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Do you like your lolis with or without tan lines?

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With. Post more.

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I like non-nigger lolis.

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Tanlines aren't very lewd.

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what's up with the dinosaur

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i agree with that dinosaur

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Yeah it is, it even says erokawaii in the OP.

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I like cute fair-skinned lolis. My next favorite are tanline lolis. Then come the dark-skinned lolis.

And you, /jp/?

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I like naturally dark-skinned lolis, but tanlines are ok too.

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That is a dinosaur he doesn't know what he's saying.

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All lolis are fine to me.

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With. Especially if the they suggest lewdness like tiny bikini tan lines.

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I prefer if they can tan easily. I guess this means they don't have naturally pale skin.

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cute not pedo

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No, that is completely pedo because of the semen.

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Fuckin racial quotas invading my anime as well
fucking affirmative action
Is this KyoAni anti-racism propaganda?

Holy shit. Why? Why do they force anti-racism down my throat?

Seriously, if you're not white, you're missing out. Because this shit is thoroughly good. Let me be clear, by the way. I'm not saying that white people are better. I'm saying that being white is clearly better. Who could even argue? If it was an option, I would re-up every year.

without, not even brown at all

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It's yoghurt.

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>>>/a/ for the anime portion of your post
>>>/tv/ for the Louis CK portion of your post
>>>/pol/ for all your race discussion needs.

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Little brown girls aren't shitskins, though.

This thread is about tans, anyway.

Apply yourself.

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if this is a thread about tans then it is a thread about shittaste

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A better question is if you like you like 3D or 2D.

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3D kids are sometimes sexy, but 2D is best.

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gtfo troll

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3D lolis are cute, but 2D lolis can be cute and sexy

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Isn't tanning unhealthy?

Pedo is just your ability to perceive cute malfunctioning.

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3D can be sexy too.
But if I posted any of it here I'd get banned, even though it's completely legal.
Why do we have to be discriminated against?

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I like both, but you can't hug a drawing.

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Just post it on /b/ and link here. As long as no naughty bits are showing it's A-okay.

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I do not find 3D sexy, though they can be cute.

They are like different entities.

If they did lewd things, I would sooner tell them they shouldn't be doing lewd things, than be attracted by it.

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that feel after you fap to cp. It's a feel like none other. It's like your floating on cloud 9 or something. fapping to some 40 year old woman with fake tits makes your cum smell rotten. But fapping to a 9 year old girl attempt to please some guy with a hairy stomach makes your cum squirt out with such pure intensity that you feel like your floating on air. and the way your dick feel, OH GOD YOUR DICK will feel so fuzzy and warm. You moralfags need to at least try to fap to some cp at least once before you die. Because there is no other feel like it.

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No, any pictures of real children are not allowed on 4chan because it's too much of a headache to deal with semantics.

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It's not completely legal to post pics of real children. You have to have written parental consent to use a child's image. Even schools have to get parental permission to put pics of kids online or in yearbooks.

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I don't have any saved on my computer and I'd rather not be on a government shit list for posting pictures of little girls in bikinis.

I also don't want to get banned because even that is banned there.

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Fuck off, Thad.

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They're non-erotic, professional Japanese child models. I'm pretty sure they got consent to take the pictures.

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Have you ever thought that you only get aroused because of how you've been taught it's wrong?

Also, child abuse is bad.

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Post 'em in the Gravure thread. They'll fuckin' love it.

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I don't have them and like I said, they're in bikinis and what not.

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suck it nerd

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the post below will contain 10 megatons of fun

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milky time

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There's nothing wrong with being attracted to children. What's wrong is sexual relations outside of marriage and overindulging in sexual(or any other type of) pleasure.

Humans are naturally attracted to childish features because they indicate a less hostile person, which is desirable trait for any social species.

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With. More innocent.

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>liking lolis

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Why does she have fake nails only on one hand?

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For masturbating.

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Tan lines is the best thing in the universe.

It is just awful every single real girl grows up thinking it is ugly so I can only ever view perfection in art.

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They are ugly.

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They are not cute in real life.

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It's images like this one that really kill me.
Why can't 2D be real?

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In a million years, neoteny will lead to everyone looking something like that. Or if genetic engineering becomes actually practical.

