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How important is /jp/ to you, Anonymous?

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My name is Daniel, you homolord.

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Only place I visit regularly, other than youtube.
I love /jp/ so much.

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It's like your mother on life support in a way you want it to die then it gets complicated.

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I often post saying that /jp/ is shit, but in reality I like it, I've always liked it.

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it's more important than gf and friends

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I should've applied for the janitorial position.

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Too much bullies nowadays. I could live without /jp/

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It's my home.

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I have nowhere else to go.

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/jp/ is shit

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That's no way to act tsundere.

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I would be lost without /jp/.

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But it's our shit.

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Without /jp/ I would have no-one else to turn to. You guys are the only people who are worthy of being my friends and lovers. I always cry when I realize we are being overrun by people of other boards who don't care a single bit about any of you.

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Im unironical in love with this /jp board.
Its only board in yotsuba chan im even visit because Im visit other board im think "this is serious new fag of most uncouth manners" then im adjustment of my fedora hat 180 degree for look more kakkoi when this statement becomes.


Indeed, from your kawaii as hell pic its no doubt in mind you are suitable for job of janitor in /jp/. Ganbare..................?

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