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>a random english comment has appeared XD

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>the broadcaster is struggling to accommodate the American viewer because they're exotic
>the American asks what their favorite anime is
>using emoticons

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Es vergonzoso como los estadounidenses no valoran el hecho de tener al inglés como lengua materna para poder aprender otros idiomas.

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shut up spic

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I was watching this girl stream once and someone kept asking her in English what her favorite Bakemonogatari character was and it made me want to die of cringing

The stream had nothing to do with anime

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Why are you saging?

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>he wants cock in his little boy-portal

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English scum needs to get killed

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fucking jap xenofags not replying to my english comment fuck them

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>streaming for all my friends in english
>suddenly a hindu comment pops out of nowhere
>after 5 minutes i'm flooded with hindu comments
>try to googtranslate one
>"which bollywood actress wud u fuq"

This is exactly what it's like.

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Hindu isn't a language.

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shut the fuck up dirty hindu

i don't give a shit

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But they don't need to learn other languages.

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Yes, that is correct.

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this isn't the trivia board. please delete your post

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I'm terrified by the thought this was done in response to that brief period people thought it was cool to spam a bunch of racist nonsense on niconico comments the first month the anime was airing.

Even independent of that I guess it seems like their entire impression of westerners is American nationalism and clapping though, so nice job con goers.

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It's harder for me to read japspeak than for them to read proper english.