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Patchouli playing video games!

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Gross it smells like rotten garbage.

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Umm, please don't say such mean things about Patchouli!

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What kind of swimsuit does Patchouli like?

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My dick

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Please continue to misuse spoilers.

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And what would she want for her birthday?

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dude I almost got fired my fucking boss saw that!

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I assume you mean you want more images that I will spoiler in order to keep /jp/ a safe place? okay!

I'm so sorry! please forgive me!

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OH NO! I forgot to spoiler it, i'm really sorry /jp/!!

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Whoa whoa, hey, I like Fatchouli as much as the next anon, but man... that's too much. Fatchouli should be plump, not a BBW.

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I like all kinds of fatchouli, sorry... I'll just quit posting lewd pictures of Patchouli in general!

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I really like this picture.

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Patchouli having sex ;)

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did janitor delete my pics...? I'm sorry sir!

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Patchy being bashful because she just realized you've been staring at her feet for 20 minutes!

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Do you think Patchouli would be made fun of in school?

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So ironic ;) wat a baka :-P

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Patchouli flashing her panties!

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I want to rub my face in her ass

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Dude, she's almost pure NEET, do you think she even washes it..?

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What kind of video games does Patchouli play?
Would she want to play fighting games with me?

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Playing a game with Patchy, but you have to pause the game and hold her inhaler for her, gently patting her back with your other hand~

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No different than me then.

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I think Patchouli would playing games that require lots of strategy and planning.

Maybe fighting games, but they might have too much action for her, and she might get scared...!

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What is Patchy playing?

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Probably some eroge.

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I'll wash it for her.

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with your mouth right? that's hot as hell

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I was thinking with a rag, but if that's what patchy desires, i don't mind.

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A rag is boring, use your tongue~

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...even on her hole?

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Yeah, do it!

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don't bully Patchy

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Stop talking about washing Patchouli's ass!

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MAKE US stop talking about washing Patchouli's ass!!

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Leave patchouli alone!!!!

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bb got back

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Sakuya makes a lot of sweets & being a librarian doesn't burn many calories

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Pudgy Porky Patchouli

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What sound does Patchy make when you poke her belly?

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The "Who the hell let this weirdo in my library?" sound.

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She farts.