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Patchy and Remi are at the two ends of a hallway 100 meters apart, each running at a steady rate of 5 meters per second toward each other. At the same time, Flan is flying at 10 meters per second away from them in a futile attempt to escape. Flan starts where Remi is and flies until she reaches Patchy, at which point she turns around back toward Remi. In this way, Flan continues back and forth between her two captors. What is the total distance that Flan flies before getting caught?

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You sick fuck.

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Answer the question.

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I'm too lazy to think

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20 seconds at 10m/s is 200 metres.

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You're off by a factor of 2.

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that's assuming everyone is infinitely thin and turning around is instantaneous.

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homework threads go here >>>/sci/

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It would be 10 seconds since both Patchy and Remilia travel towards each other at 5 m/s, resulting in 10 m/s overall.

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Flan will fly 133.33 meters before she is caught.

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I want one of these every night to keep /jp/ smart.

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Oops. They only run for 10 seconds because they only run 50m, so Flan does 100m.

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never mind, im retarded, time to sleep

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None because when flying you don't measure with units of distance.

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Better luck next time, anon.

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Patchy can't run

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Patchy is too fat to run.

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If you insist, repeat the problem for Patchy leisurely pacing at 2 meters per second.

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Why is Remi running when she can fly?

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Because she lost her motorbike

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Why didn't Remi just catch Flan if Flan started where Remi was?

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What happens if flan flies faster than light?

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Flan disappears into a world where time flows backward.

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.hcum gnikcuf os nalF etah I

.hcum gnikcuf oS

!llew sa uoy fo lla dnA

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.uoy evol syawla lliw nalF

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they go fast
flan go fly
fly is faster than run boots
so flan fly is winner because she fly and other are feet


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.reh etah syawla lliw I

!llew sa uoy dnA

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Patchouli isn't feet.
Remilie is wings.

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can wriggle come too? please.

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No boys allowed.

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anonymous... please stop being so darn mean.

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See conversation starting here: >>10879759

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400 m.

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,,, how did I miss that...

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On paper, it falls under the 'perpetually halves the distance over and again' but if you added all the differences up, it'd be 200, not 198

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For anyone interested, here's how to calculate the infinite series.

We see that Flan is flying twice as fast as either Patchy and Remi are running. This means that the when Patchy and Flan first meet, Flan will have traveled twice as far. This is equal to her flying 2/3 the length of the hallway.

Subsequently, Flan will travel 2/3 the distance remaining between Patchy and Remi, which is now 1/3 the length of the hallway. The next distance will be 1/3 of that, and so on, each time with Flan traveling 2/3 of that distance.

The sequence of lengths is then: 100×(2/3) m + 100×(1/3)×(2/3) m + 100×(1/3)x(1/3)×(2/3) m + ⋯

This is a geometric series with rate 1/3 and initial term 100×(2/3), from which we can find the sum as:

∑ₓ 100×(2/3)×(1/3)ˣ
= 100×(2/3)×[1/(1 - (1/3))]
= 100×(2/3)×(3/2)
= 100 meters

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Don't bump the thread just to show that you know about the geometric series. This is common knowledge that everyone should obtain at school.

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>Patchy and Remi are at the two ends of a hallway 100 meters apart

debus hebus

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Who actually remembers the things they learned in school after years of NEETing it up? His post is complete gibberish to me.

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... I doubt patche can run even 5 meters without losing her breath and forcing herself to stop and use her inhaler. your logic is flawed op.

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>For anyone interested


/jp/ is all about streetsmarts kiddo

ain't no need for this collegeboi bullshit

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Terrible trigger discipline, would not operate with.

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I hope you die from some horrible illness or something. Not really, but stop discussing weapons and killing on this board.

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Flan splits into 4 and beats the crap out of them.

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How has this still not been translated yet

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There is no need to calculate the infinite serie. Patchy and Remi travel 50m each at 5m/s, which means they meet 50/5 = 10 seconds later. Flan flies at 10 m/s and thus travels a distance of 10x10 = 100m.

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If each one of us translates a page we will get it done? There's no way this can fail.

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So you don't learn basic math in your first, what, 10 years of school?

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If that's the level of translation quality we'd reach, I'd rather not see it translated.

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Why is this ability so rarely used in doujins?

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っTaylor series

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>っTaylor series
Still school material.

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I've always wondered if this could actually work. If a bunch of low-mid Japanese skill level people just agreed on translating a single page each, then agreed on a font, size, etc...

Wouldn't this work?

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It would be really inconsistent.

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source pls

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Isn't this a rewording of a post in the Q&A thread?

I remember because I asked moot if he liked trains, and I was CTRL-Fing for "trains", and then I saw this post about trains.

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it would probably work quite well if the group translated X pages each, then dumped them into a collection. then everyone in the group would read the whole thing and suggest revisions until they're happy with it (some of them might understand certain phrases on someone else's page).

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p-please accept it


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thank you dude

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Please do not misuse spoilers.

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Please stop trying to force this shit.

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I have a bunch of similar questions to this saved. I will post some over the next few days for /jp/.

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Looking forward to them.