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We must prevent canine tooth decay /jp/, everyone grab a brush and stuff it into Momijis mouth

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I'll stuff this into her mouth.

*whips out dick*

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baka inu

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Dicks would do a better job

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do you speak from experience, homo?

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From experience with doing it with your mom.

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jokes on you that was my dad

should have been easy to tell when he shoved his dick in your mouth but i guess your just too retarded

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Brain problems attacking you again, eh homolord?

Your mom experienced the true pleasure of being fucked when I was with her.

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O shit sick burn

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Wasn't she suposed to have been a coyote or something and not a dog?

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Wolf probably.

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Nah her tail looks too bushy to be a wolf, maybe she was a white fox?

Well, not that it matters much, she's some animal, honestly all the human animal yokais are just peopla with different ears and tail

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Momiji has a tail?!

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I imagine it matters to her. And she IS a wolf; a fluffy one, but still a wolf.

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I bet it's not the only part of her that's fluffy

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I work at an animal hospital and do dental work on dogs. I want to sedate Momiji and scale the tartar from her dirty teeth.

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Would anyone want to brush my teeth? I want a cute /jp/sie to brush my teeth ;w;

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Alright, this was pretty good

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Only if I can use my cock

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Please don't use silly emoticons like that here.


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;w; is acceptable use of emoticons as a variant of ;_;

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I don't follow your g/a/y rules

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Sorry, who said ;_; was acceptable?
And sage if you're going to post off-topic.
I can see that you're new here, it's okay, we all learn.

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I can't handle the irony of this post

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We are clearly dealing with an elite ruseman.

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lol your dad is gay
homosexuality is hereditary, stupid faggot

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So that's why you are so gay.

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i'm not your dad, faggot

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Of course not, because I'm not gay.

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