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How does your favorite Touhou keep her pubic hair? Trimmed? Natural? Completely shaved?

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Probably natural. Maybe trimmed.

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An interesting topic. Do you think Sanae has pubic hair? She's from Japan in the outside world, so I'm guessing she (lightly) trims it.

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2hus don't have pubic hair, they're too young. ZUN confirmed it.

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Half of the cast consists of youkai far older than a normal human lifespan. Until ZUN makes a comment about their pubic hair directly, I will not accept this theory.

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He told me that directly.

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Oh shit.

Well, you should tell him to officially deem some of them as having pubic hair. Just for diversity.

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Youkai, magicians and all others who live longer than humans don't get pubic hair until they're 3000 years old.

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How would I know?

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Satori doesn't even grow pubes. I want to kiss her mons pubis.

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Natural and bushy.

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Natural, bushy gradient pubes.

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Hong Meirin has pubic hair above the vagina in the shape of her first attack in EOSD.

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>gradient pubes


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Does she even have any? Not entirely sure.

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She has a cute little tuft of feathers down there.

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I think /jp/ has this all wrong!
There is nothing wrong about pubic hair, it's completely natural. I'd argue that lack of pubic hair, trimming, or shaving is much more lewder.
A lack of pubic hair means they either shave or are underage, which is rather lewd.

A natural tuft is the purest in my opinion.

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well trimmed.

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You're right, but shaving is becoming so commonplace, its becoming rarer to see pubic hair than none, and therefore lewder.

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I think Komachi would trim now and then but generally not care enough to keep track or do it regularly.

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Grown out pubic hair can he uncomfortable though. Uncomfortable and itchy.

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She doesn't have any.

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I'd say the exact opposite.
My pubic hair seems rather soft and cozy to me. Not itchy in the slightest.

It only really gets itchy if you shave or trim it. Natural is rather comfy.

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Every inch of her skin is as clean and smooth as an eggshell.

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She does her best to keep it cutely trimmed.

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Natural of course, but it wouldn't be super thick or gross.

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Well maybe I'm unlucky. It gets all messy and tangled when it grows too much and it really sucks in the summer.

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But I like it thick and gross.
I wish to see Yuuka's grassy fields!

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It might be irritation, but problems such as crotch rot, itchiness and ingrown hairs are common problem with people who shave. There is nothing catch the sweat, so it becomes sticky and makes a rash.

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Mine is like a fucking jungle, it's disgusting. It's not smooth or anything like that.

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Touhous probably don't believe in shaving and go natural.

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Touhous don't have pubic hair since they are lolies and not disgusting hags.

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Probably natural, though I doubt she has too much hair down there in the first place.

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does earring cat have pubes

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No. Fur. A pussy.

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I hope so, I don't like Amazon down there. I still believe that if they had a bush they wouldn't bother in shaving it

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No pubic hair with Youmu!

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That thigh gap, hnn.

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Youmu would never have pubic hair.

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A classical Japanese woman would in no way shave or trim herself.

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Wizards' beards.

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Since Tenshi is a masochist I bet she likes to wax all of her pubic hair. 99% of art on Danbooru has her completely bare as well.

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>Since Tenshi is a masochist

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Take your circlejerk elsewhere.

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>Since Tenshi is a masochist

I like this.

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lightly trimmed.

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Too lewd Tom.

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Natural. If the hair on her head is any indicator, she just doesn't give a fuck and allows it to grow unhindered.

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I'd want Youmu to grow hers out, just so I could shave it off.

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In The Grimoire of Marisa the Temperament "State of Enlightenment" spell card is listed as having "Masochist Level: ★★★★★".

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That's just Marisa joking about the use of the spellcard, just because Tenshi take advantage of her tough celestial body to avoid stunning doesn't mean she is masochist.

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Cute, non-canon Alice would have little to no pubic hair.

Snarky, sarcastic canon Alice most likely has a wild bush down there that she couldn't care less.

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This thread is fucking bonkers.

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Protip: women grow pubic hair earlier than men. It is not uncommon for 11 yo girls to have peach hair down there.

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the way i like it

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It doesn't exist yet.

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How did Marisa manage to grow a beard there?

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You're jealous that Marisa will never let you have a peek at her pubes.

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You are right.

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She likes to keep it thick and coarse. Same goes for her anal hair. I won't tell anyone my favorite Touhou as I'm not trying to corrupt anyone's personal view of any character. I just like thick and coarse anal hair.

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Just right.

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Could we have some pictures of uncensored, shaved touhou vaginas itt? I'm just curious, that's all.

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Lewdness is illegal. You can ask Jannie if you don't believe me.

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dat fucking golden pubes

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Thanks, not bad, but I'd prefer close-ups, and opened.

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Lewd trips

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Here you go mane.

Yes, I know spoilered lewdness is still against the rules. Deal with it, nerds.

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This one is too gaping!

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Yea. Now that's good. I'm not even lesbian, but I love vaginas like that.

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I know how you feel. I'm not a faggot but I love taking dicks up the ass.