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wow every1 has shitty as HELL taste

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I love little girls~

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Mister are you a pedophile?

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he's a pedo with HELLa shit taste:thats for sure!

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No ma'am it is perfectly save to get into my pool.

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god damn brown reminds me of my shit

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Thought I was on /a/ and the fact everyone was upset and there weren't many images was confusing.

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Is it true that some forms of Autism cause the sufferer to be afraid of certain colors?

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Man, that's a terrible thought.

I suggest you get back to your mudhovel post-haste.

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everyones upset because every picture here is:ugly

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Do you really not get the joke? Its a direct copy of text from a picture that a guy posted who got arrested and then posted the legal documents from his case on 4chan.

if that read really weirdly its because im tired

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No way. /a/ is a bunch of sissies now. Won't admit they are attracted to children and are all gay now.

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Even though I spend almost all my free time here, I didn't see that.

>> No.10873788

It's a tr/a/sh thing. The entire story is very rarely posted over here.

I'm not surprised you didn't see it.

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Sometimes I go on other boards and think I'm on /jp/

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Too skinny and the legs are too long.

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I think her body is perfect.

>> No.10874089


To keep sick delusion fucks like you closeted to themselves in seclusion as you should be garbage

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I want a little girl to call me 'mister'. No mention of my first or last name, just, 'mister'.

Doesn't it seem cute?

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Zero punctuation, moralfaggotry, and incorrect grammar?

You've got quite some nerve trying to call anybody garbage, you trash.

>> No.10874135

There's nothing wrong with being attracted to children.
Acting on an attraction is not the same as simply being attracted.


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i like my lolis pure white with blond hair and blue eyes. something about that seems so innocent and loveable, and not lewd in any way. you knowwhat i mean?

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Why is :< so great?

Also, I just remembered a doujin with an alice and now I'm lewd.

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Get this, I don't give a shit.

Fuck off pedo scum!

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>now using punctuation

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I think it wouldn't look good in a diaper, so I don't like it.

>> No.10874200

She'd look great in a diaper though...

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But the proportions aren't very childlike. She looks like an underage prostitute that can't afford much food because her prices have to stay low to remain competitive in a shithole country where there are many girls like her.

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I think she looks like a normal 11-13 year old girl. She's not a little loli, but she is still mostly a loli.

This is what you want, right?

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She has more realistic proportions than most loli pictures I see.
Have you ever seen a 3D little girl before?

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To be fair, up until age 6 or 7 or so, girls have stubbier arms and legs, and tend to be a bit chubbier. As they get older they start looking like the girl in the OP.

>> No.10874264

Well yeah, but most people on 4chan who are sexually attracted to children seem to be in the upper age ranges (around 11-14+)

>> No.10874272

And they will become chubbier again during puberty unless they starve themselves.

>> No.10874276

Both have their differences, I guess that guy likes the younger ones.

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I like my lolis dead.

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Speaking of which, what age range does /jp/ prefer?
I like around 5-11 for 3D and around 5-14 for 2D.

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I like this age range but that artist is shit.

>> No.10874296

He should learn to draw like Ume since he already has the wideness.

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10-12, for both dimensions.

Under severe circumstances, I am willing to allow a year exception, on either side of the spectrum.

Any more, and you get either a literal child, or 100% slut.

Can't have that.

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I like 0-30 when it comes to 2D. 3-10 is my favorite though.

>> No.10874303

I actually like older and my initial statement was wrong because the angle of her foot made me perceive the legs as too long.

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Yes. It makes my cock twitch just thinking about it.

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I like some of his faces. Some are so bad they're cute, though.

6-11. I adore those very small mosquito bite titties, but flatness of any age is equally as captivating.

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That's one toasted loli. Such a contrast.

>> No.10874334

>literal child

How are 10-12 year olds not "literal" children?

Why are pedos so stupid?

>> No.10874337

Your cock twitching days are numbered, mister.

>> No.10874338

Depends on where you are in the world, but sometimes a 12 year old can look and act adult.

All thanks to modern media.

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I'm afraid the only solution is castration at this point.

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Well, if you look at the etymology of child, the only literal child would be one that is currently in the womb. Since child refers to pregnancy at all.

