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Would you have sex with old 2hus?

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Only maybe?

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Older is better

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In this picture, she has really,large breasts. It might be bad for her back, so having sex might hurt her.

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Just put your cock in between them

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Nothing wrong with old

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As a matter of fact, it's better that way

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I hope all of the older Touhous smoke and don't wash their armpits.

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How lewd

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No way that is lewd as hell

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All of them at once.

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Too bad there's no way to have sex with 2D characters.

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I wish there was a tag that got the milf like body on Touhous. Milf doesn't come up with much at all.

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Teen 2hus are best 2hus.

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むちむち on pixiv. all the fat sexy mommies you could ever want.

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Thank you, friend

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I would, forever.

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Remember, if she's old enough, you can blow your load inside without fear of pregnancy.

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But I want to impregnate Yukari

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I've good news, guess who's 17 year old.

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That's pretty hot

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Please don't sexualize mom

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Sure, why not?

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Mature girls are the best.

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I want to fuck!! Yes!

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How old is Suwako anyways?

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Not sure what the exact number is but she's definitely ancient.

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she's a native god, it's hard to determine when she came to existance

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>no ran
fucking dropped

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No fur allowed.

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Nobody here is old. You people think 40 is old. That's not old. Real old Touhous have gray hair and wrinkled skin.

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So, Sakuya?

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tfw you want to have sex with a touhou but she just wants to eat you

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Being eaten is better than sex. In sex only one little piece of you sticks inside. When she eats you, you get your whole body inside her.

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i die and don't gain any pleasure, that's not a good thing

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>>not gaining pleasure from dying

You don't belong on /jp/, kid.

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You stay conscious for a long time

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The only one I'd fug on that picture is Yukari, her tight highs must smell wonderfully.

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Is beauty where cute meets erotic, /jp/ ?

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No, beauty is much more than that, so much more that I have no words to describe it.

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OMA thread!

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What is OMA?

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All touhous are lolis.

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Except they are not.

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It's canon.

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The only thing ZUN has said about Touhous' physical appearances is that some of them are short. They could easily be midgets.

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>The only thing ZUN has said about Touhous' physical appearances is that some of them are short.

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I love shortstacks so I'm fine with that.

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I'd fuck anything at this point

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Fuck me

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I want to mindbreak a jaypee

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Old Maids Alliance

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Please describe this in more detail.

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It's rude to call them old!
Please refer to them as "Mature"

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I'd put penis in anusoo and j-j-jam it in!

You'll have all kinds of orgasms...

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That doesn't sound very erotic. I don't think you would be able to mindbreak a jaypee.

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This is the second time I have seen this link.

What is the significance of linking to a picture of a panda? Is it some meme I don't understand?

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You're such a newfag. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/sad-panda

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There's a browser extension for that.

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Thank you for explaining. Why does that person post a link instead of posting the image directly?

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don't worry, i can see the panda without logging in

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Because you're retarded.

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>browser extension
why would someone use it?

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>Why does that person post a link instead of posting the image directly?
I guess he came from reddit and not used to image boards.

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Fucking gross, no.

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Because I'm lazy and feel like taking the easy route. Whatever works.

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Fucking erotic, yes!

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Much better.

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In fact, i would only want to have sex with a 2hu if its an old one.

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I like you

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Eirin all day every day

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Sanae is a human, though, so she is younger than even the youngest of youkai.

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It's the curves.

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I want to fall in love with an older woman

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Goddamnit didn't we do this already, i will fug any 2hu cept mannosuke (trap rinnosuke is good though)

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So that means all of them except five or so.

Well, probably.

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Creepy face

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Why do you say that?

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Because it's creepy!

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Does Mamizou count as old?

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She counts as hot. Good enough.

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Sounds like MAMÁ in spanish
(mom in english)

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they aren't old
they only have a perfect body.

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So old

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Hell, even Cirno is at least 60 years old. Anyone not Raymoo, Marisa and Sanae is pretty much old by human standards in that series.

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Probably not going by human standards for this.

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I want each of them to have their way with me at the same time.

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She definitely has the appeal.

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Not so fast, embrace and cuddle first, need to appreciate the softness

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*whips out dick*

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They're not hags, they're hugs!

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They are the sexiest in da hood

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where is this from?
never seen it before
is it an anime or something

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It's fanart of some characters from the Touhou games.

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yuyu is my favorite 2hu but im deathly afraid of moths

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IRL older women are actually old hags to me [36 years myself], but 2hus are magical creatures, yeah, i like older 2hus.
Healthy is definitely nice and especially combined with megane.

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Why is Byakuren so offensive

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Is that what an average schoolday at Japan is like? I knew that mothers masterbating their children to help them sleep was something but this is a little too...erm, lewd.

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It's to make the relax during exams to ease tension so they can go to Toudai not to sleep, you don't sleep in Tokyo U bro

>> No.10912701

But do you know of your mum's sleeping habits?

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My favorite hag image.

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this is mine

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Kanako is so sexy

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>without fear of pregnancy
But that's the mystique of fucking a mature woman.

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Do you refer to them as Oba-san, or Oppai-san?

>> No.10914294

Why is Reimu fat?

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Women naturally start to get a bit wider as they age.

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old 2hus are 2lewd

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time to fap

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Suwako is thousands of years old. Does that count?

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You pedophile

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It isn't a crime if they're old enough to have seen your great-great-great grandfather when he was alive.

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Even when tied up, she looks all confident. I want to wipe that smile off her face.

>> No.10915066

I would wife this Reimu

>> No.10915106

that's impossible for a mere human

>> No.10915148

you lack confidence for that.

>> No.10915874

Not necessarily. Having sex with time traveling lolis is still a crime.

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>having sex
>not mastering the art of solo play
stay weak, nerds

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Who are you quoting?

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