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Do you ever feel like pulling the trigger and letting the darkness take you?

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A-Are there Chen in Heaven?

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Epic Otaku Culture thread.

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Ever feel liking video-taping it so the rest of 4chan can laugh at you?

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Death scares me, a lot, so horrible cold and distant, I don't want to die ever, really.

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I used to but now I have a boyfriend and he makes me feel good.

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There's a special place in Hell for Chen.

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See you in Gensokyo

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So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, /jp/, besides the will of evil.

Get up, /jp/, there will be a time to grieve for Boromir, but it is not now. War is coming. The enemy is on your doorstep. As steward, you are charged with the defense of this city. Where are Gondor's armies? You still have friends. You are not alone in this fight. Send word to Theoden of Rohan. Light the Beacons.

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No, I'm not ready to die and I don't like guns.

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Some little bitch in a NEET thread said he would kill himself with an exitbag on stream a few weeks ago. I'll drink to it if he ever does decide to do so.

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Please don't kill yourselves, I'll miss you all.

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Shut up grandalf you only show up to give bad news...

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He'll be going to gensokyou soon enuff, where he can be a little magic girl and shoot lazors

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if only I had a trigger to pull

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I'll only die at the hands of another /jp/er.

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Can I kill you now?

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I want to see the first human on Mars so I'm staying away from firearms for now

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He means it in an eroi way like when someone makes you feel so good you think you're gonna die of extacy.

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Where do you live?

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Wow, that's fucking pathetic. Good luck defending yourself with your little pony figures when a nigger breaks into your house with an Uzi and punches your face. It's because of little bitches like you that Obama is abolishing guns and starting wars with North Korea, making it harder for shipments of Touhou figures to cross the Red Sea. Your stupidity and selfishness astounds and disgusts me.
Fugging kill yourself, you crossboarding benis. :D:D:D

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I want to live forever.

What are the chances of technology being invented within our lifetime that will allow me to put my brain inside of a computer and live through the computer?

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Good goy, commit sucide and let the great lord Moloch take your soul. It's not like you wanted to go to Heaven anyways, right? Yes... hehe silly goy.

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London, England.

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If only I could be a cute little girl, capable of dishing out such pleasure.

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I value my life so much more than the lives of everyone else, so if I died I would feel bad for devaluing everyone else that much.

Besides I'm holding out for VR.

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Scientists managed to create a kidney recently, in 10 years they'll be using those for transplants. It's only a matter of 50 years until you can synthetize entire bodies to transplant your brain into.

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Computers can't jack off unless they hire a professional hacker.

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>In northern England

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Boomer. We are 8820 km apart. Better look next time.

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Some Russian guy is working on that. If you don't die by 2050 you'll probably be able to do something similar to that, with a hue debt attached.

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That's fine, I don't care which color my debt is.

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I'd like one in burgundy or teal.

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Brains already start to fail at 80 years old. Alzheimers and all.

The only point true immortality will be possible is when:

1) we can create artificial brains, whether carbon or silicon based


2) we can simulate a brain, atom-for-atom, in virtual reality

Remember - the consciousness is in the electric reactions of the brain, not its flesh.

Right now #1 looks much more likely but anything could happen.

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I-Is this what they call "Teenage Angst Otaku"??

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They start to fail due to problems related to the rest of the organism. Brain cells are virtually immortal.

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What if 'teenage angst' is actually just a period of mental clarity which you grew out of when you got old and used to everytjing being awful?

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>They start to fail due to problems related to the rest of the organism. Brain cells are virtually immortal.

Not what anything I'm reading says.

"Although a great deal of research has been done and is currently being done on the possible causes of Alzheimer's, experts are still not sure why the brain cells deteriorate. However, there are several factors which are known to be linked to a higher risk of developing the disease. These include..." - http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/159442.php

There's no reason to think that a brain in a jar wouldn't develop alzheimer's the same way.

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Do you actually have a response or are you just trying to ride the kneejerk emotional response of "This sounds very teenaged!" to cover up your lack of an argument?

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My response is that that's obviously bullshit. If you're asking whether or not I have an argument or a rebuttal, I do not have one at the present.

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Cool. Glad you have the common sense not to show your face in an argument you were destined to be dominated in embarrassing fashion.

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Every day of my life

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Which 2hu would you commit suicide with?

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The one who's already dead

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It's the transitional period between being a special snowflake and everyone telling you, "You can do/be anything" and the reality that you can't and you are just one of 7 billion other parasites.

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Please refrain from posting Patchouli for such stupid threads.

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She cut her wrists and she's bleeding pills? What kind of monster is she

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I was watching this movie last sunday, cool story ain't it?

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Sure thing, you can absolutely backup your data put it in a computer and that thing will be you.
Of course even if you are alive here on the other side your consciousness, the thing that makes you who you are will be magically transplanted over there.
I hate people like you with a passion.

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Yeah Harry Potter is the only movie allowed on jp.

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Even funnier because I've watched like harry potter movies this weekend.

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4 harry potter movies*
Num lock was off.

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No, but I need to seriously stop getting faceless on MXE for hours, which is a similar nothingness-seeking pursuit.

This world is cold, /jp/.

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I used to abuse K as an antidepressant
One day I took too much and never tried it again since

le "i've seen some shit" face...

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No thank you I'm waiting for sexbot and vr sex sim.

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I've seen some shit, too. I'm glad you're safe now, at least.

I've been tapering it down and getting there, and I've set next weekend as my cold turkey time.

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I'm going to sign my employment contract today. I feel like I'm already dead.

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Having a job is a great thing, working makes me
happy and will make you too, unless, of course, you have signed for some awful job.
What are you going to work as?

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I'm not sure... some kind of computer assistant I guess.

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I'm probably going to have to kill myself soon, since I have no money and no job. I don't have any qualifications or skill to get a job either.

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Did you even hole?
What a pussy.

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I hate it. I'm constantly riding a coaster of 100% ready to go and then not.

Usually something happens and my life improves just slightly enough to not want to end it. I wish it would stay terrible so I could go ahead and get it over with.

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Get a student loan and go to school.
Sure you'll probably be in debt for quite some time, but at least after you get through it all and the debt you'll be set.
It's seriously such a good feeling knowing your future is secure. The best feeling I've ever experienced actually. No longer stuck with anxiety and constant worry about my life.

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I'm getting kicked out of university for not attending lectures, so that is not an option.

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>actually in an university already
>complaining about life
>in a university
Fuck you, let's trade

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Wasting a university education is worse than not having one. You can still make the decision to go. You haven't gotten yourself in years of debt for no result.

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I keep it as an option in case anyone ever reads my Internet history.

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weren't suicide threads always deleted on sight?

why is this one still up

who is this fucking janny

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congrats man

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This is my first time ever seeing a suicide thread.

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i remember i tried to kill myself and posted a livestream here so other /jp/ers could watch me. I almost passed out but hanging out with you guys is just too much fun~

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Try to talk to the only person on your friends list that you haven't talked to in months because you know they actually hate you.

>fuck off.


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Balloon helium is mixed with air to prevent kids from suffocating themselves. Your cheapest option would seem to be a cylinder of nitrogen. If you plan on taking that way out.

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Why would I ever leave this paradise?

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I want my money back.

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>friends list

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You're supposed to delete your internet history everytime you close your browser.

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>Wasting a university education is worse than not having one.
Look at how fucking intelligent this statement looks. Would you mind opening it for us a little?