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Have you ever put touhou mods in any games?

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Posting some Sims stuff while we're at it.

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I tried to touhou mod GTA SA last semester but it didn't work because I'm retarded with computers.
The only move I got to work was this Yukari train spamming move, which was pretty fun.

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Friggin' gross.

Needs more mods to make the faces more 2D.

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There are mods for that but apparently the creator of touhou mod didn't use them.

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I used Touhou emblems in DoW 1 and 2

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>Sakuya and Satori are keeping their distance from each other.


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Would Touhoumon count?

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I made a Patchouli in Artificial Academy, but she wasn't very good. I haven't been able to find any AA Touhou stuff that wasn't long deleted.

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gta sa

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No, thats a pokemon clone, not a mod for pokemon

Im pretty sure there is a mod for tf2, but i never tried it

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I remember people taking auditions for some of the characters. I still have saved Nitori voice on another computer.

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>Sakuya kills seven zombies on her own
>Satori spends ages killing one
>Yuyuko dies because Satori didn't pull her weight

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What is this? Is this something /jp/ers made together? It looks nice!

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I think there was an olbivion mod.

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If nothing else OP you have made me laugh.

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No, nowadays I'm obsessed with ib.

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Japanese buy Oblivion for the sole purpose of modding it. They don't care about the game. It's quite bizarre.
In before the game was shit.

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killing floor

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I think pretty much everyone who buys it on PC does so for mods to varying extents.

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No, I just don't own an Xbox. I never used mods.

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You're not Japanese.

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He said "everyone," not "everyone Japanese." Plus, some Japanese may not own Xboxes either and are buying the PC version for the same reason.

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Zafehouse Diairies, search for ZHD on /rs/

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That's nice, anon.

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dat lips.

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What happened here?

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I used a Touhou mod for Fallout 3.

I have also tried this Reimu character for Skyrim:

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I myself didn't took that picture but she either got electrocuted or survived from a fire.

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Where did you get the Fallout 3 mod?

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>Japanese buy Oblivion for the sole purpose of modding it. They don't care about the game.
This is true for some western gamers as well.

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These pictures are cute, thanks OP.

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Jesus those faces are horrifying.

Yes. It's a ROM hack, so a mod, so >>10731119 is a liar.

It probably makes a good HD loli engine.

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It was so long ago, I don't remember. But I do remember that it required some extensive research to find.
If you find it, you will need the Shoujo Race mod for it to work.

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Can I have the model for that?

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for mmd purposes*

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I don't have it that's just a picture I saved because GTA Touhous are kinda cute.

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I wonder why there isn't any Touhou related stuff for Quake or UT. Being fast paced games, you'd expect something.

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Dosh! grab it while it's hot

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That Youmu has a dick, are dicks cute to you?

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I saw an FPS modded so that everyone was a yukkuri and the bullets moved glacially.

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Not a mod, but I like making touhou characters in Soul Calibur and making them fight.

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Always that one Doom mod.


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Decided to try this. I haven't even started yet and Reimu is already causing trouble!

I also spent 2 hours making a bunch of touhous, and as it turns out the max character limit is only 5.

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This looks real sweet, thanks a lot!

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Some day, hina bandicoot will be a thing. Some day.

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You gormless tossers!

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My waifu shoots better than you!

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The link for DL seems dead. Can you share yours?

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Sure, here you go!

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>Manny Manimani


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>Touhou mod
If it wasn't for the ugly faces it would have been a good reason for me to play the Sims.

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I've been playing this game for a few hours.
As fun as making Touhou characters and locations is, they game seems very difficult and isn't very fun.
Does anyone have any strategies?

Also, make sure you update & patch the game on the website.

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Better than any fighting game.

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I was doing awesome yesterday until I tried to breach a hospital. Apparently I didn't set a lookout and we got swarmed and died while trying to break in.

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I give. What is this game?

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top left, I FELL IT!

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thats a sexy mouth. dat tongue and juices

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Downloaded it just now, gimme dem' ohio.

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It was already mentioned in the thread

Search for ohayou on /rs/ for the ohayou megapack.

make sure you update the game too

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Just mod the faces too, silly.

Other good reason for playing the Sims would be decorating and playing dress-up and doll house can feel therapeutic.

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I love those Chinese made faces but I have never seen anyone use them in action...

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Yeah, the game kinda wears thin pretty quick. It's a little ridiculous that the developers are charging 10$ for it.
As for winning strategies, I haven't really found any. I did win once, but it seems like luck plays a huge role, since that playthrough I got most of the notes on where the helicopter was + a ton of guns in the first four houses I explored.

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Sanae why ;~;

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Yeah, it does seem like bullshit at times. You can check a majority of the buildings and find nothing. It really is down to luck.

