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Come sit on Yuuka's lap!

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I think her breasts would kinda push me off...

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Disgusting. I hate when artists draw giant tits on my favorite 2hoes

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what the FUCK

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Nonsense, they'd be there to comfort you.

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No, I mean because of how huge they are. I'd probably slip off unless she squeezed me and pressed me up against them.

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But we're in public

It would attract too much attention

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I like the faceless guy he draws with a goatee and tattoos.

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That's what Yuuka wants though. Just be lucky she isn't running around nude like usual.

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But it isn't what I want

It's stressful enough just being in public, much less making a PDA spectacle of yourself with a big breasted lady with green hair

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B-but Yuuka... I'll get an erection...

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Come now, it's not like these big, bouncy boobs are going to squeeze themselves!

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Oh, so she wants me to squeeze her breasts now?

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She's ronery, she wants the D.

She may be a youkai, but she's a woman too

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Yuuka's breasts are truly a sacred gift!

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do women like their breasts being squeezed?

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I'm gonna unwrap it!

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You can have her lap, I'm diving straight in her cleavage.

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Am I attracted to big boobs or am I attracted to motherly mammaries?

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I like the Yuyuko pictures this guy draws, so I'm really glad he's started drawing Yuuka.

But now that stupid turbonerd is in this thread.

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I'm attracted to both!

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With pleasure!

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oh no she lost a bet and fuck everything i can't care right now

Other guy, stop making people hate you.

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Yuuka 10/10 would enjoy bitch taste

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I would love to take a tour of the flower fields with Yuuka.

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Accidentally break the stem of a single sunflower and she'd keep you locked under her cabin for the rest of eternity, punishing you with her soiled garments.

Break two stems and she'd superglue your urethra shut.

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The loveliest.

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what is yuyuko going to do with that scythe?

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I wouldn't mind locking Yuuka in my basement for the rest of eternity...

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photoshopped, Yuuka has pride.

Her sign says $13 normally.

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*pounces onto yuka*

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Not tonight, I'm in a bad mood. Don't look at me like that.

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this is a nice doujin

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Why is wavy hair so attractive?

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I don't know, but I love it!

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Don't turn down a lady who wants sex, anon!

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Yuuka your breasts are too big, its embarrassing

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Yuuka a cool!

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Please don't sexualize Yuuka.

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You mean like this?

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why is she pointing like that?

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oppai thread #614803

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Do you have something against big cute squishy bouncy jiggly breasts?

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Are Yuuka expies allowed in this thread?

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It is a travesty for such a bountiful chest to remain unused.

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I'd chlorophyll her if you know what I mean.

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get lurked.

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Yuuka best senran

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I'm not sure they even really tried to hide the inspiration.

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Doesn't help that Bluemage does the manga.

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I don't.

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Sorry, who is Bluemage?


Say it out loud!

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I want to see Yuuka cosplaying as Kamina, embarrassed about not having a top

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Aoi Manabu, a guy who draws alot of Yuuka doujins.

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The guy who drew this. He also drew a lot of Yuuka fanart and is now the artist for the Senran Kagura snake girls manga.

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I can't believe I haven't heard about this, I've been looking at his stuff for so long. I am guessing we are going to be seeing a lot more Touhou doujinka go pro in the years to come?


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Is it translated into English anywhere yet?

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Making this face, of course.

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You sure do love that set.

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Why would you have ponyshit saved to your computer?

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I was searching for it on GEHentai just now and a 503 came up with that .gif. Don't worry, I still am not quite sure what the whole MLP thing is about.

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Would you?

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That image I posted is the most arousing thing I've ever seen. It hits all of my turn-ons in just the right way. All it's missing is feet (though I'm sure she's barefoot).

I love that embarrassed/flustered/angry face. Even though she's trying desperately to make sure her skimpy clothing keeps her covered, her butt is still completely exposed and there's nothing she can do about. She's under constant stress from a possible wardrobe malfunction. Her crotch probably feels tingly and is throbbing with embarrassment.

I like to imagine scenarios to go with it. Like having her be completely powerless, and I go to hug her. Her big breasts squeeze against my body, and I put my head over her shoulder and stare at her butt. I imagine her making embarrassed body language, like folding her arms, crossing her legs, etc.

Sorry if this is blog-y.

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Here's a good idea, don't post it on /jp/.

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of course

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I think getting tittyfucking Yuuka would be too lewd, but sticking my finger in there would be cute.

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Also, love the "horny breath cloud" there.

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If that's a blog post, then by all means, blog it up.

But what if she wakes up?

