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/jp/ is straying away from the true master of the boarders (no guys it's not moot or janitard ok)

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those ribbons on her gap are bothering me

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best hag

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>true master of the boarders


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I think Night Fall's fits Yukari better than Necrofantasia.

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I want to make Yukari feel young again.

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I like Necrofantasia though
I also like Yukari
And her tits

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Agreed it's a sadly underused theme and separates her from Ran's theme better

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dat fucking tits, man

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Yukari's tits are wonderful, indeed.

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Yukari's body is wonderfull too.

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I would love to have clean, non-lewd fun with Yukari.

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I wouldn't mind a horrific death if that's the price I need to pay for pressing my face between her breasts.

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Is this another version of hivemind...?

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Who knows, maybe she is in a good mood, and take it as a harmless joke

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Why is Yukari so sexy

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So sexual

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So attractive!

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Muh sexual organs!

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her body is a natural weapon with which she gets her food.

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I wonder if she is embarrassed about that sometimes.

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I want to molest Yukari...but such a thing would be nigh impossible. Probably.

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I want her to molest me.

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I would give anything to have my way with Yukari's breasts for a day!

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Just a day?

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I know what you mean.
I just want to immobilize her somehow and fondle those breasts of hers!
I wonder what sort of face she would make as she is touched everywhere while there is nothing she can do about it.

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If I had to guess, one of outrage and confusion. Probably a new experience for her, you know?

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only her breasts?

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Nothing in my worldly or otherworld possession is valuable enough to get any more time.

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I want to live in Yukari's breasts

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You don't know that...

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I think I do. Even 24 hours is pushing it; Yukari's breasts are far too splendid for someone lowly like me to be allowed to touch for long.

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Tsk, tsk. You've got to treat yourself every now and then, anon, no matter how lowly you are. You should spend as much time as you want.

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I don't think Yukari would let me.

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Wouldn't she. now?

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Just take what you want then.
There has to be a way.

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Yukari a shit

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But how? If Yukari's the prize, this way is one worth figuring out.

She sleeps a ton, right?

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Maybe you can use some kind of magic to prevent her from waking up?
You somehow need to find your way into the Yakumo residence first though, and make sure her shikigami are out.
It's difficult even then because she would most likely notice when some stranger shows up at her home and wake up, so you need to act fast or somehow gain their trust first, then do it when their guard is down.

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I'm suffering with you.

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I was thinking more like her sleeping as an opening to do something else that would let you enjoy her breasts and stuff.

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Like what?
If you make sure she doesn't wake up, you can enjoy her breasts all you want.
Even other parts of her body will be available!

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I love you.

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Does anyone else get disappointed when it's shotacon? I can't self-insert as a little kid...

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Yeah, IF she doesn't wake up, and the more you enjoy her body the more likely she is to wake. Best to do something to prevent her from waking at all, or something to take the teeth out of her waking up.

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what a Huge tits

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Straight shota is my favorite, I can easily self insert as a cute little boy because they're never ugly dark-skinned faceless men and I've always wanted to be raped by older women.

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That's not very ladylike.

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This Yukari. My god.

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my goddess

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Not mine. She's the antagonist in that game, you know.

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Yukari, put some socks on! You're indecent!

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My lower parts are getting all tingly!

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Ara ara~

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And Yukari would tease you and call you a pervert, while licking her lips and giggling.

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Oh my. Now this is an interesting situation.
Why the long face, Yukari? Lose control of your gaps?

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she is waiting that you lower your defense and then attack.

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but she plays in the good side later

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I think not. If she was really in attacking condition, she wouldn't need my defenses down to do so.

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Feh. She acts like a bitch and turns Remilia into a monster or something.

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Please don't sexualize Yukari.

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what's the matter? nobody likes Remilia anyway.

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Maybe, but I still don't like it.
It's more the attitude, honestly.

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She does enough of that herself.

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a shit

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stop bullying

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While Yukari jugs are nice and all that you shouldn't forget that the most arousing parts of her body are her long soft hair and eyebrows.

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Eyebrows? Eh.
Hair is nice, though. I wonder how it'd look without all the ribbons?

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Those eyes are pretty

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the artist is good at drawing upper body.

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What's with yukari and traffic signs?

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loli-Yukari is really cute

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I know I'm a bit late for the party, but it reminded me on this.

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could you please translate it?

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I'm horrible at editing images, but it's basically just her moaning along the lines of "No, stop it, wait, not there, ahh...!"

The two rectangle boxes say "gaps" and "her own hands".

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thanks weeb

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I hate weeaboos. I don't conisder myself a weeaboo, I'm actually Japanese for real, well almost. I will be when I live in Japan though. Right now I'm studying japanese, japanese history and I'm following Bushido, the way of the warrior. This is why I hate weeaboos that know 5 words in japanese and use them all the time, kawaai baka DESU NE MOTHERFUCKER. I'm actually trying to become Japanese for real unlike all these faker wees. FUCK YOU WEEABOOS

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Best Yukari artist. Tenshi too, but this isn't her thread.

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Yukari is really cute*

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take it easy, weeb

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Look, I know you probably think I'm being some sort of contrarian troll here, but from the bottom of my heart, you are the definition of a weeaboo.

The people you described are weeaboos too, they're just more annoying.

It's best to accept your flaws rather than pretend that other peoples' flaws couldn't possibly exist in you and that you're somehow superior because you know SEVEN Japanese words.

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pls be joking

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Likewise for you.

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Is yukari a virgin

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No, she's a STD ridden slut.

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Is Yukari you're mom? Because it sounds like.

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>Is Yukari you're mom?
>Is Yukari you are mom?
Dude what?

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No sexualizing Yukari!

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Or what?

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Dinner with Yukari!

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I'd be nervous if she invited me over to dinner... Is she having me for dinner, or is she *having me* for dinner?

>> No.10851990

I could think of many worse ways to go.

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SO you go to the Yukari's home, and you find to your surprise that both Ran and Chen are out. You carefully walk though the old halls, your guard is on full, terrified that something might jump out at any moment. You hear a light breathing, and see Yukari sleeping on a mat. No time to lose, you run forward and throw the handcuffs on her, her eyes opening in surprise, then a slight light of lust enters them. She lets you wrap the rope around her legs, keeping them slightly loose to enable her to move her thighs. She lets out a slight whimper or moan as you open her jaw and insert the ball gag. You can see her moving her legs back and forth, just a slight movement, but the excitement is obvious. You reach down between her legs, and just as you hand makes contact, she laughs slightly. Then you see yourself explode into a fine pink mist. Yukari bribes the yama to send you to hell.

Just fukin explodes you man. You dont do that shit to Yukari.

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so fucking bad

>> No.10852015

pretty sure thats the point...

>> No.10852018

Why she is so happy?

>> No.10852057

I have no face and am full of lust. She doesn't stand a chance.

>> No.10852070

There were people that tried to whack her with a hammer, and that didn't go too well, what a skinny anon like you could possibly do?

>> No.10852131

Drug her, tie her, rape her. Win.

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Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...

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>Just fukin explodes you man
what a waste, she might have eaten me.

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If I were gay I wouldn't be gay because of Yukari.

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if you were gay, she would bully you with her umbrella.

>> No.10856780

Until you turn straight?

>> No.10856782

I wouldn't mind she poking my dick with it.

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or a corpse.

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How splendid!

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I want to hug Yukari

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Yukari caught by Yukari