And the investigation said there was only 4 zombies there. Fucking horde out of nowhere. I was doing so good too.
Oh well.

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Yeah, the investigations can be way off, it must depend on who you send. That has killed me several times.

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yeah, as a matter of fact, im about to play it

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How does it work now that there are a million weapons and a billion hats?

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The only games I ever play anymore are Monster Hunter and Pokemon. There's a Touhou rom hack for the later but the former doesn't have any mods.

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Well, most of the hats are too small to see inside everyone's massive head, so it doesnt bother me too much. and i just dont wear hats. misc items make everyone have red clothes too, so it's a good thing i like being on blue

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What stat distributions did you give to everyone's occupations? I made the cutoff point at 8/12 points distributed, but I'm worried I may have made everyone too good.

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Different guy, but 8/12 sounds pretty good, maybe a bit on the strong side. I mostly tried to make characters with the skills they'd normally have. Picture related, Hank is modifying items and making barricades!

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I downloaded a Sengoku mod for Mountain Blade, but all the touhous are fighting with each other.

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I gave everyone what I thought was appropriate for their character as well as fitting for the gameplay. Like I made Sakuya and the maid class really good at cleaning corpses, making means, and other similar things. And I made Marisa, a witch, really good at assaulting and breaching so she was my main attacker for new places.

I tried to keep everything somewhat balanced but if being a little overpowered in some regards was "in character," then I also gave them good stats and felt there was nothing wrong. But I also gave bad stats for the weaker characters and stage 1&2 bosses.
I did 8 or 9 for most of them. Mainly 9 since I still end up losing anyway more often than not.

If you are going to use Hank, then you are better off making a whole King of the Hill cast.

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Does anyone have the link for the CK2 touhou mod?

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I decided to take them all down to 6, which is when the numbers go from red to white (which I assume means that's the cap for the default classes), and make Marisa and Sakuya a different ethnicity from everyone else. Suddenly no one likes each other anymore. They all still seem to be fairly functional party members, so I think the job's personality requirements (investigative/social/etc.) may actually have more influence than the point allocation does.

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Yeah, I made like twenty survivors and just had it pick them randomly.

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>Hank was a propane.

This made me smile

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The ethnicities actually mean something, it says in the manual on their site.

Ethnicity 3 is East Asian. Ethnicity 4 is Caucasian. I forget the others as I only need those two for Touhous.

>> No.10735390

I messed around with ethnicities, so 1 was like youkai, 2 was for humans, 3 for ghosts, etc..

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Now I can never play Warband again.

Back to the Borderlands with me.

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This game was a quite a doozy. I feel like I must tell you, /jp/.

I set up a Subterranean Animism team with Satori, Koishi, Okuu, Orin, and Yuugi. Everything was going fine until Koishi accidentally made a noise distraction at our own house. And she happens to be a master at it, so a huge zombie hoard surrounded our house. Everything seemed bleak, but Okuu happened to be the only one out of the house, so she created her own noise detraction to lure the horde away. But she was alone in an unbarricaded house, and the horde stormed the house she was exploring and tore her to shreds. She sacrificed herself for us.

We were so close to getting all the necessary pieces, we had the radio, time, date, frequency, everything but the actual location. Orin went around quickly scouting all the remaining buildings and finally found that the pick-up point was at the Church. But unfortunately she got infected in the process. She wanted us to kill her, but we all refused. Maybe she had a death wish in order to join Okuu?
Regardless, she ran off to the bank, alone, in order to make assaults on the Church. This way she couldn't hurt us.

We were going to make it, man. We were gonna make it. We had the weapons and everything, all we needed to do was make a final assault on the Church. But out of nowhere a heavily armed mob of male survivors accosted our base and demanded that we hand over Yuugi. If we did, they would let us go free.

Satori knew what they planned to do with her. These were bad men. Even if it meant a certain death, she and Koishi both refused to hand Yuugi over. They gave their lives so Yuugi could escape without harm! Unfortunately, she didn't have time to bring along any weapons, and fled unarmed.

With nowhere to go, she ran to the Church for safety. But it was still full of zombies. With everyone else gone and no supplies left, she met up with Orin to make one final assault on the Church.
We were gonna make it, we still made it to the church..

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Yeah, my run went right to shit after Hank threw a chair leg at Patchy and broke her leg...

>> No.10735741

hank a bitch

>> No.10735745

This is one of the saddest things I've ever read.

>> No.10735779

Those faceless men tried to kidnap Youmu for some group rape doujin they were making, which is what ended my first run. They were all getting along so well too, I was happy for them.

>> No.10735814

Even in unrelated zombie games, the faceless men still come after my Touhous.
Curse you, faceless men.

>> No.10735923

>anonymous cursing other anonymous

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There was an Hyrule Total War mod, but no Touhou total war?