Unless he means the later meaning of a youth who hasn't reached puberty. Which is what he was likely going for.

>> No.10874358

And by "adult", you of course don't mean a responsible person, you mean a shitty person no longer acting under a responsible person's control.

>> No.10874367

I'm not the person originally quoted, but yes, in some places a 12 year old can look and act the same as a 25 year old.

I was quite shocked the first time I saw this.

>> No.10874368

4 8 & 10 have the cutest expressions, 10/10, would adopt

>> No.10874373

By shocked you mean you popped a boner, don't you?

>> No.10874376

I agree. And 3, 4, 6, and 7 are the lewdest. Would cum on their bellies. 3's belly is especially lewd if you've ever seen the fully-nude one.

>> No.10874379

Why would a 12 year old that looks and acts like a 25 year old be any more erotic than an actual 25 year old?

>> No.10874383

You tell me, you sicko.

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>> No.10874396

>you will never be a lolicon T-rex

>> No.10874400

>10 not being the lewdest

>> No.10874417

as their breasts get bigger, their underwear gets smaller


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Looking and acting like an adult...in other words, mimicking their behavior, is completely different to having the mentality and experience of an adult.

Also just because a child can have sex and may even want to have sex doesn't mean they should have sex. Actually, I can think of plenty of adults who shouldn't have sex either - mostly ones who never mentally aged past 12.

2D loli is fine because nobody gets hurt. Lolis do not exist. They are a series of curves and lines and colors and shadows that create a fantasy image that your brain associates with one thing or another, and if you want to fap to that then that's fine. But your self-justifying delusional 3Dpedo scum desires do not belong here.

>> No.10874427

No, I think it's just that modern day adults are really childish.

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Because the concept is a fetishization of one of the few sexual taboos left in society, and that is what I assume they find to be arousing.

>> No.10874439

>Looking and acting like an adult...in other words, mimicking their behavior, is completely different to having the mentality and experience of an adult.

It's almost like the possibility, the mere chance, of a child being as mature as an adult doesn't even cross your mind.

That's pretty pathetic.

>> No.10874473

That's because even genius kids, who actually are more mature, act childishly occasionally. A kid acting mature is just putting on airs.

>> No.10874481

Even adults act childish.

Children acting childish sometimes doesn't mean they aren't as intelligent as adults.

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That doesn't make it better.

Also, we weren't "better" in the past. Historically humanity has always been mostly shit. No matter what the circumstances are, most people act like infants. Examine any period in history and you'll find that the majority of society was petty, selfish, and self-serving which are all childish traits.

The only thing that has shifted is the concept of when adulthood occurs: a few hundred years ago or less, a 12-13 year old would have been considered an adult almost unanimously around the world. The concept of the "teenager" did not even exist until around the 20th century.

That is why pedos are so obsessed with separating teens below the legal age from children who haven't hit puberty. It may be illegal but it's natural from an evolutionary and historical point of view to be attracted to someone who has sexually matured by hitting puberty. Romeo and Juliet is a story about two emotionally immature children who are 13 or 14 years old FFS.

I don't think that it has ever been acceptable in most societies to be attracted to people who haven't hit puberty. There are probably some notable exceptions but like incest, it's a taboo that is deeply ingrained within most cultures.

>> No.10874492

That's because there are a lot of adults, especially nowadays, who lack the life experience necessary to be adults. So they are adults in name only, or manchildren if you will.

It's impossible for children to have this needed life experience, they aren't old enough to possibly have it.

>> No.10874499

>It's impossible for children to have this needed life experience, they aren't old enough to possibly have it.

Laugh out loud.

This entire sentence is so ludicrously stupid, on multiple levels, that it warrants no argument.

>> No.10874504

You don't become mature by sitting in your room all day and relaxing while not starving to death, working yourself to the bone, or suffering from diseases.

>Examine any period in history and you'll find that the majority of society was petty, selfish, and self-serving which are all childish traits.

Which is why people only become mature when they can't be petty, selfish, and self-serving.

>> No.10874507

>life experience

When someone starts citing life experience, I know they're spouting bullshit that they can't find actual reasoning to support.

