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Yukari is a kind, young, helpful youkai and NOT a man eating hag who corrals, manipulates, and hunts humans both inside and outside of Gensokyo!

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FIlthy youkai scum

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Remove youkai

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Humans a shit responsible for ruining everything.

Youkai strong.

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Youkai = monkey.

Is same.

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I afraid you degenerates are far to filthy and crass to write anything worth reading, Yakumo-sama is beyond your tiny minds, her grace and charm are only for those that are dignified you quite frankly are not and your rabble disgust me, I believe it time you take you leave.

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Millions of years might be young, depending on the reference scale you use, but damn, you have one fucked up view on the world.

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Opposite day is on April 30th.

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Yukari is nice

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I don't think so.

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Yukari would spirit me away to Gensokyo and I would have tea with my favorite little girls.

Don't ruin this for me.

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I want to give her my cock

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She'll eat it.

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messing with the border of lies and truth again, eh?

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Then she will need to put it in her mouth

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After dipping it in some soy sauce.

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Yukari is also cute.

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Would you let her corral you?

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>Yakumo-sama thread

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i want yukari no abuse me

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Can we at least see her tits?

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Canonically the strongest and best.

Of course she corrals humans, but for her own pleasures.

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>Canonically the strongest
top lel

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God damn mary sues.

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If moon sisters are so powerful then why are they unable to make my dick hard?

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As mary sue as reimu?

As mary sue as sakuya?

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I like those loose hip belts. They are erotic.

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it's ok some people are just better.

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More, because they have never lost a fight and have ZUN gushing about them.

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Compared to the meta maid and the miku who doesn't have to work but still so perfect because she has so much ability and she solves everything and can beat the queen of youkai oh and she can exit reality if she wants.

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and it's ok to admire such people.

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They have won against those character though and you can't really be a complete Mary Sue if someone is better than you

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They only lost because they 'were the bad guys'.

If it were the other way around, they would've lost.

Reimu is still a huge mary sue. Hell, even Alucard from Hellsing still lost once.

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Sakuya is a vampire's slave. Reimu is the main character. She's expected to win, and even then, Zun said that she loses time to time.

Basically, Zun said that the moonbitches are the ultimate ultimate of everything. It's like committing forced Sudoku to the setting, but he said that they can't even be in the games, because they would be too powerful to be playable.

I don't know what Zun smoked, but I want some. Still, it's a little sad.

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Well, except they were rused by Yukari pretty easily.

Sakuya is a meta maid that appears in things she doesn't belong.

Where did Zun say they were the 'ultimate ultimate'? The only thing I recall him saying is that Toyohime is a bit more exceptional than the artist of SSiB interpreted her as.

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They didn't though and if they were so perfect Mary Sues they wouldn't have lost in the first place. Reimu and Sakuya even get beaten by other characters in the games. That's hardly the Mary Sue way to life.

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I just wanted to masturbate to Yukari

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>they were rused by Yukari pretty easily.
yukari put in huge amounts of effort and only got a bottle of sake

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That was because the ghost was too silly to do anything else.

She could've just invited everyone to their death there.

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She is a slut that seduces men in and outside of Gensokyo, though.

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Look, I'm with you here. Okay. The moonbitches shouldn't be Mary Sue. They should be relatively powerful characters, with a decent history of winning and losing.

But there's a difference between what they should be and what they are by word of gods. I'm not happy with it, brother, but I'm forced to concede the canon to Zun.

I mean, where on /jp/. Here you have entire threads derailed because they are not primary enough. You have people who can't enjoy things because MUH SECONDARY. Is it so complicated to understand that, here, specifically, Zun's canon is awfully retarded, but canon anyway?

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Are you reading my post right? I never said anything wasn't canon. I hate SSIB like the pest but i never imply that it isn't canon. At worst i bitch about ZUN and Aki Eda's lack of writing/drawing skills.

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Just think of how many times Eirin beat them up to train them?

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what if the student surpassed the master?

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What if you would suck my girlcock?

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Yukari is the best Touhou.
Definitely a man-hunting hag though.

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I hated that chapter since it confirmed Yukari basically murders humans for feeding youkai.

Grimdark shit get out of Touhou.

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Any hint of violence or death isn't "grimdark", you know.

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I know. But it does give fuel for the people who make those things.

Plus I always kind of hoped that the whole "Youkai eating humans" thing would stay ambiguous

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Being eaten by Yukari!

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Probably not, since they still call her 'Master'.

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>Kisume... I don't really know what she normally does. But, I have an image of her being pretty brutal.
>Words are useless against her; she'd just chop your head off, stick it in her bucket, and leave.
>The head you see may not even be Kisume's.
quoting ZUN

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I'm pretty sure thats him just being silly.

