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why is pink reimu punching herself in the cunt

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>Big Flan ass whuppin'(...)
Except Flandre can easily beat Remilia.

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Which 2hu would you spank until she pees herself?

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absolutely Chen

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Which 2hu do you want to be spanked by

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Please don't mix different fetishes together.

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I want Patchouli to spank me for looking too much at her feet.

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absolutely Eirin

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W-what's with that look on her face?

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If you put it like that, every single one.

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I want Tewi to spank me while I wear panties and a buttplug.

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Sakuya a bitch

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My dog ruined my futon when he was still a puppy. Should've given him a spanking.

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She's just doing her job well. Prevention is much more efficient than cleaning up the mess every time.

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Nue spanked for being lewd in public

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I want to slap all the touhou asses. All of them

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"... she seems to be enjoying this..."

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Remilia will mess with your fate, bitch.

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le Sakuya face

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I find it interesting that japan thinks spanking or spank play is an american thing yet I seem to see it in japanese picture the most.

I think they are just tundere for secretly liking it.

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It's because America still thinks child abuse is a valid form of discipline.

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People who dont get disciplined properly end up shooting up schools.

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wait, it isn't?

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But as he was saying, its not common in the USA. So that'd be wrong.

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Useless bunny!

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It was common in the USA before liberal parents who want to be friends with their kids became the majority, aka the 90s.

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>liberal parents who want to be friends with their kids

Those hippie bastards.

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Seriously, it just sets up the kids to have no respect for their parents since they grew up with no rules. We can already see the effects of that

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I don't understand why people on /jp/ fight for a better tommorow that would disadvantageous for them. The same Conservative world that you fight for is the same one that would have put in a mental institution for watching little girls cartoons.

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The lack of imposed discipline creates in-group discipline. It works fabulously in sensible groups of intelligent people and awfully in groups of greedy, criminal idiots.

>Seriously, it just sets up the kids to have no respect for their parents since they grew up with no rules. We can already see the effects of that
The effects have been seen in universities for centuries.

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>It works fabulously in sensible groups of intelligent people

Good thing children are intelligent people

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Some children are noisy. Some are not. Some are noisy because they get no attention at home and some are noisy because they get bored during the lessons. You can get bored for more than one reason.

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Most of the previous generation of my family hate their previous generation (e.g. their parents, my grandparents) because of how terrible caregivers they were. Now all those old people regret it like HELL since they're in homes and their kids want nothing to do with them. Why should someone give emotional or financial support to some asshole who raised them poorly, physically hurt them, and gave them all sorts of complexes?
This isn't entitlement or some recent phenomenon. It is possible to be a good parent and it always has been.

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You are assuming it existed to begin with.

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>Now all those old people regret it like HELL
They'd better. At worst, they may have ruined sharp, caring and constructive brains. Intelligent people rarely kill themselves but it's easy to demoralize them into underachieving. All that time spent wallowing is away from getting immersed in empowering things during the crucial stages of development.

Homes are fine. You get food and company from nurses. If a person is a complete psychopath, he doesn't even care.

Do you see it now? Being a nice person is absolutely crucial. It's what pushes the world forward. Please try not to be embarrassed about good things or people will start thinking that you don't actually appreciate them.

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me in the car

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I do things on weekends with my father since I have nothing else to do and though we are 2 totally different people we still get along and he was never that strict with me. My mother on the other hand kept a tight hold on my life when I was in highschool and down and constantly beat the living shit out of me to the point where if I did something wrong anywhere I would try to go out of my way to avoid telling her because there was a chance she might go batshit insane on me for it. I have much less respect for her and hate her deep down for it. It's only made me more distant.

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>My mother on the other hand kept a tight hold on my life when I was in highschool and down and constantly beat the living shit out of me to the point where if I did something wrong anywhere I would try to go out of my way to avoid telling her because there was a chance she might go batshit insane on me for it.
How come you haven't ditched her years ago?

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me getting bullied

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I have nowhere to go, only place I know and love is the home I grew up in so I'm staying here forever. I'm comfortable in some ways that keep me here and I'm too brain dead to do anything with my life.