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fapping, do more of these

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Why is Yuuka so perfect, /jp/?

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She's green.

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ahh, I want to play this game

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I am not happy.
I want to play with those breasts, as usual, but not in a nice way at all.

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>but not in a nice way at all.

Why? I would be gentle with Yuuka's large lewd lumps.

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Because I'm mad and would take it out on her chest.

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That's why I've been temping of saving her pictures into my Yuuka folder.

And I can't believe I watched the entire thing just to see this cutie getting embarrassed. The anime below average, only bounce.


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>temped of

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Yuuka DID get wet... Is she wearing pants?

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That does look like Yuuka. Does she ever get nude in that series? Or barefoot?

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I want to make use of Yuuka's feminine parts for their biological intentions

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Nope. Her dress got soaked through.

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I would take Yuuka out of the rain and let her crash at my place. Bonus points if she takes off her wet clothes and wears mine! It would be cute if she wore one my long shirts and nothing else.

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You wouldn't give her something to wear on the bottom? How rude.

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Everyone shows more than they should, but nothing that mess with censoring rules, though.

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I guess that's rude and perverted of me. I'd let her wear my boxers! That would be cute and sexy.

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Much better.

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>saving her pictures into my Yuuka folder

I chuckled. I see I'm not the only one who does this. I'm also putting 'Murasaki' pictures in my Patchouli folder. After all...

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>Yuuka in that costume

My body was not ready for that one.

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I wouldn't let her wear socks though. She is to remain barefoot at all times.

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Yuuka's black lingerie!

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And Captain Tsubasa head.

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Yuuko would be cuter without the large breasts.

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Nice, no?

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Yuuka making jerk-off motions with your finger

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I love Yuuka

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I find Yuuka's voluptuous, maternal figure very erotic.

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I want to have sex with Yuuka

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Are you a grass type?

>> No.10879294

You should know you old geezer

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I'm eating that rice.
No, Yuuka, I don't need a plate. I'm hungry now. Hold still.

>> No.10879313

Now I'm hungry

And thirsty.

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Yuuka's not a very good cook, I'm afraid.

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She can make up for it with blowjobs

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...not very good at those either.

>> No.10879340

She can try.
We could always just try her tits.

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Please do not cyber-bully Yuuka by making her out to be a lewd youkai.

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Let's not and say we did. In fact, let's just not.

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How boring

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Can't cook, can't suck cock.
What good is she?

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Plants and stuff. She's also nice.

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How awful.

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Yuuka is the perfect size already!

>> No.10881656

Best pic here so far.

>> No.10882575

>And thirsty.

For what? Breastmilk?

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The real question is whether they like if you make honking noises while you do it.

>> No.10886529

Yes, a girl said, don't bother her about it.

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that would be super cute. now, thanks to this image, im imagining myself looking at her sweetly as she sleeps and then pull the covers over her body and tuck her in.

as i walk out i hear a noise behind me and see that shes somehow in her sleep taken the covers off and is now lying there wirh a open button on her shirt below her lusciously large breasts.

i walk over and wonder how on earth that happened since shes dreaming away, but as much as i try to convince myself that she is sleeping, i know deep inside that she isnt and i proceed to thrust my now throbbing penis in between her soft, warm, smooth melons. this is apparently what she wants, and its definitely something i do too.

fuck, now im going to try and improve this scenario in my mind all day and masturbateto it more.

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You asshole. She puts her trust in you in her time of need, and you rape her breasts?

>> No.10891527

I imagine it more like I tuck her in and go sleep on the couch or something. Later, she comes out and says she feels bad for putting me out of my own bed, and insists we share it.

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Oh my goodness.

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"If you be thirsty, fleshthing, drink of me. If you be hungry, then feed for I am the honeymaker, and the jacksberry!"

>> No.10892086

I think she's breaking it.

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Builds your
roofs of dead

Builds your
walls of
dead stone.

Builds your
dreams of
dead thoughts.

crying laughing
singing back to
life, takes what
you steal,

and pulls the
skins from
your dead

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Yup. Poking Yuuka is dangerous.

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Approach Yuuka with caution and at your own risk.

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File: 758 KB, 707x900, poke rape yuuka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 756 KB, 707x900, poke rape yuuka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>> No.10893780

I want to pick her nose.

>> No.10893804

I wish a cute Miko would come over to my house and playfully poke me...

>> No.10894218

What would you find in there?

>> No.10894225

I'm not even into women and I for some reason want to poke her breast for giggles.
Kind of like a fat guy's belly.

>> No.10897275

>you are already dead