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I fapped to Flan today.

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delete this shit thread

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delete your shit post

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let's get this sh#t started


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FUCK flanfly

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>[0] [1] [2]

welp, someone go on /q/ and tell em jannie went apeshit again

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go to sleep asshole

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enjoying ur flanfly gravure idol SEL neet threads children?? :--D

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spam pushed off most of /jp/ this time

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Big Flan belly slap-a slap slap~

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Big sand castle pack-a pack pack~

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Don't do that anymore.

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What spam?

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lol i get it

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The janitor is clearly working why complain? I prefer 2 pages than 50 anime threads with crossborders from /a/ or any other shithole spamming/blogging.

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>the entire board was purged down to 3 pages
I hope your happy walnut dude.

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Spam disappeared right about when Flanfly appeared. Janitor confirmed for Flanfly poster.

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Big Flan face lewd-y lewd lewd~

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Not even the doll thread was safe....

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If you mention the J*****r your post will be deleted.

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Little Flan bladder leak-y leak leak~

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Did you ever consider.... that walnut spam... is made by the janitor to destroy threads he doesn't like?

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it was legit spam that pushed the topics off the board you shitposters

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I hate you so much.

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please don't give him too much credit. it was likely mods that cleaned up since we were clearly complaining on /q/ well before the spammers wiped the board.

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Little Flan secret smile-y smile smile~

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It was the janitor, I got a 15 minute block.

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Fuck off you little shit.

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Little Flan pantsu munch-y munch munch~

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I didn't see that. Please don't make shit up, jannie.

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Big Flan legs squish-y squish squish~

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Flan is a pretty cool touhou :d

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Little Flan wings flap-a flap flap~

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Daily reminder to fap to Flan if you haven't already.

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I swear to god If you don't stop posting I'm going to kill my mother

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who said mods cant do that either?

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Go the fuck to sleep, asshole.

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Flanfly rhymes with Botfly

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Big Flan wurst squirt-y squirt squirt~

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Last time I checked, mods didn't need to submit ban requests.

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Janitors report the posts.

Mods delete the posts.

Admins makes us ask "wich 2hu did he fuk".

What part of this don't you idiots understand?

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We just got crapflooded with dicks. It then all got deleted. Where is the problem, do you think? Hmm? With the crap or with the service?

Anyway, these threads need being cleared out just so there aren't like 3 days worth of them up at the same time. You want a longer-running Flan thread, post one, that's fine.

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Little Flan company-a company company~

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Ole Jannie got an autism fit.

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No we report the posts, a script asks the janitor if it's okay to delete the posts, most reported first, janitors request a carpet delete or a ban, fagor gets a mute, comes right back in and makes a pest of himself again.

Such is life.

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This is not one of the usual reposted replies)

I would really like to know what's going through the janitor's mind when he thinks this is not spam and is okay while other threads which are far more /jp/ related are deleted.

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he deleted my post so fast it couldn't be archived

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Is this for fucking real? Why won't he delete the thread already?

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Ignoring the fact that this thread is a tradition that has been upheld for years, it's a thread for a Touhou character, much like many other threads on /jp/.

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Thank you janitor. Flanfly is an important part of /jp/ culture.

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>This is not one of the usual reposted replies)
So now one of two things will happen, you realize...

1. Your post is ultimately forgotten and you've wasted your time.
2. It's re-posted and fed to the Flan machine and is made into utterly pointless copypasta (a la "Any community that gets it's laughs...")

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Go to sleep, asshole.

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I have pointed out to you why this line of reasoning is fucking terrible, and nobody ever reposts what I have to say because it's not oh so funny random hilarious like the rest.

I could just repaste it all every day, but that would make me near as bad as you are. Maybe I fucking should.

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Goddamn somebody did a number on /jp/. It hasn't been like this in a while.

What brought it on this time?

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There's multiple archives.

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It's been a while since I've seen a Flanfly threads so active.

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You repost this one of mine, but you have never reposted what I originally had to say, so many months ago, where I actually bothered to explain why this logic is shit. So it doesn't mean a fucking thing.

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I remember it 2 or 3 months ago and flanfly was being deleted on sight by a big bully. Even on /jp/'s birthday! It was horrible, I was unable to take it easy. Now that Flan can truly fly, I feel at peace.

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Some twit just blew 15 bucks or whatever and 20 proxies to script spam cocks on the board. Hope it was worth it to be that ebis or whatever.

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We've just been hit with a raid and shitposters like to flock here to discuss "how /jp/ is shit" and "flanfly is bad".

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>Spam disappeared right about when Flanfly appeared. Janitor confirmed for Flanfly poster.
Flanfly OP here, I FUCKING WISH.

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Please delete this thread.

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I can see the spam, obviously, I'm just wondering if something notable happened that let somebody to throw said fit.

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Make me, nerd.

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I refuse!

Just let the thread die a natural death or let some mod clean it up.

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just happens in here every x days, maybe some dumb nonsense-dynamic on another board is to blame, maybe it's just monkey see monkey do, who knows


I think tonight's "raid" may have been in honor of the pass sale, but I don't know that for sure.

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But in the 's eyes, this is a good thread and not shitposting. Which of course is a lie. Why do I even care about this?

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so you dont care if those old content-filled, /jp/-related threads get purged by whogivesafuck everysoften?

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Just take it easy and go to sleep, Anon.

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14 minutes

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>>10814387 here
also obviously it may have just been to try to "troll" people into posting criticism on /q/

this is why you don't ever let yourself get too mad at this board, so many people are so sure you're an idiot if you post here that half of the idiots on here are trying to trick everybody else into buying/doing stupid shit

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It's a shame that I rarely get to post remibike/remiride at 3am anymore.

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Why did you reply to copypasta?

>> No.10814414

How the hell is that Kopipe?

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>Saging with an image

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you didnt post the pantsu munch after she peed!

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Saging works with an image now, you idiot.

Also, who are you quoting?

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Took the Janishit a whole HOUR to delete this crap I can't wait for moot to fire his sorry ass

>> No.10814432,2 [INTERNAL] 

I can't believe the Janishit deleted this thread. I can't wait for moot to fire his sorry ass.

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This new janitor is unbelievable.

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