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How tall are touhous?

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>> • About how tall is everyone?
>> Even a rough idea, like order of height, would be fine.
>> I personally wonder about how small the young girls, Cirno, Rumia and the fairies are.
>> About 120–130 cm?

>I might officially announce an order of height if there's a demand (since I set up a height comparison chart in
>the production materials).

>However, backing up a bit...generally speaking, they're about as tall as girls in their early teens ['10代前半' means 10 to 14 years old]. A
>suitable breakdown would be something like:
>Tall: Sakuya, Meiling, Yukari
>Fairly Tall: Reimu, Yuyuko, Alice, Letty, Ran
>Fairly Short: Marisa, Youmu, Patchouli, Lunasa, Merlin
>Short: Remilia, Lyrica, Chen, Cirno, Rumia, Flandre
>Basically, if we consider the top level as the height of a human in her late teens or older ['10代後半以降' means 15 years old or above] and the >bottom
>level as the height of a human in her early teens ['10代前半' ], that puts them in a fairly short class (though none of that
>level are human). If their sizes appear to be different on the game screen than given above, it's because of
>some mystic force like perspective, so pay it no mind. :-)

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That's a tiny Okuu.

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This, maybe?

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bottom lel

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>tallest 2hus 5'5" at most

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That's really not that bad, Average height for Western women in 5 ft 4. I'm only 5 ft 9.

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>Tewi is half my height

mah dick

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But that guy draws everyone loli-like.

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I like tall Ran. I wish she were taller than Yukari.

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No reason why you can't have them both be tall.

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I wish marisa was taller.
Me too.

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Something like this, I'd wager.

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Worst 2hu artist.

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As long as they're shorter than me, no problem.

But intercourse would be likely painful for her.

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I love Tallhous.

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Remilia looks good enough. Others are fat.

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That's considered pretty gargantuan for a Japanese woman actually. Anything over 5'8" or so is a freak of nature.

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Well, you'd kinda expect someone like Yuugi to have "freakish" height.

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But they're monsters. I'd like to imagine characters like Yuugi, Kanako, and Ran tower over others.

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>tall Satorin

That's more like it.

I like my Satori tiny and adorable.

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Holy shit, is this by ama-tou? (his name on danbooru)

Speaking of danbooru, I miss this artist. I wish she wasn't a bitch that asked her art to be removed.

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>using danbooru unironically

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Think that's his handle.

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Eirin looks to be about 6'0" or 6'1".

I think Udonge is about 5'6", my height! That's roughly 165cm in metric.

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Why would someone use danbooru ironically? No-one would likely ever know, so why do it for an audience that doesn't exist?

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What's the problem?

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Why is the gap spacing of 10cm at the top half the gap spacing of 10cm at the bottom?

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Its like cracking jokes and turning face a camera and breaking the fourth wall when there is none. Its just you in your bedroom.

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Tewi is so kawaii.

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Pretty good.

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Because it was drawn by a filthy subhuman finn.

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Probably all pretty short.
This Japanese wiki has a lot of research put into trying to figure out the heights.

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secondariest height chart

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I'm not a big fan of that image. I'm taller than everyone on the chart, and Yuugi is supposed to be big and huge.

Being taller than Yuugi makes gives me an uneasy feeling.