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>I'm comfortable in some ways that keep me here
I know. Get the fuck out of there.

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Would you spank?

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What if she drew on the walls again?

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I don't get why parents punish kids for drawing on the wall what the fuck? Let them draw on it or at least let them draw on their own room. FUCKING SHIT FUK FUCK MAN

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It's not as bad as this

If there is one thing I'd never hold a kid responsible for it's bedwetting, but japs seem to have a thing for that.

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It's pretty annoying when kids draw on a white wall, cleaning it isn't easy. Besides they have paper for that.

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Fuck you facist
I'll draw on the wall if I want to

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your fetish is stupid

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shut up

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Don't worry, I like your fetish.

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You know if you're going to create the same thread over and over at least try and not post the same images over and over.

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Please do not bully little Rumia, she has done nothing wrong.


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Who said spanking is for people who do wrong things?

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But only bad girls get to be spanked, anon.

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So I should reward her butt instead of punish it?

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is he blowing her up like an inflatable pool?

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I want to be dominated by Rumia and forced to pleasure her butt with my tongue.
She'll berate me and pretend to not like it, but her quivering dirty parts will make it clear as day that she's enjoying it

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Not until you learn to properly enjoy these

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>no tail

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Sakuya a bitch

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>hitting flan
Sakuya you got a death wish or something

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And she was drawing a nice picture of Sakuya too ;_;

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There are plenty of pictures but doujins are impossible to find

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Here's a semi-enjoyable one, if you're into the loli.

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Sakuya's bitchery know no bounds

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If only there were more of them.

I'm going to trust Keine's judgement here.

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>Implying Flan can do anything to someone who can stop time and cut her to ribbons and whom she depends upon for sustenance

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Children need to be beat more often.

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you need to be beat more often

by me

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It just goes to show how petty the new generation of parents is. So selfish they put their own parents in shitty retirement homes but aware enough to know that's probably going to be their fate, so they try to be "cool" and "friends" with their children.

I'm not a conservative or liberal. Both sides have an equal ammount of good and bad ideas.

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Why don't people save up for their own retirement? I'm not giving my parents a cent because they won't need it.

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Which Touhous do you think were already spanked? Which ones are regularly spanked?

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We don't really know that. Flandre only has superior destructive power due to her ability to destroy things. Remilia might actually win in a fistfight.

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>Still thinks Spanking happens as a mainstream form of discipline in the USA.

If only. I see kids every time I take the fiancee' out that I wanna' give a good couple of swats to. Parents let the little imps run around, knocking into folks, tearing up store displays, and generally causing fuck-all for anyone unfortunate enough to be in their path. And the aggravating part is...the parents let the little hellions do it! They just shrug and smile and explain, "They're just being kids..." Woman, "kids" don't steal a baby's bottle from it's stroller while it's suckling and then toss it in the trash can across the store! Of course, don't even think about telling the kids to knock it the fuck off...then you're "Suppressing their 'Free Spirit'."

Nice to see someone finally say it. Raised as a kid, I would have had a better time in the Vatican's Dungeons. As an adult, I've cut all ties with my birth mother, and after my Grandfather passed (The only adult from my family who ever really gave a shit about teaching me anything worthwhile.) I cut all ties to that bloodline completely. My time as a child resulting in me forming a theory, "Family is a Bond of Heart, not of Blood". For years, I was like this anon >>10883052 Then I finally decided one day to just pull up stakes, and walk away from everything. It was a major turning point for me. I had just gotten into another round of her bitching, and it was either I slapped the living shit out of her, or I go before I do something worse. Best. Fucking. Day. Of my life. Was 19 when I did so, currently 30. It was rough, and I got a few bumps and bruises but I eventually made my own way in this world. Now I'm self-employed as a contractor for a Courier Service, have a fiancee', and live within my means, debt-free (Thanks, Grandpa, for all the lessons about finances and budgeting, bless you.) with a small place to stay, but with plenty in my heart. The last generation can go an hero, for all I care.