>> No.10874512

What do you think maturity comes from? Reading books?

>> No.10874522

Your arbitrary definition of maturity is of no relevance here.

>> No.10874542

What is your definition of maturity? I'm using the dictionary definition, so your special one should be stated outright.

>> No.10874554

I would diaper 6 through 9.

>> No.10874555

Old enough to pee, old enough for me.

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File: 37 KB, 208x283, tomokocl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


When I was 12, I used to talk to people online and they assumed I was in my 20s and in college because I was able to converse using good grammar and maintain what I assume they thought was a compelling conversation. I never told anybody I was actually 12 and nobody questioned it. I always enjoyed talking to adults more than people my own age. I was also considered academically gifted and was put in the 10th grade when I was 13. So actually, I speak from the experience of being a "mature" child.

No matter how "mature" I was in one sense, I was still incredibly EMOTIONALLY immature, naive, and inexperienced.

Because people treated me like an adult they didn't forgive me when I made the kinds of stupid childish mistakes that all teenagers make. Because I was a "miniature adult" people assumed I could take full responsibility for my choices, when often my choices were actually incredibly poor, stupid and impulsive because I was still inexperienced and emotionally underdeveloped.

You should talk to children and teenagers with respect, and you should act like you respect them the same way you respect "good" adults. Precocious children like that and it makes them feel good. But when you forget that they ARE still children behind the mask of apparent maturity, you start to go down a very dangerous road.

>> No.10874581

Any loli wearing a piss-soaked diaper otaku here?

>> No.10874582

Has anyone ever gotten an erection because of a loli in real life?

>> No.10874598


/jp/, sucking the dicks and wallowing in the sperm of delusion and denial.

>> No.10874601

Maybe? Books can often provide more insight on life and its turns than simply living some aspects of it.

>> No.10874607

Counter - Anecdote:

I honestly feel that I haven't aged mentally since middle school.

I did not act any more stupid during my teenage years than I do today. And from the way I see young adults behaving on the internet today, I'm not a particularly stupid person.

>> No.10874609

> I'm using the dictionary definition
No, you are using some arbitrary definition you came up with and are now claiming to be the dictionary definition. Begone.

>> No.10874611

Does the pope shit in the woods?

>> No.10874614

>So actually, I speak from the experience of being a "mature" child.

Your own subjective experience is pure fact, now? Good to know.

>when often my choices were actually incredibly poor, stupid and impulsive because I was still inexperienced and emotionally underdeveloped.

It's almost like everyone, no matter their maturity levels, makes the same sort of mistakes. It's almost as if this gives no weight to your non-existent argument.


>> No.10874625
File: 686 KB, 278x300, 1328547390842.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Books can make you intellectually and philosophically smart and certainly have a correlation with a certain kind of maturity, but they can't make you emotionally smart or street smart or teach you how to properly interact with other human beings. Books can't teach you how to behave like an adult no matter how adult the material within the book itself is.

Where do you think the trope of the weird, eccentric, socially oblivious professor comes from? A person can have an extremely high functioning philosophical or academic mind and still not be able to hold a natural conversation or respond to a social cue in the correct manner.

>> No.10874627

That's because ''maturity'', as you have defined it, has nothing to do with intelligence or anything of the sort.
In my eyes, your entire post only goes to show how trying to present your life experience as the basis of an objective argument is an idiotic idea.

>> No.10874628

mature: having reached an advanced stage of mental or emotional development characteristic of an adult

Now explain how someone can become mature while bypassing the whole mental or emotional development process.

>> No.10874632

The words in dictionaries are so ambiguous he could probably claim anything he came up with is the dictionary definition.

>> No.10874639

How did it happen?

>> No.10874641

>mental or emotional

The "or" is very important. Children can be very intellectual mature. Likewise, they can be very emotionally mature.

They can even be both.

By very definition, that makes them mature.

>> No.10874645

Well you see the pope-mobile broke down in the middle of the forest and when you have to go, you have to go.

>> No.10874654

Mental maturity isn't book smarts, if that's what you are thinking.

>> No.10874658

Are you trying to arbitrarily make up rules regarding what is "proper" metal acuity?

I aint gonna play that kind of stupid bullshit with you.

