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Not true. Die.

I don't care about canon. My Alice is on the right.

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Enjoy your whining emo Alice then while the real man bask in the glory of awesomeness that is canon Alice.

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They're both canon Alice. She's tsundere.

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But... right Alice is moé!

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Enjoy vicariously living with canon Alice while...

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This is Alice saying "have a nice day, Anon-kun".

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This is me, dying from the HNNNNNNNGGGGGGG

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superior Alice is on the left

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Alice often pretends she's flat as a miko in order to attract Marisa. It doesn't work.

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Fuck the right side. Left side is 20 times more awesome.

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Right side Alice is IOSYS cancer.

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Fancy Alice is fancy.

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even in canon alice looses to marisa's feelings for reimu

id like alice a lot better if she wasnt the right side. if she didnt like marisa in fanon and be all emo about it seriously.

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Geez, Alice. Do you think you're being moe or something? I-It's not like anyone think it's cute or anything.

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You guys; seriously.

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Alice could kill everyone in Gensokyo if she wanted to.

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She's a coward deep down even in the canon.

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You can do this for each and every Touhou. In fact, this picture itself proves that Marisa is actually a bigger bitch.

Fans in general happen to view their favourite characters as more likeable ("moe, if you prefer) as in original source. Why is Alice specifically a problem for some people?

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She's still awesome though.

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Because in the fanon, she leaks poop.

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canon alice is a bitter bitch.

fan artists see this and they start doing their doujin and start thinking, "oh but i love you too"

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Suika: Oh yes, I know all about you. I've always been watching you.

Suika: You only talk to humans at the feasts, and no-one else. Do you wish to be human?

Suika: Or maybe you don't want to be too involved with anyone who is stronger than you?

Suika: But you don't understand that those humans are the most scary of all. How pitiful.

Alice: Maybe that just means I'm the bravest of all?

Alice: Rather, those people are acting like youkai. Therefore, you make fun of them.

Alice: And, who are you? Where is this place?

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Well, it appears I'm out of my "serious looking Alice" pictures.

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So can someone explain how "HAIL" fits Alice?

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It's somewhat explained in Alice's scenario.

>Your temperament is hail.
>A weather pattern in which lumps of ice become too heavy
>for rising air currents to support, and thus fall from the sky.
>How fitting for you.

Really, some of the weathers seem randomly assigned and are basically up to personal interpretation.

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God I love Alice

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I prefer canon Alice, but I acknowledge that certain parts of the fanon idea of her ring true to her attitude throughout her appearances.

Alice is a loner, she purposefully went out of the way to live on her own away from people to pursue her research goals, further perfecting her way of magic making more dolls and hoping to discover a way of making a truly sentient doll. Shanghai, ignoring fanon interpretations is entirely controlled by Alice who controls all her dolls at once, they have no will or personality beyond that which Alice plays out for them, there is a reason the villages find her fucking creepy.

That said, she's oddly not very youkai like. She doesn't really attack humans (with exception of Reimu) and will even permit villagers trapped in the woods at night time to stay over at her place until the morning... not that many do, there is something about a house full of dolls labouring on their own while the owner more or less ignores you that is completely unsettlingly.

Alice does get invited to things through Marisa and Reimu though, like during IaMP where she hangs around the two. It's clear she sees them as friends of a sort and is closer to Marisa in terms of location and hobbies. There are hints but as always they can be misunderstood easily, Alice is taking a drug off Eirin to make her dreams good, she's been seen nailing voodoo like dolls around the forest and seemingly hiding her intent. But for the most part, Alice is a loner who keeps to herself putting on a façade of strength when in reality she's a bit of a arrogant coward.

I wouldn't have it any other way. Creepy loner Alice is more interesting then desperate stuttering Alice.

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Take that, bitch.

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Shanghai is awesome!

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This guy nailed it.

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Here's a thought:

Shanghai is Alice's ideal personality personified and played out in her favourite doll.

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You forgot to mention that she's scared shitles of losing at full power.

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>scared shitles
exaggerating? a bit?

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Everyone is a bitch in canon. Touhou is a game full of bitches pissing one another off and then duelling.