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I can't believe how hard I trolled you nerds.

>> No.10887559

Thanks for sharing your life story, you fucking idiot.

>> No.10887588

The way you talk is rather annoying.

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I do not agree with your opinion, although I respect that differing opinions ought to be able to be held peacefully by different people. But the objective truth of the matter is, there's no way Remilia would win in a fist fight. Despite her claim in SSiB to be the most physically adept in Touhou, think about what she actually does all day. She sits around and drinks tea. Meanwhile, Flan is always playing around in the basement with Marisa and active types like that, not really caring so much for the rules of spellcards like civilized, and thus weaker people. So yes, we actually do know "that".

>> No.10889547

Actually your post is 100% speculation and yet you speak of "know".
Remilia is older and most likely has 100 times more actual combat experience than Flan the shut-in. Flandre only is a superior fighter due to her ability.

>> No.10889576

I can see Remilia actually being more physically adept than Flandre, due to the very reasons you mention.
They're both vampires of almost the same age, but Flan stays inside the mansion all the time while Remilia actually goes out and does shit like bug Reimu and take part in incidents. Not that it matters anyway - if there's a difference between the two then it's not big and Spellcard battles aren't fistfights.

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Yamada ;_;

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Remilia's inspirations seem to be JJBA's vampires and Darkstalker's Dmitri, so I think she's mostly melee oriented.

Flandre is the "495 years old magical girl". I like to think Flandre can dominate Remilia if they're far (Flandre can do more things with her danmaku) but Remilia wins on close combat.

But back to the thread theme, Nue is a bad girl that needs almost constant discipline. Good thing she lives right next a strong, caring and strict woman.

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pls no booty bullying

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Booty bullying! Booty bullying!

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Buddhist discipline is best discipline.

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remilia can't alter fate for shit.

She gets put under house arrest by a 15 year old miko or a common western witch, and couldn't help her sister to get to a semi normal state in 495 years.

Her altering fate is about as true as her being a descendent of vlad tepes.

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your turn

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You're all retarded, all flandre has to do is touch remilias hand with her own and remilia will be ripped apart.

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That's what I'm talking about, mane.

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How can you spot what's actually being altered by Remilia? You'll realize that she always /acts/ as if everything is happened according to her keikaku. Flandre calls that bullshit, but who knows the truth?

Keeping up with delicious buddhist discipline:

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>T-this was my plan all along!

>> No.10899000


Because remilia is too wretched and petty to actually have any sort of influence.

>> No.10899072

>too wretched and petty
You're mom is.

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>No F/M pictures

I want to be spanked by Erin ;_;

>> No.10899475

There was one.

But why would you want anything M near Touhous?

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It's the fingers in the mouth that really make this lewd.

>> No.10899824

I do not approve of butts being treated with such disrespect.

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>aka the 90's
The 90's my ass. I grew up in the 90's and my parents still spanked me and brother. Sometimes my dad would even use one of those tiny novelty baseball bats to do it. Ah, good times.

>> No.10899890

I want to spank a /jp/.

>> No.10899912

"Spankings" for me involved a rusty metal rod. You know, the ones used in construction.

I was only spanked twice in my life. Pain makes you learn fast.

>> No.10899919

Extension cord for me. With the pronged end out.

>> No.10899921

i read this and was a little disappointed that there was no full penetration.

still hot though, but it could have hit the ceiling.

>> No.10899922

>Being a nice person is absolutely crucial
Implying this isn't what made you a socially anxious N.E.E.T. who gets pushed around by society to begin with. Have fun being a shut-in broke nobody while the dick-asses of the world are on top.

>> No.10900011

My inability to genuinely interact with others made me what I am. Being nice means respecting others without trying to inappropriately and inconstructively benefit from them.

I've always managed very well with society and official systems but I've had tremendous difficulties with fatherless sub-IQ 90 narcissists.

>> No.10900033

>fatherless sub-IQ 90 narcissists
Yeah, reflecting much?

