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look at that slut

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Dem thighs

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I blame ZUN. He's a fucking secondary now.

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I think that ZUN always intended for touhous to have nice legs, he could just never express it the way he wanted because of his drawing ability.

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ZUN is the center of the Touhou universe. When ZUN moves the whole universe moves with him.

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Your right.

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Does that mean we should actually hang out with moot?

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I can see Marisa's bloomers. Stop right now.

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I don't think bloomers are lewd, or are they?

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They aren't, that's so beatiful about them.
You can fly around and expose your undergarment without being lewd.
And all the people saying otherwise only think that they are lewd because they are supposed to be not lewd, kinda like nuns

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Seriously, Reimu is supposed to have bloomers, it just isn't right.

A fundoshi is fine too.

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Maybe she is wearing bloomers, but really short ones for summer

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That's actually the whole purpose of bloomers

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I don't get it.

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Miko has nice legs.