get to you anon, keep going and you can do even better.

>> No.10937607


Its sad to say, but the other guy is kind of right. You clearly only survived because you knew the patterns already, when it comes to reactions and actually dodging the bullets, you're shit. Maybe Touhou really isn't for you.

>> No.10937648


You didn't see his run.

>> No.10937658

Wow, that was pathetic. Depending on how long you've been playing, I'd say practice more. If you've been at it for more than a month, just give up now.

>> No.10937670


OK, maybe I'll find something else to play ;_:

Its shit because now I've gotten into Touhou, I'm going to be sad to leave it.

>> No.10937675


I was playing EoSD for 2-3 months I think. I neve rhad this problem with HRtP, but then I suppose that's easier. I get the message though.

>> No.10937684

Only leave it if you don't enjoy playing it. You shouldn't let what other people say get to you.

>> No.10937691

Give yourself a chance man, if you enjoy it don't just drop it.

>> No.10937693


Wow, if I take back the congratulations I gave you on that 1cc.

>> No.10937707

I wasn't really gonna watch it, but since everyone is having such a great time with it, let's see it.

>> No.10937710

I get this weird feeling it's the same guy replying over and over.

>> No.10937713

Don't listen to these idiots who tell you to stop playing because you're not immediately the best player in the world.
Keep playing while having fun, and improvement will come by its own.
The people in this thread who are telling others to stop playing are either shitposting, or they're terrible players and people who feel the need to boost their ego by putting others down.
Do what YOU want to do, whatever that may be.
Honestly these threads are the worst thing you can get into if you're a new player, the negative atmosphere of the posts is just overwhelming.

>> No.10937717


The funny thing is, its actually not, he's actually that terrible. I can't speak for the other posts, but >>10937607 (me) and >>10937658 are different people.

>> No.10937751


Jeez man, that's harsh. Having your 1st ever 1cc lampooned like this is like losing your virginity by ejaculating straight away and having the girl slap you in the face and tell all your friends. One day you might go on to 1cc again, perhaps you'll even be on the score boards, but you'll always remember how bad your 1st 1cc is and how everybody called you pathetic.

>> No.10937780

No western player has come close to a WR aside from that German guy who had the top Homura score for a while.

>> No.10937823

>No western player has come close to a WR
What subset of games are you talking about.

>> No.10937830

I can't believe you guys gave him so much shit for that 1cc, he played rather well, didn't even get particularly lucky, just managed his resources and grabbed his 1cc as he got the opportunity. Congrats >>10937357
on the 1cc. I hope you don't quit just because of the assholes in this thread.

>> No.10937837

Arcade games that were released in Japan.

>> No.10937857

I was expecting some ridiculous shit, but this just seems like your average newbie play.
There's nothing really exceptional about it, so I don't get where all this hostility is coming from. If this is your first 1cc, all I can say it's fine, I've seen worse.
I mean it's sure shit, you bombed way too much, those autobombs on Remilia were really disgusting, it's like you didn't even attempt to capture anything, but that's normal when all you can think of is getting that first 1cc.
Now that that's out of the way you can actually focus on improving.

You'll be stupid to quit now because of this, especially since there's definitely a lot of room for improvement.
Try playing without bombs next time and make use of Practice mode.

>> No.10937879


Sorry! Normally I do try to conserve my bombs, but I could tell when I got to Sakuya with that many lives I had my chance to 1cc, and I was nervous I would ruin it. Scarlett Shoot gives me a lot of problems, but I'm better at it now. When I 1cc'd, I didn't know there was a pattern, I thought she was just vomiting out bullets everywhere, like a harder version of her first attack, but I know they're homing bullets now so I could probably capture it after a few more goes, but I have captured Scarlett Netherworld before so I shouldn't have bombed so quickly, but I was genuinely panic bombing, I kept thinking I was going to get hit.

>> No.10937883


Thank you!

>> No.10937911

>I know they're homing bullets now
They are not homing bullets. They are targeted bullets.

>> No.10937916
File: 53 KB, 117x143, 1343947721361.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So how do you feel about the fanmade stuff like this?

>> No.10937918


Yeah, I meant they shoot at your position. What's the difference? Are homing bullets bullets like the ones in Scarlett Netherworld?