>> No.10874661

Your arbitrary definition of "mental or emotional development characteristic of an adult" is unwelcome here. Perhaps it would be more accepted in normalfaggotryhomecentral. I suggest you relocate immediately.

>> No.10874663

That seems to be how that goes, yeah.
>Books can't teach you how to behave like an adult no matter how adult the material within the book itself is.
That's why I feel we should have, first and foremost, defined exactly what maturity means, in this case. As you implied there are various types of maturity, or rather, maturity is a broad spectrum with various other charasteristics attached to it.
I do agree on the fact that certain things simply cannot be obtained by reading about them on books, though.

>> No.10874671

Why would you even care if you weren't a normalfag? 2D children can be as mature as the author wants them to be.

>> No.10874672

That's not funny, I was hoping to hear someone tell me short story about some loli they became aroused because of.

>> No.10874673

not that guy, but it was like this.

I saw a little girl. I thought she was cute. Then I got an erection.

>> No.10874689

Anecdote of a subjective experience is better than your non-existent argument which currently consists of "Because I say so".

Actually, non-retarded human beings learn from their mistakes. We make mistakes our whole lives, but as we become more experienced we stop repeating the ones we used to make. Children by their very nature have not had enough time to learn from their mistakes and often haven't even made the worst ones yet.

Passing through childhood and becoming a teenager is when you're supposed to practice being an adult without the dangers of being an adult. Children love to emulate adults. That doesn't make them adults.

Childhood is that practice mode where you're supposed to be able to die over and over and you get infinite lives. Adulthood is not so easymode. The problem is that most people couldn't ever into practice mode and still have no fucking clue how to play and just mash the fucking buttons.

>> No.10874694

This isn't what I wanted either, damnit. I want to read first-hand about the gaze some perverted guy's eyes followed along a little girl's body which lead him to get an erection. Maybe he saw some part of her and it turned him on or something, I don't know. Hell, even if it's a fake story, reading it from someone on /jp/ makes it better.

You guys are super nerds.

>> No.10874696

When I was working at an elementary school, I saw little girl reading in the library. She was a first grader and was wearing a frilly blue dress and long white socks and black buckled shoes. She had brown hair that hung down to her chin and black eyes. She was just so beautiful I wish I could have kissed her or something.

>> No.10874715

You get some allowances as an adult, too, though. You can declare bankruptcy, for example, if you run out of money and are in debt. Otherwise, nobody would dare to go to college. The fear of debt alone would drive people away.

>> No.10874720


this discussion stopped being about "2d" a long time ago. the maturity of a fictional cartoon character is completely irrelevant because they AREN'T. FUCKING. REAL. arguing about that would be like arguing about how mature an anthropomorphic toilet with bells and wings attached to it could be.

the debate was about what defines human maturity and if real children can be mature, but now it's just about autism and semantics.

>> No.10874722

>Anecdote of a subjective experience is better than your non-existent argument which currently consists of "Because I say so".

I can make up some pathetic story about how "super mega mature" I was at a young age to "prove" that your "points" are wrong, but I'm not going to as I'm not as stupid as you appear to be.

Instead, I'll settle for laughing at you for even thinking this was a good point to bring up.

>Children by their very nature have not had enough time to learn from their mistakes and often haven't even made the worst ones yet.

Subjective, and therefore irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

>Passing through childhood and becoming a teenager is when you're supposed to practice being an adult without the dangers of being an adult.
>supposed to

"Supposed to" is the key phrase here. What you think is "supposed" to happen plays no goddamn part of this.

You have no argument to make. This would all go easier on you if you just admit that your only complaint is "M-m-muh morals!"

>> No.10874726

I see a lot of young girls that use the pool at the gym I go to. They are usually wearing very tight swimsuits that also reveal their arms and legs. They are youthful, so their skin is very beautiful and free of blemishes. I try not to look at them because I don't want to have lustful thoughts, and their parents are usually with them which makes me feel guilty.

>> No.10874732

Bankruptcy doesn't get rid of student loan debts.

>> No.10874733

Sounds like you're under the impression that it's an isolated incident.

