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Where do you guys buy your body pillows? And is there one of this goddess over here?

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We have shikigamis you know, that can connect with other people in order to purchase goods off this common space called "Internet".

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>>Where do you guys buy your body pillows? And is there one of this slut over here?


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They're not BODY PILLOWS, Mom.

They're called DAH-KEE-MAH-KOO-RAH.

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why is Revy such a bitch

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It's that New York upbringing.

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For just a moment you made me consider renaming my computer.
But it's doing quite fine named Bardiche, with the Bardiche windows voice pack and a black and gold theme.
*window pops up* "ORDER?" *click* "YES SIR."

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Yeah, thanks, I (obviously) meant sites.
How dare you? HOW DARE YOU!?

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My computer is named FAGGOT and my drive is named C:\

Give me inspiration, /jp/.

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Wait, maybe question marks don't make sense.

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But if you buy a body pillow everyone will think your a ronery weeaboo with no girlfriend and still a vrigin!

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Use Greek Gods
or Touhou Characters
or FSN characters
or the names of guns

its pretty fucking easy.

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No one enters my house.

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What's this about his ronery weeaboo with no girlfriend and a virgin?

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My computer has the default name.

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We're straying here. I know you people buy these--we're all ronery. This is why we're on an anonymous bored.

Post some fuckin' sites.

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I don't buy figures, I don't buy body pillows, I don't even buy wallscrolls or posters.

I'm still ronery and pathetic. I fail to see your point.

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Indeed we're ronery, but some of us prefer to maintain the line between reality and fantasy, and thus, relative normalcy.

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Anyone know good sites for Mail order brides?

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Nothing i was just pointing it out. Just to make him know.

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>but some of us prefer to maintain the line between reality and fantasy, and thus, relative normalcy.

Doing it wrong.

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>line between reality and fantasy

thats why we constantly post Hentai here right?

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...you lost me.

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>This is why we're on an anonymous bored.
>we're on an anonymous bored.
>anonymous bored.

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Looking kind of there, Shikeiki.

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Anyone know good sites for Mail order brides? Preferably Asian ones that have english speaking brides.

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Well here's my Bardiche theme with everything minimized.

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So, by extension, complete delirium would be doing it perfectly right?

Don't fear the roneriness, embrace it and let it make you strong.

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>1.36 MB, .png

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And this is what it looks like with most windows open. And of course, using the Bardiche soundpack.

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Nigger, that better not be winamp.

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nobody cares about your computer

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Is this a desktop thread?

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It's a body pillow thread.

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Nope, I don't think so either. But when asked may as well share, since they asked for inspiration.
I know I got a number of ideas from various desktop threads.

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Posting my desktop.

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I think it's time for some rule 34

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>png 2.79 MB

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Waiting for Diablo 3?

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I'm surprised that's the only thing you saged for.

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Yeah, I just reinstalled LOD two weeks ago because of Diablo 3.

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ITT weeaboos

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IT post ^, we are in denial.

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Why you steal my desktop?

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I have a Rin pillow ;_;
Bought it in japan 'cause I don't trust e-commerce.

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Fuck, Croatia has the same desktop as me, this is terrible.

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Better change that shit. It's like wearing the same brand of boxers as Osama.

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>the same brand of boxers as Osama.

That would be fucking awesome. If Osama weren't a dirty hobo.

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Well, at least I don't have the same OS as him.

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Believe me you don't want to have VISTAIDS. Good thing i have XP on my other PCs, i basically use VISTA only for the looks.

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>I say VISTA sucks because everyone else does,too. XD
Vista is actually much better than XP,but you wannabe rebels just won't get it.

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Enjoy needing 4 gigs of ram to play Touhou.

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Why is Konata such an annoying weaboo?

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How is she annoying?

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Vista is the most useless pile of shit OS ever created.
It is not even backward compatible with like 90% of the software out there.

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>>1082487 doesn't know the origin of the word "weeaboo"

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Touhou was created for 98 and runs just fine on Vista.

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Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!

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Why did Zero no Tsukaima and Shana dye her hair again?

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Yes i'm sure VISTA is awesome in your head. Well my vista does this. WHEN I CLICK ON THE FUCKING RESTART BUTTON (not to confuse with the reset button on the PC) my pc goes to restart and then just sits there and does nothing for ages it goes in some sort of standby.

And I wont mention the game compatibility issues i cant play my VNs i cant play RA 2 for example and many other games...

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This is a man who has never used Vista in his life and bases his view off other people who never used Vista

I got vista against my better judgement last summer and can run fucking anything on it

Hell, I installed and played Fallout 2 a while ago, that shit's like 1991

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I have 4 GB of ram. And since i don't wanna use the even more crappy 64 bit version of VISTA. I cant use my whole 4 GB of ram...

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I can play VNs and RA2 just as fine as I could on XP.
Your PC sucks and so do you

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Croatia, you're stupid.

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Hint: what you're pressing is not the restart button.

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Are you talking about this?

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Vista work for you cause you only use it to play games and watch hentai.

Some of do use the PC to work and it have problem registering .dll files for the majority of the software out there. I will stick to XP until all the software that I need migrate to Visfail.

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It's still an unresponsive piece of crap that makes it impossible to execute simple tasks like copying a folder.

I honestly with I hadn't upgraded, I'd revert back to XP if it wasn't such a hassle to do so. Anyway, I'm not going to bother arguing because that means I'd have to take Croatia's side, which is useless, because he kills any argument with his stupidity.

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>and it have problem

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Sure is /g/ in here...

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