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I want to have sex with a ghost

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She must be so soft.

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me too

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Can they get pregnant?

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remember half-ghosts

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Wasn't Youmu's dad a half-ghost?

I'm pretty sure it was implied somewhere that she was born a half-ghost as though it's a type of youkai of its own, kind of like half-caste people.

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You mean "half phantoms"?

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I want to suck those titties

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Don't sexualize Yuyuko

Eternally pure ghost, purest of all the Touhous

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Get out, Momiji.

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You can't sex up a ghost, dummy. That's like another layer of impossibility behind another layer that is sexing up 2D

Looks like you don't stand a ghost of a chance.

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If ghosts can pass through things, does that mean a ghost can shove her hand into your uterus and play with it using it's ultra soft semi transparent fingers?

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No, because they pass through things.

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i can try

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Why can't they just stop halfway?

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>Ghosts are different from phantoms, since they have the appearance they did while alive, can touch and speak, and an outside observer can't tell them apart from a normal human.
>Their body temperature isn't lower than normal, and living things other than humans can't become ghosts.
>Ghosts can easily influence the human heart with just their voices; it's dangerous to carelessly talk to one.
>They don't have flesh, but they aren't as insubstantial as phantoms, so they can touch things.
>On the other hand, they find it difficult to pass through things.

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Yuyuko is the softest. People say Youmu is soft but Yuyuko is much softer than Youmu.

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Her tits must be out of this world. Soft, smooth, firm like no human tits could ever hope to be.

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This is one of the few cases where I'd really rather they just leave it at "yuurei" and "bourei".

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>Their body temperature isn't lower than normal

Cold vagina theory debunked.

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I can't wait to reach the netherworld

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I just want a loving relationship with Yuyuko ;_;

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You are going to the Christian version man. Old men with beards and all this shit.

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Pure ghost slut.

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Why are so many Yuyuko doujins about her whoring out Youmu?

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Because people are horrible and like seeing Youmu forced into things she really doesn't want, and Yuyuko teases Youmu anyway.

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When you think about it, living with just one humanoid being around you must be pretty damn boring.

And she's stuck with her mistress until she dies.

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Youmu will get married one day!

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>all this claims of Yuyuko being softer than Youmu
yuyuko is fat
is that it

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She's not fat, she's soft

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What's with this Yuyuko is fat crap anyways? How can a ghost get fat in the first place?

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Yuyuko is a hungry girl~!

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>How do you know that a ghost's ass is bad?
>It just looks like this

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>ghost of a chance

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Yuyuko is a classy lady

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Tojiko doesn't have feet.

How do you feel about this?

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I want to go to cici's pizza with Yuyuko and mention that although the food tastes terrible at least its under $5 for all you can eat

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I want to unzip it

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confirmed for worse than Mima

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I attempted to move out with a friend once. We didn't have any money to speak of.
Occasionally a different friend would buy us Cici's AYCE. He was awesome.
I would eat enough to not eat again for 3 days, and it was delicious. Even now I still find Cici's pretty good. I don't know why everyone thinks it's shitty pizza. Sure, it's not amazing, but there's a literally infinite amount of it, and so many different kinds, and it's $5.

We would also scrounge up 99 cents and go to Wendy's for 99 cent spicy nuggets, or I'd buy 68 cent 2-liters of this stuff just called Cola.
Being poor was pretty fun.

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Now i can't handle my desire
I must go

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I would eat her daikons, if you know what i mean

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Thou shalt stop seducing my maiden!

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