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Hijiri is a girl!

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but she's not a lewd girl

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How rude!

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Why do touhou artists have such shit taste. Flat is the perfect form. Hips should be the only enlarged feature on a girl.

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I'm sorry, but you shit taste has gone chronic and it's at the point where you project it and think it is others that have shit taste when it is indeed yourself who has it.

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obviously i mean look at those knockers

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She's a bitch

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She herself may not be lewd, but what if I am and make her do perverted things?

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Lewd Byakuren is best Byakuren

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That's horrible! Byakuren, you monster!

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i want to give her something to swallow, if you know what i mean

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I don't.

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Well, like you said, then you're the lewd one.
How would you make her do lewd stuff?

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I do not understand, please elaborate.

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I want to cook her a nice big dinner

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That's nice. But remember, Byakuren is a vegetarian.

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I want to cook her as a nice big dinner.

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I dunno, maybe tell her that these kind of things are what normal people do these days and that she is just unaware since she has been sealed away for so long. And that she will need to do such things if she wants to appeal to new believers. These are just normal customs now.

"A-Are you sure that wearing these cat ears is normal?"

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Cute! I like this plan.
Cat ears aren't lewd, touhh, and I don't think she's naive enough to buy in to some lewd thing being normal. Or something.

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That's ok, I'll save the "meat" for dessert.

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Who eats meat for desert!? honestly now...

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You need to start off small, Anon!
You must ease her into things, least she become too suspicious. Starting off too lewd will backfire.
Like I'll work my way up and insist that maid outfits are what all the Buddhist followers wear these days. There won't be many other humans around to tell her otherwise.

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I want to see Byakuren give a sermon with cat ears or in some lewd outfit, very embarrassed but acting like it's perfectly normal.

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Delicious. What's after maid?
But you know...the slower you go, the more to risk someone going "You, know, Hijiri...about these outfits you're wearing to the sermons lately..."

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How could you lock away such a pretty lady in Makai?
How did she not go insane from that?

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"Now beyond your cat ears, Byakuren... your accent is rather archaic, nyaa. You see, people now say 'nyaa' after every sentence or so. Especially in substitution of desu, nyaa."
"Are you sure.... nyaa?"
"Yes, I'm positive, nyaa. Just like that, nyaa. Now make sure to say nyaa a lot during your next sermon, or else no one will understand you, nyaa."

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So cute! Byakuren the cat maid!
What's next? Keep going!

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I'm not sure, one would need to get creative. Maybe a skimpy bathing suit or a fake tail. Or a bunny suit. Or even spats.

And I would hope that no one would dare question Byakuren's enlightened ways. I would need to trick them into assuming the reasoning is beyond their mere understanding and that if Byakuren does it, they should do it too without question, least they break some unspoken Buddhist rule and have to be lectured upon for days on end.

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Delicious spats.

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Oooo! Byakuren in a bunny suit would be incredible!

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Oooo! Byakuren in a bunny suit would be incredible!

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Bunny Byakuren would be a standalone thing, though. The cat stuff could fit with the skimpy swimsuit, but...

Seems like something you could count on. People respect Byakuren a lot.

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How far could you go, I wonder?

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Hijiri is cute and not lewd

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Oh, I just got a DELICIOUS idea...

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Well, if everyone else happened to buy it and stay quiet about the whole thing, perhaps they would naturally start emulating their leader. After all, if Byakuren does it then so should they, right? There is probably an important reason for it all. With this, all of the Buddhists would become cat-ear wearing maids and all other sorts of fetishes.

Upon the next confrontation they have with the Taoists, they would probably take it all as an insult. The Buddhists must be mocking them! To dress up in such silly outfits and display such silly mannerisms so seriously in their presence must be some underhanded way of saying that the Taoists are beneath them. That they look like mere children in comparison. And so, the Taoists would adopt their own cute and silly cosplay outfits and mannerisms as a way to fight back. Like maybe school girl outfits or magical girls or dog girls or something! Anything that would show the Buddhists that they are the ones in charge here.

Obviously, new followers will come in droves to join the new religions with the cute catgirls and girls in cosplay. In order to keep up with the times and maintain faith-building, the Moriya Shrine will also adopt similar practices as to not be beaten out.

