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Hey /jp/
We come from /vr/ to ask if ANY of you have info about this game.
It's called Chu-Teng.
It's known to be a sequel to a PC game called Eastern Mind, which is in turn a "sequel" to LSD: Dream Simulator.
This game is literally impossible to find info of other than a soundtrack posted in /vr/
That means NO ART
I am asking all of you if you have any sort of info for us.

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Not even the creator has a copy.

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Well, someone on /vr/ said there was a copy up for auction on Yahoo Auctions(?), and it was gone by the time we checked

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It's a hoax, obviously.

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It probably was a commercial failure.

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iunno dude, not really into this nerd shit

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>not really into this nerd shit
>on /vr/

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You're not on /vr/ you fucking idiot.

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Spooky. Sounds like mystery only /x/ and the gang can solve. Ask them about Polybius while you're at it.

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last time i checked this was /jp/ and not /vr/

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Get back to virtual reality or whatever VR stands for.

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You're not supposed to tell people about that...

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Oh sorry.
I haven't stepped out of there in a while

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Fuck off man, you're such a fucking bully.

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>Columbia Records logo on disc
Has anyone tried actually contacting the company that published it, or maybe some members of the development team?

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It must not be very good then.

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Sorry for the errant tripfag, /jp/. He just got overly excited and started a thread here without thinking.

With love,

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Contact the guy who had the game for sale and tell him to give you the buyer's info. Then tell that guy to rip the game and share it, else you will send him a bunch of gorilla warfare trained dudes to his home and kick his shit out.

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this was found in a SINGLE google search

are you guys all retarded?


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This is some high-level, multi-layered trolling...

Nice work, /vr/. I'm taking notes

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I loved LSD Dream Simulator and had no idea they made any sequels/spiritual sequels. I love obscure shit. I won't even both searching for this one but I am downloading Eastern Mind now.

Man I loved LSD before the novelty wore off.

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This reminds me of Candle Cove. I loved that show when I was a kid.

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put that "after novelty" wore off and you are a cool dude

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Are you sure it's Chu-Teng?

Looks more like Chuu-Ten to me (中天).

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