>> No.10735968

I want to play the sims, but have to download mountains of worthless expansions that occupy 50+ Gb on my HD.

>> No.10736003

You're not forced to.

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wadda fuck

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Did you do that just to be a dick or did you actually forget?

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I actually ran out of time. Fucking chopper was coming on the 15th, which is kinda early.
I was missing just the radio and sent them all out in groups everywhere to try and find it. Rumia and Daiyousei died this way.

It eventually was too late and sent everyone to the evac point. I was hoping that maybe if I was still at the hospital they would see us and rescue us anyway ;_;
I didn't know I needed every single thing. I guess these scenarios just write themselves though.

>> No.10736329

It's a lot tougher to make life or death decisions when it is the lives of touhous hanging in the balance and not random 3D people.

Gotta get everyone out alive!

>> No.10736395

This post left me in tears.

>> No.10736551

Try replacing the touhous with pictures of Adolf Hitler, Mao Tseu Tong, Moot and Jack Thompson.
Suddenly it's less scary when they die.

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The only Touhou mod I ever wanted was a Suwako Hat for Oblivion/Skyrim and I never found one. I made my own but it looked like shit because I can't texture anything.

>> No.10738365


I like this idea...

>> No.10738611

Holy fuck I hate the angry mob random event, had 4 healthy touhous, an automatic rifle, a high powered rifle, way too many bolt-action rifles and shotguns and about a thousand rounds, and still lost everyone.

>> No.10738798

has anyone actually modded a touhou game itself?

>> No.10738804

People added a visible hitbox into EOSD and also changed some other stuff around. Not sure if that counts.

>> No.10738857

So is it possible to see how good one of my survivors is at breaching/assaulting? I can't seem to find where that info is displayed.

Also, is more people better for assaulting or should I leave less-skilled people behind?

>> No.10738947


>> No.10739387

Just set up some survivors to breach/assault and look at what their star rating is.

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Oh reminds me of the times when I was a young girl and I had Ansem mod. He really liked trains for some reason.

>> No.10741181

Does this have some kind of patch so you can put it over on an english rom? ;_;

>> No.10741219


Yes, as far as I know all the Touhoumon versions are translated to English. I believe it's under another name though, Puppet Play I think? I haven't played it in awhile because it got pretty hard.

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Same as others, Gmod and Killing Floor

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My lungs.

>> No.10743396

I dont know what you are talking about, they are hilarious.

>> No.10744561

Elona only, but now that zombie game that people were playing in here.

It's kinda bullshit though, how you can kill like a billion zombies barehanded then, randomly, a group of three will rape a fully armed pair of your members.

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>> No.10747201

Looks to me she is ahegaoing

>> No.10747205

What Killing Floor mods? I see 2 on Steam workshop.

>> No.10747216

Is there a DL for this?

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I finally beat my first game. Yay.
I made a BBA team, I made them a little overpowered, but even then I had some trouble.

Everything was going great in the beginning, for once. The rescue area was the police station, so I put everyone in a nearby house and continued to assault the station. I ran out of ammo though, and melee-only assaults weren't doing much. I continued for about half a day, but I needed that ammo inside. So I ordered everyone to breach it at once when the zombie number was somewhat low.
Unfortunately, Kanako died in the assault, but everyone else was ok. And now I had enough ammo and weapons to last me the rest of the game. Only thing I had to worry about was food and getting the radio. Interestingly enough, the super zombie came back and attack us, but we killed it with no one else getting hurt. And luckily he dropped the radio.

So now I was just sending assaults and raids around to pick up food supplies. Everything was going a bit too well, and of course Zafehouse Diaries won't let you have that. So I got the mob event which asked for Yukari. Of course I refused and they raided my base. We did surprisingly well and managed to kill them all, but unfortunately Yuyuko died defending Yukari, her best friend ;~;

Now since I survived almost every bad event possible and found enough food in a factory to last me to the end, I just had to wait it out.
Until fucking Byakuren randomly got in a fight with Yukari, who was already crippled, managed to break her remaining limbs, and then have Yukari die from serious injuries. FUCK YOU BYAKUREN, you a dick! She was racist against Yukari the whole game because I made Yukari white. And this was three hours before we got rescued. Perhaps she would have survived if I had more medical supplies...

You a busta, Byakuren. Straight up busta.

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Cool story bro,
Tell it again

>> No.10748620

I just want to share stories with /jp/....

>> No.10751776

Two very cute videos made in Sims 2:


Comedy of Remilia, Sakuya, Iku and the Yakumo family living in under the same roof, also Komachi and Yuuka on the other videos:

>> No.10751801

Why didn't you send Byakuren off to go get killed?

>> No.10751801,1 [INTERNAL] 

This shit's ugly as fuck. The Sims 2 models would look way better.