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It's the Ninth of May, and do you know what that means?

That's right: it's Cirno de Mayo!

Let's celebrate all things Mexican with the strongest fairy in Gensokyo!

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yo soy de mexico y me gusta cirno
/jp/ el mejor board

nini = neet

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you will never get my tacos!! never!!!

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Borra esta puta mierda de hilo, por favor.

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I can't read those burrito runes.

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Please don't abuse the crosslanguage feature.

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jejeje Cirno es mucho baka jajaja tacos y mariachi me gusta

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How many latino NEETs do you think this board has?

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5, and they all shitpost.

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Everyone shitposts on /jp/.

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Not me you gaylord :)

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If every post is a shitpost, does the concept of shitposting disappear? Or is it still possible to shitpost even by shitposting standards?

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Deep, man. I never thought about that.

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>mfw mexico ruined spanish forever

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That is not how you spell Chile.

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México have the most neutral spanish.

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ahahaha what a fucking fag

>not stupid porko ricans, cubans or any other spanish caribbean sub-humans

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"latino/a" types who actually buy into their own supposed identity and everything are the stupidest most obnoxious halfassers ever. Language included.
Plus they themselves, at the same time, are usually pretty judgemental of everybody else.

Plus some south-americans are into kidnapping, and the actual Spanish are europeans and thus some of them are into rape dungeons and the like, like in that dragon tattoo movie. Eep.

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>ahahaha what a fucking fag
¿Perdona? ¿Cómo quieres que lo llame, "tema"? Tú y tu texto verde me podéis comer la polla.

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suck it

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You would understand the difference if you weren't so new.

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I dont understand this post
where cna i purchase a rape dungeon

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Summon the devil like in that "ninth gate" movie

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Oh and if you're Austrian >>>/diy/

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look at that baka!

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I want that image where Yukari-sama is crossing the Mexico border please

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South America ruined Spanish (more so than it already was ofcourse since not American is already a stupid language) with all their OH I NEED MY OWN LANGUAGE SO I'LL CHANGE 3 WORDS AND GET MAD WHEN YOU USE THE ORIGINAL THREE EVEN THOUGH EVERONE KNOWS THOSE AND NOT MY MADE UP ONES

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Why is the sign on the America side, it's not like anyone would go to Mexico. And if its for people from Mexico returning to Mexico, shouldn't it be in Mexican and encourage them to leave?

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N.B.: Mexico gets illegal immigration from even further south. And they treat 'em even worse than we treat mexican dipshit illegals. And we treat mexican dipshit illegals like shit.

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Maybe she is fleeing the US for Mexico?
Or the US does not want any citizens going into Mexico to get kidnapped or drink $1 shots of crap tequila?

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Castilian Spanish sounds so elegant and pretty. Moderate Southern accents can sound cute too. But I don't like most South American dialects, they sound so stupid and weird, especially from Venezuela and above. Chilean, Argentine and Uruguayan aren't too bad.

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You're both wrong, she's going after Cirno who is in Mexico

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Why would she go after such a useless supernatural being? Surely there are much more useful and powerful youkai looking for refuge from modern society lingering around on Indian reserves, such as totem spirits.

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Brown people are gross

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Cirno froze Alaska/Canada

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Cirno is running away with Tacos.

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Cirno tooks Yuyuko's order, Yukari must save the day or Yuyuko will be hungry!

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Most latin types aren't particularly brown, they're just gross.

And some of them are short, like freakishly short, it's wacky.

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use yer chopsticks

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Yeah, and murricans are obese. Each country deals with they ugly ducks

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I wonder if proper ladies in the good old days knew that brown people had brown penises.

I a bit want to see a movie or a comic where a well-mannered young Victorian woman meets some black slaves and she sees their black dongs and turns into a cock-hungry slut.

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Chopsticks for Tacos and Burritos, anon you're doing it wrong

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But that's what makes the upper-class women so fuckable!

It is a shame that they are increasingly discarding their admirable latino culture of subservience and devotion to the husband.

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Posted by some anon that lives in the US and buys into his own supposed identity and everything. Language included.

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epic rebuttal /b/ro!!!!!

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Count Dracula
'course, he's light grey by the time she finds him but hey

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There are, in fact, many many erotic novels written in the Victorian era that feature black men fugging white women

As well as white women hiring black women to sexually dominate servile white men

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Personally, I fucking can't stand the USA, and everyone from there is a fat retard. I know because the media in my country said so.

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Same thing goes for you comrade xddd

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AHAHAHA oh wow this can't be real.

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>Chilean, Argentine and Uruguayan aren't too bad.
>not atrocious like Venezuelan accent

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How do you say thread in Spanish?

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Personally, I fucking can't stand the USA, and everyone from there is stuck-up and conceited as shit and thinks anyone not from the USA is a fat retard. I know because 4chan has showed me so.

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>pastel de nata

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I'm from Tijuana.

Not everything is shit in Mexico bro. People who don't know how it is here talk trash about our country.

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Ey! Carlito!

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Cirino is the COOLest 2hu!!

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Cumbia, Cumbiatchy, la cumbia de la Patchy


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el thread

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I'll say "tema" since is less retarded than fucking "hilo".

See this >>10862958

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But >>10862958 is wrong, mexican spanish is horrible

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And not even neutral

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Oh no sir, you are not going to lure me into your games. Chile and Mexico have the most "neutral" type of accents of the Spanish speaking community around the world. Unless you want to start listing some other options, those two are definitive candidates for such title.

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I would say the most spanish accent is from Spain, D'uh.
But the most neutral, from most latin america countries, and taking neutral as the more understandable speech form of such language. I would say it cames from Pasto-Colombia

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>I would say the most spanish accent is from Spain, D'uh.
Hahaha one of the most thickest, just fuck off, tryhard.

Tópico de conversación.

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Mas bien seria Tema de conversación.

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> I would say the most spanish accent is from Spain, D'uh.
Is British English the most neutral accent?

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Fibra de textil.

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> would say it cames from Pasto-Colombia
Wait are you fucking kidding me?

If anything, some accents in central Colombia remain somewhat neutral, but the slang is just fucking retarded.

Pasto is just funny accents with funny words.

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Learn English ``kudasai''.