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have you collected you lewbux, /jp/?

they're like neetbux in that you exert minimal effort for monetary gain. of course, like the term implies, you have to be lewd and do lewd things. very easy otherwise.

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Prostitution is a worse job than a 9-5 burger flipping deal.

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Not really

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Lewdness is a disease.

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That sounds like a job I don't want.

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Well I'm sure it depends on the gig. If you were out there walking the street trying to sell yourself like a drug dealer sells drugs, then yes, I imagine that could wind up being prettymuch not worth your time. Or if you're stuck in some harem or old-fashioned chicks-in-a-cage bothel, you aren't even getting anything except threats of death.

People do survive working as supposed "escorts" all the time, though.

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I would do lewd thing with jaypee.

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>People do survive working as supposed "escorts" all the time, though.

Yes, and it's a worse job than a 9-5 burger flipping deal.

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How so...?

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And anyway, burger flipping is a shift thing, not 9-5

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Is /jp/ really that stupid now that it considers prostitution "lel free bux" ?

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No you're stupid for assuming what /jp/ as a collective hivemind believes.

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Prostitution in a 1st world country is basically free bux if you are female and it is well known that 90% of /jp/ users are girls.

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Good girls don't do prostitution, Onii-chan.

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Position is customer-facing. Except when it's doggy style lol

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That was bad wording sorry.
I meant that /jp/ will not fall that low to sell their body. I hope.
And it was a question. not a statement.

Yes. Got anything you want to discuss wit me?

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I laughed harder than I should.

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I don't get it.

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I'm lewd, but I don't get any money for it. What am I doing wrong?

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I would if I could get a good price for it, unfortunately the supply of fat smelly NEET's is rather high, and the demand is low.

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You are probably ugly as sin or just don't advertise yourself enough. Could be both.

For myself, I can sometimes get drinks for free. You can trust in that I know what I am talking about.

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Who would pay for a slightly overweight guy in his 20s with an average size dick to do lewd things?

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Well. To make money from it you must be attractive.

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>For myself, I can sometimes get drinks for free.


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Just stand by the bar counter.

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Actually. Many Lonely women.
Unless you look like a pile of cat turd.
If you have good looks..Many women actually like guys with a little meat on their bomes.

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>a pile of cat turd

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I look like a pile of cat turd
Do you think any women might have a fetish for this and pay

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You ever see that movie "Dagon" ?

That movie rocked.

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Depends. It is possible that you actually have decent looks, but you THINK that you look bad.
Besides. Many women are not that picky. unless you actually have some really bad disease and your face is...falling off.

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>and your face is...falling off
like in that movie, "dagon"

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No one's ever really commented on my looks, I did have a girl call me "disgusting" a few years ago though which I think has dented my confidence completely. Considering I still remember it...

I'm one of those people who look fine from certain angles but horrible from others.

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You sure like that movie Dagon huh?
I'll watch it some time this week, just for you.

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You'll love it, man
You'll laugh your ass off

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All I can say is.
You need to believe in yourself more.
that is all.
And maybe something good will happen!

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Is it the lovecraftian fish god or something?

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Yeah, it's H.P. Lovecraft stuff.

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But it's nothing like it, is it?

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Well it's Evil Dead -ish, got the same guy in it, too.

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But I can't be lewd to anyone but my boyfriend.

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And that is the correct attitude!

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why do you krefs

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Someone needs to explain this one to me.

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What if they're both dudes?

Or if the boyfriend is a girl?

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Being faithful works in any scenario.

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so does catching aids just from being gay

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I agree in the principle even if I don't value sexual exclusivity that much.

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Learn to write you fucking retard.

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My boyfriend buys me cute clothes for being lewd.

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I'd only earn lewdbux from /jp/sies, but then I'd feel bad because /jp/sies are wasting their precious neetbux on me...

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It's not wasting them if they love you!

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So they love me after all! That's great! I'm so happy!

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I'm jealous

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But I typed it, not wrote it. A typo, you see.

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I'll share them with you if you like. Maybe we could even do lewd stuff with my boyfriend together.

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The only thing I got for for being lewd is a free dog collar...

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Do you wear it when you do lewd things? I bet it makes you look extra cute!

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O-of course I do, my master gave it to me.

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I wish my master would give me something like that but a piece of furniture like me doesn't deserve any possessions.

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Okay, Kanon.