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Commit your life to Byakuren-sama!

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is her pubic hair a gradient also?

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I'll commit my dick to her for now.

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I already have, Anon.

I am ready to fend off the Taoist scum.

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i want to put it in

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We would first meet with her welcoming me to her care, where I will become more like her. Not to the ideal of the religion, thought that is what she is, but to her, making that my goal. I wouldn't care about following a perfect life by what she says is perfect. I would live a perfect life by what she IS. She, not the religion, is what I would care about. When she noticed that, the daily training and work would be worth it, and she would perhaps, within the confines of the religion, love me, and I her.
Then I'd bang Nazrin.

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I like this artist. He makes cute chubby girls. I wish he drew scat a bit more though.

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Good choice.
May she bear you plentiful children.

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worst hag

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Best hag.

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Best hag

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That would be Yukari. Byakuren is the best "hag".

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Yukari=best hag
Seiga=second best hag

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I have chosen my side in the religious war

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No. Yukari is by far the worst hag and borderline the worst Touhou. There is nothing motherly about her. She is just old and decrepit.

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Her belly button is way to high and her face is super small.

No one should ever enjoy this image. Ever.

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> is nothing motherly about
only builded a big place where Youkais, gods, whatever shit, can live.
she also take care about it, and search and punish anyone who dares to disturbing the peace (SWR)

Byakuren would betray her mother for youthness.

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Except Yukari's just as twofaced.

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Why should I?

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I like you. Yuyuko would be second best hag for me, and Seiga pretty close in third, though.

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She is a Youkai after all but still better than Byakuren.

Yuyuko is good but her ara ara is a little weak.

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I alone am my own master.

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But Byakuren and her purity arouses more than Yukari can ever hope to.

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But Seiga is more of an actual oneechan than a baba. Like Meiling, Kasen, Yuuka, Keine, Shou, etc.