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Usefull bunny, good for more than just her physical appearance.

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cutest 2hu

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[x] touch fluffy tail

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lmao nice thread dude

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Reisen is scary!

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[x] touch fluffy ears

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3spooky5me !

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Are they really electromagnetic waves?

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God knows what lunarian technology is all about.

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Woah!!! That anon is genki as hell!

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I thought they used magic.

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According to Patchouli there's no difference. Clarke said something similar too.

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She's only good for giving suppositories.

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Superior bunny, reporting for duty.

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Really? Please provide some examples.

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She fights both Reimu and Eiki, not to mention Yuyuko, Yukari, Tenshi and Remilia. I'd say she's useful enough.

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But you're not even touching the ears...

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This series is so cute.

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Where is she stuck in? I don't get it

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She jumped out of her cage all adventurous-like, but landed between a wall, table, and pipe.

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I want to pick her up and hold her in my hands.

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Earthlings are so cruel and lewd.

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Eientei superiority.

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Actually, she's a pretty useless bunny, that is, she doesn't have much use other than being a cock-craving cumdumpster.

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Please don't project your mother's attributes onto Reisen.

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what does her tail smell like?

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Do you think Reisen is full figured like Master Eirin?

Do they dock breasts with each other and sleep in cute positions with each other?

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I hope its more of a Doctor Cox and JD relationship like in Scrubs.

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I think Reisen is considerably smaller than her master.

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I think Udonge and Eirin go really nicely together! They're really cute.
Eirin is very womanly and full! Just look at her hips! She could fix Reisen's situation with magical drugs, but I bet she would like to cuddle a small Udonge.

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If it isn't broke there is no need to fix it.

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Ain't nothing wrong with busty Reisen.

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Or improve.

There's always room for a fuller figure! Just like there's room for something small.

Eirin probably enjoys both.

Eirin also probably dresses her up in cute outfits because Udonge looks youthful.

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You are a cunt.

Reisen is a Lunarian rabbit and Kaguya's pet/servant.She deserved some respect.

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I like my Reisen small. Too much weight isn't good for her, rabbits ought to be nimble.

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She's really strong, so she could sling some weight around!

But I respect that, I like a small Reisen, or even a bit of a bigger Reisen!

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Udongein should really teach Tewi some trigger discipline.

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Guns are for faggots

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I get a big fat boner every time I see this

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Down with the miko.

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I'd get down with the miko if you know what I mean.

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Well, I don't mean something like Eirin's ridiculous chest. But there should still be something there.

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Eirin's chest is wonderful! It'd look funny to have something as big on Udonge though, but then I could use them as pillows; the same with her lap!

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The superior version makes an appearance!

Here to steal all your fans away!

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Well, actually.

The question is: "Why do you here?"

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She literally fled from the so called lunar "war" since she is a coward and when she had to fight during IN she got beaten until she was almost naked because she is weak as fuck. As for the cleaning duty and the like this is nothing the earth rabbits couldn't do faster and better.

No really she is only good as a pet that gives you company and that you can cuddle or tease if you want. The lunarian bitches were so hooked that they took another one and gave it the same name.

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Toyohime's profile mentions that she's very fond of Reisen Udonge, and they also remark in CiLR that she was extremely talented.

Not only that, but Udonge is probably the only rabbit there capable of learning from Eirin, since they speak the same language and as evident from CiLR, they are highly educated.

Not only that, but something good has to be said about someone who does a 2v1 against Queen of youkai/mary sue miko, invincible vampire/mary sue maid, and death hungry ghost/light-speed ghost warrior.

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I want to be sitting in a waiting room watching Reisen get a nude exam!

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And to add onto my point, it's never explicitly reasoned as to why Reisen ran away, so you can really only work off of the Watatsukis saying 'cowardice'; they don't know the reason either.

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Wriggle also 2vs1ed yet everyone agrees on her being a faggot. The fact she speaks lunarian and is not totally retarded doesn't make her any less useless. She may not be a cumdumpster for Eirin but she is at best a well educated companion for teasing and cuddling.

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Check your facts and try again.
I'm not pointing out which ones, you have to figure that out yourself.

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I fucking love bunny meat

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>Everyone agrees on her[...]

Who is everyone? I'm fairly certain a relatively positive thread about Reisen isn't everyone. How is she useless? She beat up Tenshi and Tenshi didn't return the favour. Yet Tenshi beat up everyone. What does that say? Hmm?

I think Reisen kicked your butt a bit too hard so you're just angry.

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Please don't spread such lies. Reisen is a warrior, not just a companion pet.

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Reisen's a soldier, not a warrior. There's a difference.

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why are her boobs on her stomach

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because she's a rabbit

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If you weren't such a NERD you would have seen real life girl boobs in 3D, and you would know that this is the IRL CANON location for breasts. Please hide your new.

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Lunarian rabbit eating hamburger

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Reisen's digestion process!

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dude there is an EGG on that burger

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It's called an eggburger, dude

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In Japan, they put an egg on everything. Try going to a McDonald's in Japan, they put eggs on the burgers.

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Shit's delicious. I didn't think it would before I tried one, but egg complements a hamburger very well.

You can get them in America, too. I had one at Steak 'n Shake not too long ago.

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Why did the series end like that?
Why does every streaming site say that the series is "finished" or "ended"?
Next episode fucking when?

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Babysitting with Reisen!

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That's a pretty cute name for a restaurant! You must be pretty cute too.

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