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Do you ever wish you could delete your /jp/ post history?

It makes me anxious to think of all my stupidposts from the past saved in the archive forever

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Do tell us.

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I know the webmaster of Warosu. Sometimes we go through the nginx logs together and laugh at what people have searched for.

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Well, i'm not using a trip so no one will ever know that it was me who made those posts anyway, but sometimes i wonder what i was thinking when i made some of those posts.

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I was worried about this until I realized warosuman doesn't even give a fuck about his archive and rarely checks on it.

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hu f uh

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It's not because it hurts my pride, but because I feel bad knowing that I made the board just a bit worse with my posts, and the damage is irreversible.

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Yes. There's something identifying of me personally on here.

I hate you archives. I want all your hard-drives and backups of any sort to simultaneously completely break one day!

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Don't! Now the Warosuman will seek it out!

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Sometimes when I post about one thing too much, I fear somebody will search for one of the words I use (usually the thing I post about) and will make fun of me, or something.

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I hope nobody ever figures out who I am irl or does a google search of my internet history.

That would be pretty embarrassing.

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you can't even delete it on warosu

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Woah are you me?

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I'm posting on a chan. Archive or not, I'm not going to worry about what I've posted. I may change but I'm not going to look at the past with regret.

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I check every so often, especially since I have to clean out the report queue.

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I haven't read my nginx logs in about half a year, so I don't know you.