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Touhous in pantyhose

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le funky sanae butt

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i love those

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worst fetish ever

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Strange face.

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I can think of worse ones

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This artist draws really cute crotches.

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People use the term fetish too loosely. I know from experience what it really means.

Also, your face is the worst ever.

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This is far too erotic.

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the area between the thighs and the mound of venus is too arousing

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I want to cum on everything

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What is your fetish, anon?

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Very creative use of the surprisebox function.

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This is one of the strangest doujins I've read(although I'm not finished yet).

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Alice and Eirin are my favorite touhous to put into pantyhose.

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On you or your partner?
I wonder if diaperanon still lurks here. He had great stories and information.

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M-my queen!

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Both are fine. I don't know if they work well with pantyhose.

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/jp/ is not your personal imagedump

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As much as I like lewd Touhou threads, I wish we had actual discussion ones, like we used to have before.

Now most of the threads are just imagedumps of lewd imagery, or with "wch 2hu wud u fuk" level of content, with the exception of a few that show up here and there. And the malice behind some shitposting doesn't help.

Is it that the people I used to waste my time with left, or is it that we have already discussed everything about these series that was worth discussing?.

It's not like I'm a great poster, most of the time I don't contribute at all, so that's why I sage my posts. But I really like to hold "intelligent" discussion with you guys, and I marvel everytime at how much you like your stuff and don't give a shit about what the rest of the world thinks, and how you hold dear things that may be insignificant to others but that you defend and love with all your heart.

Somehow it makes me sad to see things like this. Maybe it's just me. I don't fucking know.
I won't leave though, I promised I would stay until the bitter end.

Well, Good Night /jp/, please be better tomorrow.

PS: And when is that fucking 2SPOOKY shit going to get removed.

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I'm really touched by your post. When I do find a thread that interests me I do my best to contribute. Do your best, sir, and we'll be right here doing ours. Together let's make /jp/ worthwhile!

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I still try to encourage some discussion in imagedump threads that catch my attention. There's never that much to talk about since it's been 5 years now and there's only so much a man can talk about the love for sukumizu or cheongsam. But there are still people coming in, talking about the good points some styles have and sharing good artists, contributing images and basically making every lewd image heavy thread a curated collection that can only be found here.
I did see a Lewd Points Research thread a few days ago, that was new. My point is that people are still making an effort and they enjoy their time here. You could just put "pantyhose+touhou" in pixiv or a booru, but it wouldn't be the same.

Take it easy, have a good day.

PS: Who the fuck knows. At least it's easy to hide.

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Damn system ate my image

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if you want a discussion, make a thread for discussion. if you're just wondering why nobody makes threads for discussion anymore, it's probably because they're terrified of being called a secondary.

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I did like that thread. I would have provided my ratings but there were a lot of images and it seemed like it would have been kind of spammy.

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You're a goodie. Don't give up on living the dream, man.

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Being afraid of secondary accusations is a sure-fire way to detect secondaries.

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Ooh, destroyed. That'll show him.

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That it, let's keep working then.

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Why is there steam or whatever it is coming from her armpits?

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It's not like it matters, you can get called a secondary for just about anything. The word barely even holds meaning at this point.

I'll discuss stuff if I feel like it, but as far as pantyhose go there isn't much for me to talk about. I just like them, I'm not even sure why. I'm sure there is a reason, just not something I ever put much thought into.

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The sweet aroma produced by her body after a lunatic danmaku.

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I wish someone would draw reimu in pantyhose

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You aren't the only one.

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I would sniff Yuuka's lewd aromas.

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i bet she smells like flowers

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Alright then, let us discuss pantyhose!

Does the color and material the pantyhose is made of have significant effects on the smell and taste? What are your favorite textures?

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not as hot when you can see the individual holes in the net, like in >>10743627
needs to be more like >>10746850

also panties_under_pantyhose is a wonderful tag

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Which Touhou do you think looks best in pantyhose?

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You just posted her.

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Thank you, good sir.

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Definitely, Alice. I can't picture her without it.

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the best

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most of the ladies look quite good with them. i'd probably go with Eirin.

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Ugly face.

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What really makes that picture for me, though, is the sweater. But I agree, generally speaking pantyhose are a thing of beauty.

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Fancying a shag with Alice!

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What does that mean?

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It's what british people say when they want to have sex.

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Which is your favorite pantyhou?

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Gater belt> garters~= knee socks> pantyhose.

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Replace kneesocks with pantyhose and I'm fine with that.

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I love toho threads.

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What is the best underwear with pantyhose?

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Pantyhose do that.

It doesn't help that he's a disgusting secondary faggot from summer 2012 ( jp/?task=search2&search_filename=1403e2c33d72146a3451b86d4a08503c.jpg )

I hate how secondary yuri shipper, and plain old secondary come to ``like'' koakuma because they think they can spout bullshit from out of their ass because "she doesn't have any canon".

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What the fuck are you talking about?

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Garter belt> garters~= pantyhose> pantyhose ですか?

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any office ladies otaku here?

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Garter belts are weird because you have to wear panties over the straps unless you're found of not being able to get them off before you piss yourself.

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*fond of not

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Garter belt>garters~=pantyhose>kneesocks.

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Haha! It's Celestial time.

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lewd peaches

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I like the lewdness radiating from this thread

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Btw where is Nue and Byakuren?

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I don't get pantyhose.

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He got the hair right, but that face doesn't land in my airport. Gonna save it anyways.

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They're see through, but yet physical.
Which means the wearer can be embarassed by being clothed yet in plain sight, but also that the observer can see, but not touch. Thus it carters both to soft s and soft m.
Also smell fetichist.
And it carters to ass people, leg people, feet people.

But frankly, there's a better option for every category, just not as versatile.

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I want to have intercrural sex with Alice!

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we all want to

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All these girls look like children.
What the fuck is wrong with you?

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it's their own fault

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You want to have sex with a child?

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Doesn't she leak poop? Would you be ok with it if she did?

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Touhous don't poop

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Is that even a question?

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Fucking pedophile creep.
Off yourself now.

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Welcome to /jp/, now fuck off.

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/jp/ is full of children so it's perfectly okay.

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I don't get lots of things, honestly.

But I fucking love pantyhose.

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I would love to have my face smothered with her precious pantyhose feet.

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let's take them off

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To: moot@4chan.org
from: -----------@yahoo.com

Dear admin, shalom! Those /jp/ lolicons are at it again, today I almost lost my job because of some lewd, too revealing, cameltoes and butts, while I try to report the NWS material sometimes I miss it and when my boss passes by he sees the obscene pictures and warns me, it's been 6 times already, he would have fired me already if not were for the fact that I get paid in hotpockets, I love my job and I don't want to lose it, but I also want to keep browsing /jp/
Honestly it don't bothers me, I'm fine with Touhou thities, tighs and asses but, again, my boss is at his limit

Here is said thread: >>10743467
Love, anon.

P.S: wh2hu 'd Ufk?