It will spread and spread until all of Gensokyo is wearing cute or lewd outfits and wearing cat ears and such. And being completely serious about it.
This is the master plan and the plot of the next incident.

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>In order to keep up with the times and maintain faith-building, the Moriya Shrine will also adopt similar practices as to not be beaten out.
Now hold on just a second!

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So...would the bosses for the lewd costume game be the few people that realize what's going on?
Like...Kasen? "What the hell are you people wearing!?"

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Kanyako knows whats up. Followers are no longer won over with an impressive stature and a friendly face just isn't enough. They will need to go the extra step in order to gain an edge and start wearing cat ears and cosplay too. Maybe some lewd outfits too.
And as the head miko, it is Sanyae's duty to adopt such customs as well. She will need to in order to gather more faith. Being from the outside world, it shouldn't seem so odd to her anyway. And Suwanko would probably just roll with it.

Followers are gathered in different ways these days as opposed to the past. If one wishes to survive as a god, they will need to adapt.

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Perhaps, but more likely is that no one will know the true reason.
And Kasen is just behind on the times. As a hermit, she is just out of touch with the current trends.

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If Sanae's from the outside world, then she'll know the point of those outfits. Everybody else might not realize what kind of attention they're getting, but she would!

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Maybe Sanae secretly likes to cosplay?
She can dress up as a school girl and currently dresses up as a miko.
She's a miko that knows what it takes to be top dog.

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If you think you can convince Byakuren to wear a skimpy bikini and stuff...you should try and talk her into putting on a vibrator or two.
The remote control kind, with some sort of strap so it's not easy to remove. So when she's in the middle of her sermon, you can turn it on.

Look at that serine face. Now imagine those eyes flying open and her face turning beet red as she's suddenly stimulated out of nowhere. In front of a huge crowd, in a lewd outfit.

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Yeah, maybe but...this is different. Lewder outfits would be better and attract more attention, right? And knowing Kanako, if her priestess needs a new outfit to succeed, she'll want her in the most..."effective" one, right?
The other Touhous might be naive about this, but Sanae isn't! No way would she parade around Gensokyo in something like this!

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Or worse...

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Please do not sexualize Byakuren.

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Tell us what do you fap to, I believe it should be very interesting.

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I don't fap.

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When will there be peace and love?

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r u a grill?

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no im grail

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Yes, what's it to you? It's hardly relevant to this conversation. Go to soc if you want to discuss such banal things as gender.

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>what's it to you?
it means I'm going to lick you
you won't know when
or where
but it will happen

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Jesus Christ, you're pathetic. I hope I never have to come near you.

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Don't worry, /jp/. This girl might be prudish, but I'm a total slut. I'll let you do anything to me. Especially to my breasts~

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Don't be lewd. /jp/ must remain a zone of purity.

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don't worry I'm right behind you, under the trap door

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I fucking told you, i told you she is evil, now that bitch has transformed into a fucking monster and what its worse, she has eaten Toyosatomimi sama

Thats what happens when you are friendly with Buddhist scum

Now, where do i find another saint to spread taoism across Japan?

Fuuuuuuuck, more than a thousand years waiting and now shit goes all over the place.

Where is Futo? We are going to burn that bloody temple to ashes

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what did you say you little bitch nigger?

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Kira is a girl's name!!!

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Sanae is a good girl!

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Sanae is a girl's name!!

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Hijiri a traitor.

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Don't kid yourself, you'd betray humanity for immortality if you knew how to do it.

Hijiri a smart.

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I already feel like I've lived too long. Immortality would be a horrible curse.

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What are the two colors her gradient runs from?

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Hijiri a good mother!

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>Hijiri is a brood mother


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that's a tanuki

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Is Unzan a stand?

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I seriously don't see how immortality counts as being a traitor.

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I want to eat her meat buns, if you know what i mean

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steamy meat buns

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New granny

I fuckign love grannies

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Hijiri is no girl! She's a *woman*!!

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Hijiri is a woman!

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Hijiri is a lady!

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I want Hijiri to teach me about the world...

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Hijiri is a sexy lady

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I love the gradient factor

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Most marriageable Touhou

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Good luck getting her to consummate it.

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It shall be done

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Hiriji is the best mother!

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I'm still thinking of this, god damn.

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