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I had a dream that Yuyuko was sucking me off while Youmu watched hoping for her turn but never getting it.

Is Yuyuko my spirit Touhou?

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Why wouldn't you let Youmu suck you off? Are you a bully?

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You should create a tumblr!

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Yuyuko kept pushing her away then just told her to sit and watch. She told Youmu that she could have her turn after she got her fill.

Youmu just sat there and masturbated asking if Yuyuko was done every once in a while.

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Poor yomoo.

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Why didn't you order her to share

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Yuyuko doesn't share very well.
She wants Anonymous all for herself.

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I don't know. It's a dream and i'm not good at lucidity yet.

I did tell her that Youmu should have a round at me but Yuyuko just brushed it off saying that looking should be more than enough for Youmu and that she'd get her turn eventually anyway.

She never did

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I'd like to massage her back.

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I could dress as Yuyuko and suck you off but I have found Yuyuko's dress is not very flattering on guys or less mature girls. It's an outfit for a well developed young lady.

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>Youmu just sat there and masturbated
Details. Please.