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Let's make one of these again, /jp/.

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Quick game:
What is the first pic you see?

(Maybe not bird since he's so big)

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no u.

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B-But with base should we use?
Also too lazy, I'll do it tomorrow.

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Fun general sounds fun

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It's sad that there are dozens of gimmicky tripfags who trolled /jp/ into the stratosphere for years, and yet people focus on Tokiko.

It's possible he made the image, I guess.

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Woah, all the pic /jp/ memes in one place!

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How can you fuck up an ironic catchphrase?

This takes fail to a whole new level!

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Tokiko is just some piece of shit who came after /r9k/ was axed

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The crossboarders as stereotypical tourists made me laff

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I miss 2009...it was when it was the most peaceful and there were all old fags with wise info.
but yeah you did get alot of what happened in that pick, 2010 was fucking god awful. that 2013 pic is wrong though, i think things are returning to something like a fusion of 2008 and 2009.

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Most of them had some kind of redeeming feature or another. Tokiko had none.

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oh my bad 2011 was the worse, it when we got flooded with actual gay men from rk9 . And got flood with gay hook up threads. oh and you forgot the steam army shitposters that were actually behind everything during 2011-2012. we killed them off and sealed them in hell thankfully.

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That puddi shit was 3 years ago? I thought it was last year.

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you should at least check the date once in a while.. time has flown so fast... we went through some harsh times after the great puddi puddi war and then the over flow of destruction. but in the end we made it, 2013 will be the new 2009. All we need this some of our old 2009 tripfriends to come back.

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yeah, all 2010 had was ZUN!bar and Sion being gay for each other

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Current /jp/ is most certainly better than the /jp/ that had half it's threads being
>[tripfag name]

I think i had filtered over 60 people at one point.

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>time has flown so fast
Christ, how much time have I wasted on this site?

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