Notable exceptions (from the top of my head, feel free to add more):

Keine (Fights hero team due to a misunderstanding. Actually trying to protect her village, later her friend)
Nitori (tries to warn humans off from the mountain)
Momiji (same as Nitori)
... Actually, just add all the MoF characters aside from Kanako. Even Senae was just following instructions from her god.

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I do believe you people are forgetting a very important point about Alice.

She's ZUN's favorite.

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PC-98 Stage 3 Alice
all guard characters
nameless fairies

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no she will never open her book do to that

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Alice and Sakuya should just switch fanon personalities at this point. They'd at least be a bit closer to canon.

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You forgot Suwako. All she wanted to do was play.

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>PC-98 Stage 3 Alice


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>ZUN's favorite.


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Suika - Peeping tom, forced everyone to party hard, makes a nuisance of herself.
Flandre - Unstable, likely to attack on sight and think of it as play.
Shikieiki - Judgemental bitch.
Komachi - Slacker, attacks when this is pointed out.
Mokou - Seeking revenge because a stuck up bitch wouldn't marry her dad.
Kaguya - stuck up bitch that can't simply say 'no' when she doesn't want to marry someone. Also sets people on Mokou for lulz.
Eirin - really, do I need to say anything for Eirin?

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Canon Sakuya is a coold but extremely stupid (as in a danger to herself if she thinks to hard) bitch.

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Brb, opening a window while we're in space.

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I'm not sure if she's really cold, her depiction in SSiB shows her as an enthusiastic character that is open to other people, but yeah, she seems to be pretty stupid(at least in the manga).

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>extremely stupid
I've never noticed this. Please tell me where this is pointed out.

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well okay, maybe he's kind of moved on to self insertion, but you can't ignore the fact that he's named a character after his doujin company.

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>Suika - Peeping tom, forced everyone to party hard, makes a nuisance of herself.
Wanted to accomplish a reunion with the oni through the parties, not annoy the Gensokyans.
>Flandre - Unstable, likely to attack on sight and think of it as play.
When you're psychically ill, you're not a bitch.
>Shikieiki - Judgemental bitch.
She wants the best for the people and gives advice.
>Komachi - Slacker, attacks when this is pointed out.
More likely defended herself.
>Mokou - Seeking revenge because a stuck up bitch wouldn't marry her dad.
That was over 1000 years ago + revenge still doesn't make you a bitch.
>Kaguya - stuck up bitch that can't simply say 'no' when she doesn't want to marry someone. Also sets people on Mokou for lulz.
Kaguya isn't really as stuck up as you believe. She even calls herself a human(filthy). The kill-thing is just the usual.
>Eirin - really, do I need to say anything for Eirin?
I don't know what you would have to say? She is harsh towards Reisen, but in general does everything to protect her (and the princess).

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>named a character after his doujin company.
the other way round.

>> No.1089812

Oh not just SSiB look at her in CoLA.

>> No.1089814


More like kind of insane. She seems to interpret orders in rather odd ways, sometimes too literally. You also have to wonder exactly how much mental capacity she uses up freezing time and expanding space.


Sakuya isn't from modern times, back then they just thought the sky went on forever, the whole concept of air pressure or atmosphere is lost on someone like her. Hell, even Patchouli had some dumb ideas about the distances involved... fortunately they used gods and magic to fix their lack of understanding.

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Sakuya does seem like kind of a bitch in PCB though. More well-spoken than usually depicted in fanon, but still a bitch.

>> No.1089841

Sakuya has bin canonicaly described as scaterbrained.
Looking at her in the manga and CoLA I think that she shouldn't be allowed to do any complicated thinking... because it would kill her.

>> No.1089846

Sakuya has been canonicaly described as scaterbrained.
Looking at her in the manga and CoLA I think that she shouldn't be allowed to do any complicated thinking... because it would kill her

>> No.1089859

>>1089814Sakuya isn't from modern times

Its not just that look at the tea cup incident.

>> No.1089861


Timehax will make up for any errors though

>> No.1089897

>Shikieiki - Judgemental bitch.
I smile'd

>> No.1089898


Even (ignorant) people today make that assumption. Where else is it even suggested that Sakuya isn't from the modern outside world?