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>border of those sluts having ever existed ever

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a sexy man-hunting hag

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>implying yukari is a chrono legionnaire

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Well, the only way the moonsluts are stronger than yukari is if you take their powers literally "fan that can instantly atomize an entire region, etc"

and don't take Yukari's literally "manipulation of magical, physical and conceptual borders"

which is extreme bias.

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>implying all of yukari's powers are gaps

>implying she didn't make it possible to suck spring itself from one dimension into another

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Yukaris powers are extremely limited on the moon.
Are moonbitches weak on earth from the impurity?

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>Her abilities are not grounded on science in the least. She is just as strong as the god she summons.
>She's so strong, I could only get away with putting her in a comic, because you need to be able to defeat all of the bosses in the games and all.
>That't why I have to limit her appearances.

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No, but they lose the immortality gained on the moon if they hang around too long, I think.

Eirin and Kaguya are hourai, but Reisen is another story.

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Not a Mary Sue

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Moon beat Yukari twice.

Once in army vs. army battle
and second mano e mano With a weaker of the sisters at that

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Read the interview for the second book that's like PMiSS (With Okuu and them in it).

Zun says Toyohime is much more extraordinary than Yorohime but the artist just didn't show it right in SSiB.

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Hopefully she just gets the scum of human society and not kind NEETs such as ourselves.

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I wonder how Yukari chooses the humans she wants to import.

She probably has them tied and gagged and laid out like they do with tuna at fish markets. Youkai go around pinching your fat and flipping you over to see if you have any bruises before bidding.

Yukari saves the most delectable humans for herself though. Only the finest meat is good enough for her pallet.

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>Toyohime stronger than the girl that can literally godmode
Huh. Now that's something

>> No.10872464

then what happened in that millisecond when Sakuya put her knife in Yorihime's throat?

>> No.10872465


Does she actually use it?
Touhou dialogue is filled with hyperbole, half-truths, and flat-out lies.

"I'm the descendant of Vlad Tepes"

>> No.10872469

You mean Reimu? Because Reimu can literally godmode.

>> No.10872474

I guess she does at that at random. You know how young people just seem to disappear into thin air or how japan likes their spirited-away stories.

And some of them are going straight to the vampire

>> No.10872473


She clearly had the protection of the god of weaponry on 24/7 which makes her protected from any and all sorts of weapons.

>> No.10872477

I actually meant both Reimu and Yorihime.

>> No.10872484


Citizens from the moon are Pure and would never lie, anon.

>> No.10872485

The whole setting runs on stuff like that.

Remilia can manipulate fate: never does anything
Toyohime is super strong: never fights
Youmu's blade is super sharp: cuts almost nothing

"Show, don't tell" is not ZUN's strength

>> No.10872495


Shinki says barely anything yet destroys makai in seconds.

Maybe gensokyo is just filled with big talkers.

>> No.10872491

I wonder if a god can protect when time is stopped

>> No.10872517

As far as impurity goes, would suwako and hina have the highest concentration? I suppose the native god can't do much outside their home terrain, though.

>> No.10872520

>Youmu's blade is super sharp:
maybe Youmu don't knows how use it.

>> No.10872528

It ain't much philosophy to swing a lighsaber

>> No.10872524

Well, the whole danmaku thing is style based.

Gensokyo is actually a one big truestyle tournament where everyone tries to outperform eachother.
Makes sense that people here are all about theatrics and grandiose

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Yeah, maybe Youmu's a n00b with a

"Holy Ultimate Godblade of Eldritch Power +12"

>> No.10872536


The whole point of the spell card system is so people don't have to fight with their full strength and kill reimu which would be bad.

>> No.10872553

When will someone remove youkai from premises? This barbarism has gone unpunished far too long!

>> No.10872554


Yep. Back in PC-98 people got hurt, and it's why makai is in flames after Shinki's attack.

Byakuren does the same shit but in spellcard form and nobody gets hurt.

>> No.10872559

What? No.
Fantasy Heaven exists for a reason.

Even without danmaku, ESPECIALLY without danmaku, Reimu can fuck up anyone

>> No.10872562

Would be nice if ZUN actually remembered that and didn't lock himself into his powerlevel stuff with the moon sisters. Been sealed away for 1000 years? Got into Gensokyo from the outside? Better have your spellcards ready. You're from the moon? Too special for spellcards.

>> No.10872567

Roukanken is a sword made for Youkais, not a simple shitty katana made in china.

>> No.10872569


Better safe than sorry. With spell cards you get conflict resolved without bloodshed or much worry, can enjoy the beauty of the danmaku, and level the playing field a little.

