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Maybe it's a dream.

Maybe nothing else is real.

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Dog otaku thread?

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Oyasumi, minna-san.

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Not dog

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No wow, 2/10.

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I always laugh at the "hardrives ahh so big" line.

Please post the Taylor Swift dog picture next.

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don't tell me what to do fag

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I don't have it, sorry

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Fuck off back to tumblr

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I created this combo and introduced tge first imsge. If I used my trip than everyone would see the amount of quality I contribute to /jp/...

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The day I see a japanese doge cosplaying a 2hu I'm going to eat my hat.

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A /jp/sie once dreamed that he was a butterfly, fluttering around to and fro, without a care in the world.

When he woke up, he went on /jp/ and created a thread. In the thread, he told /jp/ about his dream, and asked "am I a shitposter who dreamed he was a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that it is a shitposter?"

His peers, of course, responded that /jp/ is not your personal blog, and told the shitposter to get out.

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Nice reference dude, nice.

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It could've been a nice, deep story if you didn't ruin it with the last line.

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Did it hit too close to home, shitposter?

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Here you go friend.

pls dont bully

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Perhaps you have merely misunderstood it.
Maybe /jp/ was trying to tell the shitposter not to waste time pondering over idle fancies, but rather to simply live life in the moment.

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Thumbs up

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That's the joke since the first part is a reference to the man that dreams about being a butterfly.

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I saw a girl at school wearing a shirt with this pictures on it. I told her how epic and ironic it was and she gave me her number (:

Buy from here!

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Kill yourself.

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Science has agreed reality is an illusion, faggot.

Kill yourself.

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I scrolled all the way down and didn't see it. Fuck you.

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I have a hard time envisioning the demographic they're trying to capture here.

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Reality is a thing. What we perceive as reality is a thin slice of the entirety on a time delay.

Only first year philosophy students could believe reality is not a thing.

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I don't know man. It's almost like they tried going for irony but failed somehow. Or maybe it's some new thing. Like post-irony irony.

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well they don't look very different from what gets usually posted here

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Yeah, but like what the fuck is this?

It's like something an alien would wear if it wanted to look like a cool human but only had two weeks on the internet to work with as a reference.

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I think the layers of irony are just too many for us to understand.

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It's normalfags doing internet humor 10 years too late

"Haha, comic sans! That's a font! Like on a computer! Plus le eagle face! Check it out guys!"

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You just don't get the irony

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Holy shit the post-metairony from that shirt is killing me

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le epic shrek meme

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They are lazy

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It's like I'm looking at the small business of a Homestuck fan with assburgers.

My intention was to tell the OP that he was a shitposter that ruined a potentially good discussion, but in retrospect your idea is a lot nicer and much more productive.