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Okuu Culture

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Although your Okuu is relatively low maintenance and easy to care for, she will require many hugs throughout the day. It is not good to leave her alone for extended periods of time, though if you do she will clean and cook in your absence in effort to make you happy.

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I didn't think it was possible for me to love Okuu even more than before until I saw this picture.

Okuu, fueled by hugs, kisses and cuddling.

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I forgot my pic.

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and possibly weapons-grade plutonium.

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okuu fueled by thermonuclear hatred

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Most cuddly Touhou.

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it might be dangerous if Okuu hugged me like that so often

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Would you eat one?

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Why is Okuu so romantic?

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Attempting to designate a sleeping area for your Okuu is a wasted endeavor. No matter what you do, you will always wake in the morning to find that Okuu has snuggled herself right up against you.


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well now I really want one

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And think how excited she'll be when you tell her there's something inside of it as well.

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I am her designated sleeping area.

I was literally seconds away from posting that.

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too fat

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I can just imagine it now.

"Wow, what a pretty box!"
"There's something inside this box?! No way!!"

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But that's healthy, anon.

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no, healthy means fit and slender, not fat

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The Hell of Blazing Fires hides the secret to the ultimate form of energy that humans can attain.

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Who cares what her body looks like. The most important part is her lovely face and expression.

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Please don't sexualize Okuu.

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Because ravens are very romantic birds. They're actually monogamous creatures, mate for life, and value fidelity more than any other animal in the world.

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What if I sexualize her because I love her?

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I sexualize her personality, not her body. She is the perfect partner.

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After the egg hatches

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Best Thread

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happiest day of my life.

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I was supposed to get some work done tonight, but... Fuck it, Okuu is more important.

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fuck you

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I'm not really the touchy-feely type. Can't I just say 'Good work, Okuu' every now and then or something?

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You don't want to touch her at all? Not even a good girl head pat?

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No, or she will become depressed. Please think of Okuu's feelings! Give her a hug and a pat on the head a few times a day. That's all it takes!

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I don't think it's possible for Okuu to become depressed. Maybe less happy though, which is still happier than the the happiest person on the planet.

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I want to fuck her so bad.

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I like to think they give birth to animals and not humanoids.

I imagine Okuu laying eggs and raising her crows. Same with Reisen and raising actual rabbits, and any other 2hu animal.

Human children are shit for fags.

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Hey! That's an unfortunate typo of "hug"...

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Okuu is a very old fashioned girl with old fashioned values. When you live underground, secluded from most of society for so long, you only want the simple things in life.

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Would you pet your pet's pet?

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that cat is fugly

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I wish to engage in vaginal intercourse with Okuu.

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this reminds me of that guy posting about having a crow dropping a dead pigeon on his doorsteps every few days, he even took photos

when he went out once, he saw the crow circling above him for a few times then flew away, a few days later another dead pigeon landed on his doorsteps

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Sure, as long as I get to keep them both.

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dum dee dah

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Corvids (including ravens) can befriend humans. They are very intelligent and one of the few species known to use tools.

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give me the source

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What's it like to cum inside Okuu?

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Best 2hus

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The filename is right there and it's the first result in google. Also you could at least say please.

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Very nice! Made even better by how much Okuu loves it. You will be holding her hands when you climax.

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B-both her hands? Sugoi...

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I see you have good taste fine sir.

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I'm not sure how effective mating with okuu would be.

Even if you ignore the ZW chromosome thing, I'm not sure how tight a cloaca would be. How sanitary is another matter, but that can be dealt with.