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Would you go on a candlelit dinner date into a fancy restaurant with a member of the old maid alliance if she asked you?

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Can I do them in the pooper after?

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I love Yuyuko-sama and would like to stare at her eating on a candle light dinner.

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Yuuka is not apart of the hags.

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Jim, they're all 17.

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Maybe, I wouldn't mind going with any of them(except Eirin)

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If you pull your cards right

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Only if it's Yuuka

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"Hag" is a very disrepctful term, please refer to them and Yuuka-sama as "ladies" instead.

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Of course! It would be my pleasure.
But I prefer to call them the Mature Maiden Alliance. "Old" Maid just doesn't sound right to me.

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>old maid alliance

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No. I've never been to a fancy dinner and I'd probably mess up and humiliate myself completely.

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She is an honorary member, see >>10769293 image

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Why would they ask me? I mean they could get anyone they want, so why?

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Because they want you.

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She's canonically very old for a touhou.

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So is Tewi. What are the other excuses?

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>old maid
>not Seiga

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In all honesty, I'd feel obligated to go to any woman who asked me on a date, even if she wasn't very good looking or if I didn't like her much. Not out of desperation or anything like that, but because it's such an incredible rarity to see western women actually take the initiative in romance that I'd frankly feel obliged to accept merely to reward the gesture

After it's over and done with, I'd probably feel content with never contacting her again, though

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Because love works in mysterious ways, Anon.

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>Not a Stage 6 Boss or higher

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No because its a waste of money

I'd rather just take Yuyuko to a seafood buffet or something.

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But what if they agreed to pay for it?
Ladies as refined as them would probably prefer to share a romantic evening out with you in a place of fine dining and class.

I bet they would pick an exquisite wine that will pair well with your dinner.

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Any of them except Kanako, sure.

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What if she eats too much and turns into a cow the next morning?
Could you still love her?! Huh, could you?!

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If that's true then it would probably be the single greatest thing to ever happen to me. It would make me very happy.

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Even if it isn't my money it still feels like wasting money

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i would bang ALL OF THEM

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I'd milk her.

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What kind of conversation could you hold with these women over the course of a dinner date?

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I'd ask them which touhou they'd fuck.

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I would share with them my enthusiasms for knives.

Forgive me I am not good with english

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They're not old maids they are 熟女 don't you DARE make fun of them!

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With Eirin? Yes!

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Geopolitics and economy

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Except tewi is a loli asslord, yuuka is not

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Enjoy your ectoplasm.

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As long as I'm not paying. I don't have much money, I can't afford candlelit dinners. I don't even know why they'd ask someone as embarrassing as I am.

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I'd be quite happy to take anyone of them out and I'd pay for them as well. I mean it's not everyday you're going get asked out by a beautiful woman

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She's still an old maid you immense retard.

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sometimes, i wonder what is ran thinking when she's looking at yuuko.

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I'd rather go with Seiga and skip straight to being pinned down and discovering how much of a masochist I am.

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I want to go on a space adventure with Yukari