>> No.10937939


I wanted to make my own game, but I soon realise it would be just be touhou with a different story and characters.

>> No.10937946

Homing bullets follow you (Reimu A shot type). Targeted bullets shoot at your current position.

>> No.10938069


If you can 1cc HRtP then EoSD should be a doddle. What difficulty?

>> No.10938120


First Normal, then Hard. I was starting Lunatic when I decided to play EoSD. HRtP is a lot different from the windows games, and its much easier despite what I heard from people on /jp/. Your shot cancels out the enemies barring lasers, plus there's only horizontal movement to account for. Another thing is that the difficulty doesn't leap as much as in the later games.

>> No.10938217

I kinda wish there was a HRtP equivalent for the Windows era. Fairy Wars is a weird experiment like that, so it's not impossible.

bring back yin-yang ball in 14.5 pls and no more fighting games

>> No.10938279

>no more fighting games

Yeah, I want a Touhou kart racing game, or at least an official RPG.

>> No.10938293

indifferent since most of it is not available to play

>> No.10938292


>I want a Touhou kart racing game

This. But I want it to have the silliness of Mario Kart.

>> No.10938318

>an official RPG
Not sure about the kart racing one, but this would be incredibly cool. (I know it's not going to happen without ZUN collabing with some RPG studio though)

>> No.10939444

yuke is very good at pattern design, and to a lesser extent stage design. If you look at his other works you can tell he's consistently good at this, but even watching Unreasonable Mechanism it's clear that he "gets" how players act and how to respond to them on top of making things appealing.

>> No.10939807

Streaming some Touhou 11 Lunatic no-bomb things, as usual, open to recommendations!

Exxel will be streaming some DDC and HM when they come out, so you can pop over there when that starts~

>> No.10939813
File: 423 KB, 530x750, 7ba7c48cdf0c810d3a066271378f147c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot the image, weird...

>> No.10941608

Guys, I finally beat my first Lunatic! EoSD with Marisa A.

It's weird, in the last month or so I've improved hugely... My accomplishments:
- 1ccing EoSD on Lunatic
- 1ccing PoFV on Lunatic
- No death on Nue
- No death on Koishi

Before that I could barely beat games on Hard... What could it be that made me improve so much in such a short time?

>> No.10941623

100x earth gravity.
Also congratulations.

>> No.10941647

Thank you!

>> No.10942501

>A) How good do you consider yourself as a Touhou/STG player?
>B) How good are your reflexes and reactions?
>C) How good is your bullet reading ability?
>D) How good are you at controlling your movements?
>E) How dedicated and patient are you as a player?

>A) How long have you played Touhou, or STG's?
5ish years.
>B) Do you have a favorite game? Which is it? Why?
Lots. Aside from Touhou, I'm a fan of R-Type. What started as a simple space shooter evolved into a Project...
>C) Do you prefer survival or scoring oriented play?
>D) What are your greatest achievements? Why?
Beating 1CC Normal in TD.
>E) Give a rough assumption, how much do you play per day.
Usually about an hour every now and then.
>F) What are your goals for the rest of this year?
Defeat the gundam in 1CC Normal. She is still too much, even with 6 lives against her.
>E) How much have you improved during the last year?
I managed to defeat Remilia, Kaguya, and Miko, so I'd say much better than before.
A) Do you keep track of what other people do with the games?
Not particularly. There's probably lots of people who can do Lunatic or something. I care more about how much better I can get.
B) Do you visit any Touhou or STG related sites other than /jp/? Which site(s)?
Usually go to touhouwiki if I need to look up something, but not really.
C) Do you enjoy watching replays or videos of Touhou and STG's?
Don't care, but sometimes I check them out if I can't get past a certain spellcard.
D) What do you think of livestreaming as entertainment?
It's neat, I guess.
E) Do you have an idol? Why?
Idol? Like one of those singer idols? Or just someone I look up to?
In the latter case, probably Arino and the members of Downtown and Cocorico. They're really good at handling punishment and laughing it off.
F) Do you wish the Western Touhou/STG players discussed more with each other?
I wish for more discussion about the story instead of memes.

