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Hey kid... Catch

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Im not picking your shit up slut.

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I would sniff them and then use them to masturbate.
I wonder how they would feel wrapped round my cock.

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You can't even fit them both on there

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Why is this artist so good?

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Does this mean Reimu likes me?

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its amazing how much i value a cute girl's garbage and used dirty clothing.

i would treasure that piece and jack off with it every night.

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You missed the ref

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No, it means Mean Joe Green likes you

Which is a much better situation, if you ask me

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So.. I gave Reimu a coke?

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Because he is.

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draws the best raymoos

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You're a reimoo

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T-t-too cute!

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Whats the artist's name?

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American add are awful.

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These aren't Youmu's. These aren't Youmu's at all.

Come back when you're a better MC!

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I don't get how we can spend so goddamn much on advertising and still suck so hard at it.

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I'm not a "kid", more respect missy

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Hey slut... Suck me

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I'll give you $10 and I'm generous right now. You'd better start right away, I can change my mind.

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The price doesn't even matter. What matters is that you agreed.

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but that's not Sanae.

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So...who is the artist's name?

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I'd give Reimu my coke.
I think she's... the best ever.

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you should give her dr pepper instead

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Reimu is underrated.
She is really a great 5 star Touhou.

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this is a stupid question, and i'm sorry for asking
i know this is Touhou

Is this an anime? Where can I watch it?
I looked it up on animebyt.es but there are a lot of touhous

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seriously? How could anyone say she's underrated? She's the most poopular touhou

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She just doesn't seem to get much love when compared to other Touhous, especially here on /jp/.

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Because followers of Reimu aren't like those of Patchi, Okuu, and so on (on /jp/ at least)

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The Caesar gets what the Caesar deserves, we're close to the day when Yukari will stand alone, untouchable, at the top.

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best 2hu

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Yes Yakumo-sama...

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simply epic

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Hey Slut... Fuck me

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In the future, all is Reimu.

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>playing as Miriam

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>not playing as each faction at least once to sample the full variety of play-styles

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>not playing left4dead with shitty touhou mod?

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Are those the only 2hu character mods?

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No there are more with the other character. sorry i don't remember the author.

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no armpits? why?

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I'd suck Reimu's Coca-Cola.

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Aren't they hiding their faces because of being arrested?

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Thought it was because they are all guys

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Even better than blue haired Flandre?

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Hahaha, oh man, I remember those.
Wouldn't you happen to have the link to that article?