>> No.10874734

>but as we become more experienced we stop repeating the ones we used to make
We can also avoid making mistakes if, you know, we are mentally ''mature'', considering that a good deal of the mistakes people make on a daily basis do not pertain to the ''emotional'' side of things (i.e, things that have nothing to do with feelings and emotions)
Yet again, it depends on what you consider to be true maturity. Being book smart is not enough, sure, but neither is only being emotionally mature. Of course, this means both factors should be taken into account when deeming a person mature, even if experience seems to be somewhat more important.

>> No.10874740

>I can make up some pathetic story about how "super mega mature"

Yet you didn't even bother to do that.

>> No.10874748

>the maturity of a fictional cartoon character is completely irrelevant because they AREN'T. FUCKING. REAL. arguing about that would be like arguing about how mature an anthropomorphic toilet with bells and wings attached to it could be.

You underestimate how inane discussions on 4chan can get.

>> No.10874754

This is the worst loli thread ever.

>> No.10874756

At 9 years old, I was chosen as president of the United States of America, since I had 9999999999999999999999 trillion combined hours in anthropology and various other studies, and had written approximately 429 thesis's and found the solution to world peace and hunger.

Therefore, my completely objective experiences prove that children are mature.

>> No.10874757

What's your point? Do you even have one to make?

>> No.10874766

I don't know man, they've been really shitty in the past before.

>> No.10874768

In my opinion, a single person's life experience is too small to draw meaningful data from.

I think people too often misattribute their successes to their 'intelligence' or 'maturity'. You can make a good decision without actually thinking things through properly. A broken clock is right twice a day.

>> No.10874779

Incorrectyloness, as I deem 9 year olds are too old to be considered actual kids.
Therefore, children can not be, under any circumstances, considered mature.

>> No.10874780

The minimum age to be considered for PotUS is 35.

>> No.10874784

I was just that mature, as my story has conclusively, without a shred of doubt, proven.

>> No.10874795

Anecdotal evidence is pointless if it's obviously fake.

>> No.10874796

Are they practicing for anything or just playing around? I know synchronized swimming swimsuits are usually very tight and have very high cuts for the legs.

Do... Any of them sit near the jets in the pool?

>> No.10874804

I knew some retarded piece of shit would raise this point. I should have fucking preempted this ludicrously stupid shit with something in my post.

The stories veracity has no bearing on the point I was making, you trash.

The point is that personal subjective anecdotal experience is not "proof" to support your claims.

>> No.10874807

I don't understand, why would they be sitting near the jets?

>> No.10874811

To masturbate hands free and covertly.

The jets pressure and power feels very pleasing on the genitals.

>> No.10874812
File: 142 KB, 500x625, 1351452270719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My point was actually that I was NOT mature, that's why I put it in quotation marks. I had traits that fooled people around me into believing I was mature when in fact I was only mature in an extremely superficial sense and I was incredibly stupid in every other aspect of my being. I said it myself, so you don't have to say it for me.

This has much less to do with my morals and everything to do with experiencing first hand what happens in a negative sense when people pretend children are miniature adults.

I don't think anyone has even managed to make a single objective argument in this thread, and yours still consists of "Because I say so"... "Laughing at you" is basically code for "I don't actually know what to say, so I'm going to try to make the other person feel inferior by making a feeble gesture in their general direction". Are you even trying? Your butt must hurt, so please sit down until you can come back with an even halfway thoughtful counter.

>> No.10874813

When I was 8 years old I was incredibly mature. There done.

>> No.10874817

They usually come and go around the same time, so I think they are a part of a team or maybe just taking lessons. I don't go to the pools, so I don't know what they do there exactly.

I think I'll be taking a job as a lifeguard at the aquatics department soon, which leaves me both excited and nervous because of them.

>> No.10874818

>Anecdotal evidence is pointless if it's obviously fake.
What or who are you basing this on?
I state my anecdotal evidence to be 100% completely legitimate and real, and since you haven't even offered arguments to oppose my factual evidence, I can assume you have nothing of weight to respond with.

>> No.10874819

Oh my.

That's pretty arousing.

>> No.10874825

There are entire books on child psychology if you would prefer more hard evidence.

They are also dry as hell and I don't see why anyone would want to read them.