>> No.10942615

>>A) How good do you consider yourself as a Touhou/STG player?
>>D) What are your greatest achievements? Why?
>Beating 1CC Normal in TD.
u wot m9

>> No.10942622

A) 7
B) 8
C) 7
D) 8
E) dedicated=9, patient=5

A) About a year, but I took a break for a good few months once
B) Favorite is 7, I just really like the music
C) Survival
D) 1cc lunatic for EoSD and PoFV and no deaths for Suwako, Nue, and Koishi
E) a few hours
F) 1cc other games on Lunatic, and beat Flandre with no deaths
E) Hugely. From easy/normal modo to hard/lunatic

A) Not really
B) I lurk on that shmups system11 site or whatever it's called. Aside from that I visit the Touhou wikis fairly often, and boorus if those count.
C) I don't usually watch replays so I can say I beat games with very little or no outside help
D) I should watch it more, but I haven't been lately because my internet REALLY sucks
E) ZUN, who else
F) Yes

Wait, you are 9/10 at controlling your movements but your greatest achievement was 1ccing TD on normal?

Also how could you have been playing Touhou for 5 years and only beat things on normal? I've been playing for ~1 and got my first lunatic(s) recently...

Also has anyone here played any CAVE games, like DonDonPachi (or whatever the fuck it's called)? I'd love to try to play those but I don't have a Japanese locale PS2. ;_; Are there any other "hardcore" arcade-style STG's for PC or PS3?

>> No.10942650

Download MAME.

>> No.10942689

Speaking of MAME, how do you get games working on that? I have pretty much never emulated anything so I need some guide for dummies. Tried googling some guides but I keep getting a "missing rom or chd"-error.

>> No.10942706

Will this run CAVE games smoothly enough to use? I imagine an emulator would have a pretty hard time playing something like this on my little laptop.

>> No.10942930

DoDonPachi, DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou(not black label, that'd be too easy for you. :VVvvvvvvvvvvVVV)

I believe that Ketsui is getting a PS3 port eventually, if you don't mind waiting for that. I'd say just grab MAME, it has both DDP and DOJ, both the black label and the white label modes as well. BL is the version that everybody plays now, WL is the version that people play when all that they have is a PS2 and can't afford a 360 or want to play in MAME. WL is also much more difficult.

>> No.10942961

>not black label, that'd be too easy for you
How easy is it? I'm not super good, I've only 1cced two games in Lunatic.

>> No.10943039

MAME can be really fickle about what you're running at times, but as long as you stick to 2D games, you should be able to run it all on a single-core shitcomputer.

The first loop isn't much harder than the easier Lunatic clears, so you could probably do it in about 20-30 hours or so. Learning how to chain the stages, on the other hand, will take much more time and dedication. You might want to download a few replays if you're going to play it for score, coming up with your own chaining routes can be pretty tough.

>> No.10943102

>The first loop isn't much harder than the easier Lunatic clears
Yeah... probably going to take me a while to get it done then. I only recently managed to 1cc lunatic at all.

>> No.10943439

DOJWL isn't much harder than BL.

>> No.10943926
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Wolf bitch confirmed for hardest stage 3 boss.
If you disagree, you're wrong.

>> No.10944181


I have exactly the same problem. I 1'd recently, and I've done shit on Normal ever sine. I decided to play Hard mode to sharpen up a bit, and lo did the best I'v ever done. I captured Sigella 9, Jack the Ludo Bile, The World, Lava Cromarch and Extreme Typhoon, some of these I've never even captured on Normal. I got up to Remillia (using all my continues) but I didn't have to continue until Patchouli's last spellcard. I think when you have a goal, or are thrown into tough situations, you concentrate more. I think most of our problems are concentration based. On a side note, what the fuck was Zun thinking with Jack the Ludo Bile? Its easier than Lunar Clock on the account of the big fucking obvious gaps either side of her.

>> No.10944236

I wish I could stop ramming bullets like a dipshit learning disability untalented piece of shit. So many 2-3 perfect attempts ruined because of ramming a bullet right at the last second.

>> No.10945337

the 1st loop is a little easier than Touhou on hard, the only real problem you'll have is getting used to the different style of gameplay.

the 1st loop isn't much harder, the 2nd is a big step up.