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How much do you actually like your favourite touhou, and what do you like about her?
Is it just because she has a pretty body and has many lewd pictures drawn of her or do you actually like her personality and her true self?
Would you like her too if she was ugly or a man?

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Honestly, at first I just liked her because I thought her power was cool.

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I like old people.

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I like Miko because of her design and her interesting backstory. She also likes to snark around is SOPM which is cool. I hope she will play many important roles in the future. I couldn't even like her because of lewd pictures because there are almost none and just about every lewd Miko doujin is shit.

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Loving every single bit of her.

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But what if she was 3D, and hence not beautiful?

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She will still be heavenly.

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How can you say you really like your favourite Touhou if you'd push her away if she was real and 3D?

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Because then she isn't my favourite touhou , she's a slut wearing her clothes

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So if your favourite character was real she'd be a slut?

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No one mentioning anything about cosplay

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No, she's my favourite character because she doesn't exists in the same word as me.
If she would exist here she wouldn't be my favourite anymore

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I fap to real people in touhou cosplay even though I'm aware that they're just slut in those clothes and possibly never heard of the character.
Because my dick is a harder worker than my reason.

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You don't really like her.

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I've always like Marisa because she's quite Human and forward, and has to work hard to get as good as she is.

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I love how colourful her design is and even the small bits like the pattern on her dress, that and I kinda like her personality.
10/10 would brush her hair

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Ichirin & Unzan, at first I like them just because of BROFIST.
then, when I read their backstory, that makes me like them more.
Parsee, i like her because of her species origin, a woman waiting for her lover to return, and because of jealously, she became a youkai. I imagine if Parsee's backstory were like that.
Rinnosuke, because i think he is cool.
Satori and Koishi, because of Karaagetarou doujin.
Hina, i think she is elegant.
Miko, because she's interesting
Kanako, because i think she almighty
Yoshika, because i like zombie.

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Noble caprice; self-made importance; attention to the trappings of riche stylings; elegant household; naive and brusque approach to resolving things.

Lives like she's following a script, but ad-libs all the good stuff. Petite, charming, childishly authoritative, and looking for a release from boredom.

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I like her because she's a fictional, thus perfect representation of my desired partner. And because she represents a way of living that I believe it would give sense to my life and bring me happiness.

>her personality
You can only deduce her complete, true personality from the scarce information there is available. The blanks are filled with black_tewi.jpg to accommodate your tastes.

In the end you got to love the template that ZUN decided to show us, and added your own deductions over it.

>Would you like her too if she was ugly or a man?
I don't think I would like her in the first place. I liked her because she was pretty in the inside and in the outside. But it's a different thing if she became ugly after that.

Are you implying she's your favorite?, since when.