>> No.10874834

Like I said, you could have been nominated for president, because that would have been illegal. At least you could have claimed to be a child star. That would have been more believable and they do act more mature for their ages. You could have even said, I knew this child celebrity and she was very mature for her age and it wouldn't even be a lie.

>> No.10874838

A lot of little girls use pool and spa jets to masturbate. When I was younger I know my cousin used to, and I used to wonder what she was doing up against the wall, looking off into nowhere with a concentrated look on her face.

>> No.10874842

>My point was actually that I was NOT mature, that's why I put it in quotation marks.

I get that, you stupid piece of shit.

That's why I made up the false story to prove that your idiotic anecdotal evidence has no bearing on the conversation. To put it another way, since you are likely too stupid to get it, still:

You were not mature for your age, though you pretended to be.
You think this means EVERY child is the same as you, if they are "pretending" to be mature.

This is not the fucking case.

>what happens in a negative sense when people pretend children are miniature adults.

Directly from the horses mouth. You've already admitted that you think all children who are mature are just "pretending" to be so, since that's the conclusion you have drawn from your own experiences.

If this is the kind of pathetic reasoning you can muster to the fore, then I'm going to continue laughing at you, and rightfully so.

>> No.10874847

You should have offered to help her out.

>> No.10874852

I was mature. Therefore, all children are mature. Why are you lying about your past personal experiences?

>> No.10874858

I used to be a lifeguard at a water park. Although the training for our respective positions is probably similar, the water park I was at was in association with some group who would employ people to come in weekly and stage accidents without telling the lifeguards, just to keep them on their toes.

Also, before touching anyone you need to put on gloves. And also you don't ever actually make any contact with their mouth should they need CPR. You put a donut thing over their mouth with a one-way valve in it and blow into their mouth. The valve is to stop them from vomiting into your mouth.

>> No.10874870

Was the park sued? Most places aren't that paranoid about skin contact.

>> No.10874876

Since you clearly aren't mature now, why would anyone think you were mature before?

>> No.10874882

In the time it takes you to do all that shit you may as well call an ambulance while you're at it.

>> No.10874883
File: 21 KB, 259x286, 1335470663714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At the time I believed I was very mature and intelligent because nobody told me otherwise and adults constantly enforced my own delusional belief. If you can't see how dangerous that is on a psychological level, it's probably because you're so mad right now that you're on the verge of having an aneurysm.

I'm going to bed now. Try not to rape any objectively mature little girls!

>> No.10874884

I don't think so, but I'm not sure. I'm just remembering my training. The older lifeguards said that saving someone is always the most important thing and that in an emergency you're probably going to forget putting gloves on anyway, especially when your hands are damp.

>> No.10874893

There's no such thing as a child with the maturity of an adult. Their brains are simply not developed enough for that sort of cognitive function and abstract reasoning. Even older teenagers and young adults have problems with proper reasoning because their brains are still developing. I still think that under the right circumstances, you could probably sexually explore with a child without consequence, but those circumstances are overwhelmingly improbable.

I love loli. But 3D will never meet that ideal.

>> No.10874896

I'm sorry, but if you touch a little girl it's actually rape. When you force your air inside her lunges it's no different from forcing your penis inside her vagina.

Please think before you act, don't hurt innocent girls for your own sick pleasures.

>> No.10874908
File: 106 KB, 400x400, SRPMSE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The breathing thing doesn't take any longer to use than taking it out of the fanny pack, so about two or three seconds. The name is actually Seal Easy, and now that I remember it's also meant to ensure a better seal around a person's mouth, as well as blocking vomit, and most importantly allowing you to retain your purity. The puffy part goes on the loli's mouth, and then you blow into the robo penis.

>> No.10874909

I'd rather shove air inside her vagina.

>> No.10874911

Yeah can, I can "see" it.

Being mature, and being treated as such, is mega ultra dangerousness of the wisp. Because, as we all know, that's just false maturity!

That you think this demonstrates that you're a stupid sack of shit.

>> No.10874918

You don't want a loli to vomit into your mouth? What's the matter with you?

>> No.10874938

Do you even know what parts of the brains are developing and what they do?