I don't know where I got this, but I always thought Sakuya's time manipulation had no effect on her age. Probably because Akyu says the exact opposite, and we all know what a terribly reliable source she is.

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And Sakuya isn't really stupid. It's been frequently described in her character biographies that she sometimes quirky and impulsively does odd acts.

Remember when you were a kid and wondered what would happen if you opened the door while your parents were driving 80MPH on the highway? Pretty much like that.

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lol ban lol lolololol. we need our /b/ back moot u cunthole

>> No.1089947


Mods = trees.

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We know nothing about Sakuya's past. We can only assume she's from Gensokyo which has been isolated from the modern world for several hundred years.
Most fanon interpretations assume she was a vampire hunter of sorts from the outside world who's currently suffering from amnesia. That would also explain why facts we take as "common sense" are unknown to her.

>> No.1089978

I don't see why it would be so surprising that Sakuya doesn't seem all that bright, since the very nature of her job doesn't require her to have to think much.
She has a reputation as Remilia's "dog" for a reason, after all.

>> No.1089979

That's why I choose to read the bunbunmaru newspaper instead of Akyu's records when I'm looking for reliable information.

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What incident?

>> No.1089988

That's not saying much. Akyu's clarity comes and goes from article to article.

She was smart enough to determine that Lunarians are the same as Earth humans (even Eirin's explanation of Lunarian aging in CiRL seems to indicate it's not the person, but the environment). There are also a good number of reasons why she would not mention the Hourai Elixir or tone down some of the potential connections between Kaguya, Eirin, and Reisen with the Lunar Capital. She goes from dropping a lot of heavy hints in Kaguya's article, to completely nullifying the subject in Reisen's entry (she does say that not many people know much about Reisen anyway, and Reisen herself probably doesn't want to talk about it).

Akyu's biggest problem appears to be her inflexibly brutal definition and application of the term "youkai."

>> No.1089994

I don't get why you point out Alice in particular.

Every character in the CANON DIALOGUE's a bitch to each other who speak in obtuse metaphors. If you want to go that far about it, Tewi's pretty nice and Cirno's not really that dumb.

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With Sakuya, let's not forget that even with her somewhat harmless appearance in in-game dialogues, SSiB, etc, the sisters do eat people, and as for who gets to drag home and butcher dinner, well, there's only one maid in the mansion who can really get anything done at all.

As for the scatterbrained part, I wonder if she's simply not just living in her own little world.

>> No.1090013

Its because seeing the pathetic fanon Alice is disgusting for us. Its fun to rage at Tewi or laugh at Cirno's dumb antics in fanon. But that *squeeze* bullshit with that roleplaying faggot made me rage like no other.

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For all we know, Yukari might make home deliveries. Thus, all Sakuya has to do is cook them for Flandre.

>> No.1090021

>>Cirno's not really that dumb

By fairy standards, she's probably the closest they have to a genius.

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You're wrong.

That's it, end of argument. Provided is irrefutable evidence.

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PMiSS states that vampires are not allowed to prey on Gensokyo natives. Youkai are contracted to provide them human food, most likely inconsequential outsiders (suicide victims, hobos, etc). A devil's contract can't be broken.

Sakuya isn't stupid, she's more eccentric. It's been stated several times in her character biographies that she's quirky and does odd acts. Remember when you were a kid, you opened the car door while your parents were speeding over 80mph on a highway? Yeah.

>> No.1090081

Well, the fairies from * Nature Deity aren't exactly dumber than her. Not much smarter, really, but you're certainly exaggerating.

Cirno IS actually the strongest of the fairies, though, as far as we know.

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Vampires are not allowed to prey on Gensokyo natives. The Youkai there though are contracted to provide them humans, usually outsiders whose deaths are inconsequential (suicide victims, etc). Though there is no doubt Sakuya definitely has to prepare humans for cooking.

Sakuya also isn't really stupid, she's more eccentric. It's been stated multiple times in her character bios that she's quirky and impulsively does odd acts. Remember when you wondered what would happen if you opened the passenger door while your parents were speeding 80mph along a highway? Pretty much like that.