Had Yuyoko pulled the shit she did on Mokou on Reimu, gensokyo would have been fucked.

>> No.10872573


SSiB can remain non canon in my eyes for all I care. Not like they'll effect gensokyo in any way as long as they stay on their tiny rock.

>> No.10872589

kill Reimu isn't a big problem dood

>> No.10872586

It's really kinda sad that the fairy manga had more effect on the actual games than SSIB, despite SSIB actually having a bigger plot and not just being mini-stories.

>> No.10872621


that's because ZUN wants SSIB to just go away.

Screwed Storyline, invincible Bitches

>> No.10872661

Not even Eientei can get a good book.

>> No.10872669

I liked CiLR

>> No.10872670

I want to shoot my danmaku into Yukari's gap (if you know what I mean)

>> No.10872689

Well by danmaku, I actually meant semen. I don't know if that makes a difference but I guess I should probably clarify.

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bad thing, Yukari's gap isn't her "gap". (if you know what I mean)

>> No.10872732

I actually meant this

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If ZUN create a new character and she is more powerful than Watatsuki sisters, and she is the ultimate Mary Sue on touhou universe.

then what kind of Touhou character is she?

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File: 2.00 MB, 2854x2000, strange_and_bright_nature_deity_25_14_15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is she so great?

Also am I stupid or is this translation somewhat wonky

>> No.10876741


One thing to remember, as powerful as the sisters are, they still could not prevent humans from landing on the moon.

>> No.10876762

Apollo 13.

But other than that, they were just waiting for it to happen then went 'OH NOOOOOOO'.

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Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!

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You just reminded me I have the raws downloaded.

You decide.

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File: 531 KB, 1103x1600, March-03 135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And the second page.

>> No.10876821


Toyo makes me hard alright.

>> No.10876837


Please, ZUN says retarded stuff from time to time.

Watatsukis only seem so super incredible because the only story they appeared in they mopped the floor with popular characters.

And Tenshi did the exact same thing in SWR yet nobody is screaming Mary Sue at her.

>> No.10876840


Goku still calls Roshi master.

Watatsukis were born on the moon. Eirin just came there.

>> No.10876853


Super duper moon magic can counter her powers.

>> No.10876857


You would need to make 300 dirty bums cum inside them to make them weak.

>> No.10876861

That because Tenshi gets beaten up by almost everyone as well. In fact, she gets beaten by the player and when she starts beating everyone she is controled by the player. This makes more of a difference than you might think.

>> No.10876864


ZUN said older one is more broken, exact opposite of how it is in Gensokyo.

>> No.10876874

She got beaten by everyone then just said 'Oh I'm going easy on all of you but I'm really stronger than that, okay here's my true strength.' And then she proceeds to beat everyone up except for Reisen.

>> No.10876875

Eirin started Lunar civilization, the Watatsukis are even married into the Yagokoro family.

I'm sure Eirin would still steamroll them.

>> No.10876884


Jesus Christ, not this shit again. Read the goddamn CiLR.

Moon War was was bullshit. It was rabbits panicking over nothing. Apollo stuff happened just like in real world.

Decades later somebody started building a secret moon base on the dark side of the moon. Watatsukis destroyed it. End of story.

>> No.10876889


I wonder if they rape them before the meal.

>> No.10876904


It was even stated that land gods can be stronger than highest tier gods in their own territory.

But Suwako is most likely much weaker than she was in the past.

>> No.10876908

Doesn't fucking Miko beat Reimu while half goddamn asleep in one of the books?

I'm starting to wonder if the book powercanon is even remotely accurate or if it's DBZ "X will be as powerful as they need to be to make the story interesting at this point"

>> No.10876917

I actually kind of like that the 'power levels' are for the most part cryptic and maybe even inconsistent.

I hate the moon himes though. Fuck those nerds.

>> No.10876922

But you play as her when she does it and getting beaten up by everyone and then getting them back by beating them is not a Mary Sue thing to do. Mary Sue way would be simply not losing at all while being praised by everyone you fight against.

>> No.10876924


How can they be married into Yagokoro family if their surname is Watatsuki?

>> No.10876933

Quite obviously they are the men in the relationship.

I think it's more mary sue to just get beaten up but do a total 180 and say that you weren't even trying.

It's the equivalent of going 'Yeah but you hit me but it does nothing and now I'll try BAM YOU DEAD.'

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File: 1.50 MB, 1453x1200, Konachan.com - 110493 sample.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just as a reminder, Yukari canonically has a "normal" human friendship level and an "unknown" danger level
Many of the claims (on both sides) in this post are poop

>> No.10876955


Human friendship level is towards Gensokyo humans.

She slaughter outside world humans like fucking tunas for sushi bars.