>> No.10874948

Part of me doesn't care, but part of me knows how disgusting vomit can be. I guess it depends. I wouldn't willingly accept it, but I wouldn't particularly think it were gross if it happened. Loli mouths and their stomachs and their bodies are usually less disease ridden than some random adult.

>> No.10874949

You could easily look it up if you are curious.

>> No.10874957

It's almost as if you are trying to imply that a child is simply incapable of understanding the ramification of sex, even when it is explained to them thoroughly.

I laugh at you.

>> No.10874958

> Since you clearly aren't mature now
I'm going to stop you right there because I've just made a realization, and I'd like to share it with you and everyone else with us tonight. You've been arguing nonsense for quite a while, and now I understand the true reason behind it all. It started off with an assertion you made. You hoped, or perhaps assumed, that it would go unquestioned, unscathed, but unfortunately for you, it was not to be. The integrity of your assertion was called into question, and quickly, your mind filled with fear and doubt. You were afraid. Afraid that you would be found to be incorrect. Afraid that your public image would take a turn for the worst. And indeed it has. You started lashing out at everyone, trying to misdirect the argument with nonsense to distract from your failure. But then you made a grave realization, even more grave than your previous one: you weren't arguing with any mere person. No, you were arguing with me. Quickly, your fear escallated. No longer were you merely afraid, you were now Deathly Afraid. You knew your public image wouldn't last long, so you started lashing out at me publicly, and even pleading to me privately. Here's a private message you sent to me just a few moments after your last post:

> Dude really please, I know you're 100% right, but I need to keep my public image intact! Please, just find another thread to argue in! I'll even make a new one for you! Please! My public image!

Your true power has been revealed, 4chan Intellectual, and your public image is in mere shambles. It's over. Accept your defeat publicly and leave, or face even further humiliation as the ultimate laughing stock of the entire grapevine!

>> No.10874971

I can tell you that the lack of ability to adequately reason and judge is due to immaturity in the prefrontal cortex. This is one of the last regions to mature.

For children, iirc, most development occurs in the motor regions and general myelination to speed up thinking. Adolescents are capable of more complex thinking, but limbic system development makes them impulsive and confounds their judgement.

At any rate, the core region that needs to be developed in order to make adequate judgment, planning, and higher-order thinking is the prefrontal cortex. This is lacking in children.

They are because they cannot grasp hypothetical-abstract thought until adolescence at least and they cannot deduce the consequences of engaging in such an act.

I laugh at you. Not really. I just pity how hard you're trying to rationalize your paraphilia.

>> No.10874976


>> No.10874979

I'm more curious about whether you actually understand what you're talking about or are just throwing around facts that you don't fully comprehend.

>> No.10874983

Cleanest, best vomit.

>> No.10874987

>They are because they cannot grasp hypothetical-abstract thought until adolescence at least and they cannot deduce the consequences of engaging in such an act.
>hypothetical-abstract thought
>deduce the consequences

They can't?

Children are simply incapable of determining if something feels good? They just literally can not do it?

When did this suddenly happen?

>> No.10874990

> the consequences of engaging in such an act.

What are these consequences anyways? Because I have no clue.

>> No.10874991

I have a cousin who is in my eyes pretty ideal. She likes holding hands, hugging, cuddling, talking to me, plus she always wears dresses. She is a very cute and nice little girl who brightens up my mood whenver I see her, and her laugh is adorable.

>> No.10874998

Have you ever noticed that one piece tanlines with a tiny bikini is the best tanline

Have you ever thought how impractical and odd it must be to be constantly switching swimsuits to preserve the onepiece tanline?

>> No.10874999

How do you manage to hide your erections when she's cuddling with you?

>> No.10874999,1 [INTERNAL] 

Why is it always two autistic fucks who ruin threads? It's always arguments over some of the dumbest things, too.

>> No.10874999,2 [INTERNAL] 

This thread was perfectly on topic. What the hell is the janitor's problem?

>> No.10874999,3 [INTERNAL] 

Looks like the janitor was deathly afraid of me. He saw my powerful attack on that man's character, and deleted the entire thread in fear that I might assassinate his character as well!

>> No.10874999,4 [INTERNAL] 

Probably janitors switching shifts, or the one janitor we have finally checking on /jp/ after a night of partying.

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