>> No.1090118



>> No.1090121

Or opening a window to let air in in outer space?
Yeah. Sounds Sakuya to me.

>> No.1090126

Yeah, it cost us a car door, and my ass was sore for a week.

>> No.1090142

That's a pretty miraculously minor injury.

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They were not in outer space. The rocket never went into outer space.

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Does anyone have the rest of this? I want to know how it ends...

>> No.1090175

Definitely shit.

>> No.1090181

I don't get why she didn't just discard her underwear in the toilet. Why the hell would you keep that after you've used it like that?

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>> No.1090202

It ends with a terrible meme only gaiafags use because they find the word "poop" funny.

>> No.1090213


She puts back on her shit stained underwear? SAUCE PLZ

>> No.1090232

Sakuya is supposed to be a ditz. A badass ditz, mind you, but she gets confused when Marisa claims to be "maintenance staff" instead of "love doll."

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Well, i like tsundere Alice.

>> No.1090250


Say what you want about the general quality of Zun's so-called "writing", but "Have you brought me a gift, old friend? Your life, perhaps?" is a borderline legendary badass line.

>> No.1090255

>R: Damn it! We were tricked, Sakuya! That isn't the moon!
>S: Certainly, it is a little on the large side.
>R: Well, because we're closer to it, I guess.


>> No.1090261

/r/ rest of taro set please

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>> No.1090271


Not "outer", but definitely outside the atmosphere.

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Thank you paddo

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The boiling point was getting lower...but I don't think they went that high up, to the point that there was still air right before they were magically transported to inside the lunar capital.

>> No.1090327

Both are Alice. She's lonely precisely because she's testy and confrontational.

>> No.1090331

[Tonkotsu] Arisu Idiri

>> No.1090335


for the love of god source

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>> No.1090350

Well she stills does performances with her dolls during festivals.

>> No.1090353


How inefficient does their rocket have to be if they can't get out of the atmosphere (= 100 kilometers above ground) in ten days? The real lunar trip (average distance = 382,500 km) only lasted three days.

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On the other hand, they made it to the moon without ever entering hard vacuum. That has to count for something.

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Pretty much. But even with that said, I can sort of believe Alice having (or wanting to have) an affectionate side, but it wouldn't show up as stuttering requests for attention - she's not clingy, she's cautious and subtle. Doujin authors do a better job of portraying this, and there Alice prefers to hide outward displays of affection out of fear of rejection, as befitting her personality, and doesn't treat her "lover" that much better than other friends, aside from the obvious benefits. No stuttering requests or small-talk discussion, just quiet gifts, hugs, or other displays of affection.

tl;dr: avoidant, not anxious attachment style

>> No.1090378

More efficient than Apollo 13 at least.

>> No.1090385

Curiosities of Lotus Asia look it up there

>> No.1090417

Cirno is the only faerie that knows how to read and write.

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>>1090369 she's cautious and subtle
Possibly simply that any "need" for social interaction is drainign away with her other residual human aspect.

>> No.1090493
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Maybe. But her habits of acting more human than youkai make me think she'd rather cling to at least a few aspects of that rather than go around eating people for the hell of it.

She does at least mock up social interaction through her dolls, so she isn't entirely being weaned of it, and isn't doing too much to do so - she might be distracting herself from the urge via "talking" to herself (yay schizophrenia), or using it as a substitute to either maintain her humanity or control the conversation to avoid outside rejection (if focusing on the cowardly explanation). I'm tempted to believe the last is most likely. "Ronrey" yes, but whether she wants to go further with that or follow normal human habits is debatable; it's entirely possible to be content alone, though it makes more positive conditions difficult.

>> No.1090527

>She does at least mock up social interaction through her dolls, so she isn't entirely being weaned of it, and isn't doing too much to do so - she might be distracting herself from the urge via "talking" to herself (yay schizophrenia), or using it as a substitute to either maintain her humanity or control the conversation to avoid outside rejection (if focusing on the cowardly explanation).


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>> No.1090740

I prefer to think of Alice as almost completely canon as pictured on left of OP, with the very rare smile or nice comment leaking out.

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Oh, hi.

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