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What makes Yuuka the most perfect sadist in Touhou?

Is it her being a plant?

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>Is it her being a plant?

what does this has to do with anything
and who said she is a plant in the first place

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People take her social awkwardness out of context.

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She likes killing demons, I guess.

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Who says she's a sadist?

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Plants can be pretty cruel. Heartless things, those.

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While the super sadism thing is mostly fandom, I would think that its not a huge jump in logic considering her disposition.

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I actually think it is, she is said to be a rather nice person unless provoked

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If that's the case (not that I know a whole lot on the subject) what's the context of her have the the "worst human friendship level"

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that's just mean she doesn't like no stinky humans, not that she is a sadist

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Alien mind an all that crap.

Humanoid plants being emotionless psychopaths happened more than once in fiction.

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Highest threat rating in PMiSS. Lake of human blood. Some of her quotes. Etc.

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In the end of the book, zun or akyuu says that the recordings may have been embellished on the request of people or for why the fuck not.

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If there was such a thing as youkai friendship level she'd have a rather low one there too, she simply rather stays with her flowers and doesn't likes the company of people from what I understand

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She happily goes to Reimu's and Remi's youkai parties though.

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Imagine how villagers feel when she comes to the Human Village. At least those who know who she is.

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But there is no indication that she is a plant. She's a yokai though, so I guess the "alien mind" still applies to iy

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I guess not, but if shes worst than Mystia who's favorite Saturday night activity is going around blinding and eating people, then Yuuka certainly has the capacity for being sadistic even if you ignore some of the things she's said

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She seems to be a plant youkai. With her umbrella being a flower and all that.

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No matter if she really is a sadist or not, she gave birth to some of the best femdom doujins.

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>stinky humans

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take this nerd shit back to /tg/ homo

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Ia Tuuka a motherly sadist?

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"She came to the village to shop. She gives proper greetings, and she didn't seem like she's that strong, but..." (Flower Shop)
The stronger the youkai, the more polite they normally are.
But you must not cross her.


Like I said, it's rather unlikely that she will do anything malicious unless provoked.
At least that's the impression I get from this whole article

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this sounds like made up. How can they tell she's dangerous if she hasn't attacked anyone?

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>she didn't seem like she's that strong, but...

Even a random human can feel her predator's aura.

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It clearly states that she does attack people when they get near her flower field

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Lake full of human blood.

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I want to ask Yuuka if pollen is flower sperm

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I wonder if all those sunflowers are her children.

And if they are, how was she pollinated.

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Noone said it's human blood

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You guise

guys guys

if she is a flower

and there is pollen in the air

she is getting dry-bukkaked by all the plants of Gensokyo everytime she goes out of her house

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fuck you

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wut a slut

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I'm waiting for that guy who likes Yuuka in embarassing lewd situations to show up.

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Oh wow, think about it.

By just sticking her tongue out she can taste all the plant semen in the air.

She must be so horny in spring.

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i can smell the summer on you

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no idea about the text thou'

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>yuuka, I came to play
>you're so dead!

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I pray to all deities hoping she will be playable in HM.

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You mean like poking her fatty bouncy chest and watching her face get redder by the second?

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You and I, friend.

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And then getting your head blown off like a watermelon hit by a shotgun.

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> Extremely Prejuduce
> dislikes being disturbed at home by anyone
> Polite and always smiling but rubs people the wrong way

She is modeled after my father.

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Please do not misuse spoilers.

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Would you be comfortable with a giant sabre-tooth tiger walking right next to you if somebody told you it never killed anyone, yet?

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Seeing how sabre tooths went extinct before humanity appeared, it is not hard to believe that it has never killed "anybody".

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Yuuka is the horniest in the spring, basking in lewdness 24/7

my dick has not been this hard before

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But in the fall and winter, she's desperate.

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> Extinct
> Doesn't exist anymore
> Doesn't exist
> Not existing
> Not real

Are you saying Yuuka doesn't really exist?!!

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Bueno, that's when you offer to help her cope with the lack of lewdness

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Silly anon, nature is so damn strong that flowers bloom in all seasons!

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Or just sleepy and unmotivated.

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Please do not misuse the quoting feature.

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I wonder if her womanly parts bloom like blush roses when she feels amorous

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>Being this autistic.

Please do not misuse your right to speak.

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Can't explain that!

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Fuck off crossies.

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And many of these plants are semi-sentient youkai plants.

Now I want to be a plant youkai...

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no its more like

>yuuka pay your debts
>fug, you are ded :DDD

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Don't you mean Yuuga?

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Why is she looking at the back of the card?

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What's in the bag?

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Yuuka is such a dumping ground for seeds

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Secondary magnet.

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I wish I was her...

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We could turn you into somethign similar alogn those lines...

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That's the most erotic cover I've ever seen in a Yuuka doujin.

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Ouma is great in general.

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She flipped it over

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Yes, I love his Kasen doujins. Detailed eroticism.

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I asked why, not how.

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It's not a card. It's a picture. She's looking at a picture of a sunflower tied to a chair. The back side has that written on it.

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That's silly.

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You're silly. Actually, you're stupid.

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And I love cocks too.

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She appeared in last FS. Maybe there really is a chance she will be playable in HM.