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Cirno is a girl!

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The only thing missing in that picture is my dick inside her.

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What is she going to do on the bed?

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sanae is a better naked girl

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get raped

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Fairies don't get naked

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Its difficult to find a picture thats nude but doesn't actually show anything.

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where are all the men?

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Naked, I just wanna take it
Naked, I just wanna shake it
Naked, I just wanna make it
Naked, I just wanna break it
Naked, I am gonna make it
Naked, I don't want to fake it
Naked, I just can't await it
Naked Naked Naked!

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My fetish is girls that are wearing shoes while naked.

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No, you just don't know what to search for.

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That sounds like a Deviantart filename.

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I'm not searching for anything, I'm browsing through my own folders. If you have to browse gelbooru to find a pic to post you don't belong on /jp/.

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For some reason girls sticking their tongues out like that always annoyed me. Don't really know why. Also it looks like her tail is floating.

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Hey everybody, look at this retard that can't use iqdb! Look at him and laugh!

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For me on the other hand it seems to be a huge turnon, no idea why tough, can't find any logic behind it

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Cute Sakuya dude

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I give up, who is this? All naked touhous look the same.

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Koishi, sir

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thanks guy

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Subject:The pedos from /jp/ are at it again.

Dear Moot.
Today I got another warning from my boss and also I got my hotpocket salary cut in half, what the fuck, I'm seriously considering stop browsing your site, in the rules it says that blue background is not obscene, I guess it's fault of these PAEDOPHILES at /jp/.

Here's the thread that got me the warning:>>res/10800753

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Someone give Lady Remilia a steak.

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I want to join in on the Satori licking party. Part to lick, of choice, her side, on the ribcage area

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Please keep it up, I'm almost at my peak

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Thank you. Removing her eyeball is like taking the ears off one of the animal types though.

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>this thread

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I see pantsus in there

you're disqualified anon

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That's actually pretty creepy.

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to think that a /jp/sie is pleasuring himself to this thread.

how does that make you lewd-posters feel, huh?

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Does this count?

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Is this considered loli? She has all the curves you'd expect from a mature female body.

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Why is Youmu so easy to find nude?

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Because she isn't ashamed of her gorgeous body

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I detest nail paint on Remi, especially red.

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I see that you're a fan of Rasahan. Last time you made a thread with his newest image, too. Except it was about Satori. Thank you for reminding me to check for his updates.

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That's not paint...

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If it isn't paint, it's still being used as nail paint. I don't care what it is, I hate it.

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I want to lick Satori's butt too.

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I'd give Remilia some meat alright.

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Lately the only thing I see are lewd threads.

But her apparent fragility is part of her beauty. I don't want her anorexic either, but she seems alright.

Don't be like that, I dislike nail paint too, but in 2D everything can be beautiful and perfect.

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Lewd threads beg discussion, at least.

>> No.10801390

HAI GUISE LELELEL, Look @ muh piktur frum danbooru

>> No.10801398

those pants must be very poorly crafted to rip apart like that

>> No.10801399

and not ashamed!

>> No.10801401

I'm a pretty big deal on a site called pixiv.

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Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

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I want to kiss her puff.

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Lewdest thread I've seen in months.

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Which one would you buy, /jp/?

>> No.10801445

Beat me to it

>> No.10801443

both, so I could free them

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You don't see anyone posting black touhous.

>> No.10801450

Not yet, but since you mentioned it I'm sure someone will be along shortly with the dark-skin edits.

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Yep. Discussion of obscene nature.

Don't misunderstand me, I love them. But is it that I just know there is more to discuss in /jp/ besides lewdness.

Anyway, it seems shitposters have taken over all of 4chan.

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>Anyway, it seems shitposters have taken over all of 4chan.

They did that 4 years ago, at the least.

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You can only afford one, sorry. These are expensive girls.

>> No.10801474

You should know.

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Well, start some discussion then.

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I'll buy Remi and

Will buy Flandre

>> No.10801514

Since flandre is the worst 2hu, it should be a buy one get one free deal, yeah?

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It wasn't like this before. I blame latest social networking boom.


1) Discuss about how is nudity seen in Gensokyo.
2) Why is it that censored ladyparts are just as much, or even more lewd than fully drawn genitals.
3) Do you think your favorite Touhou has been seen naked by a man?.

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>implying posts complaining about shitposts aren't, themselves, shitposts
You could have used the time spent complaining to make a thread that you'd like to have.

>> No.10801548

Embarrassed naked Touhous!

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1. Taboo as normal, I'd guess. Might be different for Youkai, though, especially the unnamed, primal ones, if those exist.
When a Youkai comes into being, do they come with a set of clothes?

2. Imagination~

3.Probably not. Tengu are proud.

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Nude Mokou~

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Pride means they would show off their bodies specifically because they keep them good. You're looking for modesty.

>> No.10801674

This is Hinami right? Exhentai gave me nothing, is it not out yet?

>> No.10801683

It was c82. No scans.

>> No.10801684

I figure that pride would keep them from showing it off to us lesser beings. But eh.

>> No.10801690

Shit, that's some nice art as well, I'd buy it for that alone.

>> No.10801700

I'll buy it if it's available online anywhere, but I don't remember finding it anywhere.