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If power level is equal to muh dick then Ran is the strongest being in Gensokyo, barnone. This is indeed the best way to identify power levels.

>> No.10876966

It would be if it was played in direct succession, with Tenshi being beaten and then just standing right back up again unharmed before the other character can even move on.

>> No.10876975

She just called them back and casually/effortlessly knocked them on their asses.

>> No.10877020

She already lost half her fights in a way that does not make her look positive. That's not how a Mary Sue character acts. Just beating everyone is hardly a Mary Sue action in the fighting games considering everyone beats everyone up at some points.

>> No.10877040

But just the whole notion of 'Oh, you guys beat me up but I wasn't trying at all, okay now I'll try.' is just so silly and mary sueish in a more annoying way.

>> No.10877115

The thing is, this doesn't really matter at all in those games. Whoever you play as wins, that's all that goes on in games without cutscenes affecting the outcome of fights. Komachi gets beaten by many characters but beats all her enemies once you play as her. Same with Reisen, Remilia and everyone else. Iku gets beaten up almost as often as Tenshi but once you play as her she doesn't lose any fight. If you take that timeline on the wiki as somewhat solid then Yuyuko would be the only character who wasn't beaten by someone before her route starts. Does every character just fight for real if you play as them?

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Well, yeah.

>> No.10877166

It means you can't be a Mary Sue and be in a Touhou fighting game unless you say everyone if a Mary Sue just for their route, which isn't really how that term works. You either are a Mary Sue or you're not. You can't just change around in the same work.

>> No.10877178


Because with danmaku almost everybody can beat almost everybody.

It's not some shonenshit with x character > y character > z character.

The point is when Tenshi gets serious she beats the crap out of everyone with no problems.

>> No.10877197

>The point is when Tenshi gets serious she beats the crap out of everyone with no problems.
This is also true for everyone else.

>> No.10877215


lol what a dumb weeb

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File: 377 KB, 703x1019, 4580d0a6b9f0d7a8d0f79e11e324f179.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fighting games with stories are weird like that. Look at BB, the only person who beats Hazama is Rawrgna, because he had help. Don't even get me started on Relius, who even after getting his own route in BBCSEX, is largely a mystery. Oh and Phantom too, seeing as she actually wounded Jubei.

But you know what? It is what it is. My favorite character is largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, hell half the cast is. I still love her, but we won't always get what we want.

>> No.10877547

Unfortunately I don't know Japanese. I'm not sure if it's the translation, if I'm too dense to understand what she's talking about, or if I'm just overthinking it because it's Yukari speaking.

>> No.10877559

first one to draw wins blahblahblah

>> No.10881079

Please post more cute Yukari

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>> No.10881912
File: 479 KB, 1423x1612, Yukari's face when she remembered that time she caught Ran in the bathtub with that rubber duckie and remembered fondly of the times when she was with a younger Ran before that little shit Chen came in.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10882569


It's not. Replay her route.

She completely trashed everyone except Suika.

>> No.10882702
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Filthy Earth Youk
And all you jokes of humans liking her

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>> No.10887087

I want to shoot my danmaku into her gap and watch it leak out the side of her border's

>> No.10887104

Yuka yuka yuka yukarinrin

>> No.10887191

Yukari better check her goddamn privilege before she tries to approach me, for I just masturbated AND got dubs on /ss/ board.

>> No.10887221

Oh boy, I want to put it in there!

>> No.10889224

Don't leave me hanging like that! Please continue. And don't miss all the naughty parts. I bet yokai play with their food before eating it.
I'm already typing this with my left hand.

>> No.10890765

> "What can you do against this specimen of the moon's most advanced technology?"
Well, she can gap your brains out for starters, along with all your other vital organs before you even notice.
Or gap you into the sun or a black hole.
Or open a gap to the ocean inside your body and make your burst apart with countless of liters of high-pressure water.
It does'nt seem Yukari needs to move to make gaps, so Yukari could just quick draw a gap that can insta-kill Toyohime one way or another.
Yukari should have had it in the bag, even if she didn't have omnipotent border hacking. The gaps alone would have been fine.

>> No.10890775

Yukari can't even canonically gap into the Moon Capital whenever she feels like it. You grossly overstate her powers.

>> No.10890787

The Moon Capital is protected by the moonbitches magic. This magic is canonically bullshit, from Zun words: 'I dunno lol, they are like more powerful than anyone' (roughly paraphrased).

>> No.10890790

I guess Toyohime is protected by moonbitch magic too. It's the darnednest thing.

>> No.10890891

Gapping organs out of bodies and gaps to big water source or vital hazard should be easy though. The distance is way smaller than the moon.