>> No.10900036

Honestly, my post was more directed at me than you. My point being, is that being nice to people, and yes, by the parameters by which you define it, is what made me what I am today. A socially retarded guy who gets walked all over by other people.

>> No.10900045

I've studied CS with success. I'm not Mensa material myself but I recognize an actual retard when I see one.

>> No.10900054

The bigger point being, is that you need to have a health balance of being nice, and being a dick, not just primarily or strictly, one or the other.

>> No.10900068

I appreciate your reply even though it doesn't quite reach the level of high school or university psychology.

>> No.10900064

Hahaha... studied... Yeah. Sod off...

>> No.10900084

It was considerably more difficult than anything in high school. I'm sorry for not diving into physics for your leisure.

>> No.10900089

I was thinking of it more from a sociological standpoint, but, whatever.

>> No.10900141

I could be doing something even remotely sane right now. I'm here instead.

>> No.10900156

Yeah, and "be nice for teh forevers is crucial" sounds like top notch University Psychology. Fuck off.

>> No.10900162

Oops, meant to reply this >>10900156
to this >>10900068. Sorry!

>> No.10900194

It's not, and I know it. I'm just writing whatever since I'm bored and thoroughly tired of the intentionally illiterate and negative attitudes that reign here. They've already ruined my life, maybe for good.

I'm always eager to voice my opinion when someone mentions the words "ignorance" and "bliss" in the same sentence.

>> No.10900203

They're both mine.

>> No.10900256

Hearing the Average Joe, let alone someone from 4chan, speak in favor of strict discipline almost physically disgusts me. It's almost never even relevant to the discussion at hand but an attempt to impress the listeners with a mixture of cheap manliness and ignorance.

>> No.10900324

Vita sine litteris mors

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How would a vampire get that brown

>> No.10903145

Magic. Tanning beds. She was brown when she was turned. Yukari's fooling around again.

>> No.10903192

Yukari can't do shit against remilia.

>> No.10903228

I still have 3 other proposals. Just be glad I didn't say fake tanning lotion, with a picture to back up my conclusion.

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Vampires in touhou don't get "turned"

>> No.10905937

[citation needed]

>> No.10905978

Jewkari can essentially hack reality mane.

>> No.10908078

They are.

>She is a light eater. In other words, she can drink only a little blood at a time and must leave the rest behind, so the humans off of whom she feeds become a bit anemic, but usually stay alive. Due to that fact, she is never able to increase the number of her kind.

Exception proves the rule. The only thing preventing Remilia from turning people into vampires is her stomach capacity.

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I'm surprised by the lack of Tenshi here. Is it a dislike of fanon memes, or is it just not fun when she likes it like she usually does?

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Most of it is not worksafe

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>Can't post best remilia spanking because it's NSFW

>> No.10913305,1 [INTERNAL] 

post it here

>> No.10913305,2 [INTERNAL] 

hello my name is newfuck and i cannot search image aggregators

>> No.10913305,3 [INTERNAL] 

hello newfuck

>> No.10913305,4 [INTERNAL] 

It seriously took the janitor(s) a week to delete this shit? God, what an incompetent fuck. Is being incompetent a requirement for being a janitor or something? I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that this garbage THIS PIECE OF SHIT was left for more than a week.

>> No.10913305,5 [INTERNAL] 

>Is being incompetent a requirement for being a janitor or something
Yes, actually

>> No.10913305,6 [INTERNAL] 

yorishiku bruh bruh ;)

>> No.10913305,7 [INTERNAL] 

Please don't romanize moon. ありがとうございます!

>> No.10913305,8 [INTERNAL] 

すみませんブラーブラー のワの

>> No.10913305,9 [INTERNAL] 

yeah bruh bruhs safe syndicate foreva

>> No.10913305,10 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10913305,11 [INTERNAL] 

>safe shitposting YET AGAIN

>> No.10913305,12 [INTERNAL] 

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm pretty sure it just 404d peacefully. Warosu shows those trashcan signs pretty liberally.

>> No.10913305,13 [INTERNAL] 

nah man foolz is shit at tracking deletions warosu is accurate dw just trust me im an expert