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Wrong, anon.

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She's got her sword right there, but can't use it. So scared...
This one I would buy.

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If our flaws aren't pointed out we can't expect to correct them.
I'm just an average poster, but I want the people that comes here with the express, ill intention to shitpost to leave. Damn janitor.

And I'm not good at coming with good ideas, but I can properly discuss and expand an existing one. I'll try to think something.

>Taboo as normal
I don't think it is the same in Gensokyo, given that its a magical place stuck in the past in a faraway and sealed land.

>> No.10801788

I would buy her. I always wanted some nice landscaping in the front yard, but I'm too lazy to do it myself.

>> No.10801786

Nudity was taboo in ancient Japan, right? Women didn't want to be seen naked and all that?
Well, then...

>> No.10801798

>If our flaws aren't pointed out we can't expect to correct them.
Meta is against the rules

>Damn janitor.
Talking about the staff is against the rules.

>I can properly discuss and expand an existing one.
Thread hijacking is against the rules. You could have easily started your own thread with this >>10801533

No, tripfag. YOU are the shitposters.

>> No.10801805

How is Myon bound when she's a ghost. Half-ghost. The ghost half?

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I don't know, breast-feeding in public wasn't such a shameful activity before. Different values.

And now you are breaking the rules too.

>> No.10801875

Magic, presumably. If the bindings the auction is using can keep their powers sealed, then holding a ghost in place is plenty doable.

Well, yes, but...that's an exception.

>> No.10801892

Too lewd!!

>> No.10801893

I was here, but I had no plans to contribute edits. Maybe later tonight, if I don't knock myself out.

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>> No.10802018

Waiting warmly.

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Wriggle's bubble butt!

>> No.10802404

Naked Kaguya please

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No hina?

let's fix that

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Hope the wait was worth it.

>> No.10802685


Look at her, with her butt up in the air like that.

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Cats do that all the time

>> No.10802756

Orin is cute and not lewd!! Even when she's being lewd!!

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Orin isn't easy!

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She's the Lewdasaurus Rex, we've gone over this.

>> No.10802861


But if she does that, I won't be able to control the monster in my pants.

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>> No.10802880

big fat cat tats

>> No.10802884

itty bitty kitty titty

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So the Scarlets and Youmu sold. What about Mokou?

>> No.10803014

pass lol

>> No.10803019

I would but I already spent all my money on Flandre.

>> No.10803022

200 yen... She's very dangerous with fires and stuff...

>> No.10803025

Everything I own plus eternal servitude.

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>> No.10803031

Don't worry. Goods sold here have had any dangerous or supernatural abilities thoroughly sealed.

>> No.10803039

Servitude to who?

>> No.10803045

The only and true God. Praise be to his devotion, and subsequent vow of chastity.

>> No.10803060

But let's say... I KIND of want the fire... but I don't want her to like, kill me with it.

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I'm taking this one.

>> No.10803085

Kay. Have fun.

Sorry, no can do. Not only is it not safe, we don't want people coming in here looking for fighters and stuff. We don't sell weapons here.
...why would you want the fire?

>> No.10803095

Well, uh, let's just say... I like fire!

>> No.10803102 [DELETED] 
File: 1.26 MB, 830x950, aghfagvafva.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fire is bad. You could burn yourself, or worse, your touhou.

>> No.10803112

This one's supposed to be immortal. You could set her on fire, again and again, if that's your thing.

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''No Yuyuko-sama, don't join that thread!''

>> No.10803121 [DELETED] 
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Mai princess.

>> No.10803125

Don't worry, I wouldn't do things like, burn a house down. But like start campfires and throw stuff in them.

I'm not a sadist! I'm a masochist... But I'm not immortal, so I couldn't set MYSELF on fire forever and ever.

>> No.10803127
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>> No.10803129

Shut up Youmu! I bought you fair and square, you're my property now.

>> No.10803133

What's your point?

>> No.10803144 [DELETED] 
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>> No.10803159

I think I'll rub one out to this pic right here

>> No.10803163 [DELETED] 
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Well, Mokou's still on the block. But moving on...
A witch. Hat included. Anyone?

>> No.10803164

Is that a bulge I see?

>> No.10803171

That hat is too good to pass up. It even comes with a free witch. I'll take it.

>> No.10803181

What are you going to do with the witch? Can I have it if you don't need it?

>> No.10803183 [DELETED] 
File: 390 KB, 678x950, reisen for sale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Odd priorities.
The witch has sneaky fingers. Don't leave anything small and important near her.

Next, a rabbit. Pretty pricy, this one. Lots of demand.

>> No.10803186

How dare you try to sell me a fake rabbit, those ears are just stuck on!

>> No.10803187

I didn't say I wouldn't use the witch. She's even a thief. Black mage type with kleptomania and a witch hat; it certainly rolls into one of my favorites.

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>> No.10803223

Y-youmu's ghost is showing!

>> No.10803243

looks like this thread went 2 lewd 4 /jp/

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>> No.10803256

They're real, I assure you.

>> No.10803262


Das it mane. I was waiting for this.

>> No.10803276


Lewd posts are no good, but links are ok, right?
Right? I'm talking to you, meido.

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