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If Koishi is acting only on her primal instincts shouldn't she be looking for mates to reproduce with like... all the time?

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Maybe she's not horny around the clock like you are.

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She's a satori and the only other satori is her sister. Two girls can't make babies!

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I'm pretty sure there are other satoris out there.

And who said she can only fuck satoris?

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They have tentacles for a reason.

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Subconcious =/= Instinct

Plus she does actually have a brain.

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Acting on one's subconscious rather than on instinct -- Ohhhhhh YIKES.

That'd be so very dangerous, for everybody around, even if you were plain human rather than some demon from the depths of hell.

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>Plus she does actually have a brain.
So does my dog. It doesn't seem to help all that much.

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It's amusing how you can see Satori's hesitation in the way her hands rest against her sister's shoulders. Koishi, on the other hand, exhibits an exactly opposite reaction, clearly wanting to pull Satori closer.

Such delightful detail.

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Obvious flaw aside...

So your dog is constantly trying to get in your pants?

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Rams its face in thar, on everybody

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This really makes me want to write a short story on how Satori gives into her sister's advances out of sheer irresistible curiosity and craving for experience, but all throughout the experience she keeps having second thoughts and is incredibly hesitant.

Then at the end she decides it's not enough and goes up to the surface to get a taste of a man for a change.

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But that's incest onee-chan!

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subconsciously lewdest Touhou

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I think she's doing it quite consciously.

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Such as the guys in Lupin III?

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Honestly I don't know what you're talking about.

I just want to write about sex with Satori.

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The way I've always understood her quirk is that she acts on her impulses. So if one day she decides she wants to "feel good", she may walk into your field of view, grab you by the shoulders and force you to the ground. Smiling and giggling as she presses her lips to yours, happy found someone to love.

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Le id face.

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Funny. That's how I act when I'm drunk.

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lower lips or upper lips?

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Now all I want is to be ravaged against my will by Koishi.

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>against my will
There is a flaw in your plan.

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I want to do lewd things to Koishis lower lips

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You know what I mean, I don't want her to be all indirect about it, I just want her to use me in the name of love.

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Describe to me in great detail how and what you would do with Koishi.

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She would be even less willing to do that, seeing as animals are selective as fuck when it comes to breeding. You think you have it bad, try fighting Zanbar the 200 pound Silverback in a deathmatch just for a fuck.

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Satori's a good girl

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I would discreedly and non-lewedly lift up her skirt and press my face against her crothch and inhale her scent, and enjoy the warmth and softness against my face. After taht I would gracefully remove her panties, and then part her legs and make my head disapear under her skirt.

I would then position my own face very near her womanly parts and without having my mind in the gutter I would inhale, hold my breath and then smoothly breathe out some very hot air onto her crotch. I would do this a few times, and then I would moisten my lips hungrily with my own drool and gently place them on her crotch.

I would then proceed with a pure mind and gently nibble on her lower parts liek a horse does with its lips at almost anything, and slowly suck on it, pull back and gently slowly release my vacuum grip.

After that I would lick it deeper and deeper, and roll my tonque and lips around on it, and find her bean, and have a gently battle with it using my tonque, while smearing my whole face onto her crotch from time to time

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retard, stop posting

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She's good to my dick.

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Oh my god she guessed what car I drive, she really is a mindreader!

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I want to get a message through to Satori to tell her how much I love her. Help me, /jp/!

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N-nobody is goign to comment on my lewd text? Doushio...

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I don't know what a crothch is... :(

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How TUFF are you? Do you think Asuka could beat you up?

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That's actually a good question. She has military training and is in much better shape than me, but she is just a 14 year old girl. I think I'd give her the edge here.

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I see ;_;

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9/10 It's okay.

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So you've never, ever, watched an ep of Lupin III?
Well no wonder you didn't get the image.

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It was very lewd

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I just finished fapping to it.

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This is why I read Komeiji threads.

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I sort of wonder how natural selection works with youkai.

How do they decide which human male will be the best mating partner worthy of impregnating them?

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Youkai don't multiply as such.
They are born from the tales of humans, and require infamy or fear to exist.

Although you have Keine and Rinnosuke who are quite the anomalies.

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Keine and Rinnosuke are a proof youkai can breed the traditional way too.

But they probably don't have the instinctive sex drive. Even then, I don't see why they wouldn't fuck men just because it feels good.

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I believe in koishi to be a preggo sex slave.

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Isn't Keine just a werewolf? What's that have to do with being born from a youkai?

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Yes, but this thing instead of wolf. She is not a crossbreed.

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The thing is, Rinnosuke does not need to eat, or if he does, very little. He mentions something about only needing tea to survive in CoLA.
I suspect Rinnosuke may actually draw infamy without knowing, and may actually be part-hoarding youkai or something weird like that.

But go ahead, lewd Koishi is fine with me.

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That picture gives me so many unclean thoughts.

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How so?

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I'm halfway through writing a story similar to that. only with Okuu instead of Koishi.

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Will you be posting it somewhere when your finished?

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Pastebin link somewhere here, but I'm suffering from lack of motivation. I'd promise to try to do something tonight, but empty promises aren't nice.

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I'm rooting for you, even if you aren't able to deliver by tonight that's fine.

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We are going to have to act, if we want to live in a different world.


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feelio quarry nears ;_;

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im still annoyed the neo nazis got the wrong idea about Hell March

you cant hear it now without it being on some neo nazi promo or sounding like one listening to it